Rabbi Nivin Elul Workshop 5779

The Elul Program is highly recommended

Can you feel the power of Elul in the air?

Even if you can’t feel this power… it’s here, and you want to get on the Elul train so you can clarify your direction and purpose for the new year.

Do you feel like you’re in a rat race all the time and don’t have time to turn your life around?

Believe it or not, life doesn’t have to be so tough. You don’t have to be trapped by the daily grind of life. 

The power of Elul is the answer to turning it all around.

The Elul 5779 Chabura 

R’ Aryeh Nivin’s 5779 Elul Chabura presents you with the opportunity to begin the journey to powerful vitality. You’ll receive the following tools:

  • How to find your positive Life Purpose
  • How to find your Tikun (major life character flaw) in this world
  • How to make a Life Plan for the Year
  • How to understand the meaning of your Life Challenges
  • How to have practical goals for your marriage and family
  • How to have Life Balance in all of the areas of your life
  • How to have a Yearly Direction that wiil inspire you all year round
  • How to stay aware of your life plan and not let it become another         piece of paper in your notebook

So get down to business – don’t let Elul pass you by!

Rabbi Aryeh Nivin has personal development chaburas for women and men.

Click here to register, or send an email to chaburapa@gmail.com with any questions. In the USA call, text or WhatsApp Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606. In Israel, leave a message at 02-580-6406.

We are sure that with the proper preparations this upcoming year will be significantly different. Where do we begin?

In R’ Nivin’s 6 week program, you will get a basic life plan, proven tools and a supportive community to enable you to make changes, and ensure that 5779 is the greatest year of your life

More than 4500 people worldwide have benefited from R’ Nivin’s Chaburas over the last 14 years. Now it is your chance.

In this Chabura you will learn: How to have clarity of life direction How to begin to know your positive Life Purpose and integrate it into your life How to know what your Tikun is (the major character issues you need to fix up) How to have life balance in ALL of the areas of your life How to get rid of confusion that saps your energy and leaves you paralyzed. How to resolve your life conflicts How to improve your marriage and relationships How to remember and actualize your life goals all day long The power of the zmanim (yearly time cycles) which will greatly accelerate your growth
This upcoming Shabbos, in the middle of our busy summer, is Rosh Chodesh Elul.

We’ve heard that Elul is the greatest opportunity to reflect on the year gone by and to get clarity on how to maximize the coming year.

As we begin to reflect on different areas of our life, many questions start to come up: how can we improve our relationships? How can we finally have life balance? How can we feel more satisfaction in our day? How can we truly be who we want to be?

Unfortunately, Elul gets lost in our summer vacations, getting the kids back to school or our regular work day, and we don’t have time or energy to seek out the answers to these questions.

We wish we had a system to plan out our year and tools to actually make changes in our life.
This program is 6 weeks long. It is rewritten from scratch and integrates the Belief Notebook Approach. The Belief Notebook Approach is an approach that allows a person to be aware of his most important beliefs and thoughts. It preempts negativity and gives a person tremendous vitality and joy.
I have studied with the best of secular programs… but I wanted to learn the Torah approach … for myself and my clients.I am truly enjoying the classes and they are indeed answering my personal and professional questions. R. L., Monsey Rabbi Nivin’s Life Purpose (Yeud) chaburas are stimulating and uplifting! The series is a well-crafted, balanced blend of Torah wisdom, tips, modeling, discussion with participants, and practical advice. It is a gratifying and pleasurable experience to identify my Personal Yeud Zone. S. G. London
6 Class Series – Finishes by Yom Kippur Men’s Group Sundays: 12 noon ET/7 pm IT Starting August 19th There will be a prerecorded class for the first week of Elul sent to you upon registration   Women’s Group Tuesdays at 12 noon ET/7 pm IT Starting August 21   There will be a prerecorded class for the first week of Elul sent to you upon registration
Rabbi Nivin’s Chaburas include: 1 hour live class by phone or webinar Time to ask your personal questions live in class Every class is recorded so you can listen anytime if you miss the live class Access to an online information center with recordings, notes and access codes Includes 10-12 pages of written class notes Optional learning partner (chavrusa) to study with Click here to register, or send an email to chaburapa@gmail.com if you have questions. In the USA call, text or WhatsApp Mrs. Robin Meyerson at 602-469-1606. In Israel, leave a message at 02-580-6406.
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