Constant awareness of the Creator from Rabbi Nivin

Please be aware that the following three classes are part of a twelve part interactive series on how to have a constant connection to Hashem. These classes are free flow, with questions and answers interspersed between all of the material.  We have edited out the questions and answers in order to facilitate easy listening.

Please be aware that this is only three classes out of a twelve part series and the material invites many challenging and provocative inquiries.The answers to these questions are not necessarily found in these three clips. If you are interested in participating in one of these constant G-d connection chaburas please be in touch with

The material is said in a particular context to a group of women who have sat through all of the material and are aware of the proper context. Therefore please understand that much of this material is highly advanced and please take great caution  before quoting or sharing any ideas.

Advanced – Living with Hashem Clip 1

Video clip 2

Video clip 3