Song of Songs, Alshich Commentary

The following readings are taken from Love Song of a Nation, the commentary of Rabbi Moshe Alshich on the Song of Songs. Translated by Ravi Shahar Jerusalem 5753, 1993 and published by Feldheim. The book is out of print.

Due to current events, these readings are intended to help all of us build emunah, experience Hashem’s love for us, and realize our love for Him. The readings are added as they are completed. Begun May 12, 2019.

Here is a link to the whole dropbox folder, should the readings below not be enough.

May the inner love of our soul help us to withstand and submit to Hashem our mind and hearts and may He then answer.

Chapter 1 perek 1
Chapter 1 perek 2
Chapter 1 perek 3
Chapter 1 perek 4