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The posts below appeared on www.lvracha.com – the product that blog was on has been deleted.  For this reason, the articles appear here as saved files.  Most popular with those who do verbal introspection is Tomer Devora with Hisbodidus Suggestions for Internalizing Translation of letters from Rav translation-of-letters-from-rav-   Top ten ways to help yourself top-ten-ways-to-help-yourself-an   Torah sources directing us to choose soul over body and how to do it Torah sources directing us to choose soul over body and how to do it, with a podcast example and updated tool kit   Toolbox explained we are our ratzon, make our ratzon His ratzon Toolbox explained – we are our ratzon – make our ratzon His ratzon   toolboxy toolbox sept 25 2013 21 tishre 5774   Tomer devorah with hisbodidus suggestions Tomer Devora with Hisbodidus Suggestions for Internalizing   toldos fear awe and love of Hashem   thoughts   This is the Year the Vilna Gra Calculated That Moshiach Will Come! Why should I shift myself to a Gd oriented perspective of self Zoom in on how to make Hashems will our will sincerely you-can-fight-city-hall-but-only You only get to keep what you give away yosef-and-his-brothers—yesod-t Yiras shemayim Yesod shebe yesod – Yosef HaTzaddik and a day to serve Hashem completely Yesod shebe yesod – Yosef HaTzaddik and a day to serve Hashem completely Yesod shebe Malchus – Funneling together all the ways we comprehend that Hashem runs the world Yesod shebe Hod – Omer and Parshas Emor yerushalayim-bus-74-bomb—a-cry Yes we can love each other yearning-for-the-geula—compreh yearning-for-the-bombs-and-all-s Woven into man’s most inner element the urge to advance is the yetzer hara, subconsciously snaking around Pr windows ge why-is-fear-of-hashem-only-so-cr why-elul-5771-is-different-from- Why should I shift myself to a Gd oriented perspective of self who-is-gd–a-primer-for-parents- who rules our hearts when-is-our-thinking-dangerous– What pains us What might the world look like if we dont overcome hatred What is blocking me from finding happiness what is a soul What I pray april 2007 weinberger toldos shiur 5 we-choose-and-we-are-not-our-pai We got back our electricity not our power – only Hashem has power – a teshuva that can bring great light we are not grasshoppers Wage an internal war to defeat Gog with Dovid updated toolbox oct 18 2012 Updated Toolbox January 4, 2013 22 Teves 5773 updated toolbox apr 30 2014 Updated Toolbox – freeing our tzelem elokim from the golus of our subconscious unseat the El Zar universal-principle-to-help-us-t unify and sanctify Hashems name understanding-unconditional-love understanding-rachel-imeinu-and- Understanding pleasure and how to reach it from this world Tu Bav a romantic bond between Hashem and the Jewish people tree of life translation-of-letters-from-rav- Torah sources directing us to choose soul over body and how to do it, with a podcast example and updated tool kit top-ten-ways-to-help-yourself-an toolbox sept 25 2013 21 tishre 5774 toolbox rosh chodesh adar bais 5774 toolbox june 11 2014 toolbox feb 2014 toolbox feb 2014 addendum Toolbox explained – we are our ratzon – make our ratzon His ratzon Tomer Devora with Hisbodidus Suggestions for Internalizing toldos fear awe and love of Hashem thoughts This is the Year the Vilna Gra Calculated That Moshiach Will Come! the-road-upward—actualize-the- the-only-thing-to-fear-is-mispla the-dark-pit-of-negativity-and-h the-creek-is-rising—sink-or-sw The sin of teh applie - a continuing message for us in emunah.._Page_2 The sin of teh applie - a continuing message for us in emunah.._Page_1 The sin of teh applie – a continuing message for us in emunah.. The sin of teh applie - a continuing message for us in emunah.. The pleasure of choosing to serve Hashem and getting started on a lifelong journey Teves 1 7th day of Chanukah 5774 teshuva-the-obligation-and-its-r Teshuva Gomer to Bring Us to Serve Hashem’s Will and Sanctify Hashem’s Name, with Resources territory tens ten commandments 6cm revealing glory Tefillos for Mr Grossman seemingly unanswered prayers taking-tashlich-to-heart—a-pra taiva and gaiva sympathy-is-no-solution-for-spir Swirling winds Summer 2010 ahavas yisrael suggestion to balance and build spiritually struggling-and-fixing—some-rel strength of a lon stop-the-world-i-want-to-get-off stewing-or-yeuding—ein-od-milv spiritual root canal spiritual channels spies golden calf Speech as a lesson within the Summer Parshas including Parsha Balaak Print Soul Correction – An Insight sou mates and free will Sorting through disappointments with love of man vs comprehending the unconditional love of Hashem – aligning ourselves with HIs Will is good self-esteem so I have a soul what does that mean for my practical day So how do I know if I have had a good Elul – NO PRESSURE!! sitting on top of the world Sincere teshuva in 5772 – We can reach the greatest heights! Short reflection on Hashem Elul 5770 Shiviti Hashem L’negdi Tamid – Anatomy of a Search by Devorah Yaffa Singer Shelamos comes from knowing we are attached to Hashem Shame, Destruction, Mesiras Nefesh and Redemption Shame is fallen healthy guilt and PROVES we have a soul as described by the Ramchal in Derech Hashem Sefiras HaOmer, Week one – Chesed Sefiras HaOmer Week two – Gevurah – Self-Discipline and Emunah seeing-the-simple-unity-of-hashe Seeing who we are spiritually Searching for Gd rosh-chodesh-kislev-5772—more- rosh chodesh shevat rosh chodesh nisan 5774 Rosh Chodesh Av 5772 – The beginning of the 9 days that hopefully will lead to a Yom Tov instead of a Day of Mourning Rosh Chodesh Adar Aleph 5774 Rosh Chodesh Adar Aleph 5771 rochel imeinu 5774 ridding-ourselves-of-inner-chome Rid ourselves of outrage with…Kosher OUTRAGE reveal hashems glory why and how reveal a concealed world Repairing the cause of the destruction of the temple – stop sinas chinum TODAY! remove rebellion from truth Relfections Erev Yom Kippur 5771 on Teshuva relating to Hashems name relating to Hashems Name process and general example reflections-on-yom-kippur-5772– Reflections on Yom Kipur 5768 Reflections on why to make the effort to rise above negativity Reflections on where I pray for clarity Reflections on tznius boundaries adn the world today Reflections on the Ten Days of Repentance 5769 Reflections on the joy of closeness to the Creator Reflections on the emotions of our heart and action Reflections on the Book of Ruth Reflections on sept 11 a seventh anniversary essay Reflections on Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5769 Reflections on Rosh Chodesh Av 5771 Reflections on Respect Reflections on Questioning Hashem’s Ways Reflections on Politics AKA the nature of mankind Reflections on Pesach Bringing the geula shelama one person at a time Reflections on Peace Reflections on Parshas Korach – The Jewish People are likened to the Moon Reflections on Mortality Reflections on metaphysics Reflections on human nature ahavas yisrael as a trump card Reflections on Hoshana Rabba did we measure up on our teshuva Reflections on Elul 5768 paying our debts Reflections on Elul 5768 before 5769 Reflections on electricity Reflections on Eikev Reflections on Ahavas Israel Reflections on a deep snow reflection on what sparks us Reflection on outrage chastisement and shame Reflectins while healing from a broken foot Refined spiritual goals for 5771 Recommended book by Rabbi Tauber Thoughts for a Jewish Heart Recipe to create spiritual nuclear weapons of peace Rav Ovadia Yosef Rav Brevda shiur Rosh Chodesh Iyar – What we have not been taught is crucial for our times rabbi-noah-weinbergs-core-wisdom Rabbi Cohen intro to mesilas yesharim notes from aug 21 2007 Quieting the limited analytical mind – a brief 5 step description Purim Katan root of our challenges purim katan 14 adar aleph Purim in Cheshvan Pull back the veil behind which Hashem is hidden – How to Hunt for the knowledge of Gd primal-will-search-for-the-knowl preparing-ourselves-for-redempti prayers for pesach cleaning prayer on 10 teves teshuva prayer for uncorrputed primal will potholes Plugging the Hole in the Psyche of Man pleasure please verbally introspect place-of-the-world-is-hashem—h pictoral essay tornado Pesach 5771 Chometz or Matzah parshav-vayeira—akeidas-yitzch parshas-shemos—straw-esav-stre parshas shelach Parshas Pinchas and Tomer Devorah parshas noach Parshas Korach Hashems Kallah did what Parshas Chukas – Our Impure Garments Cover Our Soul – Support through examples for Changing our Sense of Self as Neshama covered by a Garment parshas chukas Overwhelmed and the meek will inherit the earth Our pain reflects Hashem's pain - We are His Partners and can choose to alleviate His Pain Our mitzvahs can end uo on someone else account order-up-your-day—total-contro one plus one minus one is one On preparing for Purim Inspiration towards ruchnius On eliminating hatred olympics nishmas am yisrael Nullifying every force in our hearts and attaching the purity of thought to the One Master Nourishment for the Neshama_ Step by step guide to attaching our souls to Hashem Print Version Nourishment for the Neshama_ Pesach 5772 From Slavery to Freedom Print Version Nourishment for the Neshama.. notes-rabbi-jonathan-rietti-on-emunah Notes from a portion of Rav Moshe Weinberger’s Menuchas Hanefesh shiur 11 on what judging means Netzach 5772 – a Week of Expansion to conquer what is holding us back in becoming givers negativity–dont-fall-for-it–it negative-thoughts-and-feelings-a Mr grossman last words were ahavas yisrael something for men and women mourning-the-loss-of-the-temple- moshiach coming is not a spectator sport more-on-ego-and-self-esteem—ur more-insights-into-human-intelli more on submission separation and sweetening More on Gd Consciousness removing barriers more on corpus callosum and mebrane membrane mitzri to amalek meet-you-at-mt-sinai—soon-i-ho Meek shall inherit the earth Mebrane membrane Meaning of trust class one Rebbetzin Heller Maharal_Nov_26_2006a Maharal_Nov_19_2006 Maharal_Nov_12_2006 Maharal_Jan_28_2007 Maharal_Jan_21_2007 Maharal_Jan_14_2007 Maharal_Jan_7_2007 Maharal_Feb_4_2007 Maharal_Dec_31_2006 Maharal_Dec_24_2006 Maharal notes Heller May 27 2007 Maharal notes Heller May 20 2007 Maharal notes Heller May 13 2007 Maharal notes Heller June 25 2007 Maharal notes Heller June 17 2007 Maharal notes Heller June 10 2007 Maharal notes Heller June 3 2007 Maharal notes Heller July 1 2007 Maharal notes Lvracha June 2010 Loving Hashem Love Hashem looking out for number one living-as-though-the-revealed-wo letting-go-and-letting-gd—yoch Lets be Jewish Less than 60 days to Chanukah – insights to help traverse the upcoming shorter days and longer nights lech lecha Last day before Rosh Chodesh Elul – Preparing to take what we can from _me_ to _He_ during the next 30 days of Elul for a new year kick in the shins interrupting ego pleasure and choice interrupted and now redirect intelligence-where-does-it-come- inspiration to forgive during 9 days inspiration from splitting of the red sea Inspiration for kindness a poem Inspiration for kindness a poem Insights from the Book of Jonah – doing what is right in Hashem’s eyes is far different from being right improve ourselves improve the world Important ideas from Shelach, the story of the spies Igeret Hakodesh 11 – Nullifying our will for absolute belief If the turtle and the hippo can do it so can we If only someone had told me! Reflections on what I wish I had known earlier shared in the hope they are a benefit Identity crises hurricanesandy how-does-proper-self-esteem-help how-can-i-ever-really-change-the How to manage intense feelings - support for the 63 days of danger (through Tisha B'av) How to Love One’s Self – A Jewish Guide to Real Self-Esteem How to find happiness in 2007 How does Newton’s third law of motion help our awareness of how we can identify gehinnim points and avoid falling into them How can I best express myself Jewishly in todays world Hoshana Rabba Asking for Salvation hod shebe netzach sincere words to thank Hashem hod shebe hod unity hod shebe gevurah kiddush hashem help klal yisrael nominate yourself Healthy Self Esteem Requires Gdconsciousness have-a-heart-at-chanukah—for-h hashem-is-100-in-control-100-of- Hashem lovingly thinks of us Hashem Echad guide yourself from negativity to shelamos by reading this good in negative charges golus-made-by-emotions-is-within Golus of Esav, Days of Esav, the Three Weeks inspiration from Mesillas Yesharim to dissolve our negatively charged emotions golus of esav golus goal-of-gd-consciousness—goal- gevurah shebe malchus 5774 gevurah shebe malchus getting closer to Hashem Funneling our expanded neshamas into our hearts funeral on tu bav from-manipulation-to-malchus—a from-imperfection-and-fear-to-bi From rubbernecking misconduct to emulating Hashem, from taking to giving – don’t write your own gezeira! free-will—every-choice-imprint Free Will and the Ramchal’s description of indeterminate forces – we are empowered to bring the geula from within Free Will – use it to stop hating, stop negative thoughts and build Jewish utopia Four people died al Kiddush Hashem in France on 25 Adar Four minute movie diagram with readings from Tomer Devora four days between Yom Kippur and Succos Focus statement based on six constant mitzvahs fifteen-aspects-of-lowliness-all fear-of-sin-is-joy-because-it-ke everything-including-our-thought Every second of thought esteem Erev Yom Kippur 5773- Insights for teshuva with love of Hashem erev rosh chodesh nisan 5774 emunah-of-the-maccabbees—inspi emunah-free-will-middos-and-peac emunah-and-bitachon-building-spi emunah in chodesh adar aleph empowering-ideas-to-lead-a-succe emotions—teshuva–geula-part-2 emotions—lech-lecha—teshuva- Elul is for Teshuva and Forgiveness – a chart to help with growth after doing cheshbon hanefesh Eighth day of Chanukah, bringing light into our bodies and egos so that we can create positive influence and geula from darkness Ego to soul esteem a pathway Economics of Sprituality Eat drink and be merry is that quality of life dominance doing the best we can or being the best we can be Doing Teshuva As If Our Lives Depend On It – Purim 5772 divine-promise-of-torah-restorin disconnecting-self-esteem-from-e disagreement-between-drsigmund-f Digging wells clogged with negativity to our inner penimius – may Hashem find us meritorious for redemption! Diagram to help at free will point Dependence cry-out-to-hashem—enough—-pa cry out now it is in our laps crux of chosenness crack the code confessions-of-imperfection—ho complliation of topics on free will compilation-of-topics-on-free-wi Clarity Seminar – for Netzach shebe Hod – Wipe the Yogurt off your Glasses circle-the-wagons-around-human-t Choosing love and mercy reveals we support the Divine choices-and-watchfulness—and-u chocolate-chip-cookies-were-disc cheshvan 5771 beginning the year toward personal inner objectives for healing Chesed Shebe Malchus – Being Servants to Serve only Hashem Checklist to help identify where our objections are to shifting self esteem to the aspect of the Divine within us Chart to help us rise above our physical selves chanukah-mikeitz-and-ein-od-milv chanukah-5772-revisions-to-toolb Calling all Jewish souls -we can choose to bring the light of redemption - hopefully in time for Tisha B'Av! bullying Building a mikvah in our hearts – a universal tool to accomplish our individual mission Bringing our nature to kedusha – an avoda for Shovivim Bringing Hashem and connection into our innermost being and teaching this to our children Bring the King into the picture! bring right is addictive counterfeit to yiras hashem brief into to yud k vav k bracha bemach hands on example Body without a soul is dead blind-spots-need-kind-hearts-not blind spots bless negative energy and redirect it Bitachon prayer birthpangs bereshis hoshana rabba Being right is dangerous – understanding true power and free will is what matters Being Jewish is Wonderful Basic laws of modesty B My Everything body me index awareness—notes-from-an-essay- arousing love and awe of hashem is hishtadlus are-we-getting-the-most-we-can-o ARe we using our power of speech to improve ourselves or harm ourselves a-prayer-for-success-in-fearing- Apply Behira to Our Subconscious to bring out the aspect of the Divine within us – our inner selves apple for email apple for emai1l a-portrait-of-the-essential-self an-open-letter-to-my-friend-upon angry afraid under attack anger 63 days of danger and-the-meek-shall-inherit-the-e Amalek an Insider Solution ahavas-yisrael-and-pesach—a-st ahavas-yisrael-and-ahavas-hashem Ahavas Yisrael deepens compassion- an insight Ahavas Yisrael and Tznius Call to Action adar aleph be empowered A step beyond just experiencing fear – elevating it and hopefully extinguishing it over time! A spiritual perspective on va tech inner peace A Prayer on the 19th of Kislev 5774 A Prayer on Purim Day 5772 – Inspired by Clarity Seminar A prayer for unity Rabbi Usher Freund A Bracha to give instead of reacting and why 63 days of danger 25 kislev 25 cheshvan 24 elul 5773 10 teves 5774 8th of teves