Earth water wind and fire – solid liquid gas and radioactive – Hashem is Here and we are built to reveal His Compassion

Yud Kay Vav kay
Chochma Bina Tiferes Malchus
Water liquid Fire radioactive Wind gas Earth solid
Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen Nitrogen
Desires Anger/fear Speech Sadness or laziness
Beliefs Urges and impulses middos body

 The molecule that fuels our cell action is ATP, composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, the four elements that everything in the world is made from. 

 These are the roots of everything we experience, in combination or alone.

It is easy to see how when we feel angry because of frustrations in our urges, we may fall into speaking poorly about ourselves or others. 

 When we seek to work on our middos, our characteristics,what we often mean is that we wish to adopt different expressions in our behavior.  However, the change that is G-d-like is to affect the root of the midda itself, to bring it into balance,which means to bring it into harmony with truth, that Hashem is One and that He Loves us.

The place where this balance takes place is in our heart.

The ingredients are the awareness of what we are feeling in the negative side by side with loving Hashem and having awe in the design,which show our emunah and bitachon in the true belief that Hashem is One and that He Loves us.  He is giving us the opportunity to willfully ask Him to help us. Doing so means we wish to go beyond the nature of what we are experiencing as a body with flaw and imperfections and limitations.  It means we believe the truth that we, by being made in His Image, composed of the elements of creation, are a part of His Compassion and love and seek to bring that truth into our beliefs.  It means that we do not wish to take the life force that Hashem is flowing to us and whirlpool it around our subjective unique circumstances and limitations.  It means that we view our circumstances as opportunities to barrel through the subjectivity of existence so that our soul reveals Hashem’s compassion rather than casting a shadow where His Light is intended to flow.  Hashem gives us this real free will.

What use is the power we harness when we flow the life force we are being given for our own agenda? Does that accomplish anything for our soul for all eternity?

Perhaps we believe it will bring us happiness.  This belief is a deficiency in understanding what happiness truly is.  The simcha we are built to experience comes from the joy of revealing Hashem’s compassion.  We trust that when we are seeking to be one with Him because we love Him and understand the design that He will provide for us.  This is NOT wishful thinking.  It is bitachon. 

 What does Hashem want? He wants our heart to be a mixing bowl that gives birth to compassion –a mixing bowl of our subjective experience combined with our emunah and bitachon, love for Hashem and awe in the design.  We use real free will with the knowledge that Hashem is One and All Loving to remain on the path of re-organizing all of the elements in our heart in that moment so that our existence reveals compassion in our thoughts speech and deeds.

 When we accomplish this, we are also affecting all the four elements, which yields a positive influence with which Hashem may then incorporate into His Hashkacha Pratis, Divine supervision of the world.

We play no small role! Take to heart the opportunity!  Do not be fooled or bought off by the subconscious temporary ego-pleasures of feeling powerful.  These are counterfeits that addict our subconscious to false beliefs and limitations.  Confess these with the knowledge of Hashem’s oneness and bring love and awe into the heart as one confesses and describes our real challenges.  Not from a sense of shame, but rather from a sense of emunah and comprehension that we are being given opportunity to use real free will to do a G-d-like act, of wanting to go above our nature.  Wanting. Free will.  Hashem then answers us. And for our effort, we inoculate ourselves against the bread of shame for all eternity becuae we will have the awareness, the daas, that we willed to go above nature while we had free will and thereby were for the brief lifetime we have engaging in G-d-Like power, for only Hashem can operate above nature.

 This is a recipe for geula. The Amalek within us may interfere and laugh at us and tell us that we are being foolish or weak.  Throw those reactions into the heart as well, for we are able to distill its positive divine spark from the kelipas and return it to Hashem through our heartfelt love and awe.  We are built to feel that same positive divine spark now not as cynicism, but rather as compassion in its pure form that we can reveal.  Take this to heart.  It is our eternity. It is our redemption. It is our eternal daas that we can build while alive.

Overcoming what addicts our subconscious to unhealthy patterns

One way of looking at our repeated patterns is that we are “addicted”to our coping mechanisms.  We know they are destructive or self-destructive, but we simply cannot say no when they come up.  There is a “payoff” within them that,although destructive, gives us enough to keep repeating it over and over.

 And what is that payoff? Rabbi Nivin teaches how to dissolve a negatively charged complaint where he lists 22 payoffs that keep us charged and upset with others.  When we do not have a sense of Hashem’s love for us in the moment, the unhealthy payoffs of the material and physical world “move in.”

 When Hashem creates the world, He does so as an act of chesed, to give life and existence to a world so that there can be mankind, a creation that has the ability to recognize and appreciate the chesed that Hashem is doing with us.  The entire world is an act of chesed.  So why doesn’t it look like that to us?

Hashem gives us free will and a nature that develops in the material and physical realm with the false impression that we have independent existence, that the world has independent existence, and that we are our mortal bodies and that when we die, that is the end of our existence.  Hashem hides the truth from us so that we have the opportunity to apply the real free will He gives us to recognize Him instead of the false beliefs of autonomy and futility – Hashem did not place a living being in this world so that it could live and die for this world alone.  This world is a corridor in which we are given opportunity to exercise real free will in a way that rises above the natural appearing world, circumstances, and human nature.  When we want to rise above the natural, we are not suppressing the natural reactions. Rather we are comprehending the natural reactions as the raw material that can add fuel as well as purposeful meaning for our real free will to be exercised, especially when challenged, in times of darkness.

 There is a pull of our human nature that tells us what we desire and when we are frustrated in not receiving it, and how to “do business”so that we reach the object of our desire.  That is a one world picture.

And there is a much quieter pull that we must search for, and that is a pull to be one with Hashem’s chesed and compassion, a pull to really absorb the holiness from within the darkness and bring Torah and compassion into our hearts so that Hashem’s chesed not only reaches us, but reaches our hearts and into our speech and deeds. That is a two world picture.

So let’s look at how that translates to the moment. 

Something happens that is challenging, perhaps in a relationship, and we feel a negative urge or a frustrated desire.  Our reason and understanding tells us to say something to bring closer the outcome that we desire.  But we remember that there is only Hashem and that everything comes from Hashem, and we consider, is what I am about to do compassionate or will it cause a hurt feeling or be destructive in anyway?  If the latter, quickly explore what is the false belief – is the false belief that we deserve something? Is the false belief that the other person is judged negatively, which makes our thought lashon hara about that person? Once we see the false belief, we can then be more objective.  We do not need to have negativity to see someone’s limitations, nor do we need to behave in a negative way if Hashem has said no to something we desire. After all, it is not another person who is keeping what we desire from us, is it? It is Hashem, the Only Power, the One King Who is responsible for all outcomes good or concealed good. 

We want our choice to bring us in alignment with the compassion and not with anything destructive or painful.  The circumstances are now just circumstantial – we can see that Hashem is showing us that within our inner world, there is an imbalance within our nature.

Nature is composed of earth, wind, water and fire, and these are the roots of our characteristics, impulses and urges.  Understanding how fire is the root of anger and fear and how water is the root of desires and lusts helps us to see how to regain balance. Wind is the root of speaking too much and wind acquires heat from fire.  Do you see how when we feel charged against someone that we are more inclined to speak poorly to or about that person?  The real issue is our imbalance in fire, not the other person. 

Hashem has sent the circumstance to give us the opportunity to use real free will to ask Hashem to help us balance the fire within us so that we are serving Hashem and revealing His light and not causing falsehood or pain to proliferate by investing our thoughts words and deeds in the goals of darkness.

 The topic of earth wind water and fire as the root of our characteristics and how to work with these elements is discussed on extensively.

 The point to understand here is that everything that Hashem sends is ONLY so that we may free our holiness from its trapped places within our heart and mind so that we may “clean off the lens” with which we see our circumstances and instead of just looking at our own imbalances that we are inclined to project upon every circumstance, that we unaddict ourselves to these patterns because we love Hashem and have awe in the design and comprehend that our imbalance is the blockage that is keeping that original beam of chesed that Hashem is sending into the world from being revealed. We want to use free will to unblock that chesed. 

 We cannot do this by ourselves.  Everything we do is intention and will,including this.  Success is up to Hashem.  What is our effort?  To confess our place, that we are subconsciously repeating patterns we subconsciously want but that we consciously do not want anymore.  Describe it in detail while kinetically feeling love for Hashem and awe in the design.  Holding the pain next to the love and awe in our hearts brings from the pain the part of our soul trapped in the dross.  We need that part of our soul to unify with us and we want to be unified in all our soul with Hashem’s compassion.  WE ARE NOT THE DROSS, the negative coating animated by the spark of holiness trapped there.  When we feel hate or grudges, we identify with the emotion when we ought to identify that the holiness of our soul is trapped in our previous choices to connect with human understanding.

When we realize this and want to not want to be trapped in dead-ends and quicksand, the result is that Hashem gives us the inner simcha for recognizing that the circumstances He sends are not the issue, but rather the object of the matter is our hearts, that we nullify our ego which is blocking Hashem’s compassion from being seen.  In so doing, we bring into balance the fire,water wind and earth that are the root of our characteristics, and this impacts on the amount of positive influence in the spiritual realms that Hashem may then use to manage the world.

Ever since many of us have became addicted to the internet,it is easier to see how a small positive feedback affects our nefesh behema.  When the nefesh behema can instead feel the simcha from serving Hashem as part of giving compassion to others, it submits and serves Hashem in unison with the nefesh elokis.

In the moment, when we have our urges, just remember that we only have those urges because we have some human addiction that developed at a time when we had no real way to guard ourselves from it due to not having the mature mentality to choose simcha and love and awe of Hashem.  This IS the design.  We do not judge or define ourselves by our unique challenges.  Universally though,we are able to build eternal identity by loving Hashem and having awe in the design and trusting Hashem in the moment so that we breathe with awareness of Hashem in our heart and a yearning only for Him, for His compassion to be revealed, for His light to shine through us. We see that keeping this concentration steadies the ship through the otherwise bumpy terrain of interpersonal relationships and difficult challenges.  Everyone has the same struggles, but not everyone chooses to exercise emunah and bitachon to remain connected to Hashem knowing that everything He does is for our best, so that we have opportunity to go beyond nature as He does, simply by willing that we go beyond our reactions and nature.  Key though is that we have to mean it, mean it in our hearts, be sincere, love Hashem, and truly understand the design because we have the wisdom of the Torah and the emunah to activate love for Hashem and be a bridge for fallen sparks to be absorbed into and revealed as part of Hashem’s true compassion and truth.

This becomes a far better pursuit.  We want the wonderful feeling of closeness with Hashem and the clarity and inner simcha that goes along with being part of giving His Compassion more than we want to counterfeit payoffs. Then we heal our addictions and grow in spiritual maturity and purpose.

May we deeply understand and embrace these ideas and strive to purify our thinking to grow in emunah and bitachon, that then brings an increase in our awareness and integrated understanding of Hashem in our hearts.

How emunah helps when faced with Hate

 The darkness grabs us in a moment of weakness and adds horrific messages of low self worth. Only by knowing the divine space that is reality can we stop and listen and find and redirect the forces at play.

Without Torah, there are no answers in the dark. Those leaders who live in divine space and help to pull us into the divine space, those leaders who spot how we are grabbed by the dark, are the leaders who have undergone a process of integrating Torah into their hearts. 

There is much darkness in the world and we are in need of leaders who know us and who can help guide us.  But we have to be open to receiving the light of Torah.  It is time to consider that, despite our freedoms, there is a higher purpose to having real free will. For as we see, with freedom comes confusion, because of the natural human nature for personal honor.  It is easy in a state of confusion to fall into the grips of darkness, where hate and revenge and grudges are in our hearts.

Hate offers a counterfeit answer that the human mind, in that dark place, becomes addicted to. The true purpose for the force and circumstance Hashem sends, which Torah teaches us about, not only remains a mystery but becomes even more hidden by the apparent relief that hating seems to provide for those icky shame messages about ourselves.

 When we do not stay within the divine space of the six constant mitzvahs, we are vulnerable to attack by the Amalek within the dross that wishes to destroy us. The only shame we need to remember is the bread of shame for all eternity where we will feel inadequate compared to Hashem’s ability to give. While we have free will, we can choose the messages we act upon.

 The blockage we need to address is the blockage to the discovery of the inner wealth within us, using the Torah wisdom to become a vessel to receive and reveal the wealth of compassion Hashem is bestowing at every moment, even in the disguised form of the negative messages within.

By comprehending our condition and loving Hashem every moment no matter what, we recognize the look and feel of our bodily confusion and can describe the truth of what we feel that brings us back into divine space, to truth. We have to look for the answers in Torah, not within the darkness itself…for the darkness is a creation into which we are to shine light, not crash into despair that feeds the darkness.

 A great deal of holiness has fallen into the kelipas. We have an opportunity to return the positive trapped holiness to Hashem by going beyond human reasoning and loving Hashem, thanking Him for the opportunity to bring the matter into divine space (6 constant mitzvahs) so that He may reabsorb the holiness and discard the dross.

Breathe thru it. Hashem is One, He is giving us opportunity to will and thereby be part of His going beyond nature. Our own fear is our platform for going beyond human understanding. This is what we saw in those in the camps who died performing mitzvahs.

We are the Jewish people and we can return what has fallen to the kelipas back to holiness by loving Hasbem and understanding the design, that we are a force connected to Him with a body that dangles in danger so we can use real free will and earn eternity without bread of shame, knowing we have clarity of Hashem and that He only does good.

We exchange the positive divine energy hidden in the suffering by remembering Torah , crying out to Hashem inpersonal prayer describing our place of truth, or running to do a mitzvah of revealing comppassion, our avodas Hashem. We exert ourselves to restore consciousness to the level of emunah of Avraham, Yitzchok and Yaakov, unifying Hashem’s Name and rectifying earth wind water and fire, and then, IYH, Hashem sweetens our judgment, mitigating the suffering. We can choose life by being One with Hashem and the effort and perspective it takes for us to go through a personal akeida. Our difficulty is when we believe in the power of the kelipas to harm us. Hashem alone redeems us from difficult situations.

Each one of us can do teshuva on what may be in our hearts, negative feelongs towards each other. We may have good rationalizations for our heartache to remain, but we don’t realize our holiness is being drawn to feed the forces of hatred built into the kelipas. We areexperiencing pain from having trapped our very own soul in human heartfelt responses rather than loving Hashem and thanking Him for the opportunity to do a G-d-like act and will for Him to absorb all the positive divine energy back to pure holiness, so that we may feel and reveal compassion rather than pained responses.

If each of us did so right now, do we have the emunah to understand how that along with the bitachon to rely on Hashem could flip everything? Hashem is very big.

Cynicism and reliance on this worldly appearing tools stand in our way.

It is up to us. The last 11 minutes of the Youtube above goes through the steps, with explanations, on helping our bodies let go so that the divine space we can choose to live in may also enter our hearts.

sound quality is terrible…glad to speak to you, leave a comment how to reach you

Four steps to help us in the moment

1. When challenged, remember it is from Hashem. In order to reconnect to Hashem when momentarily disconnected and confused, confirm the overall falseness of the darkness. If we act, will our holiness fuel the darkness or draw in light? If we have the urge or impulse from the nefesh behema to do something that really will only enhance darkness, take the next protective step for the soul and identify what the false belief or slander or lashon hara our inner message is saying that is hurting our heart, and then understand these are circumstances provided by Hashem to give us opportunity to truly form our eternal identity and give expression to nefesh elokis, not nefesh behema.

2. All the negativity stirring is giving us access to the raw elements -wind water earth and fire – so that we may use free will to ask Hashem to go beyond nature and strip away the dross so His Light can be seen. This willful act to go beyond nature – Hashem is the only Being that can go above nature – gives us credit for having been part of a G-D-LIKE act when Hashem says yes, which He does when we are sincere in submission. By so willing, we create eternal identity that inoculates us from bread of shame.

3. Dynamically and kinesthetically emit heartfelt love and awe while prayerfully asking Hashem to please accept our choice to go beyond reason and understanding of human reactions because we only want for Hashem to be revealed, in the very elements we are bringing to Him for borer (to separate the positive divine spark from the dross). We wiil for Him to bring  His Salvation to the positive spark of Divinity hidden within the elements stirring within us, within the place of feeling a challenge. This step shows the submission of the nefesh behema, by sincerely loving Hashem with awe in how Hashem has designed the world. It shows we desire the relationship He creates for us to have with Him, a creation  to serve as a bridge between heaven and earth, a creation to return  coarse material and reveal the compassionate spark of the raw material. It shows we realize our circumstances are from Hashem solely to give us real opportunity to will to go beyond our nature for a soul correction and eternal closeness to Him.

4. Ask that this teshuva on our subjective nature be a merit for the soul of am yisrael so that we may be redeemed with singing and dancing, and that every Yid feel more clarity in serving Hashem objectively through our daily contact with nature in this way.

The heart that generates love and awe of Hashem is healing

One insight that may help regarding why we hold onto our stories is that although painful, whatever falsehood in it was positively reinforced and, at the time of forming, was associated with the caregivers involved.

Even though the messages we tell ourselves may be so hurtful, they were set within us by living within the environment where our nurturing took place, the environment Hashem designed for our dependency needs to be met.

If it was broken then, at least we clung somehow with coping mechanisms and survived. And herein lies the ingrained reliance when we are now no longer in that originating environment.  No matter what else was wrong, there was an originating family at the time when we were dependent and we needed them and whatever they did was the love we felt and internalized as love.

As we comprehend not only what happened but also the design of the spiritual work we, as a life force, are here to do, we can let go of the falsehoods and absorb the compassion those who were charged with nurturing us intended, even if the delivery by caregivers was inadequate, even if they were damaged too when young.

Our nefesh elokis can be redeemed from its confined place and our persona can properly reveal compassion. We can transform it all by willing to bring the forces involved into holiness and light. When we are willing to go beyond reason and understanding of our own reactions, that is participating in a G-d-like act because Hashem alone can go beyond nature.  Yet when we will to, and He answers, our intention gives us the experience of having gone beyond nature, a G-d-like act, and THAT inoculates us from the bread of shame for all eternity, so that we experience our oneness with Hashem as bliss without shame of not being able to do what Hashem does in terms of being a giver.

Understand the power of love and awe to draw the positivity trapped in the darkness from where it is bonded and drawing us downward to where it may be absorbed and the source of light and blessing.