Arousal from Below

Daily Work Group for Women for Elul

Here is a cheshbon sheet to investigate what your next step is in bringing from darkness to light.Elul-cheshbon chart

Need inspiration to self-investigate?  Is looking inside scary? Try this

Rabbanit K. Sarah Cohen of Ohel Sara on Parsha Ki Teitze regarding Elul work

      1. rabbanit_k.sarah_cohen_parshat-ki-tetzei-the-whole-world-is-in-my-hands_27_08_2017

The King is in the Field – Jewish Psychology and marriage  Rabbi Moshe Genuth

The videos of the Alter Rebbe’s Maimer Ani Ledodi vdodi Li are below in the Elul 5774 section.

Ani Ledodi vdodi li alter rebbe

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – Section I – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – Section II – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – Section III – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – The Additions of The Tzemach Tzedek – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Elul 5776 for 5777

Bilvavi Elul TalksEllul.Talks

Rebbetzin Kineret Sara Cohen from Sept 5 2016 Torahanytime

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Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwarz – Elul the Happiest Days of the Year

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Rabbi Tzadok Cable Lakewood talk Elul Sept 12 2016 zoom recording




Elul 5775 for 5776

We are reading The Bilvavi Holy.Day.Talks

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Shira Smiles Ki Tavo




Rabbi Moshe Weinberger  Elul Farbrengan  5775  the 13 Petaled Rose of Empathy

      4. Elul Farbrengen 5775 'The Thirteen Pedaled Rose Of Empathy' - Weinberger, Rabbi Moshe


Daily Work Group for Women for Elul 5774


Print most of the links below:  Elul Workbook all (some links have been added and need to be printed separately)

Vision – What we are hoping to accomplish:

Ani Ledodi vdodi li alter rebbe

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – Section I – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – Section II – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – Section III – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Ani LeDodi VeDodi Li_ The Month of Elul – The Additions of The Tzemach Tzedek – Kabbalah, Chassidism and Jewish Mysticism

Beloved Children Rabbi Feinhandler Parshas Reeh – More on mercy and creating an arousal from below (not in complete packet)

root of the soul  A diagram of the soul from Anatomy of the Soul by Rabbi Yitzchok Ginsburg

Rabbi Daniel Glatstein The Secret Of Elul – How To Get To The Front Of The Line

      5. rabbi_daniel_glatstein_the-secret-of-elul---how-to-get-to-the-front-of-the-line_08_25_2014

 Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwartz – Come into Elul Running

Yomim Yoraim and Yiras Shemayim sound alike for a reason!

      6. rebbetzin_esther baila_schwartz_come-into-elul-running_08_20_2014

Starting with the three weeks, we did twice daily teshuva to help us return happiness to emulating Hashem rather than trapping happiness in worldly matters.  During the two weeks after Tisha B’Av, we learned Tomer Devorah to help us understand what Hashem’s Middos Harachamim are and how to emulate them through daily verbal introspection because in Elul, we seek to create this arousal from below in order to evoke an arousal of Hashem’s Mercy over His Din.   Now in Elul, we will utilize what we have already worked on and more in order to do the work of Elul, finding the areas we are getting pulled into the vortex of natural worldly matters in order to create a spiritual /business plan for the upcoming year based on reflecting tzelem elokim over natural urges into the world. Here is a visual summary of the teshuva and tomer devorah insights swirling competing elements   Rabbi Doniel Katz on transforming consciousness   http://www.torahanytime.com/audio/now-raise-up-your-life-yaakov-versus-esav-perception-vs-reality-and-seeing-god-in-everything-part-1-3/ http://www.torahanytime.com/video/now-raise-up-your-life-yaakov-versus-esav-perception-vs-reality-and-seeing-god-in-everything-part-2/ http://www.torahanytime.com/audio/now-raise-up-your-life-on-yaakov-vs-esav-perception-vs-reality-and-seeing-g-d-in-everything-part-3/

      7. rabbi_doniel_katz_now-raise-up-your-life_-on-yaakov-vs.-esav,-perception-vs.-reality,-and-seeing-god-in-everything-–-part-1_08_21_2014
      8. rabbi_doniel_katz_now-raise-up-your-life_-on-yaakov-vs.-esav,-perception-vs.-reality,-and-seeing-god-in-everything-–-part-2_08_22_2014

  http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/21/identity-ego-visual-tools-help-triumph-tzelem-elokim-natural-urges (not in the complete packet) http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/21/parshas-reeh-erev-rosh-chodesh-elul-mercy-creating-arousal/  (not in the complete packet) http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/18/human-life-value-6-logical-mind-plays-confusion-survival-comes-may-trying-protect-us-pulling-us-destruction-instead-real/ http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/22/recognizing-live-spiritual-ecosystem-can-transform-natural-responses-including-fear-anger/  (not in complete packet) http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/24/hatred-natural-need-faith-expand-faith-reorganizes-elements-natural-urges-order-us-reflect-hashems-love-mercy-instead-natural-urges/   (not in complete packet) Below is a video posted on YouTube by Lori Palatnik on Elul (our work group is not connected however the video really brings out what we hope to do)

Goal -The task

The true greatness of a person, lies not in what they are by nature or history, but what they create of themselves despite their nature and history.

dissolving the ego self Rabbi Shapira

More on understanding the task in an empowering, loving way: http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/17/1538/

  The basic idea of the whirlpool is that we all want to emulate Hashem in theory and that is our intention, but in real life, things happen, we hit snags, and our emotions begin to spiral like the outskirts of a whirlpool drawing us towards a vortex.  Our lower imagination reacts with survival instincts and becomes strengthened, grabbing the tzelem elokim with it as it solidifies an understanding that may have the facts confused with past events, patterns, and traumas. In that moment, if we understand the dynamics of why we are swirling, that the solidification based on ego being caused by the lower imagination for survival  is creating pressure and competition between the tzelem elokim that knows survival is in Hashem’s hands and the lower will that is in red alert, we can “punch a hole” in the grip of our lower imagination.  We may still have to find a solution, but our first order of effort is to activate emunah to bring the lower imagination to connect only to passion for Torah and in prayer to Hashem that we should be able to please bring His Attributes of Mercy into the matter because there is no glory other than Hashem and our survival is in His Hands.  In that moment, it feels like we are literally crossing the firmament, but that is the whole point. Hashem is One. When we are williing to make this effort, He Who is in charge of all, lifts us out of the swirling emotions and puts us in a nice sail boat on calm waters and from there we take action that reflects His Glory into the matter and we know with certainty that He is All Powerful and All Good and whatever happens is from Him.

ocean whirlpool with ship by vortex

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/24/identifying-image-create-based-natural-urges-solutions-instead-realize-real-free-will-choose-true-happiness/  (not in the complete packet)


Lack, ego-oriented goals and imagination – an insight into will that needs to reattach to middos harachamim for happiness

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/19/emunah-create-order-prevent-entropydisorder/ (not in packet)

Why take the time to develop deeper behira points at which to exercise free will to serve Hashem and emulate Him

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/22/drawing-closer-hashem-mean-feel/    Drawing Closer to Hashem (not in complete packet)  Excerpt from Rebbetzin Heller on arousal from below: Hashem is connected to everything all the time. The level of punishment Hashem administers is in direct proportion to the depth of the connection. Hashem is constantly pouring life force into everything. He has, however, very little expectation, in terms of response, of a tree or a blade of grass. There’s no such thing as a good blade of grass or an evil tree. They are what they are existentially. Humans, however, could be either good or evil, according to our choices.  Hashem responds to us according to our choices. All relationship issues between us and Hashem begin with us. What is called, “an awakening from below,” creates a more than parallel response from above. Yirah is difficult to arouse because we rarely see the spiritual results of our choices. Let’s say Linda spoke badly about you. Now you get a phone call from a prospective employer who’s considering hiring Linda. He’s calling you for a reference. You have a choice. You can take revenge on Linda by speaking badly about her, or even insinuating that there’s something bad you’re not saying. (Revenge, of course, is prohibited by the Torah.) Or you could swallow your words and instead say something positive about Linda, or, if there’s really nothing positive to say, you could say you really don’t know about her skills. Let’s say you choose the latter option. You chose not to take revenge. No other person is aware of the feat of spiritual heroism you just accomplished, but you’ve just created a space where Hashem could put His chesed (loving-kindness) into the world. And since Hashem’s chesed is infinite, what enters the world as a result of your action is enormous beyond compare. But you’ll probably never perceive the connection between that chesed and your overcoming the urge to take revenge. Conversely, let’s say you chose to say, “If you hire Linda, you may come to regret it.” Then you’ve just made a space for cruelty to come back and challenge you. But when it does, you probably won’t recognize that it has anything to do with your taking revenge on Linda.

Plan of action – The tools

A Tool from the Warsaw Ghetto Rabbi Shapira: actualizing human free will rabbi shapira




personal and  unique to me worksheet: http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/18/elul-5774-prepare-tishrei-5775-cheshbon-chart/

word: Cheshbon chart Elul 5774 for 5775

pdf: Cheshbon chart Elul 5774 for 5775

When we take a look at our negative reactions, we can find out a great deal about what is going on deeper in our subconscious if we ask ourselves certain questions, with the aim of comprehending our reactions as coming from either taiva or gaiva, desire or arrogance.   What happened?   How did you respond, what did you do in response?  What is the image that you had of yourself and how did what happened differ from that image?  Where was what happened lacking in upholding the image or expectation you had? Write it in terms of desires such as for love, attention, kindness, understanding  or terms of independent existence such as  for value, honor, security, recognition.  Doing so will show if the root is a fear of abandonment or a fear of annihilation for not having the desired image maintained     When you look back upon it, of the ways you responded, which have brought you closer to reflecting 13 attributes of mercy over the natural responses and how? And which ones brought you farther from triumphing the 13 attributes of mercy over the natural responses?     What were you thinking and feeling when you reacted in a way or in part of a way that brought you closer to Hashem’s 13 attributes? Farther?  Be specific.  As much as you can remember about what you were thinking and feeling is helpful here.   Try to discern of the thinking and feeling that brought you closer or farther, which played a role, taiva/desire/chesed or gaiva/arrogance/anger/fear/fire?  For example, what did you hope those thoughts and feelings would do for you that would bring happiness? Remembering that happiness comes from learning torah, praying with passion to Hashem in personal hisbodidus, and emulating His 13 attributes of mercy, and that the Source of all vitality is Hashem, and that all passion/fire is for the heart to cling to torah ,prayer and kindness, find the place of imagination within that went to trying to find happiness in the worldly matter and with white fire will say Hashem Echad and ask Hashem to please help you glue that imagination now to Torah avoda or chesed, say it out loud, asking Hashem to please help you release the tzelem elokim trapped looking for happiness in this taiva or gaiva and instead connect it to Torah, avoda, or kindness. Now write down your insights, for what needs to be repaired, tikun.

Shlomo Katz  Niggun Neshama to do Cheshbon HaNefesh by:

personal spiritual plan for daily personal prayer and introspection: spiritual plan

 Aishes Chayil to listen to – love song for Hashem and the Shechina

Yehuda Green singing Berditchever Niggun Begins Tuesday August 26 2014 8 AM Eastern. To be added to the distribution list, please email shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com and have in the subject Elul call in numbers 8 am: 712 775 7085 code 171698 712 775 7089 playback code 171698

The structure for the workgroup will be as follows:

Arousal from Below – What does it mean to be merciful like Hashem?

Tues Aug 26 through Monday Sept 1:  We will read the maimer ani ledodi vdodi li; each person should begin to look at the past year and write down victories and failures, and begin four steps of teshuva in small segments.



Where is the happiness I have been seeking producing pleasure based on reflecting Hashem and where is the happiness I have been seeking meeting frustration based on being trapped in an image that is consistently frustrated?

Tues Sept 2 through Tues Sept 9: each day we will write in the cheshbon hanefesh chart, reviewing for the year.  At first it will be the first easier columns.  Then we will add the insights for the remaining columns. do teshuva to redirect trapped elokus to serving Hashem (see below)


Spiritual Business Plan – Derive from Cheshbon

Yeud (Positive mission) and Tikun (What to fix)

What goals can I set to truly expend effort towards meaningful goals?

Wed Sept 10 through Tues Sept 16: begin to “build a world”, a spiritual business plan, showing what strengths you would like to bring into activities for 5775 and what areas there needs to be a repair, identifying it with words and setting certain goals.  continue with teshuva


Does it hit the spot? Does it excite you?  Are you committed and sincere?

Wed Sept 17 through Fri Sept 19;  finalize the spiritual business plan because Friday night is 25 Elul, the creation of the world, and we want our spiritual business plan to be part of the new time zone that begins on 25 Elul

Begin reviewing the goals every day – modifications are fine

Shabbos Sept 20 through Wed Sept 24: review and add or modify as needed


Simple principles for the next 30 days

Hashem loves us more than we can understand   He has glorified our existence with a tzelem elokim that is our life force in order to have a loving, verbal relationship with us   Hashem has given us the creative power of speech and unlimited free will as tools to triumph tzelem elokim over our natural urges, with His help. Through our learning Torah, our personal prayer and our yearning to reflect into the world  through our speech and deeds His Attributes of Mercy (tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind that happened when we ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, forgiving, and casting sins into the sea), we submit and separate out  life force masked by human nature so that we may increase our ability to reflect His Mercy into the world. Our pursuit of true pleasure in any moment can be given the litmus test – is the happiness at the root of this urge a happiness that fulfills MY image of myself or am I seeking the happiness of experiencing the reflection of Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy into the world through tzelem elokim?  What falsehood, unrectified characteristic, emotion, thought or circumstance is holding me back?  What Torah do I need, what personal prayer, what emunah do I need to rectify and  reorganize the elements of water fire, wind and earth of nature triggered by the  image I create?  I choose to use free will to unmask life force  and connect it to absolute truth, gluing imagination back  to Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy, for I seek the real eternal pleasure and to feel the pleasure of the mitzva of reflecting Hashem into the world I seek to be a larger moon. What goals can i set so that I can best remember and strive to stay conscious in the moment to invest life force with sincerity out of love and awe for how Hashem creates the world, for He gives us in every moment the opportunity to declare Hashem Echad and reflect tzelem elokim over natural urges so that He can give us pleasure and reward?   Tues Aug 26 2014  While listening to the class, if you have memories or thoughts please jot them down for the cheshbon next week.  Please begin four steps of teshuva too: confess, regret, plan for future, apologize.

      9. aug262014

Rabbi Cable said a few words about Ani Ledodi v’dodi li and Elul:

      10. 140826_001 - My Recording

Rabbi Cable gave permission to post his Ale Shur class from today because it is relevant to the work we are doing.  I highly recommend Rav Cable’s class – if interested sign up at http://binyanhaolam.com/phone-chaburas/ in any event PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS CLASS AS SOON AS YOU CAN. IT IS TRULY AMAZING FOR ELUL Rav Cable Ale Shur:

      11. ravcableAleiShurSSession9

Rabbi Shlomo Katz: R”H Elul – “Finding Compassion on our Souls is not an Option, it’s a Must” August 27, 2014

      12. aug272014

      13. http://beyondanydoubts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/aug272014.mp3
  To summarize the discussion today:

  1. The King being in the field is that Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy are near to us without His Royal Presence, meaning that our tzelem elokim can more easily connect back to its Source.
  2. What are we interested in connecting to – the image that is our persona or the image that is made in Hashem’s Image?
  3. Do we understand that submitting the image of our persona to the image that is made in Hashem’s Image, tzelem elokim, is an acquisition of happiness and pleasure?
  4. Yearning to combine the part of our soul trapped in the image of our persona with the image that is made in Hashem’s Image is the arousal from below we seek, to triumph the desire to reflect tzelem elokim into the world over the natural urges.
  5. Do we understand that darkness and concealment is strengthened in the universe when by default we continue the natural application of imagination to advance the image of our persona?
  6. Do we understand that with awe in how Hashem has created the world, we can find areas in our lives to peel back our natural concealments with compassion for the Shechina trapped in the image of our persona, and for our loving efforts, receive the joy and happiness we seek?
  7. By arousing the image of our true selves as the image of tzelem elokim made in the image of Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, we begin to shift ourselves to the truth that we are empowered to both identify where in our lives we can make an effort to draw light to replace bitterness and to take loving and gentle steps in a year long effort -through consistent persona prayer and learning – to reflect more of Hashem,’s Light into the world..

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/27/imagination-image-project-imagination-made-hashems-image-choice-great-consequences/ http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/27/creating-new-time-zone-called-5775-highest-vision-seed-year/ An example of an arousal from below:

      14. 140828_001 - My Recording

Aug 28 2014 : The class recording includes at the end of the reading a replay of the16 minutes example of an arousal from below – see the 16 minutes clip alone above

      15. aug282014

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/29/hashgacha-pratis-background-elul-insights-can-bring-personal-elul-introspection/ Aug 29, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/jc44985fbi5a46w/aug292014.mp3?dl=0

      16. aug292014

We read the summary of section 2 as well as the notes for the section.  On Sunday we will read the third section of Ani LeDodi vdodi li Please on Shabbos do something to continue the 30 day avoda for Elul, even if it is one second and just reviewing what we learned.  But also keep in mind the idea that in Elul we desire to come closer to understanding ourselves by the Aleph of the name Adom rather than the Dom, the blood, the nefesh. May we all begin to see that upgrading from Me 1.0 to a possible Me 1.01, meaning to find areas where our natural urges could, with will, emunah, speech and yearning, be reorganized to bring out tzelem elokim in an increased way.  This yearning is the arousal from below, the creative act we do, through introspection during Elul that leads to what is formed for our year on Rosh Hashana and through the mitzvahs of Tishrei.  What we do and yearn for here is a creative and real formation of our upcoming year.   please feel empowered and do something on this on Shabbos   http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/29/imagination-hashems-13-attributes-mercy-teshuva-return-may-gone-astray-can-help-right-away/ Aug 31, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3g2evhqsftutaj/aug312014.mp3?dl=0

      17. aug312014

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/31/tool-submission-separation-sweetening-help-creating-arousal/ Hashem has a midda of din, of strict justice, but it is designed to help us find our way to reflecting His 13 Attributes of Mercy. The strictness that we associate with our internal world comes from shaping, from impressions made when we were young and our brains and animating image was forming.  Guaranteed there are imperfections in it because people are imperfect.   We have free choice to have awe in how Hashem has designed the world, to give us a choice if we will arouse love in our hearts and activate emunah to powerfully reorganize our inner world with determination to reflect His 13 Attributes of Mercy through our animating soul or not.   He gives us everything we need to heal those places in us that cause us to loop, to feel disempowered, to suffer from negative emotional charges and upsetting reactions that just take us further into the world of blame and shame. Sept 1, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e2ncktcx7wxwpwm/sept12014.mp3?dl=0

      18. sept12014

    http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/09/01/arsousal-women-using-mirrors-save-jewish-people/   http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/09/02/questions-can-help-us-find-trapped-tzelem-elokim-can-uplift-torah-avoda-chesed-creating-arousal/   Sept 2, 2014: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xcwil7czh1f84oj/sept22014.mp3?dl=0

      19. sept22014
The shiur below on Torahanytime takes step by step and gives manyTorah concepts for the ideas and ordering of what we are doing, to create the arousal from below, helping us to integrate the chart and work we are doing
      20. rabbi_benzion_twerski_sefer-hatanya---how-dare-we-pray_08_27_2014
      21. sept42014
      22. sept52014

Sept 7 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yfw143zgztkyukr/sept72014.mp3?dl=0

      23. sept72014

The intro to today’s cheshbon renews inspiration for the process, knowing how much of a barrier it can be to face what is inside of us…be encouraged! On Tuesday we will bring forward from the last column the material we need to write an elul plan, a spiritual business plan, for 5775

Sept 8 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y871lq3qkd0x84p/sept82014.mp3?dl=0

      24. sept82014

Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky On Elul Ani Ledodi and bringing it into marriage fro 5775 – see rough notes here: http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/09/08/rabbi-yaakov-zalman-labinsky-elul-ani-ledodi-vdodi-li-love-bring-marriages

      25. sept82014rabbilabinsky

Rabbi Moshe Wolfson Seek Hashem as Your Refuge:

      26. rabbi_moshe_wolfson_elul---seek-hashem-as-your-refuge_09_01_2014

WE START SPIRITUAL BUSINESS PLAN – YEUD AND TIKUN 9.9.14 Rabbi Aryeh Nivin has a chabura forming in Elul.  His program of personal development is centered on Elul and finding yeud and tikun and growing throughout the year.  If you are interested please visit www.newchabura.com Sept 9, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7snw21p5p3558qi/sept92014.mp3?dl=0    In this morning’s call, we discussed yeud and tikun, how to identify them and why we want to write them down

      27. sept92014

In the discussion after the recording ended, we spoke about tikun as seeing where we are currently seeking happiness in futile worldly matters in time and space and asking how can we bring the happiness we pursue back to a  pursuit in Torah, fervent personal prayer and emulating Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy.  It takes emunah to understand deeply that when we triumph tzelem elokim over natural urges and pursue happiness in its proper location, in Torah ferfent personal prayer and emulating Hashem’s 13 Attributes of Mercy, that the Source of all Vitality then has us to reflect Him into time and space, fulfilling HIs Will, and He then makes our will His Will.  It is real emunah that we must work on that permits us in the moment to shift our imagination from the natural autonomous independent existence of me and my responsibilities to relationship with Hashem with a far more expanded understanding of our identity and a more porous understanding of ego and how our natural urges can serve as a constant offering to nourish the universe each tine we choose to reflect tzelem elokim over our natural tendencies.  This discussion empowers us to find the areas of tikun, of repair, where we can take a thread from our bad habits, our futile pursuits, the places we deceive ourselves, and begin to connect the pursuit of happiness to truth and grow in emunah and understanding that doing so will bring real joy. http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/09/09/joy-soul/ Sept 10, 2014  https://www.dropbox.com/s/zr1pkrfxdi7sbou/sept102014.mp3?dl=0

      28. sept102014

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger series:  Constructing the Soul reposted from www.yutorah.org Constructing The Soul (1) Hearing the Soul’s Melody Selections from Likutei Moharan (1:32) and Likutei Torah (Shelach). When the soul was attached to God, it heard a sweet and pure melody. As it descended into this world, the melody grew faint, until only a trace remained, etched into the soul. A person hears murmurs of the melody constantly, but is always reminded that the real thing is not this worldly. The true “I” of a Jew is pushed aside by the brazen body. The soul combats this with a brazen sigh and cry, testifying to the war being waged against the body. In the future, the recognition that the “I” of a Jew is really the “I” of God Himself, will be revealed to the entire world.

      29. Constructing The Soul (1) Hearing The Soul's Melody

Constructing The Soul (2) Remembering The Taste Of The Tree Selections from Shaar Yichud ViEmunah (Chapter 3) and Mussar HaKodesh (p. 140). Ideally, the term “ani” (“I”) is an expression of the “ayin ha’neelam” (“hidden nothingness”). When each Jew dies, the Angel of Death asks “who are you?” If we spend our lives searching for our essential self, then the answer will be clear. The essence of Teshuva is to first return to the self. If a person does not know himself, everything becomes confused. A truly intelligent person understands, what his eyes see is not the whole picture. There exists an entire world, unseen, only able to be perceived. The greatest tragedy is when a person loses sight of the inner “I” of himself and everything in creation.

      30. Constructing The Soul (2) Remembering The Taste Of The Tree - Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

Unlocking The Soul (3) Bringing The Puppet To Life From Tzidkas HaTzaddik, Noam Elimelech, and Likutei Moharan. Just like a person needs to believe in God, one must believe in himself. God plays an active role in every person. This is not physical, but is rooted in God Himself. Each person has a unique light that defines his true essence. A person’s mission is to reveal this light and uncover the hidden “I” of himself. Ultimately this is rooted in the “I” above. Every action is then willed by the unknowable “I” of God. A person must be careful not to drive God out of his thoughts in favor of false gods. This will atrophy his ability to act. It ultimately leads him away from himself and his essence. A person must be guided by his soul, his essence, which is really a piece of God Himself.

      31. Unlocking The Soul (3) Defining The Unknownable - Weinberger, Rabbi Moshe

Sept 11, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vwprar1246iwtl/sept112014.mp3?dl=0

      32. sept112014

Toolbox with correspondences in chart form to print: toolbox with correspondences  – the chart is intended to give us a rock solid Torah basis to help counter the doubts the yetzer hara wants to draw us off with.  In order to be able to reflect Hashem’s 13 attributes into  the world and grow and strengthen ourselves as tzelem elokim, we need to be able to make it over the rocky terrain that is inevitable in struggling with life, by design.  that struggle , our effort to triumph torah prayer and emulating hashem over the natural urges, is the functioning that nourishes the universe and liberates the Shechina from the galus He agrees to be in here in worldly matters in order to give us real free choice.  thus making sure we have built our intellect and our vessel with Torah understanding helps us have a way to catch the light coming from both a positive or negative direction.  We will discuss the chart more tomorrow Rav Moshe Weinberger Harotzeh B’Teshuva 2  Why choose a moment of pleasure over eternity of pleasure and 3 Hope that we really can even in today’s world grow closer

      33. Harotzeh B'Teshuva (2) - Weinberger, Rabbi Moshe
      34. Harotzeh B'Teshuva (3) - Weinberger, Rabbi Moshe

Sept 12, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/but9qwkhygnmbs8/sept122014.mp3?dl=0 toolbox with correspondences  updated

      35. sept122014

Sept 14, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2r99rjp9r7685rd/sept142014.mp3?dl=0

      36. sept142014

After the recording we spoke about how to break down the tikun items into taiva/desire  and gaiva/arrogance  because there are only two kelipas from which our negativity comes from.  By seeing where happiness has gotten trapped in worldly matters of desires and ego, we can begin to reassociate happiness with its real Source, learning Torah, praying fervently with love in our hearts and gluing imagination and happiness back to emulating Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy.  In all the world there is no glory other than Hashem Who glorifies us with a neshama made in that image. He does so to relate with us.  It is His design that we are in the kelipas in order to arouse love in our hearts to do the work of bringing from the kelipas of desire and ego a strength that only beings in the kelipas can bring into serving Hashem.  Thus navigating the bumpy turbulent emotions is our opportunity to do so, and as we gain mastery over some areas, new challenges appear.  That is how we fulfill our mission in life and may we have 120 years of lovingly serving Hashem, experiencing more and more the joy of relating with Him and having gratitude for the tremendous chesed we receive every moment and on top of that the simchas! Sept 15, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mbzvqhpcp4n7cl/sept152014.mp3?dl=0

      37. sept152014

http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/09/15/spite-everything-still-believe-people-really-good-heart-words-anne-frank-relevant-today/ Sept 16, 2014  https://www.dropbox.com/s/tqouwrkw9tx74ju/sept162014.mp3?dl=0

      38. sept162014

Sept 17, 2014  https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlz1vtf3so3zail/sept172014.mp3?dl=0 Understanding that the effort to arouse love in our hearts to do the work of shifless is a choice to align with Hashem’s attribute of bearing the burden of our own discomfort of mind, and in so aligning ourselves, we are able to draw from the Source what we need in order to use emunah to reorganize our passions to make a free willed choice to mekabel shem shemayim, to use our free will to cling to Torah, fervent prayer for help and to use our passion to create healing and bracha, or to emulate His attributes and thereby bring His Light into the world.  we used the analogy of a snail and its shell, that when the shell needs to expand it doesnt forage for food on its own, it draws its nourishment from the snail.  Hashem is the Source of all vitality always,.  when we are drawn by our natural existence to experience the world as its appearance, we remember Elokim and lift ourselves immediately to align with bearing the burden of our own discomfort of mind to empower us to truly serve Hashem in the moment

      39. sept172014

Rabbi Doniel Katz http://www.torahanytime.com/audio/rosh-hashanah-1-becoming-a-malchus-warrior/ Please listen to this shiur by Rabbi Doniel Katz.  It is truly amazing and brings more Torah to the understandings we have been acquiring in our work group. Imagine how happy oil companies are when they drill and strike oil!  That gooky black fossilized material is worth so very much!  As we do our elul work, we find those areas where our natural urges are pulling our tzelem elokim into the goals of the animalistic soul.  Regardless of how logically the messages convince us of our rights, in truth they are violating the goals of the higher self that only wants to be free to give nachas to Hashem by rising above the urges and instead causing us to feel bitterness and unhappy.  We get trapped and the Shechina remains in galus with us as we struggle to find happiness based on the logic that the animalistic goals tell us to dedicate our efforts to.  It is crucial that we remember at all times that the only Source of happiness comes to us when we learn Torah, cry out passionately to Hashem to save us from the logical arguments that are confusing us so that we can bring true happiness, healing and bracha to the matter, or emulate hashem.  The important thing to understand is that our choice to pause when we are experiencing any negativity is that we have struck oil!  that dark gooky stuff can fuel our true search for happiness -learn Torah, cry out passionately to Hashem to save us from the logical arguments that are confusing us so that we can bring true happiness, healing and bracha to the matter, or emulate Hashem.  Imagine rescuing a part of our soul trapped by the dark side so that instead it can shine true light!  We are not victims!  We have real choice to decide who we become – when we choose to glue to learn Torah, cry out passionately to Hashem to save us from the logical arguments that are confusing us so that we can bring true happiness, healing and bracha to the matter, or emulate hashem we eventually become a true eved Hashem, more and more of His Image in the world can be seen by our speech and deeds.   If someone said, do you want to emulate Hashem or bring something dark into the world, we obviously would never say bring something dark into the world.  thus Elul comes to help us find the switches hidden from us where we subconsciously or unconsciously have yet to see our free will point to do so.  This is an infinite path, so no worries!!  On Rosh Hashana, our souls will receive its annual infusion for the entire year – may Hashem grant us all a chasima vkasima tova based on our love for Him and desire to bring the energy of our dark gooky stuff more and more into avodas Hashem – learn Torah, cry out passionately to Hashem to save us from the logical arguments that are confusing us so that we can bring true happiness, healing and bracha to the matter, or emulate hashem.  Our effort to do so in the moment immediately places us as emulating His patience, for we are willing to bear the burden of our own confusion of mind enough to give ourselves a moment to remember who we really are – we are our effort to choose to mekabel shem shemayim over the logical messages and urges of our animalistic selves. Sept 18, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/woccurhnsux9mnz/sept182014.mp3?dl=0

      40. sept182014

Sept19, 2014 https://www.dropbox.com/s/e50lx2ythdafm3u/sept192014.mp3?dl=0

      41. sept192014

a quick addendum to explain that when we arouse love in our hearts for Hashem and submit our negative feelings and the untruths generating them based on ego to submitting our thoughts to bearing the burden of our own confusion of mind

based on love of Hashem in order to emulate His Attributes of mercy, we experience calmness, clarity and Hashem gives us everything good. He wants to give us good

Once we arouse love in our hearts for Hashem and move towards emulating Him by bearing the burden of our confusion of mind, the next step is compassion on Him to NOT bring Him into the darkness, nor ourselves, and instead to reorganize our passions to bring light and forgive and ask for divine forgiveness for all.



Please see Rabbi Schwartz’s book on the Yomim Noraim from www.bilvavi.net: Bilvavi on Yomim Noraim Sept 21, 2014  https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3n35yr7icpbefp/sept212014.mp3?dl=0

      42. sept212014
In the discussion after the recording, someone asked if the teshuva we are doing will be what we did during the three weeks.  the answer is that it is still submission separation and sweetening, but that the format is the four steps of teshuva because what i hope we are able to do is add in a component of forgiveness.  When we forgive those who might have been involved in setting our behira points that were stumbling blocks for us and caused us to make poor choices and sin, we literally are empowered to create a forgiveness all the way back to correcting the sin of Adom HaRishon. Why?  Most of our stumbling blocks stem from fear of abandonment, being thrown out of gan eden, or fear of annihilation, being made mortal, and how these became our kelipas, taiva and gaiva.  When we bear the burden of our own confusion of mind in order to see where these fears came into play, and we arouse love in our hearts to forgive the causes because there is no glory other than Hashem, then we acknowledge with love in our hearts that we understand He is the only Glory and that is the repair that then makes our minds and hearts lined with a strength to reveal Hashem’s Glory in a more solid way in this world, and receive taanug for doing so. even more urgently, just as Adom’s praying for rain began the cycle of food, perhaps our forgiving in this way will be an arousal from below that will generate an arousal from above of forgiveness and redemption, that we will be able to merit a larger and hopefully redemptive amount due to our personal efforts here.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/qdBy2tiamMQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sept 22, 2014  https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7rfbygbmy9wmcy/sept222014.mp3?dl=0

      43. sept222014

Sept 23, 2014  https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6df6tu5znjtel2/sept232014.mp3?dl=0

      44. http://beyondanydoubts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/sept232014.mp3
      45. sept232014
In the discussion after the recording, we opened up the understanding based on our super rational role as Nishmas Am Yisrael regarding the empowerment we have to transform constricted consciousness into love.  When we have super rational understanding that Hashem constricts Himself in order to come into time and space and that we experience that as challenges and negative thoughts and emotions, we can strengthen our will and freely choose to open the door for His Love to come into time and space, and the way we can use our ruach best in this regard is through forgiveness.  We emulate Hashem by bearing the burden of confusion of our own confusion of mind when we think things are bad when everything He does is good or for our good.  In that moment that we align with His 13 Attributes of Mercy, the loving connection we feel with Him can then show compassion to Hashem Who desires to be seen in time and space.  Nishmas Am Yisrael is here in the kelipas of taiva and gaiva and only beings in time and space and in the kelipas have free willed choice to open up the matter and take off the mask and reflect His Lovingkindness into the world.  It takes emunah and an understanding that happiness comes only from learning Torah, praying fervently, and emulating Him, for all glory is His.  Acting in this manner repairs the causes of sinas chinam and repairs adom’s sin, for Adom erred in thinking that man could bring a glorification of Hashem’s Name beyond what Hashem had designed by coming into the world and remembering that all glory is Hashem’s.
May our work together continue so that we can become more and more familiar with what we need to do to heal, by forgiving, and by reflecting Hashem’s torah and middos into the world. And may Hashem see our efforts as the arousal from below that will stimulate a new light and the coming of Moshiach speedily!

Sept 24, 2014 DAY 30  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ia23h784ia8cdt/sept242014.mp3?dl=0

      46. sept242014

We will be continuing to learn during 10 days of Teshuva at http://beyondanydoubts.com/teshuva-forgiveness/

After that, we will be learning at http://beyondanydoubts.com/joy/

also accessible through www.joyofjewishsoul.com

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