Why use submission separation and sweetening as the frame of reference for teshuva – expanding our vessels through growing in Yiras Shemayim

The frame of reference that the three steps submission separation and sweetening that we are using during our teshuva (www.brachagemach.com – if interested send email to shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com) to benefit the teshuva we do is important to understand more deeply.


In order to receive the true happiness and pleasure that Hashem wishes to bestow upon Nishmas Am Yisrael, we have to be a vessel that can contain it, meaning that it will feel like a pleasure to us.


For our mind to expand from the happiness and pleasures we associate with worldly matters, physical and emotional satisfactions, a sense of value based on the appearance of being capable independently existing beings, we need to grow in yiras shemayim.


We have an inner strength to ask Hashem to help us bend our firey responses when experiencing a lack of love and value from other people.  We beseech Hashem to help us release happiness and pleasure from being trapped in the thought that we must “do something” to secure our perceived need for love and value from people or events. The way we beseech Hashem is by effacing with yiras Shemayim anything that blocks us from the reality that He Alone is creating every detail of our circumstance in order to give us the opportunity to realize Hashem is One, to internalize what it means to say Know there is Hashem.  KNOW IT, even in that moment.


Knowing it in that moment effaces the grip that our natural being, our ego-development even when healthy, trusts as the source for happiness and pleasure.  Knowing there is Hashem in that moment, releases the soul’s source of happiness and pleasure to its true root, its inseparable connection to Hashem.


Happiness and pleasure come from learning Torah, emulating Hashem (toleratiing insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, and casting sins into the sea) and living with emunah, faith that the Source of all Vitality is Hashem and bitachon, trust, that our our firey reactions can burn out lower levels of existence in order to instead flow passion for Torah to create warmth and light.  Our effort to do so is the basis of real esteem and the consequence of doing so is the experience of real pleasure as we build our mind’s capacity to receive it and prefer it over the natural we just effaced.


This effacing of worldly matters during the three weeks is a teshuva that comes at a time that has the potential to be a time of holliness but got covered over because of the sin of the Golden Calf.  All progress we make in returning happiness and pleasure to serving Hashem helps us to repair the false belief that there is any glory other than Hashem’s Glory.

Nishmas Am Yisrael – Taking Cover? Hashem help us dissolve what we need to from our hearts to reveal You as is Your Will

bride takes cover

How do tyrants gain power? The world unfortunately has many examples of brutality, of killings, of actual control over the lives of others, of those who adversely affect the lives of others in order to dominate and to require submission of the others to the will of their tyranny. When it comes to the physical existence of people, it is not hard to understand why people fear for their lives and conform. That is a natural human response.


One reason to love Hashem is that He is all loving. He gives us a Torah and multiple times a day, He tolerates our insults to His Stated will, we say the wrong bracha, we omit an after bracha, we have a negative charge against a family member and more. Hashem knows every emotion, every ounce of electrical impulse, within our makeup because at every moment it is He Alone Who is providing the Source for its existence by uttering it into existence. Hashem weaves the circumstances of our lives together so seamlessly though that we lose sight of His Constant Presence, His Omniscience, and His Omnificence.


The hiddenness of Hashem is in order to give us free will. Yet it also gives tyrants a tool to dominate, and that is through the illusion that they are in charge of our lives, our survival, in what esteem the world community will hold us. For those who do not have Torah to help see Hashem’s hiddenness, it is easy to understand how emotions can be swayed with political means.


There is a place in every person that needs love and value. It is oxygen for our existence. As people, being well thought of, cared for, appreciated, and having a productive existence is imperative to having a healthy life. There is no question about it. It is obvious that a tyrant can take that away. What is not obvious is that it is only with Hashem’s permission.  And what is really hidden is that the success of the tyrant does not mean that Hashem favors the tyrant.  In human terms, in terms of human justice, it seems that way, that Hashem “rewards” the tyrant by subjugating the Jewish people to their actions.  In Torah terms, in terms of the function of Nishmas Am Yisrael, there is a more elevated effort towards creating positive influence for which Hashem desires to give us real eternal reward.


In the Holocaust, the Nazis took away productivity, took away the jobs and positions of the Jewish People. They forced us to wear garments labeling us as Jews. In this way, they used their power over the physical realm and their speech to create labels intended to strip away the divine dignity of the Jewish people.   It hurt the part of us that is physical. It was crushing. And then because they convinced themselves and others that the Jews were not really human, they went through with their plan to eradicate us, annihilating six million people.


Over the years we have become very sensitive to that place where our sense of feeling loved and valued based on emunah and bitachon in Hashem has been ridiculed, tortured, lowered, and murdered in order for tyrants to appear victorious over His People. That connection between the Jewish People and Hashem is our Bais HaMikdosh. It is a special flow. When our physical existence or ability to survive in healthy environment is threatened, unless we are so very strong in emunah and bitachon that we FEEL our love and value coming from Hashem, chances are that our happiness and pleasure will become trapped in goals seeking responses from external sources. No one is immune from this.


The Torah response is to understand at all times that EVERYTHING is Sourced in Hashem and He is the one to turn to. We lift our eyes and cry out regarding the bitterness, in prayer, Hashem this is bitter! We are turning to You! Hashem Echad!  Even if we don’t understand.

Hashem wants to give us the relief we want. He wants to fill us with the pleasure of feeling love and valued by Him. He is in a constant state of desiring to do this, for this is the purpose for which He creates the world. Yet if He sends this chesed to us and we do not have a vessel to receive it, what will happen? We will not be able to contain the pleasure. It will just fall away and we will still be seeking the happiness and pleasure from external sources, believing that is reality. In other words, Hashem’s chesed to us would not be good for us! Why? Because even if intellectually we want it, our hearts are biased towards lower pleasures, an inevitable consequence of having had our existence challenged, traumatized and exterminated and threatened throughout history.


That is the area we need to restore. Each one of us can, in personal prayer, identify where we experience a discrepancy between the way things appear to be and the reality that everything Hashem does is good and just. Even if we can’t articulate all the ways our complaints and charges interfere, we can say two words with intention and sincerity. Hashem Echad.


Hashem is One. He is the Source. There is No Other Power.


Whatever it is that I seek through whatever means outside of Hashem that I seek it, that hishtadlus is not the hishtadlus that will prepare me to receive the real pleasure Hashem wants to give to us. We can argue with that a long time with many proofs. But Hashem wants our hearts and He knows when He has our hearts.


We know when we have given Him our hearts when we experience the pleasure of revealing His Glory over our natural urges otherwise.


Hashem wants a relationship with us. He wants us to spend time dissolving, bitteling, our sense of having any glory whatsoever that is not His Glory. He wants our egos to surrender to animating His Glory and His Torah and emulating His Attributes of mercy. He wants our imagination to happily connect to the role of Nishmas Am Yisrael and He wants to give us the pleasure He intends for us, the pleasure of being that vessel which reveals His Attributes of Mercy.  The Jewish people are intended to be as the moon reflecting the sun, with no light of our own.


All day long Hashem tolerates our insults awaiting us to remember Hashem Echad.  May His Love for us give us strength to reconnect our yearning for love and value, for happiness and pleasure, for our survival, to our hishtadlus to learn Torah, emulate His Attributes of Mercy and to live with emunah and bitachon revealing more and more His Glory and less and less the false belief that we have light of our own. Whatever doubts come up upon reading this, that is the work on our hearts we must do in order to become a vessel that can receive the pleasure He desires to give us. Individually, it is our tikun. And once we bring ourselves glued more closely to Him, and take our next step revealing His Glory, that is our yeud, our unique role.


No matter where we find ourselves, in government, politics, professions, positions of power and leadership, these principles apply to every Jew and it is a worthy pursuit, to remove what blocks His Glory from flowing through our hearts. Effort to do so creates the spiritual beings that can then help us in our positions to serve Hashem and make kiddush Hashem.


May we be zocheh to redemption b’ahava.

Please see www.brachagemach.com


Entering the Three Weeks – Love and Awe of Hashem heal our nature and reveal His Glory

Before we are bar or bat mitzvah, existence is dependency on our parents and our neurocircuitry and thinking are developing. A nurturing environment reduces the amount of trauma that gets lodged in our memories. Yet no matter how secure an environment, the structure of the human brain is such that perceived threats trigger our defense mechanisms. Because everyone has a soul that is made in Hashem’s image, each of us understands ourselves as meritorious for being loved and valued. If a child is in a natural environment where messages damage the child’s ability to experience being loved and valued by the parents, the teachers, friends, community, the natural defense mechanisms that associate with child-like misinterpretations become incorporated into our brain reactions. We develop unhealthy fear, a fear that we believe but that is not real. The fear has fallen from healthy fear, awe of Hashem. And when that happens, when we don’t have healthy fear of Hashem, awe of Hashem becomes trapped in thinking that happiness and pleasure come from worldly matters, such as other people. Such fallen fear covers up our divine dignity.


We have intrinsic divine dignity because we are made in the image of Hashem. Effort to reveal Hashem’s glory is the basis for esteem.


Our fallen fears create more layers over our divine dignity and that blocks our ability to reveal His glory, for the coverings over our heart divert our attention through imagination toward self-referencing goals.   The more damaged we are, the more layers and the more magnetically the winds can stir up our imagination to quickly pull us away from real Divine dignity, tzelem elokim, and instead sell us on the illusion of pleasure to be had if this one or that one respected us, loved us, treated us better, ad infinitum.


Even for a person who has awe of Hashem, when someone “hits” us with an insult or an unkind word, physiologically we react with a red alert, a natural brain reaction that, when we have awe of Hashem we can “:field” and subdue the natural reaction. A person with awe of Hashem then reacts kindly in return with a respectful response or with loving boundary setting. Yet when there are many instances that a person feels that their divine dignity has not been recognized by another person due to the manner in which a request is made, a statement is said, a comment directed, a desire expressed and more, the natural reaction of red alert becomes more and more associated with the person and the circumstances, and this begins to cover up divine dignity unless a person, using emunah and concerted effort, is determined to grow only in healthy awe of Hashem.


We can take our “red alert” reactions and with love in our hearts tell Hashem this is bitter and we know it is all from Hashem, that He is One. We can then begin to sense the amazing animation from the natural and distill its strength with intention to grow in awe of Hashem for how He has created the world and His People.   By declaring Hashem is One, we create a spiritual being to lead us in the path we desire to go and we pat that strength from the natural to solidify awe of Hashem to a new level. The strength that we can add can only be obtained by going through this process of relating to the circumstances with emunah, opening the love in our heart to Hashem to declare He is One, and then asking that the animating energy that flows through our heart reveal only His Glory. It is the role of the Jewish people to do this. Without Torah we would just do what is natural, experience a diminishment in our divine dignity, react as if it is dangerous, and then perceiving ourselves as good, take action to secure what we feel we need to in order to preserve ourselves. Such actions generally blame the other person, stripping them of divine dignity, and then we shame them, causing injuries to have them doubt their divine dignity by giving them painful emotional experiences that cloud things over.


All of this happens because of one huge problem: We left Hashem out of the picture. Our divine dignity became obscured because we fell victim to the winds that blew through us strong self-preseving reactions out of fear of abandonment or annihilation or both. When such an error happens that our imagination becomes associated with our fears rather than with emulating Hashem’s attributes of mercy, the forces of nature have triumphed in covering our divine dignity and whispering in our ear a faulty basis for determining if we have love and value.


Such a victory for the yetzer hara succeeds in lowering everything. Yet when we beat even one small aspect of that natural fear, we can take the animating strength from the imagination and from the yetzer hara that naturally wants to dominate and instead have it enhance awe of Hashem. We can bring it to the healthy side of fear we have to fight for Hashem’s truth.


The place within our subconscious is remote from us. It is in our nature and the yetzer hara dominates human nature and has entrée to that subconscious place, to that switch in the tracks, like an infiltrator walking through a door that is open only to it, a door that may be locked to us!! It is very important in verbal introspection to dig and dig to understand our inner switch.



The door the yetzer hara has access to that is closed to us explains why we have sympathy for people who cry out from a place of feeling that their divine dignity is not respected. Because we are familiar with that feeling, without understanding it feels as though we have been insulted or denied divine dignity because of a challenge to awe of Hashem, we have empathy for it.   The only problem is, imagination is building on fears and upsets that are not truly reflecting an understanding of revealing Hashem’s glory. If I desire to reveal Hashem’s Glory, I do not need to argue with yours. Instead, by revealing Hashem’s Glory, I see the divine dignity of the other and Hashem is in the picture. Since everything is Hashem, such an approach is bound to be effective.


With emunah, we rise above our red alerts in order to do battle with internal winds that would have our divine dignity concealed in favor of self-referencing goals. Emunah and healthy awe of Hashem help us strengthen our ability to reveal Hashem’s Glory through our thoughts speech and deeds. The more we reveal Hashem’s Glory out of love, the more positive influence we create that leads us in the path we wish to go, to have healthy boundaries to keep negative attacking forces out. We have many opportunities each day to build positive influence in this area of awe of Hashem. When the challenges come, dissect them back into their elements – all desires must conform to Know there is Hashem and He is the source of all vitality. All anger and fear must conform to No other Power and fire must be subdued to create warmth, light and burn out lower levels of existence that cause pain. Ask Hashem for help in wiping human nature off the animating force and revealing His Glory instead.


This subconscious switch, when closed properly, connects our imagination to serving the truth that happiness and pleasure come from emulating Hashem’s attributes of mercy and nothing else. It feels like we are pulling ourselves from something real but that something real is false yet we believe it, as designed by Hashem, in order to give us real free willed choice. Yetzer hara, Torah tipped your hand! But we still have to work and work to discover the place this switch happens and to apply effort to reveal His Glory instead of the natural places of destruction our defensiveness is heading us towards.


When we truly subdue this inner switch, attaching happiness and pleasure to learning Torah, emulating hashem’s attributes of mercy, and living with faith and trust in Hashem, we will have the ability to draw Hashem’s glory into one of the darkest places of human nature, illuminating it and removing circumstances designed to direct us to hunt for the switch and make the repair.


May we soon see a new light in the world with redemption.

Bracha Gemach – Teshuva that removes our nature so as to reveal His Glory

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When we are compelled by our human nature, very often we conduct ourselves in a manner that is designed to achieve our personal goals.  This is normal, every day human life.


Yet we also have a capacity to rise above in order to conduct ourselves in a manner that serves Hashem in an altruistic way.  This is a moment of holiness.  When we do have these moments of transcending our nature out of love for Hashem in service to Hashem for His Sake alone, what we reveal in our actions reveals His Glory – the love and value that is coming to us in every moment.  It also removes something from our nature, dissolving something, rectifying our unrefined characteristics in the process, whittling away at the mask over nature as we take steps towards ein od milvado consciousness.


We can “donate” our unrefined characteristics and by revealing Hashem’s Glory not only rectify ourselves but we also create merits for the Jewish people.  The Jewish people are one soul, and whatever we rectify in regard to our unrefined characteristics affects in a good way everyone, raising the amount of Hashem’s Glory that is revealed in the world and aiding everyone to a higher level from which people may have more choice at their own free will points to rectify their unrefined characteristics and in turn reveal Hashem’s Glory.

Posted here are recordings of guided teshuvas.  Women who would like the handouts and to be on this distribution list, please send an email to shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com

call in numbers 8 AM and 10 PM Eastern:  712 775 7085  code 171698   712 775 7089 playback code 171698

July 13, 2014 night:

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July 14, 2014 morning

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July 14, 2014 night

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July 15, 2014 morning

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July 15, 2014 night

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July 16, 2014 morning – includes sharing 

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July 16. 2014 night   Eastern

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July 17, 2014 morning

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At this writing there is military action with ground troops.  if you have any bitterness, anger, resentment and the like within you toward anyone, please consider doing the teshuva below now to create positive influences for fire:


Please Hashem I feel the bitterness of resentment toward… (or anger, or judgment, etc.) I am calling out to You!  The path these bitter feelings are leading me by default are unpleasant, there is no love to be gained from it and there is no value to my eternity for pursuing this.    Wherever the trigger is coming from is Sourced ultimately in You for my growth, although it may have come through the animal soul that has impurities!


I wish to remove the impurities causing bitterness yet I ask to keep the strength involved in order to fold that strength into the element of fire that can serve to reveal Your Glory as follows:


to a revealed good use of fire that produces warmth and light and protection for our soldiers and for Israel


to nullify the weapons that fire upon us so that enemy fire has no ability to harm any Jew


to fire that destroys only what needs to be destroyed for the elimination of the threat to Israel




Please Hashem by virtue of this teshuva regarding the element of fire, may I strengthen within my heart and mind awe of Hashem to recognize when to repeat this teshuva in the moment, repairing unrefined characteristics with which to add to a rectified capacity to serve You and reveal Your Glory.  May I develop an ever-deepening ability and passion to reveal Your Glory through rectified expressions of the element of fire and receive the experience of true pleasure, real love and eternal value.

July 17, 2014 night

      9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/06t5370e80b1z97/july172014pm.mp3

July 18, 2014 morning

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updated: http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/07/17/teshuva-within-format-submission-separation-sweetening-example-toolbox/


Please listen to Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen on Kol HaLashon after the ground invasion and downing of the Malaysian Flight 17 plane http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/07/18/rabbi-simcha-bunim-cohen-notes-shiur-ground-invasion-gaza-kol-halashon/

July 18, 2014 erev Shabbos

      11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fooofftbz9kx02w/july182014erevshabbos.mp3
if you can please listen and use the sheet before Shabbos,  teshuva today, for the first week of the three weeks, before Shabbos, might really help us in our efforts to break through to identity as divine dignity, tzelem elokim and to our ability to reveal His Glory in the moment.Please if you experience the calmness and clarity that these three steps are designed for, please don’t dismiss it.  Please understand it is the sound of being in touch with the side of us that is so covered over.  Please we want to yearn for this, to experience the pleasures that we are designed for, and seeking this true pleasure is the best way to have more consciousness and make choices when life is coming at us.


July 20, 2014  

      12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/exdn3i6vc9u7duu/july202014am.mp3
 I used http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/07/17/teshuva-within-format-submission-separation-sweetening-example-toolbox/  this morning already and it really helped me notice what the mistake in my thinking was that was causing me to feel so sad – what is important to realize is that the process of doing this creates positive influence while we are doing our tikun.  There is no blame or shame in having tikun to do.  Having tikun to do is a sign we are alive BH with a subconscious, unconscious and ego which will all be true until Moshiach comes and our thought processes become clarified – but we won’t have free will then.  we have it now and that is the benefit of doing this work now.  And the positive influence we create in the process is the goal. We Nishmas Am Yisrael bring the lower K of Hashem’s Name yud k vav k closer to unifying with the upper K each time.  We will use it on this morning’s call

July 20, 2014 3 PM extra teshuva

      13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6ve1hrvznxx5vw/july2020143pm.mp3
  After the recording ended, we did the teshuva, very moving, to help strengthen emunah for the current situation.


July 20, 2014 pm

      14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ia35jhuub15rxti/july202014pm.mp3
Thank you for the discussion! it is so clarifying for everyone!


July 21. 2014 am

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July 21, 2014 PM

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July 22, 2014 am

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The teshuva sheet we are reading from is a cross-pollination of Torah True Judaism and within it are the four steps of teshuva but the context in which we are doing that teshuva is a teshuva that returns us to our primary functioning as Nishmas Am Yisrael. By virtue of saying Hashem Echad, that effort takes what is static in the world and through our prayers “adds strength” to the world. Just for saying the statements that we say, we create positive influence through functioning in our primary role of nishmas am yisrael. That is the key. The hishtadlus regarding Nishmas Am Yisrael is to create an arousal from below of love with emunah, faith. The specific hishtadlus is to find that deep switch regarding where we associate happiness and pleasure and to deeply reconnect happiness and pleasure to emulating Hashem’s Attributes Mercy.  Once we use free choice with emunah and love of Hashem to align happiness and pleasure with the reality that His Glory fills all the world and is the sole Source for all pleasure, then we are empowered to visit our unique tikun, how the warring inclinations within us are to be resolved with the four steps of teshuva.

Especially at times of national suffering such as now, remembering our role as Nishmas Am Yisrael and our functioning create positive influence by removing the mask of nature from what conceals Hashem’s Glory from being seen  is of the utmost importance and is the context in which we are growing as we rectify our unrectified characteristics.

Rabbi Zibersteiin sent around 5 steps for dealing with the missiles in Israel.  In chutzla a’retz, his third suggestion is really the main thing for us.  In it Rabbi Zilberstein  gives us a segula to nullify all harsh judgments.  “You are just in all that happens as Your ways are Emes but I am the one who strayed”  In the teshuva sheet we are using, this corresponds to the work we do in the section separation where we remove impurities, the specific impurities from nature so that Hashem’s Glory that fills all the worlds is visible.

      18. july222014pm
July 22, 2014 night 
      19. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwg37jl0iya6m5s/july222014pm.mp3

July 23, 2014 morning

      20. https://www.dropbox.com/s/clqf4etdgxqot8z/july232014am.mp3
I want to thank everyone for participating on these calls…today’s call is an hour long but the participation and interchange speak for themselves.

May our efforts be the arousal from below in prayer and teshuva that Hashem is waiting for to bestow the arousal from above with all the blessings intended for the Jewish People as stated in Torah.

May our efforts to clean off our individual impurities benefit klal yisrael because are all one Nishmas Am Yisrael


May our increasing awareness of the empowerment that Hashem gives to Nishmas Am Yisrael through speech and davening help us have a new relationship with our suffering and challenges based on an expanded understanding of our identity as well as our esteem as effort to use tefilla and speech in this way


May the tremendous awareness we are gaining to bend and glue happiness and pleasure to emulating Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, tolerating insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, and casting sins into the sea, become a merit for all klal yisrael as triumphing tzelem elokim over the animal soul and growing in the ability to see happines and pleasure in our consciousness as stemming from tzelem elokim in lieu of worldly concerns.


      21. Wed July 23 10 PM https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7y5hcxxw9ndtqv/july232014pm.mp3
Thurs July 24  8 AM
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July 24, 2014 PM

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July 25, 2014 AM

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  Thank you for the discussion. Although this class is an hour long, the discussion and questions really are worth listening to.


July 25, 2014 erev Shabbos

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July 27, 2014 AM

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Hear Rabbi Lazer Brody speak about emunah and the elements http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/2014/07/balance-of-power-1.html

July 27, 2014 PM

      27. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ipsc0po9bx81s4f/july272014pm.mp3
  Thank you for the discussion after the recording – the coverings over us are two, taiva and gaiva.

July 28, 2014 AM

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It could be this is the clearest  so far…please give me feedback



July 28, 2014 PM

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July 29, 2014 AM

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July 29, 2014 PM

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July 30, 2014 AM

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July 30, 2014 PM

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July 31, 2014 AM

      34. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6dnqie7v7a40341/july312014am.mp3
  detailed example

      35. july312014am

After this morning’s call, i had to go through a round of battling with the darkness of my will being very caught up on my own glory. Perhaps it was the next step in finding what I need to find in order to serve Hashem with deeper sincerity, in finding what I had to wash off that is masking His Good, I think so, but sometimes we can trip and fall in the mud. When our will has been telling us that this is “who we are” for a long time, it is meritorious that we take immediate steps so that such messages become less credible.  BH the three quick steps of submitting, remembering all is good, telling Hashem that with the concealed energy and the will that was holding it I wish now to use the will to serve Him and then turning to a mitzvah, Hashem restored a sense of calm and inner quiet.That is a return to true identity, tzelem elokim inseparable from Hashem who is good.  Above the clouds it is always a sunny day!!!!!  The article below is important to making sure we don’t get kidnapped by the darkness.


july 31, 2014 PM

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Aug 1,2014 AM

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Aug 3, 2014 am


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Aug 3, 2014 pm

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Moshiach is not a spectator sport – if we don’t like what we are seeing in the world, we actually have access to make a positive impact on the elements of nature in the world that affect everything and that access is through our own unique human nature. In exploring the confusion generated within us from the experience of lack, of ego goals, and imagination applied to that, we can find where our lower will has been influenced by our human nature. With free will and speech we can “reset” the elements of nature as we experience them in our human nature, in teshuva.  We are designed to do this.  Our effort to do so is our esteem. Just as a liver cleans out impurities yet is not those impurities, so too, our free will and speech can do teshuva for what blocks us from reflecting true good into the world.


Below are the guided teshuvas from Sunday Aug 3 at night and Monday Aug 4 in the morning.  May these help!


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Summary of the work we did for the three weeks of the guided teshuva: http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/08/05/tisha-bav-5774-moshiach-spectator-sport-can-create-positive-influence/




What you are experiencing is showing you something tremendous about yourself.  the amazing strength is YOUR tzelem elokim.
When a coin is in an empty box, it rattles and makes noise.
When tzelem elokim is trapped in something untrue, meaning ego-goals, it causes us anxiety.
How can we affect nature?  Nature is Hashem’s realm?
We have the power of speech and we have free willed choice.
We can tell Hashem, this strength that is rattling around in bitterness is amazing light. Please I wish to use this strength and all my strength to reflect Your goodness into the world.  Please move this light and give it into my hand and lead me in the direction I wish to go which is to serve You with all my heart, all my soul and all my might.
tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value, knowing our survival is in Your Hands alone.

In this way we begin the journey of tikun to shine light into a world of confusion and darkness. just making the effort creates positive influence.  it is a loving and gentle journey.  Hashem loves us!!!  He wants us to be able to experience the pleasure of His Presence when He is revealed in the world. Let us work now to triumph tzelem elokim over the natural urges.

Please join us on our continued daily journey for 13 days into Tomer Devorah with hisbodidus suggestions http://beyondanydoubts.com/tomer-devorah-hisbodidus-cards/

Below is a summary of insights from the Tomer Devorah readings.  We are headed into elul.


anyone interested in a women’s work group for elul please visit www.arousalfrombelow.com


Join a guided hisbodidus women’s work group for teshuva

A women’s hisbodidus work group is forming. Here is an outline of what we will be doing individually yet together on the phone.


Please think of a situation that is not too overwhelming but is a good example of experiencing upset based on a lack.

1. Submission: Hashem I am experiencing bitterness.

2. Separation: Please whatever is animating this is Sourced in You. Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso Leolam voed

3. Sweetening: Please Hashem I ask that this animating energy be moved so that I may use it to reveal Your Glory.



Submission: Hashem I am experiencing bitterness. I am crying out to You.

(intentionality – I realize happiness and pleasure have become trapped in a worldly matter, something that is experientially internal but external to tzelem elokim. As Nishmas Am Yisrael, we have a relationship with You. )


Separation: Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso Le’Olam voed – Hashem Echad “With these emotions in my heart, I understand it is all from You. You alone are the Source of all the animation. I don’t understand all the emotions, nor do I understand how it is good. But I do understand that there is No Other Power and that everything is Sourced in You, is just, and for the good.. With my free willed choice I make effort to dissolve whatever is necessary to dissolve so that the animating energy is available to reveal Your Glory”

(intentionality – the world of nature is under the domain of the Soton. Hashem utters the world into existence, embuing His Essence into letters that yield the elements into different unique-appearing expressions. Our physical being perceives the world on the level of appearances. Our spiritual being has the innate role and power to reveal from the concealment of nature Hashem’s Glory when we submit and activate love in our hearts and choose emunah as the platform to have a relationship with Hashem and open a flow of shefa by “cleaning off” the mask of nature. The primary deep place we need to reach is awareness that happiness and pleasure are expressions of tzelem elokim that is inseparable from Hashem and experiencing happiness and pleasure in relation to learning Torah, emulating Hashem, and living with emunah and bitachon. Finding the switch inside of us, that subconscious split second, where we are deceived by nature that happiness and pleasure come from somewhere in this world is our unique tikun)


Sweetening Please Hashem I ask that this animating energy be moved so that I may use it to reveal Your Glory. I direct the animating forces involved flow through my heart to reveal Your Glory. Help me to tolerate insults, overlook faults, bear the burden of confusion of mind, forgive and be part of casting all sins into the sea and may it be a merit for Klal Yisrael.

(intentionality: Just as a second ago You Hashem were bearing the discomfort of my confusion of mind as I felt bitterness, just in order to give me the opportunity to declare Baruch Shek Kavod Malchuso LeOlam Voed and Hashem Echad, I choose to emulate You and bring that same compassion and patience to this matter. The Source of all vitality is Hashem. Please may I be a vessel guarded from the negative thoughts that distract happiness and pleasure to worldly matters. Please solidify me more and more as a vessel whose neurocircuitry for bringing Your Glory through my heart into speech and deeds remains unobstructed by downward pulls.)

Interested?  Email shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com

Prayer and teshuva to reveal Hashem’s Glory as merits for Nishmas Am Yisrael

It is possible that each of us can do something merely through speaking a few words that can make a huge impact.  Anyone interested in a guided work group to do this type of prayer and teshuva please email me at shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com.


Here is an example that anyone can do, if inspired – it is adaptable to help with every negative bitterness, no exceptions, when we understand our primary functioning is regarding the elements – the middos- and bringing them from the state where they are designed to confuse us and thereby conceal Hashem’s Glory to a flow through our hearts where we have clarity and serve instead to reveal Hashem’s Glory:


So and so didn’t return my call – I feel a lack of love! (this is a subconscious or unconscious response that triggers us…consciousness catches up with it when we are feeling “right” or the need to be ‘right” or feeling judgmental or hurt)


Stop! Following that will not bring me to a place of happiness at all even if I am right and even if the person feels obligated to now call me! Is that the happiness I want? Is securing my dependency needs in my hand?


Hashem, I am feeling lack but the intensity of it is coming from a self-referencing desire for a dependency need to be filled. It feels as though if I don’t take care of this dependency need for love that it will not be satisfied. Please help me to break the illusion of independent existence propelling me toward defense mechanisms designed for danger. Iit helps to repeat out loud so we hear what the emotion is and can regain proper perspective – e.g. I am experiencing lack. Lack. Lack. Abandonment. Lack. But wait. I am not abandoned. Hashem is with me. I am inseparable from Hashem’s love.)


Please move the energy gripping my consciousness and subconsciousness for although it is coming through Your Utterances and is filled with impurities that I am responsible to repair, I wish to flow this amazingly potent magnetic energy instead to love Hashem, have awe of Hashem, to emulate Hashem, bearing the discomfort of mind we all suffer from.


Thank you for giving me life so that I can tell you Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuso Leolam Voed. Please help me cling more and more with emunah and bitachon to knowing Hashem Echad, with no doubts. The greatest pleasure is You! Please help me experience You with a constant sense of love and value coming from You. My soul is inseparable from real love and value, You.


Hashem thank you for the opportunity to declare Hashem echad and please may I, by learning from this matter and doing teshuva, ask that the teshuva be a merit for klal yisrael and create a positive influence through which You deal with Klal Yisrael and maintain the world.


Hashem may the manner in which You maintain the elements water, fire, wind and earth be filled with positive influence that reveal Your Glory and may we receive bracha and redemption b’ahava and may I be a fitting vessel to reveal more and more tzelem elokim with love and awe in my heart, as the moon reflects the light of the sun.

When we are torn between identifying with self referencing goals and tzelem elokim goals, ask ourselves if the self referencing goals really will bring happiness. Real happiness – or trapped kidnapped happiness that produces negative influence. The choice is ours.  Hashem waits for Nishmas Am Yisrael.  He loves us. He wants to give us everything. But if we are not aligned with identifying with the goals of revealing tzelem elokim, the redemption will give us a terrible headache for our vessel, our mind, will not be ready to receive the real good over our self-referencing definition of good.  Hashem does only good.  He is waiting for us to be ready.  Teshuva empowers us, it is not accepting blame.  Prayer empowers us. By speaking to Hashem in relationship, we form the spiritual entities that lead us in the path we wish to go, may we choose a path of revealing His Glory in the world.

May our understanding of identity as tzelem elokim break open the unique expressions of our trapped happiness. Know there is Hashem! May our understanding help us build only on emes and forgo imagination built on trying to serve self-referencing goals. There are no other powers, there is only the Shechina hiding in nature through His Utterances. May our efforts in prayer from a sincere heart requesting in teshuva that the energy of our past failures now become merits and that the energy be drawn back into the elements through our choice to speak and act based on tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the confusion of mind that happened because of ingesting from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, forgiving and begging Him for forgiveness, and asking Hashem to cast our sins in the sea and because of our teshuva to be able to have any similar sins within klal yisrael cast into the sea. Hashem is One and we are inseparable. May our verbal introspection help us discern the impurities given to us to dissolve back into the Ein Sof to draw it back down into our hearts in a way that reveals His Glory instead of self referencing. May we walk as solid vessels with His Glory becoming more and more what flows naturally through our hearts. And may the impact on water, fire wind and earth, by infusing the elements with His glory, remove the influences that are sustaining our enemies.


 Interested in starting?  Please register by emailing me your name, phone, city, state, country and email address.


Hate Hatred? Release Happiness from its Captivity!


The whole world is filled with the Glory of Hashem.  It is not too hard  to bring that reality and live it every moment if we comprehend the power Hashem gives us through speech and our true identity as made in His Image, tzelem elokim.


No matter where in the world we are, it must be quite clear to everyone that there is massive confusion and the pursuit of happiness as we know it does not have the results we are seeking.


The good news is we can do something about it. To do so, the foundations of our identity must be expanded and the gift of speech must be directed to Hashem, which meets His Utterances in a special important way.


Let’s start with our identities.


Why do many young babies get so angry when they get hungry? When we experience their anger, young mothers often feel like they are doing something wrong. There is an insecurity that they are to blame. The young baby has no idea that it is creating such a painful reaction in its mother. How does a young baby even know what anger is?


In the womb, the baby is learning Torah with an angel. All of its dependency needs are being met. It is happy. A baby’s soul is happy when it is learning Torah and it has the experience of all its dependency needs being met by Hashem Let me repeat. A baby’s soul is happy when it is learning Torah and it has the experience of all its dependency needs being met by Hashem. The baby does not have any sense of abandonment at all.


The baby is born into a completely different, fallen world! In order for its needs to be met, it’s very life depends upon imperfect people! When the baby is hungry, its cry is one that could, if the baby were conscious of it, be described as fear of abandonment and fear of annihilation. The mother’s role is to feed and soothe the baby, and the baby learns that this fallen world also fulfills it dependency needs to survive and for love. It is not abandoned or annihilated.


The soul of a baby triggers the baby’s unconscious so that the baby gets angry when it feels abandoned and/or annihilated. This is a built in response that continues within us, by design. Before in the womb, a baby’s soul is happy when it is learning Torah and it has the experience of all its dependency needs being met by Hashem. The criteria for happiness while we are dependent continue to be satisfaction of our dependency needs in a loving environment. When we mature and are no longer dependent, though, the criteria for happiness reverts back. Once we are mature, it becomes our spiritual work to realize in every moment that our soul is happy when it is learning Torah and has the experience of all its dependency needs being met by Hashem.


Yet because a child is dependent for 21 years, by design Hashem develops coverings over the soul, a real appearance of separate independent existence. Much happiness is associated with interacting with the world based on the development of intellect, of social circles, and of all types of learning and skill building.  It is important for the healthy development of a person for this to be. But there is one point that eventually surfaces through the challenges of life, and that is the pursuit of happiness, lasting meaningful happiness that is NOT dependent on anything outside of our own choosing.


Out of respect for all those who have died in pogroms, in the holocaust, in the intifada, through terrorism, and throughout Jewish history, the model of happiness that is being discussed here is not a guarantee for staying alive. It is in alignment with what we learn from Rabbi Akiva, who died having his flesh combed but expired saying Shema on the word Echad without feeling pain. No one wishes to experience such suffering. Yet we learn a great deal about the ability of the soul to experience happiness despite the surroundings and circumstances, may we never be challenged to do so. The purpose is to begin a journey to understand that our happiness is a function of our soul serving Hashem and how we can attempt to bring the awareness of that happiness more and more into our lives by freeing happiness from its captivity in worldly affairs.


Let’s begin by looking at what has happened because we have not really been attuned to releasing happiness from its captivity in worldly affairs.


What is baseless hatred? It is a hatred that has no basis, but what does that mean? We hate people who hurt our feelings, who insult us, who dismiss us, who deceive us. That surely is a good enough reason, no?




The first step to understand is that even though we are in a fallen world, our soul is inseparable from Hashem. We are made in Hashem’s image. Tzelem Elokim. And remember, the whole world is filled with His Glory. That includes us. Our soul is a thought from Hashem, Nishmas Am Yisrael, formed in the highest created world, corresponding to the yud in Hashem’s Name, and He infused tzelem elokim with His Attributes of Mercy, a reflection of the tip of the yud of His Name, the crown of His Kingship. Nothing can diminish this reality by even a microdot. It can be covered over if we don’t realize it, but in fact, in every moment of our lives, Hashem is with us, is aware of us, is providing for all of our needs, including the need for us to come to the consciousness that He is providing all our needs every second. We are not alone. We aer not abandoned. Hashem loves us. Our soul is happy every time we do a mitzvah or learn Torah or emulate Hashem.


The second step is to comprehend that it is our choice to identify with the goals of the body, to take or the goals of the soul, to serve Hashem and make kiddush Hashem. When we have clarity that identifying with the soul does not mean we are abandoning the needs of the body, because Hashem is running the entire world, we can take the next step. Emunah makes it possible for us to move our esteem to our effort to reveal tzelem elokim. If all there is in the world is Hashem’s Glory, including us, then what other esteem could there possibly be other than the effort we make to reveal His Glory? It is okay to know that Hashem, will continue to take care of our dependency needs in bodies, as He has done every day since the day we were born. But that is not our motivation. Our motivation is to release happiness from the captivity of the body so we can reveal His Glory and experience the happiness of fulfilling what Torah tells us is the mission of Nishmas Am Yisrael, to make a kiddush Hashem.


This second step, understanding it is a choice to identify ourselves as body/ego or as a soul, is dynamic. It is crucial to understand that we are in bodies and that means we are alive. Without body and ego, we would be not alive. Thus there is no need for frustration in experiencing this tension in our identity. In fact, the tension in how we identify at every moment is the Design for how Hashem’s Glory meaningfully comes into the world and is the basis for our eternal happiness.


We are not perfect. We are a mixture of body and soul. And after we ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, life became even more confusing because the messages of the body and ego, which had been less prominent and which messages we could experience as external stimuli, became internalized and come through our hearts and neurocircuitry in a second. How can we come to understand that body and the reactions of the ego are external to us when they feel like everything, when they feel like our identity, when we experience them so dramatically and even treat them as the basis of our esteem until we arrive at adulthood?


Ask honestly, do the goals of the body and ego truly bring happiness? How long?


When we believe that other people, circumstances, or externalities give us meaning and esteem, then others have the power to take away our divine dignity by denying us words of love and value. There is no question that such cruelty causes pain to the body and the ego and is a terrible test that triggers us to a place where we may not be able to recover. Once others strip off our divine dignity, it then is possible for them to annihilate us, as did all of the persecutors of our people from the beginning of time. We have been the scapegoats. We have been accused of causing the unhappiness of so much! And it is blame that has seeped into our system, hurting our bodies and egos, causing us to develop thick-skin and in our attempts to defend ourselves, falling into emulating our oppressors instead of revealing tzelem elokim through a process of speaking out loud to Hashem in order to reveal His Glory.


I hear it. Where was Hashem to protect us in the Holocaust? Where is Hashem now, to protect Israel? But that is just more blame.   We are not grasshoppers. Hashem gave us a koach of speech for a purpose. And that speech is to meaningfully release happiness from worldly pursuits even if it costs us our lives, to declare His Glory fills the world. This is what we saw in the martyrs who danced into the gas chambers. This is what we saw in Rabbi Akiva. This is why we pray to Elokim of Avraham, Elokim of Yitzchok, and Elokim of Yaakov – for their righteous devotion to Hashem brought visible to the world that Hashem helped them, survive the furnace, survive the Akeida, establish the twelve tribes and more. What they accomplished through their avoda was beyond human and the world saw it. And therefore Hashem’s Name is identified by their victories.  It is the desire of the body to survive, no question.  It is the strength of the ego and the logical mind to create systems to protect us. Without a doubt.  But Hashem is always in the picture and that is the crucial piece. If cynicism has crept in causing us to doubt that emunah, we are stuck in a void with a power of speech misdirected, blaming, accusing, and causing more and more darkness.  The building of understanding must be rooted in truth, in Torah, or we are just falling deeper into more elaborate darkness.


The third step is to comprehend how through creating Adom from the elements of the world, Hashem has given us the ability to draw shefa and blessing into the elements of the world. When we do so making brachas over food and other mitzvahs, do we fully understand that we are drawing bracha into the world? If so, then it might be easier to understand that when we have a discrepancy between what the soul knows and what the body/ego experience, we experience pain. The circumstances, however, can be brought back to their elements. Just like a compound number can be drawn down to its factors, so too our emotional reactions can be drawn down to earth, wind, fire, water or a combination.


How we identify with those elements becomes the key to releasing happiness from worldly matters.


The human reaction is self-referencing. We are scanning for how this will work out well for our survival, for our needs, for our benefit, for our goals. Our imagination helps us dream amazingly well! But  Hashem is often not in the picture. We believe it is from our skill group, our connections, our money, and more that we are able to devise a plan to secure our dreams. The more we build on that, and the more we are financially rewarded by society for specializing in a particular area of accomplishing goals, the more we believe in ourselves and the more happiness becomes trapped in worldly matters. Expanding our consciousness means that we realize at all times that even when we react humanly, all of our dependency needs are being met directly because of Hashem’s constant love and presence in our lives. Without Him, we could not even move. There is no glory in the world other than Hashem.


Adom wanted to come into the world to make a kiddush Hashem from this fallen world. He ate and we must rectify this condition of confusion. There is no glory in the world other than Hashem. Not from the apparent physical existence which is animated by the Shechina uttered into every atom of energy including our neurocircuitry and unconscious, and not from the essence of our soul, animated by a thought of Hashem.


We can sit alone in a room with hugely negative feelings and blame all types of circumstances, people, and Hashem. But if we break it down, it is because we desire something that we feel is important for us to have. Perhaps we feel someone has diminished our dignity. Insulted us. Not given us the love we hoped for. Immediately our neurocircuitry begins to build on this reaction as if it is the true source of happiness.


This is where we must challenge ourselves and bring our emunah back into the picture because this is the foundation of baseless hatred. No one can diminish our dignity. It is not negotiable. It our perception based on a false belief that there is some glory other than Hashem that needs to be restored. It will not help to think of ways of shaming the other person in order to strip away their divine dignity, even though we may falsely believe we must do so to keep them from annihilating us. Such circumstances are not in our hands. Our unique challenge lies totally in an internal plane of existence.


The circumstances are from Hashem. Our tzelem elokim is inseparable from Hashem. The other person(s) are under the total control of Hashem whether they realize it and strive to reveal tzelem elokim or if they have a mixture of cynicism which has caused them to reveal a destructive tendency in order to provide our point of choice. It comes down to how we choose in the moment.


The elements of water, fire, wind and earth can be filled with Hashem’s glory through our choice. Left alone, they are filled with the Shechina that is hidden in nature awaiting us to release it, to dissolve it into the Ein Sof through speech that declares Hashem is One. If we did not have a Torah to tell us to do so, even a class of geniuses might miss it. But Avraham Aveinu did not miss it. He got it. And we are his children. It is in our spiritual heritage to understand this as well as to do it.


Every moment that we do this, we rectify our own soul. We improve our negative characteristics by choosing to reveal tzelem elokim. We break our nature when we understand we can grind down the elements within our negative characteristics to reveal tzelem elokim. For in all the world there is only the glory of Hashem. We can ask Hashem to help us grind down the self-referencing that blocks tzelem elokim from flowing through our hearts. Flowing tzelem elokim through our hearts keeps us in happiness, for we are involved with Torah and aware that Hashem is totally in charge of our dependency needs every single moment of life. From there, we can give love and value to others, serving Hashem.


Blaming others, demanding from others, accusing others traps happiness in a hopeless void of sinas chinum. It is totally without basis. It can never have a basis. Happiness is not attainable except through Torah, mitzvahs and emulating Hashem. Discovering the truth in this is a lifelong process, an infinite path. But starting the journey requires just a simple shift in identity – to effort to reveal tzelem elokim in the moment out of love of Hashem and awe of Hashem, to serve Him and reveal His Glory. There is no way to measure the spiritual impact of the simple choice to ask Hashem to help lead us in the path we wish to go. Doing so is a reflection of emunah that immediately lifts us from the grip of the downward pulls of nature, politics, man-made social systems, ego, and more. It is the basis of monotheism that there is only Hashem Who is all powerful, all knowing and all present. He loves us. Let us arouse love in our hearts for Him, a love that is known and active in our souls. Let us speak to Him to tell Him that we know all there is in the world is Hashem and to please lead us in the path we wish to go, which is to infuse into the world shefa and bracha released from our identifying falsely with our self-referencing as what will bring us happiness.


And may we begin to see a new light. Today.


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Hate hatred? Move it OUT! Call the Mover

If I have a baby grand piano to move from one room to another, I would not be able to move it by myself. I would need to call a mover to help. But I decide that I want to move it and to where.


It is the same with our heavy emotional content. The first thing that we all know is that we definitely want to get rid of it. We want to move it OUT. The part that takes more thinking in order to choose is where do we want to move it to?


It must be pretty clear by now that blaming others and dumping on our loved ones, friends, co-workers, or even more removed people, like politicians, professionals and more is not exactly bringing us so much happiness. It seems to just go around and around, doesn’t it?


So we want to move out our negative content AND be happy. That adds information!!


The beauty of Torah is that happiness is the experience of the soul when doing mitzvahs, learning, or emulating Hashem’s attributes of mercy. We may not feel happy doing this service, but it is a spiritual reality. Starting with a grain of truth helps because we definitely like to feel happy.


Accepting that truth, there is another truth to know along with it. We experience natural reality that is under the dominion of the sitra achra, the other side, which is a nice way of saying the yetzer hara. The Soton has dominion over the natural world because our test is contained in our approach to the natural world.


When we experience a negative charge, where is its power coming from? Why does it feel so overwhelming as to drive a person to pull the covers over their head? Or get angry? There is nothing in the room with us! A thought has the power to level us? Is it plugged into the wall? If we perceive that it is a thought and an emotion that we are dealing with, then we begin to understand we are experiencing a discrepancy between the tzelem elokim that is happy serving Hashem and the part of us that is natural, which would like to dominate our heart.


Now here comes a helpful tip. The energy driving the natural comes ALSO from Hashem, only it is enclothed in the natural. And because we know that everything Hashem sends is good, even though it is presenting in a confusing and painful presentation, if we remember to rise to a simple level of emunah, we can recycle the energy being delivered through the natural and bring it through us in a way that reveals Hashem’s Glory.


“Hashem! I am experiencing a great deal of energy that is unpleasant but I know it contains the Shechina! I love Hashem and I have awe of Hashem that He creates a world where He gives Nishmas Am Yisrael happiness for serving Him by connecting! Please I ask that You move that energy from this upsetting place and instead give that energy into my free will to instead emulate You. Please lead me in the path that I wish to go and flow naturally through my heart Your attributes to tolerate insult, overlook faults, bear confusion of mind, forgive, and cast sins into the sea”


Try it.   The initial feeling of calmness is an indication that there has been a shift. What may happen is that there will be opportunities where it will feel that we have more choice, instead of being reactive, that opportunity to put our newly acquired awareness will lead to a new pattern of behavior and reacting.


We cannot do anything without Hashem ever, least of all take on the natural world. But Hashem is the Source for everything and with that emunah, and with free will, and with understanding that we are here to recycle the animating force from nature to reveal His Glory, we have a starting place to talk to Hashem.

Negotiating the paradox of soul and body – Tomer Devorah Hisbodidus Cards can help

When we believe illusions that cause us to invest our happiness in matters that relate to our survival, the level of comfort, the feelings of esteem based on status and honor, without intending to do so, we are investing in the strength of nature, in the powers of worldly reality. It is imperative to remember at all times that Hashem is the Source for absolutely everything, including giving us happiness on the level that we relate to it most.  The paradox is that to secure the level of happiness through our senses, our comprehension must be that the only happiness there is comes from serving Hashem and doing mitzvahs.   If we did not have a Torah, we would never latch onto that truth.  But we do have the Torah. Ignoring it or interpreting it otherwise aligns us in a dangerous place, the domain of the forces that Hashem sets up to shepherd us back.

The simple teshuva to turn back to Hashem is to remember that we were once in a womb where all our needs were taken care of and we were learning Torah.  As soon as we are born, we come into a lower existence and the purpose is to acquire for Hashem the animating forces of this world, bringing into them His Glory through our intentions, emotions and deeds that are rooted in Torah.

Despite all our varying personalities and uniquenesses, everyone is expected to do this.  When we feel negative emotions it is because our ego is undergoing a disunity.  No matter how upset we are, if we go into a quiet room and sit with a delicious drink, and no one is around at all to blame, it must become obvious that we are not in any immediate danger of dying if we let go of that negative feeling.  Not only won’t harm come to us, but we will receive bracha.

What is in the way is our identity. It is so painful to do this if we are identifying with anything other than our effort to reveal tzelem elokim.

Hashem is One.  He is the Soul and Value in the world.  Tzelem elokim is inseparable from Him.  We have layers over it in order to exist in this lower world.  The task is to recognize and identify tzelem elokim as our primary and eternal identity even though we don’t experience life this way.  Torah tells us.  We have the examples of the Avos and tzaddikim. It is okay for us to understand we are not on that level.  It is false to think that there is another esteem out there to be had that is deserving of honor and respect.

Thus it is up to us, no matter what bad characteristics and/or horrible circumstances Hashem has created for us in setting our free will point, to move in our thoughts to remembering that we are inseparable from Hashem.  The soul is the deepest thing in the universe and it connects all the way to the soul of Nishmas Am Yisrael which exists in the highest created world where all Jewish souls are one, where that one soul is one with Torah and with Hashem’s Name yud k vav k.  What our reality is can be affected by Hashem in one moment.  If it is good for us.


Let’s say we believe and do mitzvahs, and things are not better. What is our true preference, for the good of this world or for feeling inseparable from Hashem?

“When He is far, I am troubled. But when He is near, I am terrified. When I am absent, He is present.  But when I am present He is absent” ( unknown source)

Integrated knowledge of Hashem means that He can reside in our hearts without giving us a headache!  If He is present and we choose to be inflated in our self-referencing, He departs until we are able to subdue the animating forces from the kelipas by asking Him to please bring them into service.   Understanding that the experience of His Great Love is so far above the happiness that we are usually associated to is the beginning of grinding down the pride in our heart for doing our mitzvahs and serving Him.  The experience of His Love is the most motivating experience to humble our hearts.  Yet until we experience a taste of  His Great Love, we cling to self-referencing pleasures related to time, space, body and ego.  Without meaning to, we fund forces to shepherd us back to Him.  We don’t mean to, but by allowing happiness to be held captive by externalities, we trap the Shechina that we are sent here instead to dissolve back into the Ein Sof and draw into the elements to solidify His Glory in this world.  This is our functionality, to be the neck between earth and heaven.  Happiness will elude us and blame and shame won’t help.  Happiness was, is, and always must be  a byproduct of mitzvahs and experiencing the inseparabilitiy of our tzelem elokim with Hashem.  It is just so confusing now because of having eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – internally we mistake where happiness is rooted.


But we can pull all this back by identifying with our effort to reveal tzelem elokim, His Attributes of Mercy.  the more vibration we create each day around our effort to reveal His attributes of mercy, the less difficulty we have with the paradox of body and soul.  and the more courage we have to dip into the territory of nature to dissolve back into the Ein Sof the animating forces by virtue of our verbalizing in prayers and words of recognition that it is all from Hashem Who is Good and One.  Each word brings all our past failures from the side of darkness to the side of holiness, for that is teshuva.


May we be inspired to shift our identity to effort to reveal Hashem’s mercy, revealing tzelem elokim as discussed in Tomer Devorah:

tolerating insults

overlooking faults

bearing the burden of the confusion of mind that is the paradox since ingesting from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil

asking for forgiveness for ever thinking there is any glory other than Hashem

asking Hashem to bring the animating forces from fears of abandonment and annihilation to dissolve back into the Ein Sof and to give us in our hearts that energy to reveal His Glory in this world

Ask for our sins to be cast into the sea and ask to be part of casting all our sins into the sea, that by virtue of this teshuva we have standing to clean up these errors for klal yisrael .


Tomer Devora with Hisbodidus Suggestions for Internalizing