Tomer Devorah Hisbodidus Cards

A song to inspire us to make the effort to triumph tzelem elokim (we are made in Hashem’s Image) and Middos haRachamim (Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy over our natural urges

      1. song and translation - My Recording

Please print out the Tomer Devorah in English with the hisbodidus suggestions next to it here:  Tomer_Devora_hisbodidus_cards

Michah 7-18-20 Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy
1. Who, O Gd, Is Like You Hashem, Hashem Gd
2. Who pardons iniquity Merciful
3.And overlooks transgression Compassionate
4. for the remnant of His heritage? Slow
5. Who has not retained His wrath eternally to anger
6. for He desires kindness abundant in kindness
7. He will again be merciful to us Abundant in truth
8. He will suppress our Iniquities Preserver of kindness
9. And cast into the depths of the sea all their sins. for thousands of generations
10. Grant truth to Jacob Forgiver of iniquity
11. Kindness to Avraham Forgiver of transgression
12. As you swore to our forefathers Forgiver of sin
13. from ancient times and who cleanses



For the guided teshuva classes we did during the three weeks, please go to

Below are the sheets we used and the summary

Summary of the work we did for the three weeks of the guided teshuva:

Below are the 13 Daily Readings on Tomer Devorah with ideas for internalizing each midda

This 13 day program is to help us bring the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy into our daily lives by providing hisbodidus suggestions for personal prayer and relationship with Hashem

August 7, 2014


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August 8, 2014


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August 10, 2014


      7. aug102014


August 11, 2014


Discussion after the recording helped us realize that we are donating our influence in every moment, to either the Shechina or to the yetzer hara.  With what Hashem gives us, our tzelem elokim, we are glorified and choose to use the currency of our lives to strengthen influence – positive or negative.


      9. aug112014


August 12, 2014

Discussion after the recording helped us accept that it is our effort to return passion to Torah, in prayer, trying to reconnect to Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy that matters, even if we do not see success in the moment.  It is a spiritual exercise that takes sweat, like physical exercise, in order to experience new neuro-pathways and a change in the way we experience things.  Key is that our ego-image of ourselves lovingly and gently becomes gradually, and without short-circuiting ourselves or anyone else, displaced in our actions by our emulating Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy, triumphing our tzelem elokim over our natural sterner reactions, creating an arousal from below that hopefully will stir an arousal from above of Hashem’s Mercy over His Judgment.


      10. aug122014

In this 8 minute segment Rabbi Doniel Katz expresses the attitude of attempting to triumph tzelem elokim over natural urges and how to be empowered in teshuva to draw closer to Hashem


August 13, 2014

The discussion after the recording  ended refers to a concept that Rabbi Doniel Katz brings out in the video above, which is that we are empowered to go deeper into our hearts and take our next step to bring boundaries and direction for the strength embodied in our natural urges, glueing the strength to Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy by declaring Hashem Echad and then asking to be led in the path we wish to go, which is to be a vessel, bitul, to reflect His Attributes through tzelem elokim into our hearts and speech and deeds.  Both efforts, the lowliness that we uplift by releasing the strength of natural urges upwards with passion for Torah and in tefilla to glue that strength to Hashem’s 13 middos harachamim and the bitul we beseech His help for, to lead us in the path we wish to go, which is to be a vessel to reflect His Light into the world, are the paths of true happiness and pleasure.  Rabbi Doniel Katz explains that what we are seeing in the world provides us with the understanding that there is much more we need to bring through this process in order to rectify our hearts and that in every moment that we make the effort, of bringing chochma, wisdom, into malchus, our vessels, we are creating a consciousness and an ability to hold the pleasure of Moshiach.

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August 14, 2014


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August 15, 2014


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August 17, 2014


      17. aug172014


August 18, 2014


After the recording we further discussed the video of the ocean whirlpool /17/1538/

that shows what happens when opposites in the ocean meet forming a powerful “black hole” in the ocean with a vortex below the water that looks like a tornado. We discussed the intuitive insight from the science experiment that helps us understand how when we love Hashem, have awe of Hashem, walk in His ways and have emunah, He lifts us from the whirlpool.  The way we get drawn into the whirlpool each time and the reason we then want to triumph tzelem elokim over natural urges is because if our tzelem elokim attaches to the messages of happiness that the natural urges whisper to us, we head toward the vortex that wants to pull us into doubt and destruction.  Happiness does not come from this world directly.  Happiness is the experience of the tzelem elokim connecting with Hashem’s Glory (tzelem elokim is given to us to glorify us so that Hashem can have a relationship with us when we use free will in learning Torah and prayer to beseech Him that it is desire to triumph the goals of tzelem elokim reflecting Him into this world over the natural urges.  Emunah that He is truly there and will give us what our heart desires is primary. We have the examples of this from Chumash from our travels in the desert).

      19. aug182014

Aug 19, 2014


After the recording, we discussed more of the idea of the whirlpool.  The basic idea is that we all want to emulate Hashem in theory and that is our intention, but in real life, things happen, we hit snags, and our emotions begin to spiral like the outskirts of a whirlpool heading towards a vortex.  Our lower imagination reacts with survival instincts and becomes strengthened, grabbing the tzelem elokim with it as it solidifies an understanding that may have the facts confused with past events, patterns, and traumas. In that moment, if we understand the dynamics of why we are swirling, that the solidification based on ego being caused by the lower imagination is creating pressure and competition between the tzelem elokim and the lower will, we can “punch a hole” in the grip of our lower imagination.  We may still have to find a solution, but our first order of effort is to activate emunah to bring the lower imagination to connect only to passion for Torah and in prayer to Hashem that we should be able to please bring His Attributes of Mercy into the matter because there is no glory other than Hashem.  In that moment, it feels like we are literally crossing the firmament, but that is the whole point. Hashem is One. When we are williing to make this effort, He Who is in charge of all, lifts us out of the swirling emotions and puts us in a nice sail boat on calm waters and from there we take action that reflects His Glory into the matter and we know with certainty that He is All Powerful and All Good and whatever happens is from Him.

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August 20, 2014


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August 21, 2014


      25. aug212014

horizontal ego existence

passion upward

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