Inner Climate Control

General guiding principles:

Love Hashem

Love His Creations

If you try something and it doesn’t work out, try to find a way to do it based closer to Torah values, in a way that makes it more pleasing to Hashem to attach success to it, so that we are fulfilling His Will of being a channel through which His Light can come into the world.

Strengthening ourselves in emunah so that we trust in our true identity as made in His Image and feel empowered to be the channel through which that light comes into the world  is crucial.  Then we can safely let go of thinking we control whether we survive or not.

When we have the perspective that our survival is in Hashem’s Hands and the sincerity of our crying out to Hashem from understanding this reality is from a place of love and awe, we are utilizing the intellect and free will that are Hashem’s in the manner He intends, so that we build eternal life and identity.

Remember He loves us and only wants to know that we know and trust that He is One.

IF I CAN DO THIS, SO CAN YOU!!  It has been a lifelong journey to correct. We can do it because we are constructed to do it.  That is truth!!  Developing emunah takes time like bodybuilding but it is based only on our will, which is 100% in our control to CHOOSE.

Inner climate control  tools

science of inner climate control