Lag B’Omer – accepting the inner light of Torah before Shavuous

If there is one Torah thought towards which our work regarding the inner light of Torah focuses, it is Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echad. This daily prayer expresses the idea that all there is in the world is Hashem, that He is One and is the Only Power and the primary Cause of everything.

The whole world is filled with the simple unity of Hashem’s compassion.

He conceals Himself with many appearances – Elokim.

Yet all is He.

And yet He desires a world and gives people real free will to form a separate identity from Him – a being made in His Image – yet with a unique mission through which we unify His Name.

How do we receive the tremendous gift of His Light into our created being and unify His Name? How do we not get caught up in the self-image related distractions that are our first reaction, our natural development, and seemingly our identity? These are the questions that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai brought answers to.

The most compassionate thing anyone can do is to give us a clear understanding of the “handbook” of life. By so doing, Rashbi gives us the teachings we need to navigate the constricted consciousness that stands ready to claim that precious simple unity of Hashem’s compassion as the power source for the survival of the darkness that conceals the truth.

The more emunah that we have – the more faith in Hashem – the more we may move towards seeing that our apparent identities as we experience life are only a starting point. In truth, we need a sense of what an identity is in order to reveal our true identity as made in the image of Hashem and placed in a body so that we may be a keyboard, a cursor on the screen, to do His Will.

The more we understand about our painful moments, the more we see how the natural intellect that is so sensitive to the body and animal soul and ego is really incomplete because it does not “know” the compassion of Hashem as its real truth, its own Source of both power and simcha.

Without knowing the compassion of Hashem, we get caught up in natural thinking, which is limited to checking back with who? The one in charge of nature, the Soton. Now this is not to demonize life! It is Torah true that Hashem gives the Soton rulership over nature and that He hides within – Elokim – in order that we have a test for our real free will. We are not evil! However, although Hashem conceals Himself, should we further conceal Him, we are feeding the forces of evil because evil is that which obscures the truth of His Love and Oneness. Any obstruction is therefore called evil.

Every moment, through our breath, we are given life. Light is shining upon us and through us. We have a soul and a body, filled and surrounded by the simple unity of Hashem’s compassion.

Trust in this is what makes that truth tangible in our lives and helps us through our tests rather than get trapped in the barriers of our thinking that otherwise further conceal Hashem or place power in the hands of anything or anyone other than Hashem.

To those without emunah and bitachon, our light is easily caught up in fearful or angry thoughts that lead us to think we need to pursue a resolution through our survival instincts’ messages. Often we feel justified in speaking or acting in ways that are damaging to ourselves and others. Without realizing it, we often accept the messages of our natural thinking, believing it is for our own good, when in reality we have been caught in the feedback loop of the intellect referring back only to the self-image of the animalistic soul. The Arizal calls this immature bina, and teaches that our bina must be connected to chochma, awareness of Hashem, His Love and Compassion, and Torah in order for us to regain the strength to withstand what would capture our life force and bring it into the darkness.

May we have mercy on our own souls on this day of Lag B’Omer and move forward a step in comprehending that all there is in the world is Hashem’s simple compassion. May Hashem bless us with more emunah and reliance on Him, bitachon, so that we may be the channel He designs us to be in order to flow the Light He is sending through us into the world as compassion without it getting caught up in the darkness and stuck bound and gagged feeding concealment.

May we realize where we are caught in barriers due to the intellect-self image looping. May we strengthen ourselves with emunah and trust in Him and open the gates of our hearts so that all of the light being sent to us flows through as compassion into the world. And may we see a new light in the world very soon.

end of the below youtube…we are inner tunnels to flow Hashem into this world through our soul

Anatomy of a perception and its journey to compassion and healing

The thoughts below are guided by the steps laid out here

Anatomy of a perception:

For this purpose, let us take an example of someone in your circle who is consistently hurtful, whether intentionally or not. The goal is to walk our perceptions through to a flow that is healing for everyone. And all through personal prayer!

It takes just a moment of silence from someone we are trying to reach for our imagination to go on fire when we are dealing with an emotional or difficult person. Because of experience with the person, that moment of silence is like a blank page upon which our imagination begins to write its judgments and our heart reacts. Are we all familiar with this? She didn’t respond, i am insulted. He didn’t pick up the phone, he is ignoring me. I didn’t get the job, I am a loser. She doesn’t care, she is selfish.

Let’s slow that down.

The imagination is intelligence. our intelligence is grown out of our experience that our body and psyche have had with that person. Because our body and psyche…aka self-image/ego…are the material from which the intellect grows, the intellect is very connected to the emotions, urges, impulses, instincts and desires of the self-image and body. This is so much so that we actually believe that what our intellect is telling us based on being so sensitive to our self-image/ego is the actual reality and truth. Judgment!

Torah comes to teach us that this level of intellect which is called bina, understanding, is immature until it expands to include awareness of Hashem and His Love for us and His wisdom, the Torah. How does this help?

When we find ourselves in the bitterness of the emotions we feel due to the above types of scenarios, Torah teaches us that the force within that emotion is nothing less than our divine soul, the life force given to us from Hashem. It is bound and gagged and dragged into that bitterness. Absent Torah, emunah and love for Hashem, our soul is trapped in the barrier of the intellect checking back only to the natural body and ego.

The Divine soul knows there is Hashem who is all loving but it is forced to animate this animosity, fear, anger, frustration or sadness unwillingly. It, the Divine soul that gives us life, is part of the surrounding love of Hashem that sustains us. It is prepared to bring resources to help so that the scenario is just a test instead of a permanent block. Yet we must will something for that to happen. There is something that Hashem gives to us to do – to do the making of a better person – so that the satisfaction that we will experience is “earned” and not just given to us without effort.

What is that effort? Is it within reach?

Yes! It is the use of the real free will Hashem gives to us. What does it take to use that real free will? Emunah, faith. How do we build our emunah? Practice. How do we know what emunah, faith, is? We pray and we learn Torah and we emulate Hashem. Torah teaches us to recognize our bitterness as an opportunity to have compassion upon that divine spark animating the bitterness unwillingly.

When we have emunah that there is Hashem and that He loves us, we have a muscle to proceed. When we have bitachon, trust, that our divine soul is an actual part of Hashem that reaches to His Throne of Honor at all times and we rely on that as tangible truth, we understand what Hashem wants from us in that moment when we feel judgment, bitterness, pain, fear, anger – all of which are powered by the divine spark in us bound and gagged and being fed to the darkness by the negative messages we are thinking and feeling.

Trust this – The divine spark that is giving intensity to the feelings within the bitterness contains the healing for the situation! There is No Other Power! That life force is filled with the simple unity of Hashem, connected to His Infinity! He can reach His Compassion into this matter IF WE WILL IT. Shall we leave it bound and gagged and feeding the darkness and bitterness? Or shall we activate, through our emunah muscle, steps in personal prayer to flow it into the world for blessing?

“Hashem I see that my imagination/intellect is checking with my body and that the message that is cycling between them is that this lack is going to cause that pain and I don’t want that to happen of course!

But I recognize that this is intellect checking only with self-image and ego.

I do not want the life force that Hashem gives me to fuel this because it is bitter to me and I have compassion on that divine spark to NOT be lost to the darkness.

I have emunah in Hashem and I totally trust that this divine spark when it flows into the world without the bitterness will reveal Hashem’s compassion.

I am tossing away the circumstances entirely right now in favor of focusing my love upon that divine spark, the life force that is flowing from Hashem. Hashem thank you! I love You. I know that this force is all good and wish for it to return to You.

May this arouse Hashem’s love. May the intellect and self-image that feels the bitterness please be emptied of every thought – list and name them – so that the force within it may instead flow into the surrounding love of Hashem and be absorbed .

May the emptied vessel of my intellect and heart be a worthy vessel through which the pure compassion of that spark may flow into the world. Thank you for this opportunity. I bow everything to You. I love You.

May what flows from this bitterness into the world be a blessing, a merit, a healing, a cancellation of gezeira and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself, my family, klal yisrael and all of mankind.”

In order to mean this, we must comprehend that we are divine souls placed in a body and that our true identity is made in the image of Hashem. Not only must we comprehend this from the intellect born from the body, we must expand that intellect through awareness of Hashem and Torah through practice over time of this type of effort. In so doing, we grow more and more into identifying in the moment with our image of Hashem, our true identity for all eternity. We come to see our mortal existence as the opportunity to be placed in contact with darkness so that we may exercise real free will and grow in emunah and bitachon and grow in our level of connection to Hashem in consciousness.

Hashem desires that His creations be satisfied. It is the divine spark within us that is yearning for this satisfaction. It does not receive any satisfaction from physical pleasures of the body, or ego victories.

May we have compassion upon our divine soul more and more and make a free willed choice to be strong vessels that withstand being dragged over the fiery coals that the body and immature intellect experience when it feels its urges and impulses and instincts are being repressed. When we have a tangible sense that Hashem is real, immediate, and doing everything, we more and more naturally cling to Torah and the body comes along because it too realizes that what will replace what it thinks it wants is, in fact, a different but an even greater and eternal simcha. And that the body will experience less bitterness when it is placed into tests – it will get through the test and not be trapped in the barrier of self-image that otherwise leads us to damaging actions or emotions.

And may we soon see a new light in the world as our energy that is triggered becomes a vessel to reveal the image of Hashem’s compassion into the world.

Shavuous Rabbi Braun – from Likutei Maran

The ingathering of exiles – could it be?

I recognize Hashem

I see the low place He has put me in order that I may have the opportunity to do His Will. Thank You for my life and the opportunity to serve You and reflect Your Light into the world and be a part of the Oneness, which is what I want to do. Thank you for creating a world where I have real free will to choose to recognize You and serve You.

By choosing to see Hashem is One, I free my intellect from natural thinking which grows out of the animal soul and which is self-interested as a result, attached and under the domain of nature which conceals You. 

I understand the opportunity to flow kedusha from where it is hidden in this bitterness. The bitterness is the emotion from reactions to the projections of that natural thinking called human nature that obscures the truth. The truth is that Hashem is One and all loving and doing everything. He places my soul in a body to rub against each other only so that I have real free will.

I want to flow the force from this seemingly bitter place because there is no other power and I wish to be a channel across which this kedusha may flow from this low place and fulfill the mission You have sent me to do by willingly unifying Your Name.

I am sending it love, knowing and recognizing it is Hashem concealed, in exile, there is no other power.

I empty all of the bitter messages into the truth and experience of Hashem’s surrounding love and Oneness

I trust that Hashem’s surrounding love will flow and absorb this trapped kedusha, and that my will to expand my intellect to the wisdom of His Love and mercy will be answered with healing messages and clarity and regulated emotions.

I don’t know what the resolution will be, but I know my role is to love Hashem with awe in order that His Love absorb the kedusha trapped in the bitterness. Hashem is One and includes me. Hashem is the Lord Elokim, concealed and I am part of the Elokim.

I trust in Hashem that the kedusha absorbed be used as blessing, a merit, a healing, a cancellation of gezeira, and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself my family and klal yisrael.

  1. There is nothing but Hashem
  2. Hashem fills everything with His compassion
  3. Hashem surrounds everything with His compassion
  4. Hashem creates a world from a yearning to give.
  5. Hashem wants His Creations to be satisfied.
  6. Hashem gives real free will.
  7. Our existence is like that of a cursor on the screen and we are grateful for the tremendous opportunity of life.
  8. Our natural intellect grows out of the animal soul and develops with sensitivity to its urges,impulses, and beliefs.
  9. We also have a Divine soul that is bound and gagged within whatever we pursue based on intellect attuned to the animal soul. Consider this Shechina in exile, or our own soul in exile.
  10. The Divine soul within us knows in every moment that Hashem exists, loves us and is doing everything because it is totally attached to His Love and Light. Yet it is hidden in what seems to be beyond our control, a high light.
  11. Love that Divine spark that is bound and gagged within our pain and recognize that it is Hashem’s love that is surrounding us. The love we extend to it comes out of our experience of pain – our understanding of what is happening to us. Through our emunah (see 12 to 14), the love that fills us extends itself to show compassion for the Divine spark that is captive within the pain. The love we initiate is a recognition of Hashem which opens the channel for the captive divine spark that is Hashem’s surrounding love to flow into our hearts. The entire circumstance is no longer the issue – only absorbing and ingathering this spark in exile within our experience of pain. We have real free will and emunah to love Hashem and declare that we do not want this spark to be held within the darkness of our human nature. Rather, we want this spark to enter the world to bring blessing, forgiveness, healing, cancellation of gezeiras and satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists within us,our families and klal yisrael and the world. We are empowered and wish to serve as the channel for this spark to unify with Hashem’s revealed love.
  12. We are given emunah for free, through the inheritance from our avos.
  13. Accessing emunah in the moment – using the muscle of emunah to hold ourselves steady and keeping our imagination and intellect from reacting -we recognize that Hashem is filling and surrounding all and that He wants us to be a channel that reveals Him, to reflect Him into the world. Know there is Hashem and recognize He is the Only Power.
  14. Relying on our emunah means emptying all of the messages that seek to direct that fiery light towards the goals of the animal soul and in so emptying, hold ourselves steady as a vessel ready to channel that fiery light in a holy expression based on Torah, avoda, and chesed.
  15. Hashem does everything else. We submit, we separate the messages from the light, we love Hashem thereby stirring Hashem’s love for us, and we serve as a channel for the light. Hashem gives us a feeling of satisfaction in this service, a simcha that is the simcha for which we are created (not the false simcha of ego victories.) Bitachon is knowing that we may trust that the Divine spark held captive will be released and flow into this world because Hashem wants us to do our mission of serving Him as a channel. This may not look like what the animal soul hopes for. But there will be inner calm and inner peace.
  16. May our collective efforts to gather in the exiled parts of our soul produce a new and redemptive light in the world.

But it shouldn’t be that way!!

Everyone understands the emotions that come along with this judgment.

What we may not understand is that once we have made this judgment, what we do with it is where we have a unique opportunity to bring Torah and prayer and chesed into the picture. The alternative is to turn towards thinking the judgment and the messages that come along with it, which generally spiral us with negativity and pain and hurt.

It is totally natural that we experience this.

In fact, we just have to look at babies, toddlers, children, teens and young adults and even ourselves to see how natural it is. In fact, it would be considered “normal.” We seek empathy from our friends. Advice from lawyers. Consultation with coaches and therapists and more. All of the wisdom is directed towards how to correct “it should not be this way.” How do we make it fair, just, straight, corrective, responsible and more? These are the pathways that our pain and hurt naturally pursue.

But what if there is an entirely out of the box way to deal with it? Would we be open to hearing about that?

What if that out of the box way tells us that our function in the moment is spiritual and potentially impactful upon the entire world by bringing blessings into the world?

Would we consider setting aside all of our education, thinking, judgments, worldly wisdom and the emotions of our personal traumatic experience?

What would it take to just consider setting it all aside?

Emunah is the muscle that is needed. Will is the power given to our soul to turn in prayer to Hashem. Teshuva is the built in spiritual pathway Hashem designs this world with in order that the life force that is allocated to us may return to Him rather than flow into the darkness and despair.

The force in what we are experiencing, our life force, is at all times connected to the pure truthful reality of Hashem’s love. Everything we are feeling and thinking is like insulation over that live wire. Imagine if the force within that live wire were experienced by us as love in this very same instance. Would we be interested in setting everything else aside?

Would it help to understand that when we choose to set it all aside, we are forming an eternal identity as willing to be one with Hashem?

Perhaps the next question we would have is, well, what exactly wouldi have to do to set it aside? Is it too hard?

What if all it takes to set it aside is to recognize that the force within the experience is the Shechina in exile? Just by recognizing our Creator, hidden, and loving Him, with awe in how He has made a world and knocks on our hearts to let Him in or not, we set it all aside.

Is it too hard to recognize that every moment we are alive we are having an experience of the Shechina in exile? Hashem is hidden within nature, which is under the dominion of the Soton. By creating a world and giving us a body, Hashem is able to conceal Himself completely. Yet He gives us a soul that knows that He is there, albeit that knowledge is covered over. Torah teaches us to seek Hashem always. Recognize the Shechina in exile. Focus on Him alone, on His Power as the only power. Realize His love surrounds and fills us and awaits our opening our hearts as a channel across which that very same force may flow into the world. We are not doing it – He is. We will to be that channel by recognizing Him and setting aside everything we think we know.

Everything we think we know is derived from nature, and remember, nature is under the domain of the Soton. Remember the nachash, who deceived Eve? Its wisdom confuses us to this day, internalized, confusing us with the belief that the image it projects of us, our ego, IS us. FALSE.

“It shouldn’t be this way” is the pathway to “This is an encounter with the Shechina in exile knocking on my heart to open for it to come into this world as compassion. ” Let us choose to be the channel, sincerely, lovingly, with awe and with unity and may the kedusha we flow from the exile into revealed light permanently deplete the arsenal of the Soton and become a merit, a healing, a teshuva, a cancellation of gezeria, a satisfaction of din and a bracha for the soul as it exists in ourselves, our families, klal yisrael and all of mankind.

The power of real free will to know and recognize our Creator is emunah. The prayer we undertake is bitachon, trust.

The vision that we yearn for is Moshiach.

A story about Rabbi Asher Freund – an example of the simcha of living connected

In the biography of Rabbi Asher Freund written by his grandson, the author retells a story about Rabbi Asher Freund. The reason that I share it is because of how it demonstrates the difference between the image that our nature wishes to project upon us that dominates us versus our true identity, which we must constantly choose so that we free ourselves from the image projected.

It seems logical to question why freeing ourselves from what dominates us, our nature, is preferable. Perhaps there are only individually ascribed responses to this. Perhaps it does not resonate with the reader at all. Yet the story below shares that resisting being dominated by our nature was a constant choice of Rabbi Asher Freund. It is for this reason that the story is shared, for anyone interested in that pathway.

Rabbi Asher Freund visited a cemetery where the Sadigguer Rebbe was buried and when he found out, he made sure to go to the kever. The reason was because one time, Rabbi Asher Freund was invited to a wedding of the son and the daughter of two tzaddikim, and there were many guests there, including the Saddiggur Rebbe, whom Reb Asher had not met and to whom Reb Asher was not known. As Rabbi Asher Freund walked towards his seat, he passed by where the Saddiggur Rebbe was seated and all of a sudden the Saddiggur looked up and called to him. Young man Young man come here, come here.

Reb Asher realized that the Saddiggur had felt Reb Asher’s light, that the Saddiggur detected it and looked up. Reb Asher ran out of the wedding hall and did not return.

He wanted to go to the kever of the Saddiggur to daven now and to talk to him, as the Saddiggur had requested.

The scene at the wedding, where it would have brought attention and honor upon Reb Asher, was detestable to Reb Asher, because it would have disrupted his awareness, knowledge and recognition of Hashem by bringing up natural emowe tions that dominate.

While not everyone may make this same choice obviously, the story is worthwhile to mention because of how it demonstrates the extent to which Reb Asher did battle to remain conscious of Hashem.

May we comprehend deeply how when all of us reach that place within us of “it should not be this way” we have merely reached the point where Judaism and emunah begin. It is up to us to realize that every moment is an encounter with nature, Elokim. Hashem is knocking at our door, hoping that we make the choice to remove “it should not be this way” in favor of purging all of what we think we know in order that we serve as a channel across which the kedusha hidden in Elokim may enter this world in the form of Havayah, compassion and mercy. Hashem does it. We open the door with real free will, prayerful speech, and emunah.

Every ounce of power in the world is Hashem’s Alone. When we speak, we are experiencing Elokim and utilizing His Power to move our lips, breathe, think and feel. Let us recognize our Creator and realize how best to utilize our mortal lives and resources.

And may we each grow in our ability to serve as a channel for revealed light to flow, through our recognition of Hashem, through our growing knowledge of Him, and through our love, our will, our awe, and our trust, no matter what. May the example of how to choose and form our eternal identity as one with Him inspire us.

From Isaiah, as taught by Rabbi Moshe Genuth, on becoming transparant/nullified- what a tzaddik is. The above is a clip from Faith and Confidence, which can be accessed through a subscription through Patreon

Awakening to truth – whoa

A series of experiences has shown me something that I am humbled to say because of the impact I believe it is having. What I am awakening to is the real possibility that we do not have emotional relationships with people. We have emotional relationships with our understanding of people and the understanding of the people is determined by our freedom from the illusions projected by and our attachment to ego-messages. When our understanding of people is predicated on Hashem’s love for all of us, and when we truly comprehend the challenge of life and how patient we must be with ourselves and others through this lifetime, we free ourselves more and more from illusions and attachment to ego-messages.

Awakening to how deeply our perceptions are colored by the Evil Persuader is the beginning of realizing the importance of attaching to Hashem. The default is to attach to the messages of the Evil Persuader all the while thinking that its messages are who we are. We are all searching for self-knowledge. Perhaps that search should be re-named searching for knowledge about how to free the true self. In any event, the Torah teaches us that our ego is a starter identity we need in order to comprehend what identity is at all. From that starter identity, we have real free will to build eternal identity. The more we see how we are drawn naturally and attach to messages that are coming from our natural inclination, the more we are free to will that we attach to compassion. Our true identity is a soul attached to Hashem, placed in a body, so that we may come to experience opportunities to make this choice. If we understand the adversary but do not heed it, it cannot overtake us.

Why do we get upset in relationships? What are the messages we are reacting to? Where are those messages coming from? And what do we do? We talk to people and ask for help. And where do the messages that the advisors are drawing from come – education, profession, experience, and hopefully Torah. Yet which do we attach to – do we cling to the messages of Torah or do we feel it is up to us to decide our path, depending on how strongly we are attached to the painful messages?

The purpose of this writing is to clarify for everyone – our identity IS NOT the messages of ourselves that are causing us distress. All of us are plugged into the same Evil Persuader, listening to its advice very carefully. It suggests to us how to wield power. For example, all of us understand how children have a natural desire to attach to parents and teachers. Thus, the evil persuader would suggest to us that if we trigger this type of response, we have power over people. Really? We have power? Hashem is the Only Power. When we listen and think these thoughts, we are literally feeding our soul to the darkness, not exercising power. Will people be damaged and will we feel a “reward” from the Evil Persuader by feeling like we are in control and we mastered the other? Yes. Will we have actually exercised power? No. Hashem allows us to deliver a damage that He alone determines is just. We get no credit whatsoever for doing a good deed. We have placed our souls into the precarious place of darkness. Even if the outcome for the other person is just, we did not do a mitzvah at all.

What saves us from the fiery coals that the evil persuader has at its fingertips to project through us? Emunah. Our soul loves Hashem without stopping because it is attached without stopping to Him, despite being in a body that is insensitive to that reality. Yet the love for Hashem is there. We need more strength in emunah. We need more insight into our natural attachments to the messages that are projected through us so that we don’t “fall for that one” again. We need to pray more sincerely that instead of succumbing to the natural will (which we see concerns the illusory self, an image of nature), that our true love for Hashem and desire to attach to Him as One prevail.

How deep are the basic messages of self that are false. On the one hand, we thrive on holding ourselves above those who we see as sinning, lacking, acting poorly and more. On the other hand, we despise feeling judged and gloated over when others see our faults and shame us, reject us and more. Regardless of which side of this basic see saw we find ourselves, we begin to see the see saw and realize that IT IS NOT US but the evil persuader who is benefiting when we perceive ourselves as either up or down on that see saw!!! We are NEVER UP!!!!! UP is darkness. Down is darkness.

Thus, all relationships are props. Shall we “bite” and find ourselves naturally relating in this see saw? Or shall we see the opportunity to attach to Hashem and view ourselves as a part of His Compassion alone, holding ourselves with awareness without succumbing to the demands of the messages we feel. We gain information from the messages but we do not depend on them for our actions. Our actions instead are to strengthen ourselves in emunah and trust Hashem and do teshuva on whatever is coming to confuse our mind. What we return to Hashem in those teshuva moments, the kedusha we release from the grip of the Soton projecting illusions through us, contains an infinite compassion that we usher into the world with which Hashem silences the evil persuader, the only one interfering with our simcha. The other person is a prop. We may love them, but even that love is natural and therefore in the arsenal of the evil persuader to paint pictures for us about another, about ourselves, about life, about Hashem. The place for our love is to Hashem. When we realize this, and we step above the reach of the evil persuader to do Hashem’s will and act compassionately, with forgiveness, with patience, with kindness, we are revealing Hashem and doing His Will. We love each other. We give the benefit of the doubt. We do not hate or bear a grudge.

It is a divine promise that when we submit our will (what we think of as our will but which is really just attachment to the “good advice” of the evil persuader) to do His Will, we release kedusha to its Source. And we do mitzvahs. Hashem then blocks the will of our adversary – the evil persuader. It never has anything really to do with people or power. It has everything to do with emunah, bitachon, love for Hashem, Torah, mitzvahs and real free will.

Our relationship with Hashem is the source of the greatest simcha. Human love relationships become shockingly secondary, as important and comfortable as these are. They assume a healthier perspective in the realm of importance. Yet having this perspective means that we recognize that the love relationships are given to us from Hashem. He is the Source for all good. And our attachment is best placed with His Torah and mitzvahs, loyally following Him despite what natural messages our perceptions might lead us towards. Comprehending the “self” that listens to these messages means comprehending how our unconscious and subconscious are woven into the hands of the evil persuader. Hashem wants us to redeem ourselves from its grip using real free will and the innate love for Him in our soul.

Following Torah and emulating His Compassion despite the exile means we comprehend deeply and trust.

The importance of taking the time to notice and name the Force (Hashem) and where the message comes from

Pirke Avos, Mishna 4:

“He used to say: Treat His will as if it were your own will, so that He will treat your will as if it were His will. Nullify your will in the face of His will, so that He will nullify the will of others in the face of your will.”

The Artscroll Pirke Avos comments:

“While man is blessed with free choice, he would be wise at times to forgo the privilege and pray that Hashem take it away from him. When sorely tempted by the Evil inclination, man should pray: “I totally yield to Your will, dear Father. Take my free will from me; I want neither free will nor the reward for proper choice that it can bring me.” Man may then be assured that since he willfully nullified his power of free choice to the Will of Hashem, Hashem will in turn nullify the will of others – in this case, the Evil Persuader – in the face of his will (Kozhnitzer Maggid.)

The Artscroll continues, here is a short reading, regarding setting desire aside:

Nullify our will to Hashem’s will and He nullifies the will of the Evil Persuader in the face of our will

In secular psychology, there is a phrase “name to tame” that helps people get a handle on what emotionally is transpiring.

Spiritually, there is a deeper way to do this.

Often when we are experiencing the flow of emotions and thoughts, it feels like the emotion or thought IS the force.

Torah teaches us something important. There is only One Force, Hashem.

Hashem is all good and all loving. Yet He agrees to give kedusha, into the hands of the Soton with which to run nature, including our nature. Hashem gives us a mind that has the ability to know. And Hashem is the knowledge behind all that we see and experience. He conceals Himself with veils so that we, with the knowing ability He gives us, can come into a world and recognize Him by virtue of knowing there is No Other Power. For this opportunity, we are grateful, because it means we are given lifetime to develop an eternal lifetime.

If there were no veils there would be no world.

Yet we are given the knowing ability and a world in order that through our recognition, Hashem’s pure light, revealed, may flow into this world and there remain a world.

Each person has challenges and tests. Each person has what may feel like fiery coals of emotions. Yet when we know what it is for, it is possible to “name and tame” and thereby Hashem’s light may illuminate the world.

The force in our emotions is kedusha given into the hands of the Soton to project images within us, using our “knowing” abilities. Messages come through these projections which we “sign” our name to by thinking them and believing them. Realizing that these messages are false or incomplete and part of the projections and deceptions of the Soton permit us to focus completely on the force itself. When we focus on the force, and we recognize it is Hashem because there is No Other Power, and we remember Hashem’s vast lovingkindness and experience love and awe for Hashem, the force from the matter is absorbed into the love and the false messages no longer have a potency. Often, we exhale and experience the return of calm.

Here are two short readings from Parsha Emor from the Arizal teachings that explain why noticing the difference and identifying the false and the true make all the difference for us.

Why binah must be in constant connection with chochma, the orininal inception of Torah insight and Hashem’s Oneness and Love
Submission, separation, and sweetening is ego-submission and why that is crucial

And here is a short reading from shiur HaShiurim, Love Song of a Nation with commentaries by the Alshich, on Chapter 1 perek 4 that explains how acknowledging (naming to tame)reveals our longing despite our condition as souls in a beastly body. Our naming to tame IS an expression of our yearning….the emunah of our soul breaking through to open the doors for Hashem, acknowledging our condition and declaring our true will.

For more from Love Song of a Nation, click here

Listen at least to last 15 minutes

Why settle for ego?

Understanding how we are 0 and Hashem is 1 and Only

“If you observed the composition of an atom with a microscope, you would see a small, invisible tornado-like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These are what make up the structure of the atom. If you focused in closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing, a literal void. The atom has no physical structure, thus we have no physical structure, and physical things really don’t have any physical structure! Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

From this, scientists have made all sorts of discoveries, including that we create our own realities.”

Our intellect is designed by Hashem. In utero, it is the first thing that develops, closest to Him. Nine months later form the nails and hair, the farthest in time from conception. When we apply the intellect that He gives us, and we focus on the reality that He is the Knowing One who gives us the sense that we know anything, we run into barriers to that. The barriers we run into aree believing that we know better. How could that have happened? What is going on? And all the judgments that we discern with the interpretations based on our life experience that we hold on to. The interpretations are based on our development within nature and our perception of what it takes to protect our image, our bodies, our money, our families, our lives, etcetera. Yet ask, where are those interpretations coming from – are they coming from Torah or are they coming from natural reactions, experience and good advice?

How does this relate to our self esteem? From where do we derive self-esteem?

We have an inclination to follow Torah and serve Hashem. But we also have an inclination from our survival instincts, urges and impulses. Often, the latter are felt emotionally and pervasively while our inclination towards Torah remains intellectual. How can this be reversed?

Recognizing the design of the world is crucial. Hashem gives us the ability to know. Hashem is the knowledge itself, since He alone surrounds us with a body, with a world, with circumstances. Thus, His Knowledge is within our mind as well as within what He wants us to know through our perceptions. Thus far, what are we doing other than experiencing and reacting?

Realizing that we have not yet signed our name to any mitzvah or character improvement just by being reactive, what does Hashem want from us?

Hashem wants us to recognize Him as the force within what we are experiencing. He does not want us to keep our reaction, our impulse, or urge, our judgment as what we depend on for action. He wants us to recognize Him as the only Force and willingly love Him with awe. In so doing, the force that is blocking the way for what we know and what the knowledge, the truth, is to come together is removed. The block is the Shechina in exile that we are feeding by not recognizing that He is what knows within us and that He is the truth surrounding us.

This is an entirely new way of looking at life.

Our consciousness of what the projections from the Soton tell us actually block us from unifying consciousness within us with its Source.

We get much information and detail from comprehending the block. Yet we are instructed to not depend on it for action, but rather submit our interpretations with emunah and trust that by so doing, we become enveloped within the total Love and Mercy of the One Hashem Who knows and is the truth. Being a channel across which the kedusha in the block may come into this world IS the blessing we are hoping for. We don’t have control over it. We don’t move it with our hands and mouth, so we don’t feel the same certainty as when we take a specific action. Nevertheless, the One Knows and is Truth, and we are greater when we are unified with Him in this submission of what is more comfortable and tangible to us.

Remember that there really is nothing tangible that is not pure energy.

Are we beginning to catch on to how our identity is never our ego image? In fact, our ego image actually blocks us from being One with Him.

We are here to use our physical body and talents and gifts as a keyboard for channeling and directing compassion and light, not for generating pain, destruction and disunity.

The fine line is to realize that as different as we all are, there is no grounds to disrespect another’s Torah true path. Should we disagree, it must only be with the understanding that if another person is able to show us it is more emes-dik then we would adjust our view. Emes is Torah. While there are many ways of understanding different issues, each one of us is connected directly to Hashem and each one of us, in verbal introspection, is able to ask Hashem to please lead us to the truth. If we find people who are open to being led to the truth, who seek the truth, we are blessed to have them in our lives. It means that we are able to be vulnerable and feel safe emotionally because we are properly understood as seeking the truth and oneness with Hashem. In such relationships, there is no need to detach from each other, for in reality, both are unified in this quest for the truth.

May we find more and more people in our lives who desire to be closer to the truth, who remove the natural blocks that Hashem gives us to remove (He does everything else), and who are trustworthy to share our vulnerable feelings with. When we understand that the goal of our lives is to empty the blocks of the Shechina in exile, the kedusha given to the Soton with which it spins illusions and projects natural reactions within us, we are able to embrace our fears, our hurts and pains and more and comprehend them as an experience being given to us to redeem its kedusha. We are given real free will to deplete and render powerless the evil inclination. The evil inclination is what blocks us from awareness of Hashem. Instead of acting on our reactions, let’s back up and recognize Hashem and unify and serve Him with love and awe.

Here again are the steps:

The “me” generation thinking has added tuma over the behira point we need to find for healing and simcha

The most natural instinct in children is attachment to the mother, to the parents. So much can go wrong there. The positive resolution of separation anxiety becomes the basis of a person’s mental health for life.

So much takes place in our formative years. The history of the Jewish people has been traumatic – expulsions, pogroms, extermination, senseless hatred and more. Everyone is affected in the primal place we all share, that place of needing love, safety, security and attachment.

The messages that come to us when we are not experiencing love, safety, security and attachment are full of light that brings to our consciousness whatever history we have regarding these fundamental natural urges and impulses. A small child cannot understand that there is any other Being to attach to or how that would help and thus, all types of coping mechanisms and fears take root in the natural will.

There is no one alive who does not understand this. We all are amazed at how we might feel rejected, burnt out, intimidated, abused, insulted, neglected and more by inadvertent slights and even intentional challenging experiences like we find in shidduchim, employment and more.

The circumstances are rich with opportunity for us to…..REDEEM the kedusha from the painful messages. In order to do so, it is important that we realize that the REDEEMING is the reason that the circumstances took place. It is our opportunity to re-unify kedusha trapped in the dark to its Source.

Oh if only we could truly come to see that Hashem is doing everything JUST to give us a swing at the bat of real free will to be that channel across which Infinite light might flow into the world! This is our primary purpose, yet, does anyone tell us?

Not only that, we have so many rationalizations about what we need to not look like a shmata or be taken advantage of, we are ready to take on the circumstances at whatever cost in spiritual damage rather than build the emunah and bitachon to be a channel.

Responding with emunah and bitachon is NOT a cop out! Such shaming language reflects attraction to the payoffs the Soton gives – being right, looking powerful, seeming in control – rather than building eternal life. Emunah and bitachon do NOT mean that no further action is taken. It means that whatever action taken will be compassionate and it recognizes that Hashem is the Only Power and He does everything else. We choose and trust. This is strength. Hashem is 1. We are zero. If we think we are 1 then we are making Hashem zero chas vshalom. When we see Hashem is 1, and we only an integrated part of that 1 and therefore a zero, do you see how being a zero is infinitely greater than being 1?

My journey has taken me to the deep places of having to empty the messages fueled by the kedusha of the Shechina in exile. These reactive emotions were embedded in my lymbic system. Determined use of real free will with emunah and trust in Hashem has helped me recognize the difference between the force – the kedusha given into the hand of the Soton with which it spins illusions based on my early years – and the messages themselves. By recognizing that I am having an experience of the Shechina in exile, with total emunah and bitachon, I embrace the reaction with love and awe and will to be the channel for the hidden light to flow into this world. Each time I do, I ask that it be a merit, a healing, a forgiveness, a blessing, a cancellation of gezeiras, a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself, my family and klal yisrael. We are one soul, One with Hashem, and one with Torah.

All the shaming, blaming, leitzonos, rationalizations, intimidations and the like are of no interest other than for the kedusha to be redeemed from their nasty messages. The force and the message are NOT one. The force is trapped in the kelipa. Recognize the Creator with love and awe and see what happens. What do we have to lose? Nothing. and what do we stand to gain? Redemption.

Up to date steps to regulate emotions and cling to Hashem – He does everything

  This is the avoda we have real free will to do. 

The awe is that Hashem is doing everything just to set it up so that we may exercise this real free will.

It is humbling. 

Everything is Hashem, including the will we use, but we get the credit.

My insight is that animals are sustained without real free will.  Shall I abandon the real free will He gives and ask instead to be sustained like an animal, out of His Goodness?

This is why awakening to this application, to this depth of application, of real free will is transformative.