Understanding the role of Nishmas Am Yisrael – all we want is for Hashem’s Inner Light of Mercy to be revealed

Hashem desires to create a world and the highest world contains His Name Havaya yud kay vav kay in which He places what we are permitted to know about Him, His 13 Attributes of Mercy. Along with His Name Havaya, He creates the Torah and the soul of mankind, one soul. Hashem looks into the Torah and creates the world. On the sixth day, Hashem creates a being – Adom – with consciousness in order for Hashem to be able to be known to Adom and to have a being that can experience the goodness of Hashem’s midda of giving.


Adom is made in the image of Hashem, meaning that Adom can extend a set of characteristics belonging to Hashem into the world.


Hashem fills all the worlds but because He desires to give good to us that we earn through choice, He gives us a role in revealing His characteristics into the world with a real option to not do so, namely confusion about who we are.


How did Hashem Who fills all the worlds give us a real option? He gives us free will. And how did Hashem give us free will? He built into Adom’s soul the power of will but Hashem does not force Himself upon Adom. Adom’s intellectual nature and his desire to serve Hashem led Adom to take a step that Hashem knew Adom would take, eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Hashem did this by having the nachash deceive Chava into thinking that Hashem said no eating from that tree for reasons that were good for Hashem but not good for Chava and Adom, and that led Chava to use her powers of intellect to explore the matter. Adom understood what happened and ate, not knowing Hashem would change the way the world was maintained….for a very good reason, that Hashem desires to give to those who use free will and speech to uphold Torah and bring it into the very darkest of places, this world.


Once Adom ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the confusion became internalized and choices at the time of challenges became the process of bringing Hashem’s characteristics into the world. The illusion of an autonomous independent existence inherent in having a real existence with intelligence that develops in time and space and is hard wired into our neurocircuitry IS the alternative view of reality.


The consequence of having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is that Adom has to work to make every effort to use free will to repair the damage done to the consciousness of man, overcoming the resistances and blocks internalized by the damage to attempt to strengthen within himself and then reveal Hashem’s characteristics. At least for that moment. It is inevitable that as long as we are alive we can only run and return actions infused with faith and menuchas hanefesh to Hashem, like a gift. The reason is our effort is what creates the positive influence.


Each challenge man faces, when he chooses to follow Torah infuses man’s faith in Hashem into the elements of nature as they exist within man – solid, liquid, gas and radioactive – man was made on the sixth day with something of everything within so that man could participate in creating a positive influence on the way Hashem maintains the world, as Hashem desires


Through the gift of speech, Hashem makes it possible for the breath of man and intention

to be added to the elements, buildioing them through our fervent prayer and verbal introspection When we say Hashem is One, that speech infuses love and awe of Hashem into the solid, liquid, gas and radioactive elements because these elements all exist in man. The exhaled breath fuses a dose of faith through free willed choice and speech. Declaring Hashem’s Oneness through speech forms the positive influence


Because Hashem wants us to use free will and speech, we are in real bodies but we don’t have autonomous independent existence from Him. But our native intellect thinks we do.

It is a test to see if we will remember Hashem is One


What keeps us from remembering that Hashem is One is the reality that Hashem creates many conduits that appear powerful. Including man. But the test is to remember at all times that Hashem is above all, that He loves us He and can do anything.


Storms and all of the celestial bodies and the oceans too appear to have great power

There is no other Power in the world Hashem has conduits, but all power is His


Yet to us, the appearances confuse us and we make mistakes and with our mistakes comes thinking that with our real lives, we have autonomy, able to determine the outcome of our efforts. This type of mistake over and over can cover the voice of our

essence, the part of us that is made in His Image can become hidden within. When that happens we may forget to consult Hashem and search for one of His Attributes of Mercy or Torah principles, instead being drawn to a solution that causes damage.


When we arouse love in our hearts out of faithfulness to Torah, and we remember with awe how He has created the world…we can exercise free will by declaring with utterly calm recognition of Hashem’s presence Hashem Echad


Who shall we identify ourselves as? The physical real being with no autonomous independent existence? Or the being made in Hashem’s image? The energy we expend in this struggle to choose to reflect Hashem’s image is the way we build our eternal identity and the reason Hashem “trapped” us in the darkest of worlds with an unconscious mind for desires (taiva) and a subconscious mind of ego (gaiva). The positive resolution based on infusing emunah into our speech and deeds strengthens the natural elements within us and we move closer towards becoming holy.



Until we sort out using free will that our identity is our essence, we trip over many tumbling blocks in our efforts to use native intellect in its natural way, for confusion is

built in due to the unconscious and subconscious minds, the taivas and gaivas, unless we choose to separate our identity from its lustful desires and egotistical passions that cause harm and destruction..


The final generation before Moshiach is likened to the heel of Adom. Yet the heel supports the entire body. What we do matters and we can change everything with our uttering Hashem Echad with intention and faith


There are no cubes or squares in nature. Round things exist in nature. But there are no natural squares or cubes. With our tefilla and separating out the false ideas about who we are from our characteristics by praying for help and saying Hashem Echad,

we infuse something into nature that build merits as if we create what eventually will hold the ability to reveal Hashem. We see this in the magen dovid, that fits in a six sided isometric cube and whose center point is Shabbos, tefilla, the 7th day of the week.


Hashem is One but at the time of the giving of the Torah, Hashem gave us the key to participate in how He maintains the world.


The Torah opens the treasure house of Hashem’s goodness. We hold the key with how we use free will and speech.


By agreeing to do Hashem’s Will and then understand, we established the relationship with Hashem for which He created the world. We agree to reflect His Characteristics that He places in our essence and to follow the Torah over our unbounded natural urges.


At times of stress, negative reactions and emotions, remember the primary cause of all Hashem, our Father who loves us tremendously and for whom nothing is limited because He fills all the worlds at all times


We can choose our identity as being made in His Image.


We can wipe off the false identity that is part of the work load of unsorting the confusion of having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil


Hashem is One. We have real mortal lives but no autonomous independent separate existence either spiritually or physically, no matter how it looks or feels.


We can reflect His Light into the darkness by pulling back the false belief that we have autonomous independent existence and realizing that our real existence is only to improve us and give us the opportunity to experience joy and pleasure here and for eternity.


Doing so is the role of Nishmas Am Yisrael


Accepting the Torah and 613 Commandments gives those who accept Torah the key to unlock the personal treasure of good Hashem desires to give each of us as well as the good He desires for all of mankind


Hashem gives us His Name the name Havaya to relate to so that we can know His characteristics and emulate them


Let’s use free will while we have it so that our souls will be part of fulfilling Hashem’s Will.


It is a constant effort to uproot the impact of having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But in the process we produce positive influence and rectify our character.


May Hashem help us rise above our nature, may He help us release the part of our soul trapped in false identity so that the energy can be drawn into the world for healing and brachas


May we have the love of Hashem and the awe of Hashem to fulfill His Will and emulate His 13 attributes of mercy bringing kindness into this darkest of worlds and in the process generating positive influence that contributes to the way this world is maintained,

for His Will is to give us great joy and pleasure for all eternity


And may we soon see Hashem’s light filling all the world – revealed good and peace for all mankind