Emunah Zoom

The meetings are for women who desire to live more and more in mindfulness and emunah.

The goal of having zoom meetings  is to create a place to share how mindfulness of Hashem and using emunah helps us in our daily lives.

The time is intended to be a sharing. If the person sharing asks a question, then we may respond. Otherwise, we move to the next person to share.  By handling the shares in this way, each person will have the ability to hear what they need to from their inner wisdom, that inner point we are trying to develop.

For more details on the sharing as well as helpful resources, see  http://timeforpeace.io/emunah-sharing-community/

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Sundays 330 PM  and 830 PM Eastern FREE

Tuesdays 8:00 to  8:30 PM Eastern FREE

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Here is a recommended personal prayer when feeling a challenge:

The pain itself, the energetic part of the experience, is actually our soul. The memories are being animated by the soul clinging to them.

We can notice our soul and understand it is powerful and separate from the memory.  We are able with that understanding to beckon to our  soul.

Why cling to that?

Come with me.

You can radiate love and mercy.

Come to Hashem’s outpouring of love and mercy. Come come.

While beckoning to the powerful animating part of the painful thought, feel love for Hashem. Ask the animating part, do you see His design? Is it not amazing? Come and trust Hashem so you may shine love and mercy and not this negative memory or image.

Hashem because i love You and recognize the design and because i yearn to feel Your love and mercy so that my soul may reveal that love and mercy, please have mercy on me so that i may fulfill Your vision and will and not express my natural fears and false beliefs.

If someone wants to walk through a challenge one on one, please schedule a time with me here. https://beyondanydoubts.setmore.com    The charge is a suggested donation of $5 per fifteen minutes, a nominal charge designed as a boundary to keep the time focused.


Not free but truly worth it

Devorah Yaffa Singer: Lights of Emunah http://g-ddirecttorah.com/lightsofemunah.php

Rabbi Nivin Belief Notebook Chabura http://newchabura.com

Rabbi Nivin LIfe Challenges Chabura  http://newchabura.com

Rabbi Nivin https://madmimi.com/p/20fe5c?fe=1&pact=3716220-145812287-10602976623-8fe4658da012f2b57e5c3d5591deb352b8b67cbc

Rabbi Tzadok Cable Ale Shur http://thebinahtree.com


Rabbi Itamar Schwartz http://bilvavl.net

Rav Dror https://www.youtube.com/user/EmunahChannel

Rabbi Doniel Katz https://www.facebook.com/katzdoniel/videos_by

Rabbi Moshe Genuth https://www.facebook.com/moshegen/videos_by

Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg https://www.youtube.com/user/innerorg

Rabbi Mendel Kessin Derech Hashem https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk-PryW9AuBiZtPctYAZpTI70FDE4HnF5

Aviva Aberman Geulah From Within

Free not Jewish but helpful

Lori Petro Teach through Love https://www.youtube.com/user/TEACHthroughLove

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Harmonizing the compassion that is hidden in what feels like two ways within our soul

A recommendation of what to guide us in personal prayer when we feel distress and negative

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