The holy words of Reb Usher Freund

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Comment from Rabbi Ari Posnack

The main comment that comes to mind is that he is writing in a very clear and concise way. Therefore, his approach helps with understanding, which can actually hurt us in coming to the derech.  How so?  Because through our understanding, we turn to the sechel, and all emunah is the nefesh only.  His clarity and brevity is m’chazek the sechel, which just means more avodah to get out of the sechel and into the derech. 


Along with that, this are big concepts, and he is moving quickly. Take time to sit with them and have them become part of you, not from an intellectual perspective, but because they are yesodos, because they are simply the way the world is, similar to the way we don’t have to think about gravity to live with it and feel it constantly.

April 6 2016

I understand the spiritual land of Eretz Yisroel as meaning living with Hashem, living in true dveikus.  Once we get there, physicality goes away.  HaAretz, Hashem, us in bitul, etc., it all merges into true echad. 

But we don’t have to think about that. Just stay focused on the derech, and as Hashem moves us towards bitul, the rest falls into place. Being in Eretz Yisroel forces much of this on us, so that if we’re maskim to do the real avodas atsmi, we progress faster here.

When we get lost in the sechel, we lose ourselves.  Therefore, the derech is that thinking takes out of emunah.  The sechel is one tsinor; real emunah is another tsinor.  The more we can move out of the tsinor of the sechel, and live in the tsinor of emunah, the more we can live with Hashem. More correctly, it’s not that we live with Hashem, but rather through our process of becoming bitul in this world, we create a vacuum that makes a place for Hashem.

May we all be zocheh that Hashem keeps moving us in this direction!

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