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There is only One yet it feels like two. Please help me unify with You.

What does it mean to live in our emunah?

Hashem is a non-physical force that is the only Being that is alive

Man is an emanation from Hashem from His Breath as well as from His Speech. The very fact that we are alive shows that we are connected to Hashem Himself, the only Being that is actually alive, and that He is giving us life and loves us.  This is inherent truth.

The purpose of man is to provide a dwelling in the material and physical world Hashem speaks into existence, a lens through which Hashem can be revealed so that the world does not break apart.  If Hashem’s compassion and love is not seen, it is because we are blocking the light, casting a shadow.  We are here to use real free will to comprehend this and go beyond reason and understanding of nature to nullify what is blocking the light – namely the thoughts and habits that absorb internally the light Hashem is sending, using it for what seems to be our good but, in fact, is creating our darkness, our galus.

Man is given free will to make himself transparent and reveal Hashem’s Light and thereby participate in Hashem’s ideal vision. When we follow our natural path of reason and understanding, we take the vitality of life given to man and spill it back  into nature, which Hashem then, in His Wisdom, recycles into the kelipa. In either event, man is given the experience of having used real free will and that experience will determine man’s daas (awareness) – which survives him – for all eternity.  For a sense of what the daas will feel like after we pass, when we are with Hashem Who is doing all good, and after having had the opportunity to be like Him and chas v’shalom squandering it, just look at toddlers who see another with a toy and want that same exact one and can’t have it.

The key point for man while in this world then is the struggle between the forces within us regarding influencing our real free willed choices. Everything given to us is only so that we have the opportunity to do the G-d-like act of going beyond reason and understanding (the natural reactivity within even with the best intelligence, because that is based on thinking I do things) and to be a bridge that makes itself available through the six constant mitzvahs to draw the sanctity from the coarse material through our will back to Its Source, Hashem, and then be a strong vessel to hold the compassion and nullify the ego forces so that we reveal compassion and Torah.  This is the Torah we are for all eternity, the daas torah.

The human being with ego is the raw material that we toil with to yield the true self, the self for all eternity, a self that is a revealing vessel, the medium to express torah and kindness.

Parents to their best to raise us but inevitably in their love for us comes misinterpretations and more that form within us as coping mechanisms.  What solidifies these coping mechanisms is the love of our parents themselves, even if we hate the coping mechanisms. The love bond binds us to have trust in our false beliefs. This can limit us greatly and make letting go hard because it feels like losing the love we knew. Often these false beliefs are instilled in our survival instincts.

It therefore becomes important to examine what messages we have about survival.  How much do we believe that our survival is up to Hashem? How can we tell if a survival message urging us to action is reliable?

The only way the forces of darkness can increase their access to holiness is by drawing off the soul of holy beings, mankind.  As soon as we feel disconnected, these forces, like flies, are right there to give us messages to think the thoughts that will give them access to that holiness.  Therefore it is important to distinguish between our thoughts in the most profound way when we feel our survival is at stake because we must understand what the source of the message is before we dive into action.

How much emunah do we have if we in any part believe that it is the actions that  we do to survive that are working? If our survival depends on Hashem alone, we take our best steps but success is up to Him alone. What steps then become the ones we should pursue?

The soul Hashem gives us is pure.  The lower part of the lower soul too.  However, since utero, the consciousness and the body are one, and that consciousness is the natural one, based in daas sitras achra.  As we learn torah we come at bar mitzvah age to be able to expand our consciousness and bring the lower part of the lower soul to see it is part of Hashem as well and that it can listen to daas Torah.  As we turn in our challenges to Hashem, we bring along a spark from daas sitras achra, a holy spark from a higher place, tohu light, that could not have been otherwise acquired. This compassion that we release from daas sitras achra heals the place where the lower soul previously listened automatically to the daas sitras achra and now that very place, with the strength redeemed, can bring bracha.  We have a new neuropathway and are allowed to direct that blessing….for example, when someone is insulted and they do not respond, they can give a potent bracha.

Understanding the players in our survival message is urgent if we are to avoid spilling our holiness into the traps of the forces Hashem tolerates to test us in our emunah.

When feeling disempowered, fall back into Hashem’s arms and feel surrounded by His Love as the place of reality.  Cry out. Describe the thoughts and confusion that are attracting us to dive into the darkness.

Remember Hashem echad and emit love and awe for Hashem in the heart while describing it in detail.

See the messages, coping mechanisms and blocks that come up. What are the look and feel of these messages?

Ohr hachaim teaches us that we bring a part of the daas sitras achra over to holiness when we return our soul to Hashem’s service, letting go of falsehood, and that higher light we attain and unfily is the source of the healing, the nutrition we need to unify, to bring the healing tohu light from the coarse material.

From the higher tohu light sent for us to redeem from the kelipas is the healing compassion for bracha and abundance. It requires nullifcation of ego to pull it out, a melting i to oneness with Hashem

Ego is galus. We want our unified soul to enter our hearts and be revealed through our body.

What we release and use for good is the torah we bring to the world, it is our expansion of our starter kit daas that inoculates us from bread of shame for having remembered to be like Hashem while in this world

We are extracting the compassion, our own soul trapped in falsehood. We ask Hashem for the dross to dissolve.

Who we are for all eternity is that non-physical awareness, our emunah, daas torah we learned in utero that is inborn in our makeup and that we activate and grow with our choices in this world.  We live in our emunah, we have a body and a lifetime. Our emunah is attached to Hashem who is the only being that is alive. Therefore it is truth that we are designed to live in our emunah because that is the closest part of our soul to Hashem Himself, the only being that is alive. We spiritualize physicality by our choices to nullify eho for revealing Hashem, the true simcha.

Even horribly low self esteem is gaiva because it swallows compassion as self absorption rather than revealing Him. Anything that blocks Hashem is opportunity to draw compassion trapped there back into His Service, which strengthens our daas torah connection and simcha.

Don’t be satisfied with..well she deserved it, or i don’t deserve this…realize the sitras achra has grabbed the lower soul and is spiraling it into action on judgment, and issuing hurt, purportedly for our survival.  Why would our innocent pure lower soul listen to slander, hate, lashon hara and lies when it knows it is part of Hashem who only does good?…Fall into His arms.and intentionally accept the role. Feel empowered to draw the compassion from the emotional challenge. Accept the opportunity to do something truly G-d-like, which is to go beyond our nature/ego. An opportunity to act like Hashem is being offered. Accept it with thanks! The compassion we redeem is a nourishment for our daas Torah we could not obtain any other way, like medicine ingredients extracted from plants. Ask Hashem to restore us with unified compassion and will, so that we may reveal Him. Thank Him for the opportunity of life to do this G-d-like act.

Hypothetical example:  Michal is damaged by Baila , or Michal  believed that she is damaged by Baila and Michal is very hurt over a long period of time and there is real damage to Michal. Michal tries to confront Baila but Baila said “I don’t know what you talking about, are you sure you’re not imagining it?” After many many years let’s say that  Baila has that thing that she had done to damage Michal come back to her in spades in a very very terrible and tragic way. Michal who had originally been hurt may have a thought “she deserved it.”or “I’m glad” or something too horrific to articulate but lurks inside, something along vicious lines. That message is not the lower part of the lower soul. that message is Michal’s own soul invested in the false belief – a message from the yetzer hara that the gullible lower soul believed and invested tears in. The false belief is that – it was from Baila. that the hurt and the pain came from when in fact it was sent from Hashem. The part of Michal’s soul that turned to the hurt and pained messages with which the yetzer hara captured her thinking  is being held by in the yetzer hara. Thus, her own soul is giving the falseness a life of its own. Michal forgot while it was happening that everything is sent for the good and if Michal had been clinging to that, it wouldn’t have built up so much pain over the years. Here is a situation where we have to redeem the part of our soul that fell into the dark as well as the the reason that Hashem allowed to happen. There is a 3rd component. the 3rd component is that Baila is really in agony over the terrible thing that happened to her. Baila probably does not realize any connection. Michal has that unafmittable silent horrigying thought, “she deserved it.” and she doesnt want it. She has grown and asks “what does Hashem want from me in the moment?”  “Why is Hashem showing this to me?” What Hashem wants from us is no longer about the circumstances, no longer about how baila hurt her.. What Hashem wants from Michal in the moment is for Michal to have an opportunity to be like Hashem and do a G-dLike act. Imagine Hashem saying, “Michal, could you please put all the fallen compassion from your pain through your heart and mind mikvah and return it to Me so that I may restore not only Your soul to wholeness but also so that you be the one to create a positive influence. I want to create a blessing of healing for you as well as to comfort Baila – do you want to be a part of it? I would be happy to recycle and use what you redeem and give you the credit! The reason that I set up this whole circumstance was so that you could heal Baila while healing yourself of your attachment to false beliefs. We’re all 1.  What Hashem wants from Michal in the moment is, instead of thinking she deserves it and diving into that thought with action and emotion to rather choose to fall back into His arms and say gladly “I’m happy to take on this opportunity to be like You and bring compassion out of where it is stuck in falseness. There is a terrible darkness here and what I want is to take everything with sanctity, animating all of the pain, all mine, all hers, within the situation itself – all of it. I forgive.Please take all of it and just draw out the compassion and please use it to find a way to comfort her and to make a healing for all of us. And please may this teshuva be a merit for klal yisrael, that we all come closer to You in order to feel Your compassion and reveal Your compassion.

When we comprehend, we can spot opportunities before we fall and Hashem will send to us what He needs to be taken to the mikvah. For example, a feeling might arise that has no logic or obvious connection to anything. Just apply the two step litmus test. The circumstances never matter after that…only the magnet of 6 constant mitzvos that we can choose from our awareness in order to serve as a bridge between heaven and earth for coarse material to be uplifted and compassion in its true form received, redeemed, unified  and in order to reveal.

( The six constant mitzvahs are Know there is Hashem, there is No Other Power and Hashem is One are the intellectual ones for the mind to hold.  Love Hashem and have awe of Hashem are the emotional ones for the heart to kinesthetically and dynamically emit, so that the heart and mind are communicating.  Guard the soul from negative thoughts – from the lies that naturally spring from the subconscious due to having eaten from the tree of good and evil, corrupting our daas with confusing messages that lead us towards darkness)

Rabbi Asher Freund – Whatever it takes for unity – it is up to us

The goal that we have is that we should not have thoughts, strange thoughts, between a man and his fellow, between spouses, or within families.  We need faith in Hashem that He should open a gate of mercy. If we can nullify strange thoughts between man and man and we sit together like two brothers then we would be able to cling to the true righteous people in the generation.

Every generation Hashem takes sacrifices of Jews. It can be people who die in war, it could be devout Jews taken as a sacrifice to help that the whole people of Israel should be saved.  They are called holy martyrs and Hashem will avenge their blood and repay the nations of the world what they did.

We have to merit in this generation a completeness, that we have to be connected to the righteous individuals of the generation. When the revelation of Hashem will be revealed through the world, it will be like the light of the seven days of creation so we have to be careful not to hate any Jew, love every Jew, even if a Jew bothers me or hates me.

I have to love him and then I can bring Moshiach closer and that is why Hashem put the hatred in his heart so I can return love for the hatred.  Then the holy sparks will be gathered and become a new spirit and this will bring the light of the seven days of creation.

There will be a light the righteous will see and they will get pleasure from the light of the Divine presence.  All Jews are destined to the world to come. There is not a bad Jew in the world. We have to have Unity and we have to see that everyone should repent and return.

We have sinned and we need righteous individuals that give us merit, and then we will merit to have a light from the seven days of creation. With this light Hashem will judge the nations of the world and the wickedness will evaporate and the regimes of wickedness will perish from the world.

We have to unite, we have to love each other. Even if another Jew hates me, I have to love him and then he will love me in return.  With the love that I give him, I collect holy sparks.  When we will do this, all the holy sparks will be gathered by the truly righteous of the generation and we will merit the light of the seven days of creation Hashem made for us.

We are the chosen people.   We ask that it happen now, that the sparks be gathered.  We can’t even describe it.   We will be under the holy chair of the divine presence and we will merit the third bais hamikdosh and all the sparks will be gathered and we will merit to sit under the holy seat of the divine presence and to enjoy the divine presence.

Staying afloat spiritually – some reflections

Spiritually leaning on Hashem may feel like too big a leap.  It takes emunah.  Emunah needs to be built.  It is the process of building emunah, making an effort to trust in it, and experiencing clarity that actually produces positive influence.  It does not matter where in the process of emunah building we are…from the beginning of finding emunah to more secure levels of emunah…because it is our effort to struggle and build the emounah that matters.  Why?  Hashem wants our hearts.  He wants our hearts to be His Home.  The process of building emunah puts us in the playing field of doing His Will.  It is urgently important that we radically accept ourselves at whatever place we begin or are.  The storms inside rage.  Just start.  Open the heart to having emunah in Hashem.  Hashem Is.  There is no other Power.  He is One.  Those who come to be purified will be helped.

If you liked the above, please enjoy the post below, which explains more about how to spiritually float

Please let go of a negative feeling and post a comment YES!

Please let go of a negative feeling and post a comment YES!

Matter and energy are one and the same. It depends on speed in the atom. If that is the case and we feel hate, what happens when our firey words or deeds emanate into the world?  That energy that we form with our act lurks like pollution, creating an influence.  That influence is used by Hashem in the way He manages the world.  What could happen with that drop of hate that we so readily justify?  We have no control over where it will go.  What we must know is that it will go somewhere into the cold dark world and have an influence beyond our control.

So let’s look at why we feel hate in the first place.  We feel a lack.  That is frustrating.  Our reptilian brain interprets that instinctively, and what does a reptilian brain respond with?  A survival instinct to strike.  What do our strikes look like?  Judgment, anger, fear.  Our mind rapidly seeks to allay blame.  We seek to inflict upon the perpetrator a sense of shame.

What happens when the perpetrator experiences the blame or shame?  In many cases, the action initiating the lack was unintended.  Has there been a proper judgment rendered?

The entanglement goes back and forth.  Who is responsible, who is to blame, who should apologize and who should change?  The desire to be right and to feel restored comes from a place within us that believes we know what is the ethical thing.  However, it may be that we have a bias.  What we want, often, if we are truthful, is to be in control.  We want our vision of justice to be what is the outcome.  We want validation.  We want to feel powerful.

What, though, are we producing?  Are we producing an influence that is truly positive or are we adding our life force to the influence that supports the negativity in the world?

And if we are fine with supporting the negativity in the world because that is the way to get things done, to demonstrate power, have we forgotten something even more powerful?

The darkness in the world emanates from the discord between our hearts and our minds.  The forces of nature such as hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos, floods, landslides, fires and more are catastrophes that Hashem sends.  But hate and violence are catastrophes that do not have to exist.  They are rooted in the gap between the mind and heart of every man.

For what reason would we even want to seek the power of the forces of darkness to exercise power?  Usually it is because of the desire to take for ourselves what we want. 

This would make sense if that were really possible.  However, we are not able to touch one thing in the world without Hashem’s help.  If we succeed with the power of the forces of darkness, we have merely played into the hands of the heavenly accuser to see if we are eligible for the experience of awareness as having acted compassionately like Hashem or not.

You see, we really do not understand the game of life.

The game of life is to use our free will and power to make sure that our awareness for all eternity is one where we have the joy of knowing that while we are alive in a body in Hashem’s world that we chose to align our mind and heart as a vessel to reveal His Love and Compassion.

The experience of simcha when we do, the healing that comes to us as inner peace, are felt while we are alive.  The experience of being with Hashem for all eternity without the feeling of being a taker, without the bread of shame, awaits us for after we leave this world.

The very best way to show Hashem that we know that all there is in the world is Hashem and that He is all loving is to align our heart and mind with that truth.

When we feel even a tingle of discord between our heart and mind, any sparks flying within, whether we are sad, frustrated, ready to strike or experiencing grief and tragedy, open our hearts and love Hashem and realize the design.  Fall backwards onto the safety net of Hashem. The place of the world is His Love.  We are all blossoms on His Creation.  There is no other Power.  Plead with Him, tell him all the darkness that is sparking between our heart and our mind and tell Him that we do not want it, we do not want any of its outcomes, and we do not want the reactions themselves.  Ask Him to please reorganize all of the sanctity within the darkness within us.  Emit kinesthetically love for Hashem and have awe in the amazing design of the world, that we are on the front lines to find the coarse material left for us to rectify merely by noticing and naming and crying out for His help.

Hashem has made the world for us.  We are here to reveal His love.   Anything that blocks His Light comes from our misaligned mind and hearts.

Our effort is what takes the fire of the life force that Hashem breathes into us and brings it into the world in the form of thought speech and deeds.  Even a thought is sent by Hashem.  Everything is coming to be healed through our effort to properly align our mind and heart with His Will that we nullify what blocks His Compassion from coming into the world.  He gives us life so that we may make our body and ego transparent, submit them, to His Will.  He gives us life in this world so that we may make free willed choices to create for ourselves an eternal identity as made in His Image.

It is important to understand that we have real free will that can push beyond the reason and understanding of the mind and heart conflicting sparks that confuse us in the dark.  We have real free will to go beyond the reason and understanding of what looks pleasurable in this world – power, money, intimacy – for what is truly pleasurable – being a vessel that reveals Hashem.

If this resonates with you, please think of one negative feeling you have towards anyone, especially if it comes up often, like with a family member or co-worker.  Please turn to Hashem and tell Him that you do not want this feeling, that instead you are asking for all of the sanctity that is making it so potent within your life to be felt instead as Hashem’s pure compassion so that you may reveal that, sincerely.  Please do this by feeling love and awe for Hashem and breathing sincerely, with emunah, until it melts away. 

And if you do, please put a comment on this article.  Yes.

Let’s see how many yeses we get.  Let’s open our mind and hearts to the light of Hashem and heal.  Let’s bring that light into the world. 

Two letters from Rabbi Asher Freund on the importance of resolving conflicts

What do humility, emunah, and unconditional love have to do with each other – nullifying the ego

We all want unconditional love, especially from Hashem.

Who do you feel the safest with, someone with whom you can be yourself and know any bloopers you make will not cause a conflageration or pain? Me too.

We can be that safe person. Sincerely. Really. It takes emunah.

Think about it. Why do we feel upset? Either there is a tragic loss and grief, or we feel sad and mad and our imagination interprets the event with judgments and painful messages.

In both instances, when we turn to Hashem knowing He is right here, right now, and all loving even though we are in the dark, we come to an awareness from which the pain is bearable and resolvable.

If our ego is recognizable to our awareness and if our ego submits willingly, resolution will come. Whatever Hashem does is for our ultimate best.

What does it take for our awareness to recognize the ego? It takes a simple litmus test…are the messages affecting me taking me towards darkness or light, towards benefit to my subjective reality or towards true truth, towards connection to Hashem or towards disconnection from Hashem?

And what does it take for the ego to submit to that awareness? Hashem is One. THERE IS NO OTHER POWER. Hashem desires a dwelling place within my heart and I prefer my identity to be that of made in His Image over whatever transitory ego pleasure I currently feel deprived of.

“I don’t deserve this!”  and other hurt messages we tell ourselves are compassion from Hashem whirlpooling towards the “me” that is only there to build us in choosing tzelem elokim over it. Submitting to that truth and falling into Hashem’s loving arms takes emunah.

Emunah is the awareness that we are being given an opportunity to take a G-d-like step. In that moment of darkness where our heart and mind are on turmoil, we can fall backwards into the loving arms of Hashem, immediately and kinesthetically from our hearts craving Him with the mitzvahs of loving Hashem and understandong the design. With our mind focused on Hashem echad and our heart loving Hashem and craving connection to His Truth and Compassion, we become a vessel into which His Compassion flows without being blocked by the ego, the “me” focused alternative.

The Healing Light that enters us brings simcha as well as healing.

The impact is that we have new resources with which to be compassionate, to walk with Hashem, to have a loving heart and give unconditional love. We have understanding of how we are constructed and the simplicity with which we may become triggered and lash out. When others do, it is really about them, not us. We can be that safe and wise environment that reveals compassion. And that light is our true identity.

We all rationalize the reasons we lash back. Maybe we could take a moment to determine if doing so is really what we want though. When we rise above, something transformative is possible for us and for the world.

May we grow in emunah, in unity with Hashem and with each other and may our effort bring a new light into the world, a light of redemption and peace.