When we see and accept we are “flashlights” we can choose to change our relationship with the material and physical world for the better

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Hashem loves us.  Understanding that we are a part of Hashem is easier if we remember that Chava was taken from Adom’s physical being, not created out of the dust like Adom.  In the same way, we are from Hashem and it is important to see this so that we comprehend intellectually that having emunah is not such a big leap.  If we can close the gap between our experience and Hashem loves us by understanding the setting, that we are part of Him, that is a huge help.

Hashem is One. 

Hashem gives us free will and gives us the sense of control and we end up listening to the apparent alternative built into our neurology that conceals Hashem’s presence.  Even that is a part of Hashem. It is given to us so we have real free will.

We are a flashlight.  We are not stuck in the world without Torah, without Hashem or with no light. But there is a lens over the flashlight.  And we do not realize that. 

What if someone was charging on your bank card, depleting your account.  Your husband tells you someone is depleting your account.  you would not say no just pay it.  You would call the bank and cancel the card.

When we have suffering, Hashem is telling us the cover over the flashlight is getting thicker and He wants the light we are in our essence to shine compassion into the dark.  Our holy soul is being stolen and Hashem is telling us cancel the credit card, stop doing that.  When we have a challenge and we know everything Hashem sends is for the good and we ask ourselves what is happening, thank you Hashem for this challenge, what is the opportunity here to reconnect to You what is lost or in danger of being lost…we can clean ourselves off.  Our relationship with the challenge changes.  We are empowered with expanded understanding of what to do, of what Hashem wants from us in the moment. 

We do the mitzvahs of love Hashem and having awe in and understanding the design.  We comprehend our empowered relationship with Hashem changes our relationship with the challenge and the natural world.  We realize we are being asked by Hashem to be a bridge to bring to Him, to return, all the spiritual material so that we may  shine it in a compassionate flow.

We can ask Hashem for the Soton’s credit card too….using the distilled energy from the challenge itself to cling more tightly and shine more brightly.

Please listen to the audio or video above. And below.

Bringing subjectivity to the objective truth of Hashem is One – a yearning to serve Him and cling to Him

Short version of pictorial guided meditation to bring Hashem into the picture and reveal compassion

audio only version of short version.  Please be sure to notice and name the emotional storms, observing them without fully thinking them and getting lost in them

Hashem, please help me grow in my ability to discern day from night.

Hashem You made one soul – Adom.  I am part of Your creation.

Hashem You have given me awareness, with free will and the creative power of speech. 


When I feel Your Compassion, I have expanded understanding from which to act.

Help me bring Hashem back into the picture, to restore a sense of Hashem as One.

I know You only doing what is for the very best.

I feel vulnerable, and I do not want the yetzer hara   to have access to my soul. 

It is giving me untrue survival messages and whispers false messages.

 (notice and name… be specific)

I feel empowered to ask for more free will to overcome the blockages causing an emotional storm because I wish to do Your Will and go beyond the natural faulty reasoning within me.

(notice and name… be specific)

My interest is in eternal life, not in the survival of negativity 

(notice and name… be specific)

Help me! 

Please may the love and awe for Hashem that I am generating in my heart reach You. 

Please may I ask that You GRIND THE FASLEHOOD and COARSENESS and thereby I may feel and REVEAL HASHEM’S COMPASSION

This is my opportunity to initiate love and awe out of a yearning to refine coarse material

I embrace the opportunity, excited to do Hashem’s Will,

I yearn to be a conduit, a bridge between worlds

This is my chance to initiate a G-d-Like effort to hopefully redeem the compassion from its powerful natural appearance.

Please help me use free will and speech to emulate You, drawing the good from the dross.

Hashem it is my will to return all the spiritual material to Hashem. 

Please may I have back the lost compassion  with olam haba consciousness restored.

Hashem, the compassion that is Your Effluence is mixed up within coarseness in my heart. 

I am describing it to You because the compassion is lost and I am asking You to please find all of it and return this lost compassion to me with olam haba consciousness. 

 I love You and understand the design.  Please may this causative effort positively affect all the spiritual material within me .

Please grant success to this prayerful request, to my  love for Hashem and awe of the design. 

I wish for these mitzvahs to grind the falsehoods like a  pepper-grinder

I trust in You. I trust in Your Ever-Present Compassion

Hashem please restore all the spiritual energy to its true form, compassion. 

Hashem please may I feel Your compassion so that I may reveal Your Compassion.


All I want is You. With all my heart, all my soul, and all my might.

Please help me go beyond reason and understanding so that I may  return all the spiritual material within me to You in teshuva for tikkun, repair. 

My awareness of Hashem as all good is increasing, I am feeling a shift towards calm.  THANK YOU

May this growth be a merit for all klal Yisrael.

Help me to find a way to reveal compassion.

Please may my efforts be considered a healing.

Please help me take my next step in serving You through speech and deed.

Pictorial meditation tool

What we need to understand in order to strengthen our will for the truth, which is compassion.

The topic for today is strengthening will for the truth, which is compassion.

We have at times circumstances, difficult challenges. Something that happens that crushes our heart.  Our emotions  go into turmoil.  We feel our mind racing.  Our blood is boiling.  Our heads feel light. Our mouth begins to want to speak words that we might regret.

We may, indeed, need to say something.

Take a moment though to go beyond what is swirling to touch the real truth, which is compassion.

How is this compassion?

There is no thought, no emotion, no inanimate object, no plant, no animal, no person that does not have as its inner soul compassion.  The reason is that the place of the world is Hashem, Whose Compassion fills every utterance, in which He and His Compassion are hidden.

Even more so, the very powerful emotions and thoughts that we experience are most likely our very own soul that we bonded together with a false thought, a bad habit, or which got bonded together with a hurtful memory or trauma. Thus, the soul of what is hurting us is powered by our own soul and choices.

Let’s take a closer look still to the soul – our soul.  There has only ever been one soul created.  Every person who ever lived or who is alive or who ever will live is a blossom on that one soul.  Each of us, with our timeline, our circumstances, our bodies, our experiences – all of which are under the direct supervision of Hashem – has awareness and real free will and the creative power of speech.  With these gifts of awareness, free will and speech, our soul has the power to shine through whatever coarse material Hashem is giving us to refine.  We have the opportunity to draw the compassion from the coarse material by using our free will to speak to Hashem, describing where the matter is mixed, and asking for all of the spiritual positive energy to be restored to its ability to reveal compassion.  We want to be free of the falsehoods that conceal it.  We want the compassion to be itself and not animating what we might have previously and unintentionally or naturally assigned it to by our aveiras, natural urges, bad habits, coping mechanisms, defensiveness, adaptation to trauma or previous poor choices.

At all times, Hashem is with us, He loves us, and He only sends good.  It is up to us to embrace and remember that He only is sending compassion for us to benefit from.  He gives us opportunity to dissolve the coarse material and grab the compassion from there as well. In this way, we have the opportunity of a lifetime to copy what Hashem did in creating the world, sorting the good from the coarse material.  He has left a level of coarseness for us to remove so that WE may have the joy of choosing to be like Him.

“It’s happening again!  Why does everyone treat me like dirt?”  that might be one sign that we are being given a huge load of compassion to redeem.

“I don’t feel that person loves me.  They are not doing x y or z.”  That may be another sign that we are being given an opportunity to redeem compassion and grow in awareness of Hashems lovingkindness.

There is an urge in us that is false.  That false urge, when our backs are to the wall, is to think that we can take something back – a love lost, an image despoiled.  We cannot.  We have no power whatsoever to impact the world at large unless Hashem grants permission.  And yet we try, we take the very compassion of life that Hashem gives us and try to use natural means to grab back what we feel is being taken away.  Acting on such a reaction does not grow us in awareness of Hashem nor does it add any merit to us for perfecting the world.

When we have will for the truth, which is compassion, it means that our will is to be part of the compassion Hashem sends as blessing to the world at all times, to be a part of Him, in the relationship that He Designs for us.  When we go beyond the turmoil of our emotions to tell Hashem that we love Him and understand the design and that we are swirling and know that in all that we feel is His Compassion mixed in with dross, we then ask that He please give all of the positive spiritual creative energy to us in its rectified form so that we feel His love and mercy directly.  We want to reveal compassion.  We want to be a stronger vessel or being a conduit of compassion.

What happens next is that the love and awe that we feel bring a willful drop of olam haba consciousness into the mix and Hashem adds to it and somehow, it affects all of the spiritual energy in the turmoil.  Our mind might race…but but… but we do it again.  There is no room for doubts.  Everything is filled only with Hashem’s simple compassion.  There is no other power. 

Do we still need to say something?  Most likely,  what was dissolved had no basis in fact and there is no need to say anything.  And if we do need to say something, surely it will be toned down and appropriate and solely for the benefit of the other person, said with love and caring in a way that can be heard and felt as love, not criticism or stern judgment.

May we be empowered in the moment, excited, to bring to Hashem what we think and feel so that we may act with ein od milvado consciousness and be part of the blessings in the world. And may we soon see a new light in the world.

Why we want to make every effort to build strong bitachon, a trust we desire that is nearest to our hearts.