The inner heart with hidden love and awe are the surrounding light that help us serve


After the recording, we discussed how the heart that contains love and awe is the surrounding light, the pocket of air that saves us from the turmoil. No matter what we see and feel, no matter how terrible, no matter how dark, in our hearts there is a place of love and awe that channels all the elements to be able to connect through emunah and tefilla and properly fill whatever is lacking through drawing in bracha, healing, may our effort to do so be a merit and bring a new light.


When we exert ourselves with emunah and menuchas hanefesh, our inner sign, the second stomach of a kosher animal that chews the cud, becomes more visible and accessible.  May we all understand our morning brachas properly to see how being a speaking intelligent being is all we need to be to fulfill Hashem’s vision, as long as we are willing to “digest” the false ideas that we are doing anything except turning to Him and declaring His Unity, Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad

Recipe for Redemption – Food for a Fast Day, A Day of Judgment, Are We Ready to Let Go of Confusion from having eaten from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil or not?

Recipe for Redemption

Digesting the nature of self-interest in order to create positive influence




Free willed choice


Love of Hashem

Awe in how He has created the world

Understanding His Purpose in creating the world – to give to a being that can relate to the good

Understanding His Will to dwell in this world – that His 13 Attributes of Mercy should be visible in the world via mankind, invested with the power to create influence that affects how He maintains nature and all in this world.



Hold the pot of simmering emotions in one hand. Without taking the lid off, gently slide the lid to observe the ingredients to determine if they are still raw or if they have softened enough to digest.  If there is a thickness over the ingredients, skim it off so that what is underneath is more discernable.


If they are still raw, replace the lid and turn the flame to the lowest setting and stay nearby. Try to discern from the smells if the ingredients are softer and ready to be digested. Usually we have made this simmering emotional pot before, so try to remember the very first time the raw emotions were cooking. Gently let the smells of that first memory come to mind and see if they can be understood based on desires and passions, on dependency needs and respect, on fear of abandonment and fear of annihilation. If it becomes clear which smells extend back for a lifetime, approach the pot of simmering emotions and gently slide back the lid to see if the smells are the same.


Say the name of the losses, of the raw emotions, over and over until the experience of rawness – the emotional charge – passes and it is possible to discern whether the losses are based in water/desire or fire/arrogance and ego. Or both. Then say whether the ingredients are water/desire or fire/ego/arrogance/fear over and over, thinking of the smells, until the skin of the  emotional beans burst and can now be tenderized – lovingly and gently remove the natural but subjective impurities from the elemental components through saying Hashem Echad – we wish to restore everything here in an improved way to be released into the world only to bring healing, bracha, merit and light.


Specifically, using free will, say in teshuva out loud to Hashem that we only want the elements of water within us to reflect into the world that He is the Source of all vitality and that we desire only what He desires for us, that our desires are subjective and if they are not His Will, we submit to His Will. Continue with saying in teshuva that all the passionate fire that has been causing the simmering and burning is trapped neshama that we direct to connecting only to Torah, fervent prayer and emulating His 13 Attributes of Mercy because of our love for Him and our awe in how He has created us in a way that our processing these aspects of human nature creates something that improves the universe, providing Him with an influence that only He can apply in the world, may it be for healing, bracha, merit and the light of redemption.


Understand that the more we metabolize the rawness of our human experience in the taivas and gaivas and choose to clean off the elements of water, fire, wind and earth from their natural condition by infusing them with the love and awe of Hashem that we inject into the world through our free willed choice and speech, the sooner we will understand how Hashem can make the lion lie down with the lamb. Just as food is being genetically modified, so too, nature can be modified by our free willed choices – this is the koach of being a soul in a body made from the earth. Matter is energy in the form of solid, liquid, gas or radioactive atoms. Our ability to concentrate and use free will and speech affects energy. Reality is energy in these various forms and combinations of forms. Our free will and speech to remove what is raw in favor of His 13 Attributes of Mercy creates energy that He can use to bring healing, bracha and light. He gives us REAL free will to choose our identity.


We CAN change the world. Instead of burning what is in that pot of simmering emotions, we can metabolize the impurities with free willed choice and speech by folding whatever natural impurities we are experiencing that are drawing us toward subjective reactions and instead say Hashem Echad in fervent prayer with love in our hearts to serve Him, thereby advancing the elements from their natural form with whatever koach of their impurities that triggered our human reaction with the strength of our free will and love of Hashem that we use to rise above our natural reactions to say Hashem Echad . Throw off the training wheel intellect of ego and sweeten every moment with thoughts, speech and deeds that reflect Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy into the world. Our WILL to do this imprints it into our minds more and more deeply. DOING so literally modifies the elements from their natural state to a more advanced, perfected state that more and more reveals Hashem because of our efforts.


We light a candle for a yahrtzeit, man’s soul is the candle of Hashem. We are consumable. We have at best a light for 120 years to shine in time and space. Our flame is here to improve nature, human nature, through learning how to live as the being that Hashe creates, a tzelem elokim, and slowly, lovingly, and gently using the natural body to reflect His 13 Attributes into the world.


It is not too hard. Be careful of not taking off the lid to have a look because the contents will burn and destroy. The goal of the simmering is to metabolize into positive influence the smells of the raw ingredients, improving the taste and texture of the world as we choose to infuse an energy that  is more and more expressive of intellect from Torah of Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy instead of raw, training wheels intellect-based egotistical emotions into our thoughts speech and deeds.  Our effort to do so is the pathway Hashem has designed in order for His 13 Attributes to be seen in a perfected world.

Today, the 10th of Teves, is a great day to realize that it is time to give up the confusion of mind that resolving our own pots of simmering emotions with ourselves as the focus is the order of the day.  Instead, it is time to realize that our confusion comes FROM that training wheel thinking, and that in reality we are tremendously strong vessels capable of infusing into the world from a higher intellect, something far more potent, something that serves Hashem and that in so doing we participate in bringing out the ultimate truth about who we are, the true being that He creates, the eternal tzelem elokim.