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How do we approach internalizing ein od milvado consciousness? How do we move ourselves from self-consciousness to consciousness and unity with Hashem?

The Ramchal, in Path of the Just, takes us through in a way that is intended for us to read and re-read. For this reason, a new page has been started on this blog at Path of the Just

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This blog is about my personal journey towards consciousness of Hashem. Below is my most up to date toolbox towards this end, which I use in hisbodidus in the morning as well as in reviewing my day and more and more in the moment to help me regulate my emotions in real time. The more I do it, the more trust I have in seeing every moment as an experience of the Shechina in exile with gratitude to Him for giving me life and consciousness and the opportunity to be a channel across which the blessings He wishes to bring may flow should I succeed in emptying self-consciousness, with love for Hashem and awe in how He is doing everything, knocking on my door to see if I might open a passageway for blessing to flow into the world.

Here is the current status of my steps.

I feel anxious.I am having an experience of the Shechina in exile…there is No Other Power.  Thank YOU Hashem for life because I realize that if You were revealed, there would be no world and no life, for all would be nullified in Your Light.

You alone give me consciousness with love.You alone create these circumstances and give me a body

I am surrounded and filled by Your Love.

You want me to use the consciousness You give me to experience this anxiety so that I can recognize You in exile and be the channel across which Your blessings may come into the world.

I am surrounded by Your love and I love Hashem and in this love I purge all of the anxiety, message by message, thought by thought, emotion by emotion, recognizing that each contains Shechina in exile that is seeking to come into the world as blessing and I will to be that channel.

Breathe so that the Shechina in exile in each part may be absorbed into the surrounding light and love, empty -purge -each one. It is okay to be compassionate to each as it comes up even though the plan is to not depend on its messages. Compassion for our humanity helps. “it is understandable that I feel frantic, vulnerable, helpless,   the Shechina went into exile when I was very young before I could understand that He is doing everything. ”  Feel compassion for the frightened vulnerable child, but don’t depend on its interpretation. 

Give it the new interpretation, that Hashem is doing everything and He wants to send blessings instead of these messages. 

Recognize the intensity is the force of the Shechina in exile and absorb that.  The messages which are coming from the projection of the Soton through the zuhama – the confusion of eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – should then fall away.

Calm returns, and now you can think straight.

He does everything.  we recognize and we will for the blessings that He wishes to bring into the world flow through us by our purging our messages and by our trust in Him. We do not know what the salvation will look like or if it will come, but the calm means that we have served Him as a channel and NOT blocked blessing or caused damage. We are a part of HIM – He is One.

Reflect on how the illusion within self-consciousness dissipates and memorize this, so as to trust the process more and more.

Realizing and recognizing Hashem helps bring healing and compassion to the world

When the projection of anochi blown through us by the Soton feels like it is us, we experience sadness and we begin to search for who is to blame. This thought trail brings condemnations and damages upon us as well as those we think of, even though the thinking may remain only internal. When we truly comprehend that absolutely everything is Hashem’s compassion cloaked in different garments – everything from solid, liquid, gas and radioactive – we begin to see that all there is in the world IS Hashem and that He is giving us opportunity to strengthen ourselves in emunah and shore up the holes in our vessels out of which the blessings of light that He is sending fall into the grip of the Soton.

While our judgments give us real information about ourselves, others, the way of the natural world and what Torah expects of us, what we do with that judgment makes all the difference. The key recognition that helps blessing come to the world is that there is a constant flow of blessing and light that seeks entry into the world through the channel of our mind and heart. Thank Hashem for consciousness, which is His that is given to us. Thank Hashem for our body, our circumstances and for the world, which are His, there for us to experience life. Hashem gives us consciousness and He gives us what He wants us to be conscious of. And then it is up to us.

Shall the light that is shining fall into the darkness through the holes in our vessel -our traumas, our unrectified characteristics? Or shall we strengthen our awareness of Hashem’s love with awe and hold steady as the images projected by the Soton course through our hearts, attempting to draw our consciousness and our soul towards its suggestions of condemnation and damage?

The light flowing to us is pure. Our interpretations are mixed with a sense of self-referencing that feels like the reality. Yet what we are experiencing is the Creator, not ourselves, because we have NO POWER. We have will. We have emunah. We have speech. These are Hashem’s powers that He invests within us and gives us access to use. Recognizing that there is No Other Power and generating love for Hashem with awe in how He is doing everything separates the messages that are being projected by the Soton from the light Hashem is sending. We desire to be that channel that brings light into the world through bowing. When we are, it is a gift from Hashem, a healing, a redemption of the Shechina in exile.

Nevermind that our judgment was right. Nevermind that we have sized someone up. These damage. Our role, if we see a lack, is to patiently find a way to help nurture the development of ourselves or another. There is a story from the Baal Shem Tov in kedushin. It is called a Pinch of Snuff.

This remarkable story gives us understanding into the light that each one of us receives but the amazing levels we may reach in directing that light, through prayer, to bring compassion into the world. The student who did teshuva never knew that he was rebuked by the Baal Shem Tov, and was only told after he did teshuva “on his own” of what had transpired.

As parents, siblings, children, teachers, employers – how can we learn the patience and the prayerfulness we see here to help us daven and trust Hashem? We start with one clear understanding. Hashem is doing everything and He only does good and He wants to give only good. Hashem gives us real free will to direct the consciousness and light that He sends through us. May we properly understand our true identity as channels through which light and blessing may flow and may we shore up our broken vessel – our immature binah – by associating it with awareness of Hashem, with love and awe.

Untangle our confusion and recognize Him and serve Him as the channel into this world that He Creates.

Hashem is giving us consciousness. Hashem is surrounding us with circumstances and a body that He Alone is 100 percent in charge of. Hashem gives kedusha to the Soton to test us, and it does so by projecting an illusion that we experience as our identity, from the time we are born.

As we spiritually mature, it is up to us to submit all our heart, all our soul and all our might that we naturally experience as our identity into the truth. The truth is that the force within that we experience as our identity has force because of the Shechina in exile within the projections of the Soton. Once we realize that our true identity is our effort to recognize His Force, we form an eternal identity that inoculates us from the bread of shame for all eternity.

We are our effort to submit our anochi, separate out the Force from the messages, and earnestly offer our mind and heart as a channel for the kedusha to flow from the grips of the Soton’s projections into this world as pure compassion.

Hashem gives us consciousness, intelligence, a body, circumstances, real free will, the power of speech and Torah.

Let us untangle our confusion and recognize Him and serve Him as the channel into this world that He Creates.

What does it mean to realize we are nothing and safe in His Arms?

Expanding consciousness of Hashem brings us to finding out what it means to be nothing and safe in His Arms.

What we believe is “how we feel about something” is the thoughts, emotions, reactions and messages that come to mind every moment. As soon as we are viewing matters in relation to the anochi, the self, the matter is identifiable as a projection by the Soton using the kedusha given to it from Hashem. It is light concealed by a false sense of self due to being in a body that is blinded to Hashem’s constant presence.

The true self is hewn from the throne of honor, one with Hashem for all eternity. The true self is clothed in the body, and is not the body and its reactions. Those messages projected by the Soton are the “common sense” that we share, the logical and natural interpretations regarding the anochi, the ego-image self. This is our first identity. We want the ego-image self to be healthy. But it is important to understand that we are NOT to depend on it for our actions.


The true reality in every moment is that we are experiencing the Creator. He is concealed, but He is the only vitality in the world. And we are here to serve Him, not ourselves.

How do we serve Him?

The Creator is all loving and built into us is love for Him, for our true self is one with Him and longs to be with Him.

The beginning of wisdom is the awe and fear of the Creator, to realize that in every moment, He is the Cause of all that is happening, He fills our responses, and He is our consciousness as well as the forces within us with which we love, have strength, give compassionate, endure, make ourselves humble, bond with others and Hashem, and be one with Him.

The Creator is doing everything. So how do we serve Him by having awe and fear of Hashem Alone?

He gives us real free will to realize this. Wedged between our awareness of His Love and our trust that He is what we are experiencing in every moment, we have the real free will to recognize Him and to separate the kedusha from the messages being projected through us as a mixture of kedusha with the unrectified raw elements of fire, water, wind and earth. By holding recognition of Hashem within an embrace composed of His Love and our love for Him, we empty the messages into that love, distilling the kedusha from the projection. When we are sincere and recognize that the messages of anochi are projected messages that we lovingly and willingly refuse to want, we bow to Hashem’s Will. We know that we have no control over outcomes. We trust Hashem. And we offer the emptied space of our mind and heart that is purged of the projection. We want to serve as a channel across which that kedusha may flow into the world. When Hashem decrees it, that kedusha is redeemed from being scattered in the raw elements and is re-unified with Hashem’s love. It is a gift.

We know this has taken place by the sense of calm that follows.

Too often, right behind it, come doubts about what we have done, trusting in this expanded consciousness instead of every day common sense and reactivity. It might be a message of not taking responsibility or not standing up for oneself or something similar. Once again, this is an anochi message, a backlash from the Soton who has a vested interest in bringing us back under its illusion that our anochi holds solutions and outcomes, that we must make an effort along the lines of action according to common sense.

Do not waiver. Hashem is 100 percent in charge 100 percent of the time. If it is a message of anochi, we are experiencing a projection. Before we act, we empty our thinking once again.

It could be that there will be an opportunity to give compassion or help with the matter in a way that is prescribed by Torah. The true test is -are we reaching a goal of the anochi or are we upholding Torah and helping klal Yisrael. We have REAL free will.

While it may feel like we are being drawn over fiery coals in facing down the anochi messages and what illusions we may have been given to let go of, the advantage of knowing the true design is that we have the courage to trust in Torah and to do our primary service, that of depleting the kedusha given to the Soton that blocks awareness of Hashem. The Soton has access to all of our pressure points, memories, and triggers. But WE have access to unlimited real free will. Shall our kedusha be added to the stockpile of kedusha the Soton has to spin illusion or shall we deplete its resources?

Let us build ourselves in emunah and practice bitachon in the moment, and may our efforts bring more Torah and awareness of Hashem into our minds in a way that reaches our hearts and flows into our deeds. It is up to us.

Having the inner strength to distill compassion from shame IS malchus

Shabbos is malchus shebe gevurah, kingship within strength. Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman in his shiurim on the omer on learning holiness discusses the faceoff between the roots of Moshiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben Yehuda, Yosef and Yehuda, the Shor and the Ari. Yosef did everything he could to help the brothers do teshuva and see for themselves that he was Yosef, that they should be able to recognize Yosef. Yosef had to tell them ani Yosef in the end, but they did do a great deal of teshuva. Yosef wanted their teshuva to protect them from the bread of shame for all eternity, that they would have done teshuva in this world, owning their error and repenting. Yehuda was prepared to annihilate all of Egypt and kill the Egyptian, a lion ready to tear at whatever blocks the pathway to kedusha. Rabbi Wachsman brings this point back to the story of Yehuda and Tamar, that when Tamar was being taken to be burned and showed the signs, Yehuda had shame and annihilated it because it was in the path of kedusha and he admitted his mistake and continued strongly as a leader.

Thus we see shame, a painful if not the most painful combination of force and messages within us, with two different approaches. Yosef’s approach is teshuva, confession, and recognition of the force and the false messages that led to sin. Withstanding that with sincerity and love for Hashem is healing and brings the Shechina from exile to revelation. Likewise, when we are exposed for a shameful deed, holding steady with love for Hashem redeems the Shechina in exile from our sin.

From Yosef and Yehuda we learn expanded consciousness, the consciousness we need on a moment to moment basis in order to properly field the thoughts, urges and impulses that we experience. What do they both know that we can acquire? It is that Hashem runs the world, that we are here to extract the kedusha given to the Soton that Hashem gives to nature in order to conceal Himself. Hashem’s light is compassion and without a buffer of hidden light concealing that compassion, a world would not be seen because it would be flooded. How, then, can this world be a home for Hashem? How can Hashem come into the world? Only through our recognition of His Light concealed and our love for Him, for that recognition and love for Him empower us to use our real free will to submit our natural thinking and extract the force driving it. We submit what seems to be our anochi, and we receive instead eternal identity as one with Hashem.

With this expanded consciousness, we have more perspective on our thoughts, emotions, urges and impulses and what the sometimes stormy feelings are for – when we intentionally choose to distill the force from the messages and interpretations that the Soton spins that hurt our egos, our self-image and our vision, we submit to the expanded consciousness and that brings us eternal life as well as connection in this life to Hashem. We do this without knowing the outcome, with complete trust in Hashem and Torah. This is how we serve Hashem.

Hashem is the groom, the Jewish people are the bride and Torah is the ring, what binds us. We are made for each other. It is for this important reason that we, who may be the final generation before Moshiach, the heel of Adom, fallen to the fiftieth level of tuma must continue to believe that our ability to apply the effort to keep the Torah remains within us. Let us all continue to trust in Hashem and to empty the messages from our natural thinking into the constant love Hashem surrounds us with. May we all comprehend that He Alone is giving us consciousness and that He Alone does everything. Thus, nothing is too hard for Hashem. It is a matter of willingness to recognize the design, to see the kedusha given to the Soton as something WE are built to distill and flow through our mind and hearts into the world. Let us believe in Torah and Hashem and make the effort. Success is up to Hashem

Internalizing what is there for us if we expand our consciousness from the grip of the lower will’s pursuit of happiness and myriads of illusions

Before we can let go of what we believe we need to survive, it is important to take a glimpse into the true reality that we are stepping into. Our survival depends on Hashem alone. Our lower will with its reasoning built in time and space carries important information but is corrupted by fallen fear and mistaken sources of love. Universally we comprehend how we all feel in these situations. Let us begin to universally realize that there is Something to depend on outside of these judgments, and that our trust in that Something is the point of being alive and experiencing the circumstance.

Here is a way to seek out clarity and insights.

Meditate on the inner force that feels alive in every moment, like it has a life of its own and realize:

1. There is No Other Power.  Hashem is concealing Himself so as not to nullify everything for everything is nullified in Him. Realize that everything is totally good in this very moment despite the feelings of despair and loss and lack which may be pulling us down and causing us inner turmoil. All of such feelings are our natural will which is plugged into the illusions that the Soton projects about what this world is. It is the job of the Soton to take the kedusha given to it and block the true reality by keeping us in a mindframe that relates to the impact upon ourselves. Remember, only Hashem can conceal Himself. Thus, if He is concealed, He is present.

2. We are made in His Image with a soul that connects to His Throne of Honor and this fills us with consciousness. We have consciousness given to us through our tzelem elokim, a breath from the depth of Hashem’s compassion.

3. We are given bodies and circumstances in a real world. Hashem surrounds us with His love that cannot be broken, including the consequences of our actions, which judgments from Him are also love. Hashem is doing everything so that our soul is attached to Him with eternal life. Either we use this love to recognize and release the kedusha scattered within our bodies in the raw elements of earth wind water and fire and reach awareness with merits or we suffer, which also releases the kedusha.

Our love and value are untouchable because these come from Him and cannot be diminished.

Into the truth that we are constantly loved and have value, it is safe to empty the messages of illusions and the immature thinking that feel like reality. All our self-referencing messages and images we feel we must have for happiness, love and respect that cause us pain when we are lacking are developed imagination. The force of the feeling is NOT the same as the message. We do not have to sign our name to the message. By recognizing that the force IS Hashem concealed in the raw elements that block awareness, and by emptying the messages, we bow to Him and become worthy channels across which that very kedusha generating the force may flow as blessing into the world.

Focus on this awareness that He is the Only Power and thank Him with sincere gratitude for life that gives us real free will to recognize our Creator.

Waking ourselves up to become a channel through which real light and healing may flow into the world

Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman has a shiur on the omer that starts off with a story about a woman who walks into a jewelry store. She tells the owner of the store that she is fabulously wealthy and it is her birthday and her husband sent her to pick out a few things and he would buy it for her. The jeweler then begins to show her merchandise and she goes towards the most elegant and expensive pieces, necklaces, earrings, rings, pins, bracelets and selects what she wants. When it is time to pay she tells the jeweler to come with her to her home and her husband will write out the check. So the jeweler accompanies her to the richest block in town, to a huge home owned by a doctor and they go in. The woman proceeds into a door saying she is getting her husband and he waits. After fifteen minutes, he starts to get nervous. He sees a door and knocks on it. Inside is an old man. He tells the man that he is a jeweler and explains the story. So the man says yes come on in, I was told by the woman that there is a jeweler that for some reason believes she owes him money and I told her to bring him to me and I will try to help him with the delusion. The jeweler then faints as he realizes he was duped. Rabbi Wachsman explains this is the story of all of us, that we believe the temptations of the projections of the Soton and follow after them, only to experience disappointment, despair and loss.

Rabbi Wachsman then goes on the elucidate the story of when Yosef and Yehuda face off in Egypt. He explains that Yosef did everything he could so that the brothers would, on their own, come to recognize that who they thought was the Egyptian leader was their brother. All of this was done to lead up to the statement, Ani Yosef.

How do these teachings from Rabbi Wachsman help us wake up and move towards redemption? How does the work of the omer contribute?

This is the work that we must do to build our inner light – we must recognize the Creator within us, the Only Power, whether it is vitalizing a false message and causing us despair or whether it is vitalizing our life with health, wealth, intelligence and blessings. Rabbi Moshe Weinberger teaches this message – that the parsha of the manna appears between the Red Sea and Matan Torah even though manna fell throughout. He says this is to show us that we ate spiritual food, manna, to remove and empty the zuhama from within us so that there would be room internally to receive the Torah.

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger from the Chalban on the manna and how it empties us of the zuhama so that there is room for Torah and kedusha

Hashem fills all worlds. Hashem surrounds everything. And Hashem nullifies everything, for all is nothing but Hashem.

Every night, the last words of the Shema are tremble and sin not, reflect in your heart and be utterly silent. Through awareness of Hashem’s total Kingship and love for us, we inoculate ourselves from every other fear that otherwise mixes us up. This intentional trembling with awe at how Hashem fills us with a tzelem elokim, surrounds us with His Love and Blessings and supervision, and hides Himself so that we are not nullified as is the true reality is the awe that is needed for us to have confidence and see ourselves as part of His Oneness. Should we falter, the false messages projected by the Soton from the kedusha given to it by Hashem attract our consciousness and we accept its messages as our identity, inadvertently adding the holiness given to us through our tzelem elokim to serve the darkness, chas v’shalom. Thus must we be willing to purge our thinking into the constant love of Hashem, nullifying our dependency on the messages offered by the Soton in favor of the truth. The truth is that we are here merely to recognize that the kedusha given to the Soton is a part of our eternal identity that Hashem scattered into the raw elements that our bodies put us in contact with. Earth, wind, water and fire. The only Power is Hashem. The intensity of the force is the kedusha. The messages are the projection. Our will is to recognize the force – take the eggs from the nest of tangled falsehoods. When we do so, we become usable as the channel Hashem desires when He creates man – a channel across which kedusha may flow into this world in a way that will NOT nullify the whole world.

When we stood at the Red Sea, we were told to walk into the water before it split. Hashem wants us to take the first step in recognizing Him. When we recognize Him, it may feel like we are walking over hot fiery coals – the messages of the Soton that wants us to donate to feed the darkness. Hold steady. Love the force itself. Realize Hashem loves us but more, realize with awe what He has created and His Will for us to serve as this amazing channel of light. We cannot take this role on. We will it. If we are sincere, He utilizes us as a channel. The measure of our sincerity is the inner calm we experience as the light flows from Hashem into this world because we bow and purge all of our thinking first into Hashem is One.

The Soton does not want to lose a good customer! It continues to send messages of despair, fear, anger, doubt. Each one has a kedusha – either from a previous donation we made to the darkness, so that it is our own tzelem elokim that is in need of absorbing back or it is the kedusha given to the Soton to tempt us, a part of human nature. The more we trust in Hashem and fear only disconnection from Him, the more confidence we have to cling to compassion and to serving as a channel. The good news is that we truly are given the real free will to “rob” the kedusha from the grips of the Soton, a permanent change in the universe. We may be called upon to do this over and over again. This does not mean we have not succeeded. It means Hashem is counting on us to do it again because we know how and did such a good job the last time. Eventually, we hope to bring all of the kedusha given to the Soton through the channel of our mind and heart so that it flows into the world as revealed compassion. This takes effort and a willingness to look at the places where the kedusha is trapped. It does not mean we have to suffer. It means we experience the inner place and focus on what is giving it the feeling of being alive within us – NOT the message- the vitality, the kedusha. This is Hashem and No Other. that recognition is what Hashem desires from us.

Hashem knocks on our door every second. Are we ready to wake up and separate the message from the force and thereby serve as a channel for the force to flow in as compassion? The alternative is to continue to allow the darkness to draw kedusha from our soul, asleep to the damages we cause by signing on the messages of the projections of the Soton as what we need for our survival and happiness. It is truly up to us.

It is up to us – our will, our effort and our faith and trust in Hashem fulfill our mission to make His Will ours and to build eternal life

It is up to us part 1
It is up to us part 2
It is up to us part 3
It is up to us part 4

Dare not ever! Only on yourself, if that and only when……….in doubt

Emunah p’shuta brings tender loving consciousness

Torah teaches us to guard the honor of our fellow man.  From each person’s personal experience, we intuitively understand the pain that is generated when an insult or other hurtful words are spoken.  All too often, words might be spoken that are interpreted as insulting or hurtful. The pain is no less at these moments, despite the fact that the intention might have been innocent.  I think we all understand what this feels like and how quickly we fall into seething and condemnations and judgments.

Torah also teaches us something very special to help us when it is our own thinking that falls into these seething waters. By developing a trust in Hashem that He Alone is the Source of all love and He Alone is the Only Being with value and that honor is His Throne of Glory Alone, we have a “go to” when our inner forces are felt and our bodies are drawn to messages that interpret the experience as if love for us or respect/value/honor for us has been diminished or denied.

Analysis of how sincerely we believe something that is truly deception

Let’s take a closer look at the steps.  The force is ALWAYS the Shechina in exile because there simply is No Other Power.  Yet the messages that first come to mind are projections from the kedusha given to the Soton that block us from being aware of Hashem, of His total love and of the true reality that everything is at this very moment good because Hashem Alone runs every second for everything in the universe that He Alone Creates.

Force. Shechina in exile.  Life Force.  Hashem is the soul of the world and the only force.

Messages.  They hurt me, they insulted me, they ignored me, they spoke disrespectfully, they did not ask, they did not ….and the list of what our natural will believes it needs in order to be happy goes on and on.  Yet the truth is that most of the items on the list that the natural will believes it needs in order to be happy is not really needed, especially because generally speaking it is all generated from the external world and not from connection to truth, Torah or Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy.

Experience.  The more we search for who to blame, the more we experience a story that takes the original projection of the Soton into a drama that we have signed and accepted from the Soton, attaching ourselves to the darkness with every continued sigh.

Judgments and action.  Here is where we are likely to do damage, to ourselves or others, with actions or words believing truly that our experience of the messages is accurate. Aveiras take place.

Do we recognize this as the natural progression?  So what does Torah teach us as the alternative?

How to intercept and use real free will due to growth in emunah p’shuta

Force.  At all times, Hashem is flooding our brains with a constant flow of light from His Throne of Honor.  Our souls are all hewn directly from His Honor.  This is our life force.  There is no other life force from where we are given our souls.  Thus, internally, let us be conscious that there is force within us – sefiros – keter, chochma, bina, chesed, gevurah, tiferes, netzach, hod, yesod and malchus.  The sefiros are how Hashem runs the world.  They are corresponding to the ten utterances, the ten plagues, and the ten commandments. These are the focus of the 49 days from the second day of Passover to Shavuous.  These sefiros that Hashem sends into the world become mixed with a substance injected into Chava and Adom when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and these block our awareness of Hashem’s constant love and of our complete safety as babies in His Loving Arms.

Experience.  The look and feel of what blocks us from experiencing Hashem’s ever present love is our own unique interpretation based on our unique design and development.  Self-knowledge helps us to comprehend how our natural being repeats what is embedded in the natural ratzon.  By learning about our natural ratzon, we also learn about the projection that is universally blown through each of us – the kedusha given to the Soton so that we have real free will.

Judgments and actions.  RECOGNIZE HASHEM! As soon as we make ourselves aware that all there is in the world is Hashem and that He is the soul of the force we are feeling, that releases the Shechina in exile within the kedusha given to the Soton that blocks us from simply knowing Hashem is there.  We recognize Hashem – making our will His Will – because He desires a being that can recognize its Creator and ask of Him.  Thus, in order to recognize Hashem, it is implicit that we are loving Hashem and being aware that He is Loving and All Present.  We are safe in His Arms.  Now all the same thoughts that arise within us from our hearts are no longer hurting us.  Rather, we are taking the force from each one and emptying the message that we are attaching to it in order to ask instead that we associate the force only with Hashem’s Love.  In so doing, the forces within us shed the falseness injected into the sefiros when we ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the falseness that tells us we are lacking in love or value/honor/respect.

Why is this false?

At all times, we have love and are able to love and are given love to receive only from the hand of Hashem, Whose quality of love exists within Him and in us as an emanation of Him but it is His Quality, a gift given to us to use.

At all times, we have honor because we are made in Hashem’s image and that cannot be changed. There is no other honor to be had….many great gedolim shirk from respect or honor through the words or actions of another because they comprehend deeply that we are but a super-conductor to deliver into this world Hashem’s love and honor and that no one has any of their own.  There is No Other Source.

Now we are able to lovingly choose to love everyone, to give the benefit of the doubt, to do no damage in the world at all. TLC.  Tender Loving Consciousness.

This way of thinking is emunah p’shuta.  Simple emunah.  Acquiring it is not so simple though. Giving up our natural ratzon can feel fiery and as if there will be fierce consequences. This is for sure the the projection of the Soton and not the truth even though emotionally it feels bith real and true. This is why our emunah and bitachon must grow, so that the light coming to us dies not divert due to illusion to feed more kedusha to the darkness. We are responsubke for what we mistakenly divert. Hashem us very patient. He akways loves us and understands and firguves. Yet it us our responsibility to try, and not overlook the tremendous opportunity He gives to us to be a strong vessel to transmit light into the world through our choice to recognize Him and empty our deceptiveky inspired natural will.

Yet beginning a pathway toward it is a good choice for all eternity.

Chag sameach.