His Nation

Each one of us has within our makeup a part of our holiness that is clinging to bad habits or beliefs developed in childhood that need to emotionally mature.

Can you think of one bad habit or one persistent feeling that comes up hurtfully every day?  What is it?  Please write it down.

From now until Shavuous, would you be willing to keep it in mind and seek to bring that part of your holiness into something that actually serves Hashem?  Would you find that to be a constructive and positive change in your life?  If so, what compassion or mitzvah would you like to channel that holiness to?  Please write it down.

Every morning would you have time to say the following out loud, after filling in the blanks with what you wrote down,

“Hashem I find myself in a pattern or feeling of_____________ and I don’t want this.  I need Your Help.  Please help me to instead ______________.”


Background: We became a nation at the time of the giving of the Torah.  Each Jewish person is a part of His Nation. At this time in history, are we ready to do more to fulfill the vision that Hashem has for His Nation, as we come more and more to realize that we rely on Him, the All Powerful?

Vision:  To work each day on uplifting from the natural to something connected to Hashem’s Nation

Mission: Out of love for Hashem and awe in how He has created the world and my life, I choose to find small incremental ways of bringing what is holy in me that may be trapped in my natural animalistic survival instincts to more and more submit and serve Hashem with trust  instead in the day to day scenes of life. Our survival i in Hi Hands alone.

Writing down each time the thing we choose comes up throughout the day can be a great tool in helping transform what is dark within us into something lighter that brings to fruition our choice in how to be more connected as an individual to His Nation, using the steps above.