Tisha B’Av 5774 – Moshiach is not a spectator sport – we can create positive influence!

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It is Tisha B’Av, Monday night August 4, 2014, 9 Av 5774. We sit on the floor mourning the loss of being able to associate with Your presence as we did in the times of Shlomo HaMelech’s Temple.


The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas not yet in place but due to begin in several hours, the past almost two months since June 12 when three teenagers were kidnapped and killed have raised our emunah and our achdus. Unlike seeing a miracle and then faltering in emunah at our next challenge, the constant barrage of rockets and open miracles provides in this moment a palpable awareness that even though You are concealed, You are here intimately involved with every detail and re-creating the world in every moment. This Tisha B’av, the ability to do the constant mitzvah of Know there is Hashem, the first commandment that tells us I am the Lord Your Gd Who Took You Out of Egypt to be Gd to You is a shining light. Concealed in nature, Your Light has emanated into every day for more than these three weeks and we feel able to associate with the pleasure inherent in doing so. No more do we desire to ever be separated from the experience of being able to associate with Your Light even when we are in the throws of challenge such as we are today. Your Mercy is evident and through the eyes of our tzelem elokim that is inseparable from Your Attributes of Mercy,we look up to the heavens and experience that even though You are concealed from our vision, Your Love and Presence are with us in a palpable way.


We are embattled with an internally experienced enemy called the yetzer hara who is in control of our lives and our human nature. The mitzvah to know that there is No Other Power other than Hashem reminds us that despite Your authorizing the Soton to run an apparent pluralistic world, You Hashem are the light above Him and ultimately, everything comes from You. In this way, everything is good, no matter how we experience it internally. Yet it is Your Will that we do battle with these natural emotions because the process of doing so is the function that You desire of Nishmas Am Yisrael, to create positive influence that You may use in the next moment to sustain the way nature is run.


What does this mean in the moment of challenge? If I experience a negative reaction of any kind, something happened that was not of my choosing yet it is up to me to take responsibility in a way that is pleasing to You. In order to take responsibility to help, generally we need wisdom from the Torah that either we forgot or that we need to acquire. Torah is truth and it restores the soul. All its pathways are peace.


To take responsibility, it is good to have self-knowledge, and that self-knowledge includes understanding about what it means to be a soul in a body, not just self-knowledge about our unique circumstances and personality. What do all people share that it is good to have knowledge about?


When we are in a negative frame of mind, it starts from a lack. We experience lack and in a split second that fast-moving human nature under the direct control of the Soton, through our unconscious, subconscious, and bodily urges identifies the area where the “me” is frustrated in its values and then collects imagination to build upon the goals of the “me.” Lack. Me. Imagination. Lack. Me Imagination = lower will. The lower will and our analytical mind together provide the experience of being in time and space taking responsibility and doing what our best judgment tells us in order to make a correction, bring the matter to a good and just conclusion, in accordance with Torah. When we succeed, we feel “happy” because our intelligence and our efforts proved successful according to the goals we set.


Is this happiness? It is surely a victory in time and space. Is this happiness though? Why even ask that question! We just won, right? So we are happy, right?


The tzelem elokim wants to associate with Hashem’s light, to experience the delight of His Presence. Have we enhanced or diminished the ability of the tzelem elokim to delight in Hashem’s Omniscience with statements such as, we won, we are right?


Hashem gave us success because it was good, but it is important to see that happiness lies in a deeper service of Hashem.


Lack. Lack triggers the awareness that I desire something and it is not being given to me. Because I believe I am good, and that I deserve this, I experience lack. The I that thinks we deserve it – that is our sense of independent autonomous existence combined with our judgments and self-love. Here it is important to understand that the sense of independent existence is an utterance of Hashem. In order for anything to appear in the world, Hashem’s utterances must be concealed by the letters of the Hebrew aleph bais. By breathing and uttering, Hashem’s Glory fills the world but the external appearance within the world is that objects, including our bodies, our circumstances, and our personalities, subconscious and unconscious, are formed according to the letters Hashem uses to create us. Our outwardly defined beings that provide us life and visibility in time and space interact with the outwardly defined objects, other people, and circumstances that Hahsem forms through assigned letterings over His Utterances. Lack then is an internal experience of something external within me based in the lettering over Hashem’s utterances that is interacting with something truly external outside of me based on its lettering over Hashem’s utterances. These perceptions are enough to trigger our neurocircuitry, particularly our instincts of self-preservation and desire to acquire and dominate.


The sense of autonomous independent existence is a covering over the tzelem elokim designed to present a real, yet not absolute true, alternative to the idea that Hashem’s glory fills the world. There is only Hashem, but we have the perception that there is also a me, a real entity with free choice. And that is true, Hashem determines everything except whether or not we will have awe of Hashem and realize that our sense of autonomous independent existence has inherent falsehood BECAUSE the entire world is filled only with Hashem’s Glory. Thus, as much as we may be ethical, upright, responsible, Gd-fearing and more, basing choices on a reality of being autonomous and independent will inevitably have negative consequences because it is inherently not absolutely true. The absolute truth is that all there is in the world is Hashem Who has to conceal His Light in order for a world to appear. Now here is the empowering thing. Hashem has concealed Himself and created the world allowing His Shechina to be stuck in time and space and all this darkness and confusion for one reason. To give US the opportunity to choose to say Hashem Echad! He desires to give us the ultimate good, and that good is the pleasure of touching His Perfection when we submit to the reality that our tzelem elokim that is inseparable from His Attributes of Mercy is the Source of all happiness and pleasure because it is the neck through which Hashem’s light can be connected into time and space and the neck through which the Shechina trapped in the darkness can flow and become connected again to His Light. To the degree we understand that our service to Hashem means flowing light between heaven and earth, we will have a different relationship with the negativity that challenges us.


It is with free willed choice that we can empower ourselves to pry imagination away from our sense of autonomous independent existence and glue it to identifying with tzelem elokim that is made in His Attributes of Mercy. The effort to do so is a reflection of knowing that there is No Other Power. When we get caught in the natural neurocircuitry of self-preservation, using our free will to glue imagination to absolute truth, to the wisdom that all there is in the world is Hashem’s Glory no matter how it appears, we are “crossing a firmament” between the heaven and the earth in order to curtail darkness and instead sustain our tzelem elokim. How this feels might be likened to a tug of war…whose head is the crown going to land on, Hashem’s Head or the apparent me’s? Who is our imagination and intellect going to listen as the dominant influence? Again, when we know there is Hashem and that all there is in the world is Him, no matter how whiney our self-referencing messages are, we have an ability to see them as external to the true reality of ourselves as tzelem elokim inseparable from Hashem Whose Glory fills the world.


Lack, autonomous independent existence, and imagination reveal where we need to apply Torah in order to release the Shechina from being trapped in the dark and in order to redirect the lower will back to serving Hashem with all our heart, all our soul and all our might.


Every atomic particle on the periodic chart falls into a category of solid, liquid, gas or radioactive. Being able to discern the influence of these natural atomic particles within our nature gives us a way to find the Torah we need to re-set the atomic particle to its neutral form – releasing the Shechina trapped by the letters Hashem chooses for our lower will. It is important to be able to do this work remembering that we are NOT the labels these letterings suggest. Rather we are our effort to release the Shechina and wipe the lettering off our will. The reason this is important is that many of us grow up to a degree with shame, blame or less than ideal parenting and all the misconceptions that we form when our young minds are wet cement remain part of our neurocircuitry affecting our emotions and our relationships. This is how Hashem sets our free will point. However, it is NOT our identity, nor is it the basis of esteem. Instead, our identity is that of tzelem elokim and our esteem is our free willed choice to replace the confusion in a broken vessel with a reflection of light from Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy. That effort is our tikun, it is the unique purpose for which we are here. Just as a liver removes impurities from the blood, and the liver is NOT the impurities, so too the tzelem elokim through free will and speech replaces the confusion within our physical existence with light and rectification that is tikun so that Hashem’s revealed good can be reflected into time and space. Amazing.


Thus it is good to learn Torah that explains the significance and correlations of







Lack. I have a desire. Water. Water is Chesed. Hashem only does good. Hashem is all chesed. He is the only Source of Chesed. There is no other place where Chesed can come from, only from Him, although He may send it through a sheliach. The desire that I have is not seen by Hashem as good. Either I need a larger vessel to contain the good or it is really not good for me or He desires relationship in prayer or something from my free willed choice. The Torah that is needed here is the wisdom that all there is in the world is Hashem and we are never abandoned by Him.


Autonomous independent existence. I deserve this thing that I think is good and I blame and want to shame and condemn and judge the matter or person withholding the object of my desire. Perhaps I become angry, afraid, arrogant. FIRE. Fire is can be total destruction, burning things to ashes. But fire can also be warmth and light and bring blessings. Behind fire is passion. With intellect to know that Hashem is the Source of all vitality, I can use fire to burn out the false imaginary beliefs about the desire that I think will bring happiness that Hashem does not provide to me. In essence, I can use the fire to free the false belief that my happiness depends on obtaining the object of my desire. This is fundamental to restoring imagination to cling to proper understanding of happiness and how we experience happiness, as the pleasure of doing mitzvahs and emulating Hashem. Bringing these understandings about chesed/water to subdue and direct our passion, fire, we use our passion for pursuing Torah and for praying with fire, with love and awe.


With tiferes, we combine the chesed/water with the gevurah/fire and utter a word in speech. Hashem Echad. The breath from the world of thought combining with the sounds we create through our bodies creates a positive influence and a spiritual being that leads us in the path we desire to go, to use all our heart, all our soul, and all our might to be a vessel that can contain the pleasure that Hashem desires to bestow upon us and to receive that pleasure as we reflect His good into the world. This is crucial practice because if what I find pleasurable is eating a box of chocolate and Moshiach comes and there is the ability for the soul to experience the pleasure of associating with Hashem in a revealed way, and I say great but where is the chocolate, I am going to have a massive headache because the pleasure Hashem wants to give me will not be able to be held within the vessel of my mind. And the pleasure of the chocolate will have lost its appeal. Thus while we have free will, we have the opportunity to build within us a worthy vessel by gluing our imagination to the desire to reflect Hashem’s Attributes. In doing so, we triumph choosing mercy over our sterner nature. This is the very best way to make good use of the life force that Hashem sends to us. Imagination pursuing desires based on natural leanings towards the goals of the autonomous independent experience of self can lead to destruction, although we may not realize it, intend it, or calculate that into our analysis. The free willed choice to use imagination in every instance to pursue happiness based on Torah and emulating Hashem is the resolution of Hashem Echad, Hashem is One. In this way, everything we do is the result of asking ourselves, what does Hashem desire of me in this moment, how do I serve Hashem right now?


Once we have a moment of clarity, we can then turn to a good deed, a tikun, a yeud, our unique expression that brings through our heart into the world of action in time and space a reflection of Hashem’s goodness. This is earth. Malchus.


We are built to relate to the negativity that is natural to human existence with the focus of being an organ called Nishmas Am Yisrael designed to release the Shechina trapped in the galus of our suffering and to reset the will of the lower soul so that it is free of human nature and thereby we are unencumbered from exercising free will to serve Hashem with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might. Our esteem is our effort to do this work. The pleasure is the simple sincerity of moments of connection and clarity that help us build in our hearts a true temple for Hashem out of the fabric of the raw material He sends us transformed through our free willed choices and speech.


May our effort to triumph tzelem elokim in order to reflect Hashem’s Mercy into time and space create merits for Klal Yisrael and be the arousal from below to generate an arousal from above whereby Hashem will choose to deal with us according to rachamim over din. And may we soon be zocheh to see the light of redemption with the restoration of His Presence revealed in Yerushalayim.

Adapted and interpreted from Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus in his book, “Gates of Prayer.”

 FROM ONE OF THE DAILY DOSE OF EMUNA READERS. [My additions/clarifications are in bracketed italics]

Dear Holy Women of Am Yisroel,

This is an appeal for all Jewish women of faith to band together in a unified, concerted, specific, and determined effort to implore Hashem for mercy and to facilitate the ultimate redemption.

It was in the merit of the Jewish women that Hashem heard our cries and redeemed us from slavery in Egypt. Let us again initiate definitive action to facilitate a road map out of our long, bitter exile.

The suggestions expressed below are a personal interpretation of some of the principles enumerated by Rav Shimshon Dovid Pincus in his book, “Gates of Prayer.”

We have been witnessing the pain and the struggle of our brethren in Eretz Yisroel for some time now [along with outward revealed miracles that are strengthening everyone’s awareness that indeed Hashem is amongst us!]. Tensions are escalating further as our enemies begin to come together for the common purpose of destroying us. It is heartbreaking to hear of each and every soldier that dies in the line of battle, as well as any of our civilian brothers and sisters caught in the crossfire. Rav Pincus points out the fact that the Shechinah is suffering right along with us. This is an intangible reality that is more difficult to internalize. According to Rav Pincus, we must feel Hashem’s pain and daven wholeheartedly for His suffering to also be relieved! This is an expression of pure love for Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu. He wants to hear this from us!

[Hashem is willing to put His Shechina into this confusion and suffering just in order to give US the chance with the  free will He gives to us to be able to say Hashem Echad!  We desire to use all our heart, all our soul and all our might to reflect You into this place of confusion, for which He gives us reward and eternal life!]

Let us Jewish women of faith, young and old alike, begin to cry out and speak to Hashem throughout the day, outside of and in addition to our formal prayers, in whatever language we know, in whatever formula we can personally construe, incorporating a common thread into our tefillah for all of Klal Yosrel to return to Hashem [when we see within our bitterness and confusion the structure of lack, self-referencing and imagination, we are touching the will of the lower soul and have the ability to “take the lower will to the mikvah in our heart”, removing the natural human nature imposing itself on the basic elements of water, fire wind and earth which with Hashem builds all, thereby removing the mask over His pure good, thereby having more revealed good in the elements and in the more complex world built out of those elements.  Hashem recreates the world in every moment, so every moment we distill out the human nature from lower will and release what emotion and power is gripping a value that traps happiness, we can create positive influence],

Some suggestions to follow below.

There are many hours in our day when we are engaged in routine activities that don’t require concentration, when our minds are free to wander, such as when we are driving, cooking, grocery shopping, walking to shul, et cetera. We can capitalize on these moments and train our minds and hearts to cry out to Hashem with true kavanah, and the more often the better. [ Hashem Echad can be the mantra!!]

Let us turn off our radios, put down our cell phones and replace as much of this down time as each of us personally can with pleas to our Heavenly Father to take us out of this bitter exile with kindness and compassion, to protect every single Jew, to let Him know that we recognize that He and only He is our King, Helper, Savior and Shield [ and that we desire only to use all our heart, all our soul and all our might to reflect Torah and His Attributes into the world because this connects us with Him, and that is the Source of all true pleasure.]. If we can move ourselves to tears [asking Him to please help us move our imagination and glue our imagination to tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, and casting sins into the sea so that we are emulating Hashem], our prayers take on even more power. The gates of tears are always open [Hashem alone runs nature and when we cry out that it is bitter and ask Him, we create the spiritual beings that lead us in the path we desire to go, which is to reflect Him into time and space.]. We must audibly express our prayers. Our lips must be moving. It is not enough to simply entertain these thoughts in our minds.[In this way we combine breath from tzelem elokim with the physical aspects of body and produce speech, creating spiritual beings to lead us in the path we desire to go and creating positive influence.] Please keep in mind that we are addressing the King of the Universe! We must not daven in the bathroom, near an open bathroom door, in a state of undress, or in any other place of impurity.

What should we say? Each of us can craft from our hearts our own unique pleas [based on our own unique nature and confusion, the areas that we struggle with every day, the area that we have been sent to bring a tikkun]  to our Heavenly Father to have mercy on [us and that in the merit of our desire to serve Him with all our being, to please may it also be a merit for] the Jewish people as a whole and to come and get us out of this exile with compassion. We can all beg for the Shechina to emerge out of exile, to [please accept our effort to unmask from within our nature what is concealing His Good and bend our will so that with a full heart we desire only to reflect His Glory into the world and to please ]restore His Glory once again in the world, to bring back the Bais Hamikdash.

Any and all of these conversations with our Creator will bring us closer to Hashem and, hopefully, the redemption.

All of us can train our eyes to pick up on meaningful verses from our siddurim and books of Tehillim that we feel would be effective prayers to [beseech Hashem to help us shift our imagination to glueing to His Attributes of Mercy begging His Forgiveness for past mistakes and doing the four steps of teshuva so that we] cast upon Hashem to bring about His Mercy. Memorizing these verses enables us to say them at any time of the day or night when we have a moment. When mixed with our own personal supplications, this will fill our time and our mouths with effective, meaningful, life-sustaining speech. If possible, Hebrew is best, but any language will do.

According to Rav Pincus, repeatedly beseeching Hashem is an effective tool of prayer. We can say the same lines over and over again, multiple times in a row. This is also a protective shield against our enemies. However, we must be careful to not use His Name in vain and to not attach brachos.

May each of us build our own arsenal of prayers to save the Jewish people. May we be successful in replacing our idle thoughts with potent, purposeful supplications to Hashem that, when multiplied by many Jewish women doing the same thing all over the world, will storm the gates of Heaven for mercy and penetrate through to The Throne of Glory. May our sincere prayers and heartfelt pleas help bring Moshiach and the final redemption speedily in our days.

Examples of powerful supplications  right out of our siddurim to express repeatedly would be:
1. Please, Hashem, sweeten the words of Torah in our mouths and in the mouths of all of Israel.
2. Please, Hashem, attach us to Your commandments and prevent us from falling into the power of error and sin. Attach us to the good inclination and to good deeds.
3. Guide us in Your righteousness. Because of our watchful enemies, make our way straight before You. May we find grace and kindness in Your eyes and in the eyes of all who see us.
4. Rabbi Binyomin says that all are surmised to be blind until You, the Holy One, opens up our eyes. Please, Hashem, open the eyes of Klal Yisroel to the truth of Your Torah.
5. Help us to understand, listen, learn, teach, safeguard and fulfill all of Your Torah’s teachings with love. Unify our hearts to love and fear Your name. Gather us in peacefulness from the four corners of the Earth and lead us with upright pride to our land.
6. May the thoughts of our hearts and the expressions of our mouths find favor before You.
7. For Your salvation do I long, Hashem. Hashem, I long for Your salvation.
8. In addition, we could learn simple chapters of Tehillim that we can repeat over and over again throughout our day, such as Chapters 20, 121, 130, to name a few.

Happiness and pleasure – free ourselves from trapping them as pursuits of worldly matters in time and space

When watching the above video, it is almost a guarantee that the unity and love for Israel out-voicing the cries for free free palestine will bring tears of joy.  The horizontal effort to outcry the voice of the other is a testament to team, to democratic majority, and to many important social and political principles.

It is very important that we all understand that out-voicing anyone in time and space has a bodily reaction of victory, an emotional component of having “won” or being “victorious.”  Does it provide any eternal benefit once we leave time and space?

No one expects the Jewish people to abandon time and space tactics of survival as a State, as a political system.  But it is through a unified voice of crowning Hashem King that the outcry of Nishmas Am Yisrael carries its potency.  The whole world is filled with the Glory of Hashem.  Hashem loves all of his creations, all of mankind.  Hashem’s kindness is all good.  He is the only giver of good.  When Nishmas Am Yisrael returns to Hashem with this awareness FIRST, that whatever our challenges and whatever we need to do within time and space that we FIRST turn our eyes upward and direct our passion for Torah and in prayer in order to declare His Oneness and our desire to only serve to reflect His goodness into time and space, unifying all of the light and energy within us, with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our might, we re-set something within our being on a vertical plane that can help beyond just what we say and do directly.  When we appeal to Hashem with unified will to use all our strength to reflect Him into the world, all the world will see His Kindness and that He is One.


When Avraham Aveinu was thrown into the fire, a man devoted to putting the crown on Hashem, the whole world saw not only his righteousness but that Hashem was visibly helping him, saving him from that furnace.  Hashem’s Presence was revealed despite that He is concealed.  Happiness and pleasure come ONLY from Him, experiences from our tzelem elokim for serving Him.  This is true for everyone Jew and non-Jew.  Happiness and pleasure that come from our horizontal victories and political and power-oriented goals trap us in a happiness and pleasure that is built on temporal, subjective, and inherently flawed human ideals.

Imagination directed toward a commitment to reflect into the world Hashem’s absolute good is meritorious.  To do so, we have to struggle imagination away from our ego-based time and space goals, connect with Hashem’s values, and then reflect that kindness into the world.  The most confusing test here is knowing what it is that Hashem wants from us in the moment so that we can choose to do it.  This is a lifelong pursuit and it is an internal struggle, a battle we win when we pray for clarity and insight and receive a gift of calmness and inner joy.  This calmness and inner joy is NOT the same joy as out-voicing anyone. It is a spiritual joy.  Until a person experiences it, there is no way to describe it.  It is the joy of being connected to absolute goodness, to Hashem’s perfect attributes, by choosing to release the urges pursuing lower temporal pleasures that drive us to confusion and redirect them with free choice to the wisdom of knowing that all there is in the world is Hashem.

Tomer Devorah Hisbodidus Cards – Join us on a 13 day teshuva based on these cards

The chosson provides the Torah and the kallah builds the home based on that Torah,

Hashem’s Name is the Chosson and Nishmas Am Yisrael is the Kallah and the Torah is the ring we received at Har Sinai.

Part of Hashem’s name is the keser, the tip of the yud, middos harachamim. Tomer devorah describes Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy and explains how Nishmas Am Yisrael can emulate those attributes. http://beyondanydoubts.com/tomer-devorah-english/ Rabbi Moshe Cordevero emphasizes how it is incumbent upon us to do so lest those middos, heaven forbid, disappear from the world. It is the function of Nishmas Am Yisrael, of Hashem’s Kallah, to bring this Torah into the world through our free willed choice. Doing so may be a struggle, one where in order to bring mercy into the world we have to triumph over our lower will that has a sterner approach. That is the basis for which we are created, to struggle and to triumph to bring Hashem’s name, including His Attributes of Mercy into the world OVER our natural inclinations.


It is something that in order to really do so that we break our nature, we have to lovingly and gently focus on every day of our life. It is an infinite process. The choosing involved creates positive influence. Ultimately, we desire to base our esteem on our effort to choose to reflect mercy into the world through our speech and deed. Not on success. On our effort. Success is up to Hashem.


What happens when Nishmas Am Yisrael has been blamed, shamed, abused, tortured, expelled, martyred, killed, hated, annihilated, abandoned and more? Look at what we have done. We have preserved the Torah in the same condition as when it was given to us at Har Sinai. We have gotten bristles on our skin, determined to survive, to pass along the mesorah to the next generation in fulfillment of Torah.


We desire deeply to create the arousal from below to draw down the arousal from above. Anyone interested in a daily teshuva based on http://beyondanydoubts.com/tomer-devorah-hisbodidus-cards/  please email shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com


Hashem, we love you! We are your Bride! If we are not functioning at our best, please understand that it has been a long galus and we are dazed and confused. But we love you and although we have many different faces, we are united. Please Hashem! Please may Your Mercy conquer any disappointments with us and please send us a Redeemer! Today! We ask that Your Glory be once again visible to all the world. Everyone in the world is awaiting for the day when the world as You Desire it will reach the Utopia that You Design for us, may it be today.

The funeral of Hadar ben Chedva Leah – Let us create with our guided teshuva an arousal from below to evoke Hashem’s Mercy, tonight, which had in potential to have been Hoshana Rabba

Today was the funeral of Hadar ben Chedva Leah, a soldier who was a chosson who was captured alive but ultimately died in battle.


Had we not sinned with the golden calf, the 17th of Tammuz would have been Rosh Hashana and Tisha B’av coming up on Tuesday would have been Shemini Atzeret. That means that this past Shabbos would have been chol hamoed succos and that tonight would have been Hoshana Rabba, the final sealing of the decree set at Rosh Hashana and sealed on Yom Kipur.


The name Hadar means esrog. The name Chedva means delight. Leah is our Ima, and her name symbolizes the concealed world.


On Hoshana Rabba we beat the ground with the willows from the whole week, hoping to sweeten the judgment and temper the five measures of harshness.


Hadar, the heart of the delight of Leah, a chosson, has been buried.


Tonight is Hoshana Rabba.


The five measures of harshness – where are these measures? Are these in our middos? Are we able to extract the strength of the harsh middos of our lower will and bring them into the service of reflecting Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, fulfilling the Shema, with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our might?


Please come do the guided teshuva with us tonight – let us do our best to use the potential of this time, a time that could have been Hoshana Rabba, to please ask Hashem with our arousal of His Attributes of mercy from below to stimulate the arousal from above that He should please have His Mercy prevail over His Anger and our aveiras.


May our efforts to release happiness from the captivity of worldly matters so that  we reset our will in line with Hashem’s Will and our sense of happiness as stemming from the experience of tzelem elokim in performing Hashem’s Will.   Hashem is OUR chosson and we are Nishmas Am Yisrael.  Please may our efforts be answered with salvation and redemption b’ahava.


Women, please call in at 9 PM Eastern tonight
There is a beautiful bracha given by the Kohen Gadol Ishmael ben Elisha to Hashem on Yom Kippur in the Kadosh HaKadoshim as he was going to burn the incense was accepted by Hashem,  as written in the Gemara Brachos. It is a constant prayer that we should have in our hearts to evoke His mercy at this time. May an arousal from below of exhibiting Hashem’s Middos HaRachamim help to stimulate the arousal from Above and may we soon see a new light in the world. Here it is recorded with translation


For call in numbers and details see www.brachagemach.com

A prayer from the Gemara in song (no instruments)

This beautiful bracha was given by the Kohen Gadol Ishmael ben Elisha to Hashem on Yom Kippur in the Kadosh HaKadoshim as he was going to burn the incense was accepted by Hashem,  as written in the Gemara Brachos,  is a constant prayer that we should have in these times for mercy.

May an arousal from below of exhibiting Hashem’s Middos HaRachamim help to stimulate the arousal from Above and may we soon see a new light in the world.


For those interested in joining the guided teshuva of women moving our will with all our heart to reflect Hashem’s Attributes Mercy into the world, please visit www.brachagemach.com

Grieving through Tisha B’av – The effort is valuable beyond what success we may feel.

For the next two days until Tisha B’av, we have the opportunity to continue to do battle with what covers our tzelem elokim and prevents us from experiencing the pleasure that the soul naturally has when we do a mitzvah. In order to give us real free choice, that pleasure had to be concealed. If we could experience the pleasure of mitzvahs and the punishment of aveiras the way the tzelem elokim can, we would not make mistakes, nor would we do aveiras. Thus, Hashem has set over us a human nature with intention and design, and He has created forgiveness so that our effort to fulfill Torah can be a loving and gentle journey.


Yet the effort we make during the next 48 hours to use our imagination in a way that will help us gain even one moment of experiential insight into the pleasure the soul experiences when it comes into contact with Hashem’s Presence, as we could in Shlomo’s Temple, is an effort well worth making. The result of that effort, even if we don’t achieve the experiential insight on Tisha B’av that  we hope for, will bring a positive result upon our middos for trying. The middos, chesed, gevurah, tiferes,netzach,hod, yesod and malchus, the seven characteristics that we work on during the omer, are generated from the keser, chochma and bina, the intellectual faculties of two separate inclinations that each has access to intertwine with neurocircuitry impacting unconscious, subsconscious and instincts and imagination.  These intellectual faculties are far more in the hands of nature than in our reach with free choice, as anyone with bad habits can attest to.


The keser chochma and bina of the animal soul that has as its most subconscious level the yetzer hara generates in our minds confusion and negativity. We are drawn to its logic when our actions and speech are drawn toward reactions to fulfill our desires for love, for value, for our dependency needs to be met, or for honor.   The magnetic pull of the yetzer hara is will to use our strengths to satisfy something we perceive as good, and we may act without realizing that the good we think we are pursuing is coming at a cost – that in the process we are doing an aveira, treating someone in a mean way or worse. The reason is that the magnetic pull of the yetzer hara inherently is based on ego, or pride.


As hard as it is, when we face the truth that we do not have any glory, that all glory is Hashem’s, we can make an effort to  pull away from the magnetic draw of the yetzer hara’s logic with full trust that when we invest instead our strengths into revealing the truth – that all chesed is from Hashem and He alone fills the world, and His is the only glory – we begin to comprehend that the animal soul and the yetzer hara that is at its root is only a covering over our true essence and that we have free will in order to spend our lifetime teasing apart these competing ideas when they come up. Whether or not we succeed is up to Hashem, but our effort to do battle with what confuses us and keeps us from experiencing the pleasure the tzelem elokim has from delighting in Hashem when it does mitzvahs is the basis for the pleasure we may feel here as a gift from Hashem and will enjoy for all eternity. Only while we are in this world are we able to participate in this effort.


May we detect the areas of will from the lower soul and correct the elements that are drawing us out of balance in taiva and gaiva. May our awareness of the confusion and free willed choice to extend the crown to Hashem’s Will over our own with love in our heart saying Hashem Echad stimulate an arousal from above of blessings to replace within our minds what we need in order to do our unique tikun, to create positive influence within nature that Hashem can rechannel into the elements. And may we soon see a new light in the world that will eventually lift what conceals Hashem so the whole world will know His Glory.

Please do this teshuva for the speedy release of the kidnapped soldier

Chosson Kidnapped by Violence
Hadar Ben Chedvah Leah

Please think about this boy Hadar Ben Chedvah Leah all day today wherever you go whatever you do keep his smiling face in front of you and CONCENTRATE on his speedy rescue with Hashem’s help he will be rescued and walk down to his Chuppah with his kallah as planned before Rosh Hashana IMAGINE THE SIMCHA of Hashem’s Yeshua!
Concentrate on how Hashem sees everything and can hide what others try to reveal and reveal what others try to hide.

Kidnappers act is outrageous barbaric deception

The White House has condemned an attack by Hamas terrorists on IDF forces, in which two soldiers were killed and another feared abducted, as a “barbaric” violation of a humanitarian ceasefire which began just hours before.

Hamas individuals used the cover of a humanitarian ceasefire to attack Israeli soldiers and even to take one hostage. That would be a rather barbaric violation of the ceasefire.”
And the White House’s Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinked called on world leaders to join condemnations of Hamas’s actions.
“This is an outrageous action and we look to the rest of the world to join us in condemning it,” he told MSNBC television.

In our role as Nishmas Am Yisrael, we are the bride and the Chosson is Hashem. Hashem is the giver of all good. He is pure chesed. He creates a world where there appears to be a plurality of forces in order to conceal Himself and give us, Nishmas Am Yisrael, real choice regarding whether we see ourselves as receiving from Him as the Primary Source of Chesed or whether we attribute our receiving His Chesed to our own powers.

Hashem has given us two inclinations, two wills. The will of the tzelem elokim is to experience the pleasure of connection at all times with Hashem’s Torah and Attributes of Mercy, experiencing a pleasure each time a mitzvah is done, an act of chesed performed that reveals Hashem’s chesed into the world. The second will is that of what covers our ability to feel the pleasure of tzelem elokim. This second will is our experience of nature, of interacting with the 22 letters that mask the 10 sefirots with which Hashem, our Chosson, utters the appearance of this world into existence.

It has been a long galus. From the moment Adom ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we were made mortal and abandoned by the higher world in favor of the experience of toiling in this lower world. Hashem designed Adom knowing that Adom would fall. Ultimately, in order for Hashem’s Good to be reflected into this world, His Chesed must be something that comes through our tzelem elokim and prevail over our lower will in order to be revealed into time and space through our actions and speech. Yet for thousands of years, the wisdom of one generation has been the compassion of the previous generation. The compassion of each generation hones the very best way to survive while preserving the Mesorah. And indeed we have preserved the Torah of Moshe from Sinai.

It is time for the will with which we have been protecting and transmitting Torah to have an aliya. It is time for us to see the miracles in Eretz Yisrael and know that Hashem IS Amongst us. Before an eagle lands on its nest to feed its children, it hovers and flaps its wings so that the eaglets can prepare themselves for the weight of the eagle. It is time for us to let go of false beliefs about what we have to do to ensure our survival, not because we are no longer in need of survival, but because we need to return our total will to the reality that all the good in the world is coming from a primary Source, Hashem, and that the systems and mechanisms we have been employing to deal with reality in every generation of expulsions, massacres, pogroms, holocausts, intifadas, terrorism, anti-semitism and more have been for this very moment.

The impression we have that we have been able to secure ourselves through the imagination of self-referencing goals needs to efface. It is time for that impression that is gripping our existence with will to dissolve into the nutrients of water, fire, wind and earth that can then feed absolute truth – that Hashem is the giver of all good. Nishmas Am Yisrael is shivering in the face of evil that deceives and is relentless in its determination to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. It triggers our survival mode. Our first step needs to be to reset the elements of water fire wind and earth to their unmasked condition of being chesed. We can do this by removing the natural human tendencies of taiva and gaiva from influencing our will and our belief in where the good in the world is coming from.

Please do this teshuva with me, please play this audio and be empowered as Nishmas Am Yisrael to remove the mask that our human nature may be adding that is concealing from US the reality that all happiness and pleasure come from learning Torah, reflecting His Attributes of Mercy into the world, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value to others knowing our survival is in His Hands alone. The world is filled only with His Glory. Let us begin to approach bringing this truth into our minds and hearts just by speaking the words so that we create positive influence.

May we soon liberate this IDF soldier from his captivity by the deceptive forces that hold him prisoner so that he may be able to reach his chuppa and build a beautiful Jewish home centered on Torah.

Reversing the consequence of having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – free choice to bitul and glue identity to tzelem elokim

Identifying with the impurities on the elements is how the yetzer hara tackles us. we are literally where our thoughts are. When we notice something disempowering and submit to Hashem, it is with the express intention of identifying with our role as part of Nishmas Am Yisrael to elevate the part of our soul that is being held there by our will.Yes, it is our will for whatever it believes is true, that is literally kidnapping part of us and labeling it as something we are lacking that we need for happiness.

The details of what our will is saying and what imaginations we are using to validate that corrupted will do not require much investigation, because the will that is constricting our happiness is hard-wired to draw us through imagination into unproductive behaviors. In that moment we have a tremendous choice, and that choice is to remember that the revisiting of the negativity is NOT the solution. Rather the release of the will from identifying with that negativity as US is the first step of the solution.

We are our choice to identify with our effort to open whatever potency we have been carrying in our concealed places – open it by letting go of our willfulness to pursue it has identity or happiness. Once opened, say Hashem Echad, please help me use all my will and the emotions that are trapped in something crooked only to take my next step in serving Hashem. Then turn to do a mitzvah, say tehillim, give charity, do a chesed, learn, or whatever expression you decide to do to reflect Hashem’s goodness into the world.

This is important for everyone. While we need to be able to identify where our negativity is, we don’t need to identify WITH the negativity as us. Nor can we get to the bottom of it because it is an infinite path of the yetzer hara’s logic, imagination based on false premises of the reality of “ME.” It is, in essence, our built in terror tunnel that Hashem instilled within Adom after Adom ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Instead, make the sense of “Me” more transparent, bitul ourselves, return to temimus, turn to the absolute truth that all Glory is Hashem’s, that Hashem is all good, and that what defines my esteem is effort to reflect that good and His glory into the world through my speech and deeds.

By doing so, we create in our heart a real sincere place, an internal true home in our hearts, for Hashem’s Glory to be housed. By closing the ability of the yetzer hara to travel through the terror tunnel to reach our speech and deeds, we submit our “me” back to being translucent and less concealing, and that allows tzelem elokim and Hashem’s Glory to be revealed.

Concealed inner world – opening the kink in our thoughts can bring tremendous light back into serving Hashem

Each of us has a private inner world of turmoil that feels internal but is not our true essence, it is not our tzelem elokim. Let’s make a clear demarcation in our thinking between what we struggle with and what is tzelem elokim. We are made in Hashem’s Image, meaning that in His Name, yud k vav k, He put in the tip of the yud an understanding of Him as the basis of our relationship with His Name. Those attributes are explained in Tomer Devorah but digest to Hashem’s constant tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of our confusion of mind because of our struggling, forgiving us and casting sins into the sea. Hashem is patient with us as we struggle with challenges and turmoil because He utters every iota of our existence and He thinks of every attribute within our tzelem elokim. The entire place of the world is Hashem.


Yet Hashem is concealed. How does He do that? Hashem gives us free will. He enclothes our tzelem elokim in a body with an unconscious and a subconscious, with desires and instincts that have access to our neurocircuitry and confuse our identity. This construct when we are children forms in a brain that is like wet cement ideas that carry forward for a lifetime. Children have child-like understandings and we continue into adulthood with some of these as running our neurocircuitry. Imagine a hose with water flowing through it. We bend the hose to keep the water from flowing out. That bend could be a trauma, a false belief, an injury, the result of abuse, mistreatment, poor shaping skills – a whole host of circumstances that Hashem designs to set our free will point. But free will we still have unless someone is mentally incapacitated in that area.


So Hashem flows life force and something bends that life force so that it does not get reflected into reality as good. That is our struggle, our middos that we have to correct. It is our inner concealed world that we struggle with. It is hard to make progress with it if the intellect makes the mistake of thinking that is who we are. It is what we are responsible for, but it is not who we are. We can choose to unbend that hose. We may not be able to physically unbend it, but we can choose to tell Hashem that we love Him and WISH to have that hose unbent because we desire to use the life force that is concealed in a way that will reveal His complete goodness in the world. Imagine now Hashem at the mouth of the hose, and He sees this trickle of water coming through that hose, water that He knows has been trapped in that kink in the hose for many years – the water may be a little brown but is delightful to Hashem, and He immediately comes to respond with love and value and His Presence is experienced.


Hashem opens the kink in the hose for us when we confess to Him and regret how our taivas and gaivas developed from our childish understandings and that we apologize, see our mistakes, and have a plan for the future. That plan for the future is to associate happiness with learning Torah, emulating Hashem’s Attributes as described in Tomer Devorah, living with emunah and bitachon giving love and value to others knowing our survival is in Hashem’s Hands alone and that He alone determines what is good and only does what is good. We ask Hashem to reveal His good upon the elements of water fire wind and earth that are lessened of impurities because of our teshuva, our cleaning child-like understandings and instincts from our conduct out of love of Hashem and awe for how He creates the world, with us having a partnership role in creating positive or negative influence.


May our endeavors be granted success and be a merit for klal yisrael and may we soon see a new light in the world as His glory is revealed with rav chesed and His Presence returns to being revealed in time and space.