Anxiety and courage – Bring Hashem into the picture with trust and awe

What causes us anxiety universally is fear of harm.  Our imagination regarding where that harm could come from scans personal history for validation.  And our self-referencing instinct to defend ourselves activates. Whatever action we may come up with becomes our reaction.  Our reaction is consistent with our imagination as we have built up the facts.  Yet we may not actually be in the realm of truth.


Let’s bring Hashem into the picture.


Our survival is up to Hashem.  Yes we need to take proper precautions but most of our anxieties are perceived threats and not true threats, especially to the degree we believe we are threatened. To comprehend deeply how this ordinary daily or even hourly occurrence can take place is crucial if we are to bring together truth and our actions/reactions.


Hashem fills the world and thinks up our soul. Thus we are here because of two actions of Hashem, Hashem’s thoughts and Hashem’s utterances. Hashem’s utterances include all of nature, which appears to have many powers, independent entities, all to bring sensations to our perceptions triggering our neurocircuitry. Nations form alliances and threaten the state of Israel, even as this is being written. There is only Hashem. None other. Everything is from Hashem, just and good. That is truth. But that is hardly our reaction, nor is it intended to be the reaction based on being alive in bodies in time and space.


Our reaction thrusts each of us into a place of choice. Will we remember to bring Hashem into the picture and resolve within our mind to heart reactions that everything is from Hashem and is just and good? And what difference does it make if my mind to heart reaction accomplishes this inner peace?


Outer peace depends exclusively on the degree each of us takes the time to bring ourselves to inner peace. When we grind our reactions into dust, Hashem Himself is present. And that is His Desire, to be in time and space through our pulling ourselves back and being vessels to shine His Light.

Scanning and experiencing anxiety out of legitimate fear is a normal reaction. It is natural. And the natural world is under the dominion of the yetzer hara and is designed to present us with tests the resolution of which determines our eternity. When Hashem is concealed, we are troubled thinking it is up to us. But when we realize He is near and we see our mistakes and sins, it is terrifying. We far more like to see ourselves as independent, powerful and capable of running our lives in a secular natural way. When we are afraid to be afraid of Hashem, which means that we give in to cynicism rather than awe of Hashem, we are left with culling resolution of our dependency needs from the natural order that Hashem gives dominion over to the yetzer hara. Everything we would then do remains stuck in the kelipas, the garments, over the Soul of Everything..

What courage do we need and how do we obtain that courage, to choose awe of Hashem when we are in a matter that is triggering fear? Remembering that all there is to fear is Hashem places that fear in a perspective that can help. Why? Because we know our survival depends on Hashem and He Alone runs the world including every circumstance and trigger for our thoughts and emotions. We have free will in the area of fearing Hashem. Do we understand fear of Hashem as a pathway that can help? And even if we aspire to it, in the moment, will we or will we not avail ourselves of the tremendous elevation possible when we overlay our lives with fear of Hashem?

The truth is we are confused. And in that moment of confusion, Hashem, Who is One, tolerates our confusion, He bears the discomfort of us not knowing with clarity that He is One, our Father Who loves us. This is the story since we ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We are confused and Hashem sustains us every single moment, just as He sustains us from the moment of birth, so He sustains us even at this moment of confusion, waiting patiently for us to grind our confusion down into clarity that He is One.


Hashem is patient with us in our condition of anxiety, of confusion, of uncertainty with no ability to really know what will be the next second or what is in the hearts and minds of other people who we may perceive as threats or as sources of pain or as treasures we fear to lose. Hashem is patient with us awaiting us to remember that He is the Source, the Only Source, the Only Power Who gives us life in this lower world in order for us to join together His Thought, our soul, with His Utterance, our natural reaction, in an atmosphere of loving Hashem for subjecting Himself to this suffering and confusion just to give us the opportunity to dissolve His energy from His Utterances back into the His energy of the Ein Sof, His Thoughts, unifying His Name and opening a channel into time and space where our confusion blocked His Thoughts from flowing through our hearts and into our speech and deeds.

When His Thoughts, which are all good including good in our eyes, flows through our hearts, we experience calmness, clarity, inner well-being. When we grind ourselves into dust, He can be seen, and we enjoy the only true pleasure there is, which is being that vessel to reveal. Believing this to be true, we immediately bear the discomfort of all the confusion around us, despite how deliberately organized and crafted with wisdom the attacks and accusations toward Israel may seem, and we affirm in our speech and deed that there is only One Wisdom and only One Source to direct our trust and invest our love and awe.

People, nations, natural disasters in the perspective of being hashgachah pratis totally under the dominion of Hashem despite it coming through the yetzer hara connects us in thought to a higher world, a world where Hashem is NOT concealed. In the world of thought, we can connect to a higher world where through prayer and hisbodidus we CAN discern that we are inseparable from Him. With that slight elevation above the wildly overwhelming nature of our lives, we have the courage to bear the discomfort of the confusion in order to acknowledge our Father with love and awe. Doing so above our natural reactions is an act of emulating Hashem Who bears the burden of our confusion and we show rachamim on the Shechina trapped in His Utterances appearing as nature. We glue ourselves to Him and spare ourselves the travails of thinking there is anything other than Hashem. We can actively bring awareness of Hashem’s Unity to our consciousness. We can each time we fall back into natural forces and lower fear repeat this process. Each time we do, we reveal His Light. And that is the solution for all the world, for Hashem’s Glory to be seen in every atom of earth, wind, fire and water.


When we overcome our nature, the ill effects of unrectified elements of water/desire, fire/arrogance, wind/flightiness, and earth/sadness, laziness that impact us when our perceptions experience danger, Hashem’s light fills these elements water/Torah, fire/passion, wind/proper utterances, and earth/solid representation of His Glory. Hashem desires to be in this world.


What would happen if we courageously trust in Hashem? Might our conquering our inner elements of nature, pulling back our triggered reactions through the hard work of bringing Hashem into the picture, provide the revelation of His Glory that could lead to the ultimate redemption? Are we willing to do the verbal introspection to grind our nature in order to do so?


May we be inspired to seek the courage to turn the natural conditions we experience into channels that unify and sanctify Hashem’s Name.

Bitterness is just a rumble strip to remind us to adjust our thinking

A beautiful understanding to bring into our hearts is that we are inseparable from Hashem.

Hashem sends us into a world where He is concealed yet embedded within us is unconscious awareness of Him.

Our mouth with its ability to speak is a precious treasure. Through speech we can do the work of identifying the confusion and nullifying what blocks us from the experience of devekus.

We have within the higher soul an ability to heal the elements water fire air and earth that we bitul.  We can bring into our consciousness from the unconscious Hashem’s characteristics because we are inseparable and here on the mission He has sent us.  Like bone marrow transplant, we can infuse His Glory into the natural world elements through our prayers and hisbodidus redirecting energy from the beria spoken into existence by Hashem with our pleadings out loud while yearning to reveal His Glory.

The vibration we create through our effort to do so is the basis of our esteem. There is only Hashem albeit He is hidden from sight. But He is not hidden from our sincere verbal hunt for Him, to find the place of truth that we know we are inseparable.

May our searching for Him create light that will free the captives, the three boys and all of us who need further devekus with Hashem our Father .

Rav Itamar Shwartz – Rosh Chodesh Tammuz – Avodas Hashem in light of circumstances – the captive boys

Please listen to Rav Itamar Shwartz, author of Bilvavi Mishkan Evna, speaking regarding the avoda of today, this month Tammuz.


How and why to hate hatred and rise to a level that merits happiness and blessing

A two year old discovers the power of saying no. NO! What amazing power that triggers. “Drink your milk!” “No!” Books are written about this!!! How a child will develop depends on the relationship through which we shape and help the child to mature and grow. And people do mature and grow into adulthood. And people do wield positions where they are making decisions that affect other people in important ways…we have Presidents, we have CEOs, we have Generals and many more titles of authority that also hold power.



Every one of us has the ultimate power, a way to affect our lives beyond any title or human circle of influence. The ultimate power is to create positive influence through choices that connect us to the Source of all that is uttered into existence. Understanding that there is One, a Source that is the only Source of power, Who desires a relationship with us, Who wants our heart, is the beginning of the removal of suffering and bitterness in the world.


We can become experts, as did the Nazis, in dominating, removing dignity, and destroying life. It is no compliment to be chosen by Hashem to be so revealed in one’s evil and faults as to be “hired” to enforce His Will in bringing something beyond human understanding. When we see the devastation of people willingly murdering others, which we see today as well, it looks to us like power. Nevertheless, when the question is, did such an act bring happiness, that same person may not be in touch with anything connected to the actual feeling of happiness. It might be something of happiness trapped in achieving a lower worldly goal. When Moshiach comes, it will not be on the list of things we want to show to our credit, for which our eternal life will be based.


Yet each of us has that impossibly persistent self-referencing message that tries to protect us, although it is often misguided in its means, starting from our first NO when we are two, trying to achieve our goals and dreams, trying to secure our dependency needs and happiness. We can learn the best of this, the smartest of that, the cheapest of all, the tastiest of everything, and we can feel accomplished and it can look as though things are just great. But inside, where is the happiness?


There is a place that feels like it is our insides and then there is a place that inside of us that IS our essence. This is the best way to understand our two inclinations. The problem is mostly that we don’t know what the sound of our essence is unless we learn Torah and search to bring the messages of Torah into our minds so we can bring them into our hearts.


What do we see around us? Are those in positions that have the power to affect others happy in their essence? If they have only built lives based on the place that feels like our insides, it could be they have accepted a certain cynicism about life and have achieved a level of contentment. Truly I think this is very common. Yet when the circumstances in the world begin to rattle as they are today, how do we take our investment in reaching goals that feel like our insides and re-invest them in our essence?


When we are willing to understand our functioning in being able to declare that Hashem is One, we make the necessary shift to remembering Hashem and Torah. In one moment, a person who is ready to is enabled to acknowledge the Shechina in all of our powers and circumstances, for better or worse, that feel to us like our insides. Simply by making a choice to see our essence as our effort and sincere desire to reveal Hashem’s Glory through our hearts instead, we align our thoughts with Torah and Hashem and lift ourselves from the entrappings of the many layers of garments that cover our essence.


When we re-direct all energy released from self-referencing with love in our heart for Hashem Who is One, a channel of bracha to flow through us and into the world opens. We are not separate from one another. My success is not your downfall. Your accomplishments do not diminish my potential. What we each struggle to accomplish represents uniqueness. However, Hashem expects each of us to make this ultimate mesiras nefesh, to recognize that He is One. It is not a compliment from Hashem if He gives us a role of inflicting damage upon another. We need to take careful stock to see where we may be doing something that we think is good which in fact is something that we will regret when Moshiach comes. How do we know if what we think we are doing is good or not in His eyes?


The Chofetz Chaim and the Chason Ish both took time out every day for hisbodidus, verbal introspection. The Chofetz Chaim spent two hours every day in seclusion, speaking out loud to Hashem, in order to be able to understand what feels like insides and what is essence. Without hisbodidus, without getting very quiet and opening up honestly to Hashem, the only good goals we will aspire to are those of what feels like our insides.


And where will our happiness come from in a world gone mad? How will we protect ourselves from adopting standards required to maintain a falling morality? What feels like our insides will downgrade along with the movements of society in time and space unless we anchor ourselves to Torah, gluing ourselves to Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, getting quiet enough to find our essence, and identifying our esteem with effort to reveal Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy.


And it all comes down to our self-preserving reactions of hate, what we take exception to when we feel insulted, overlooked, abandoned or annihilated. That trigger to our brain causes us to experience a lack which without Torah and Hashem we believe to be worthy of retaliation, reaction, pro-action or goal setting. Nevertheless, satisfaction is not happiness.


There is only One. It feels like two. It is our highest functioning to understand the design. With free will, we choose to declare Shema Yisrael, Hashem is One. He alone provides everything. In Hashem is our trust. Each time we experience a sense of our natural existence, we have standing to unify His Name and create brachas for the world. Let that become our new natural. And may we soon see a new light in the world.


Let us hate hatred. Let us burn out thinking we are what feels like our insides in order to rise to a level where we realize our essence is tzelem elokim and we can reveal His Glory. Let us burn out thinking we have independent existence in our souls and rise to a level where we realize we have uniqueness to draw bracha into the one soul, Nishmas Am Yisrael, to effect a repair upon that soul that we alone came here to fix. Let us burn out thinking that the advice of our self-referencing self-preserving is wisdom and rise to a level where we realize that the wisdom of the Torah is the only truth upon which to build with our imagination if we desire true pleasure in this world and the next.


May we be zocheh to redemption bahava

How to end baseless hatred 1 2 3


Realize that our bitterness is because it is not possible to find within time and space what we need to be happy without bringing Hashem into the picture


When we come into the world, we are quite aware of the change in circumstances. We go from being totally nurtured without the need to communicate to being in a world where we depend on imperfect parents for our lives to continue. Babies cry and get angry, Hashem why did you send me away, so deep into this world? When the soul is sent into this world it is told to be righteous and not wicked, meaning that the layers over us, which are important in order to be able to exist in this lower world, conceal the reality that the only Being in the world is Hashem Who is the Source of our life, our eternity, and our happiness and survival.



Realize that Hashem wants us to speak in relationship with Him even though we cannot detect Him easily


When Adom and Chava were one form, they knew the other’s thoughts. Hashem decided that is was not good for Adom to be alone and He separated them. Now they became two and had to speak to each other to communicate.


Hashem is the giver and Nishmas Am Yisrael is the receiver. Bringing what Hashem desires in time and space requires us to comprehend a great deal about our existence. Hashem wants to be revealed through our speech and deeds so that He can be seen in time and space. We are here to receive from Hashem, but the category of what He desires to give us is a far greater pleasure and a more eternal joy than the desires that we see based on a time and space picture, a picture of survival that includes every day concerns such as health, money, a sense of productivity and more. While these basic needs are important, our success with reaching these goals is in Hashem’s Hands. Thus our effort to attain them must include Him in the picture as the Source.


The most important insight is to understand how everything that seems like our lives, e.g. our bodies, our egos, our homes, our environment, have many qualities that we are familiar with, more familiar even than the tzelem elokim within us, is nothing more than a garment. Understanding that what we believe is natural is really only a garment can help us attain true happiness and put an end to hatred, bitterness, jealousy, and fear!.


Through our existence, through our pain, we have the opportunity to recognize that by viewing everything as good, we have a perspective that can bring the energy animating all the pain into service of Hashem. Because we experience a suffering, we have standing to bring bracha through that very channel, when we identify our esteem based on our effort to reveal Hashem’s glory. When we identify our esteem with goals to release the Shechina that suffers patiently in our suffering, we complete something that only we can do, which is to acknowledge with love in our hearts that Hashem Is One. He alone is the Source Who does only what is just and good in a two world picture. Accepting this dimension, which Torah teaches us, realigns us with Hashem’s thoughts. Our anger or bitterness is merely a roadsign reminding us that our happiness in serving Hashem has been trapped by worldly concerns and it is for us to do a repair, to speak to Hashem that He is One, with consciousness, emunah, and purpose in freeing what energy we have trapped so that it can open a channel to bring blessing instead.



Continuing in relationship with Hashem, to draw the energy through our hearts and souls to bring it into our speech and deeds in a revealed way. Using our unique talents and gifts from Hashem, we are able to reveal His Attributes, tolerating insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the confusion of mind we all have, forgiving and casting sins into the sea. When we choose actions that reveal His Attributes, we literally are giving Hashem a place to operate from within our hearts. This fulfills His Purpose for creating the world, to be seen in time and space, and He gives us eternal life and we experience the great pleasure, happiness in serving Hashem, in its true form.


Try it!!!