What influence do I have that can really help matters in today’s world?

We finished Shabbos to the news of Rabbi Raskin being murdered in North Miami Beach on Shabbos morning on his way to shul. Israel is bombing Gaza. The United States is bombing ISIS. The Yazidi people are stranded in the hot Kurdish mountains awaiting rescue.


Israel has seen Hashem’s Hand in outward miracles. Hashem is here. He is amongst us. Having His Revealed Glory in the world would solve everything. Do we want it? Do we really want it?


The tzelem elokim is in this fallen world, covered by two kelipas, taiva/desire and gaiva/arrogance. These kelipas give us free will and life, which means that we are completely free to listen to the natural urges and create negative influences or to do battle with them and make an effort to listen and serve the goals of the tzelem elokim, learning and keeping Torah, emulating Hashem and living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value, knowing our survival is in Hashem’s Hands. Going after the natural urges became more compelling because we ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Before that, the temptations were external to our neurocircuitry and therefore were less solid, although imagination for our Glory was a built in natural urge. After we ate, the temptations for natural urges gained access to our neurocircuitry and combined with our imagination for our own Glory, become a potent contender upon which to base our happiness and esteem, however counterfeit they are in Torah terms. The more we hold by these counterfeit yet immediate gratifications, the farther away the pleasure and happiness that the tzelem elokim experiences when doing mitzvahs becomes.


To benefit from the geula in the way that will bring us pleasure, it is important for us to choose the Tree of Life while we have free will. Accessing the Tree of Life is connecting our imagination, our bina that helps us understand one thing from the previous thing and to the next, to the true root source of all good, which is Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy. If we want a tree of life, the roots must be in the pure spring waters of absolute truth, Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy.


It is not natural to do so. When we ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Hashem took the life force of the Soton and wired it into the life force of adom, meaning that if we choose to listen to the Soton, we literally produce negative influences through the mechanism that Hashem sets up in His Oversight of the world. That is, Hashem gave Adom a role in the influences with which Hashem maintains nature. That role has not changed. What has changed is that our choices for wrongdoing have a far-reaching influence beyond just what looks to us as our own little lives.


If we want the world to be a better place, we have to be better people. If we don’t like seeing terrorists, we have to stop relying on tirades to communicate our desires in our homes and lives. Each person is a universe, a vertical life form rooted in Shemayim with the tip of its bottommost part covered by the kelipas and lowered gently into time and space for 120 years to see if we will remember to reflect Hashem into the world using the life He gives us. when we forget, and we all do, we try as hard as we can to secure for ourselves our dependency needs, justice, and happiness. Torah teaches us that our first effort in attaining any goals in this world must be through the recognition that there is only One Giver, Hashem. This is the basis of monotheism. There is Only One Power. No other.


Digesting that, we can come to understand that if we forget and go after our goals based on our urges, our education, and our most sophisticated and well-meaning goals without first turning to Hashem, we are relying on something, namely the gifts that He gives us, without acknowledging Him as the source. Ultimately we taint with negative influences our best efforts and this produces impurities in the world that Hashem tolerates until we do teshuva.


Eating from the Tree of Life means that we comprehend that even though our natural urges now trigger our neurocircuitry, we still have the power to choose to draw Hashem’s Attributes to heal our confusion and bring us back to the condition of Adom before he ate, meaning an understanding that the natural urges are external to tzelem elokim and that we really can find the pleasure for which we are created by serving the goals of the tzelem elolim


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Short explanation of effort to triumph tzelem elokim reflecting Hashem’s Mercy into the world over our natural urges

What you are experiencing is showing you something tremendous about yourself.  the amazing strength is YOUR tzelem elokim.
When a coin is in an empty box, it rattles and makes noise.
When tzelem elokim is trapped in something untrue, it causes us anxiety.
How can we affect nature?  Nature is Hashem’s realm?
We have the power of speech and we have free willed choice.
We can tell Hashem, this strength that is rattling around in bitterness is amazing light. Please I wish to use this strength and all my strength to reflect Your goodness into the world.  Please move this light and give it into my hand and lead me in the direction I wish to go which is to serve You with all my heart, all my soul and all my might.
tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value, knowing our survival is in Your Hands alone.

In this way we begin the journey of tikun to shine light into a world of confusion and darkness. just making the effort creates positive influence.  it is a loving and gentle journey.  Hashem loves us!!!  He wants us to be able to experience the pleasure of His Presence when He is revealed in the world. Let us work now to triumph tzelem elokim over the natural urges.


Just as the Macabees attained ein od milvado consciusness and then Hashem helped them defeat their enemies, so too we can understand how when we connect through tzelem elokim to reflect His Mercy and live Torah, the pleasures and comforts and security that is in His Hand comes with abundance, something that we cannot take from His Treasury any other way.


Hashem does not want us to serve Him out of fear of being annihilated or abandoned.  He wants us to serve Him by releasing the Shechina in galus with our fears of annihilation and abandonment  that are part of the kelipas of taiva, desire and gaiva, arrogance and then dedicating our entire will to reflecting His Light into the world as the moon reflects the sun.  In so doing we repair the damage done when Adom ingested from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that caused us to be thrown out of Gan Eden and made mortal, abandoned and annihilated, until we remember that we are tzelem elokim in the kelipas of fear of abandonment, taiva, and fear of annihilation, gaiva and love Hashem with all our heart and release Him from suffering through our confusion of mind.  In all there world there is nothing but Hashem.  That includes us.  And everyone.  It is time to remove the stone from our hearts and love Hashem. We can use the steps above to help us.

We can tell Hashem, this strength that is rattling around in bitterness is amazing light. Please I wish to use this strength and all my strength to reflect Your goodness into the world.  Please move this light and give it into my hand and lead me in the direction I wish to go which is to serve You with all my heart, all my soul and all my might.
tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving and casting sins into the sea, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value, knowing our survival is in Your Hands alone.

VA’ESCHANAN Golus Yishmael – Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff

“”What is happening to us today is a clear message from Hashem for us to do teshuva and turn only to Him. We must develop absolute bitachon in Hashem to bring the salvation. “Hashem’s justice covers the entire world, and there is no other force besides Him.”  see bold below.Any women interested in learning Tomer Devorah with hisbodidus suggestions please email shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com


Golus Yishmael

We are now more than a month into the current war with Hamas and with each passing day we see no end in sight. This is a very frightening time. Bnei Yishmael are violently, cruelly, and inhumanely doing everything they can to annihilate the Jews. Hamas are raining missiles down on Eretz Yisroel, planning mass massacres through hidden tunnels, suicide bombers using paragliders, and who knows what else.
Medinas Yisrael was founded with the hope that by establishing a Jewish nation it could 1) guarantee safety for all Jews, and 2) earn recognition and validity in the eyes of the Nations. Today, that dream basically shattered. Eretz Yisroel is in terrible danger. And all around us the entire world has turned against us and even former friends have turned enemy. The United Nations have embarked on a holy mission of Israel bashing. Ignoring the atrocities and butchering that is taking place all over the world, their entire focus is concentrated on condemning Israel for the audacity of trying to protect itself against a ruthless enemy. They are planning all manners of strategies to isolate and invalidate us and no one utters a protest. All over the world scores of violent demonstrations are taking place purportedly attacking Israel for their war crimes. However the chants are overtly anti-Semitic and many observers are drawing a horrifying comparison to Europe in the 1930’s.

This all leaves us bewildered. What is Hashem doing to us? How do we understand world events, and what should be our response? What should we do? Where will this all lead us? And what and when will be the end of this carnage?

There is much talk that we are on the threshold of the Moshiach. Truthfully, no one can accurately prophesize the time for the final Geula. This has been attempted often enough in the past, never successfully. This is totally up to the will of the Holy One Blessed Be He. However, Rav Elchanan Wasserman said over 70 years ago that we’re in Ikvese d’Meshicha. And in our generation current events are making us intensely and acutely aware that something is happening around us. Today the signs of the Geula are becoming more and more evident to everyone. We haven’t seen anything like this in all of the 2000 years of our Golus. All of the nations of the world are unsettled as long as Israel exists.

The Malbim on Tehillim 118 points out the simple reading of the possuk, “All nations surround me; in the name of the Lord, I will cut them off.” This means that when we see all the goyim surrounding us we must realize that they are merely following a Divine directive, they are surrounding us “in the name of Hashem,” in order that we should cut them down and destroy them. Hashem is causing all the goyim to come and lay siege to Yerushalayim, in order that they be defeated there.” We should not be afraid, but realize everything is following the Divine Plan and we should prepare ourselves and watch as the Geula unfolds.

Bezras Hashem, we will soon see the fulfillment of words of the Baal HaTurim at the end of Parshas Chayei Sarah: “and he fell in the presence of all his brothers”: “When Yishmael falls at the end of Days, the Moshiach ben Dovid, from the descendants of Yitzchak, will arise.”

* * *
We read the news and everyone is scrambling to propose their political analyses of current events. However, if we look into Chazal, we are amazed how they accurately foresaw everything that is happening today and they gave us the method how to conquer Yishmoel.

In Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer (32) it says that six people were named before they were born. One of these is Yishmoel, based on the posuk, ” . . . and you should call his name `Yishmoel’ ” (Bereishis 16:11).

“And why was he named `Yishmoel’? Because in the future Hakodosh Boruch Hu will hear the voice of the keening (na’akas) of the [Jewish] people, from that which the children of Yishmoel will do [to them]. That is why he was called `Yishmoel,’ so as to say, “Keil will hear and will answer them (Tehillim 55:20).’ ”

That son of Avrohom is named “Yishmoel” because he will bring the Jewish people to a level of distress so serious that the Creator of the world will hear their voices. Even before Yishmoel was born, it was known that Hashem will hear the keening of our people, the Jewish people, as a result of what the children of Yishmoel will do then.

The reason for this special mention is that the normal middoh of Shomei’a Tefilloh is insufficient in the conflict with Yishmoel. There is a need of a special shemi’oh, a special receptivity to prayer that is not present throughout the generations. This special middoh is called “Yishma Keil” and it is a new type of hearing on the part of Hashem that must be established “at the end of days,” to hear our supplications in response to the attacks of Yishmoel. What Yishmoel will do to us is not extraneous, but an essential part of him. It is part of his name and his name refers to his essence. Within Yishmoel, and intrinsic to him, is a power that will cause Hashem to hear the prayers of our people at the end of days.

It says that at the end of the prophecy of Bilaam: “. . . Oy! Who can live before he in whom is put Keil? (Oy! Mi yichyeh misumo Keil.) (Bamidbar 24:22)” Commenting on this posuk, Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer (30) says: Bilaam said: “Hashem put His Name in Yisroel [whose name includes `Keil’ which is the Name of Hashem]. And since Hashem made the name of Yishmoel equivalent to the name Yisroel, Oy! who will live in his days. Of this was said the posuk, `Oy! Who can live from he in whom is put Keil?’ ”

The Radal explains that Hashem Himself, as it were, called both Yisroel (in the posuk, “. . . and He called his name Yisroel (Bereishis 35:10)”) and also Yishmoel, through the agency of the Mal’ach Hashem (Bereishis 16:11). Thus Hashem Himself, as it were, made the names in this sense equivalent.

In the case of Yishmoel, it portends suffering. Who can stand up to this people whose name includes the name of Hashem? Who can survive? Who can withstand his oppression?

In response to what Yishmoel does, the Torah says: “Oy.” This is a word that has no meaning; it is simply an exclamation, a pure expression of shock. This shock is the response of the Torah to the fact that the name of Hashem appears in Yishmoel’s name and what that appearance implies, as we will explain. What is this extraordinary persecution that Yishmael will enact against the Jewish people?

Rav Chaim Vital in Eitz Hadaas Tov writes “If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, when Man rose up against us,” this is Yishmael. “Then they would have swallowed us up alive.” This is that fifth Golus, so totally different than anything else that we had previously experienced. Then they will want to swallow us alive so that nothing remains. For in their wrath they want to wipe Yisroel off the face of the earth so nothing remains; as if we had never existed. This is different than the other exiles. Their golus is lighter. Then we are compared to being swept away by running water. But we survived and were not swallowed up completely. During the previous galus our lot and suffering concentrated on our souls and not on our bodies.

This is not true of Golus Yishmael who will in the future persecute Yisroel with terrible and difficult suffering, the likes of which we have never seen. They want to destroy us entirely, body and soul; to impoverish us and swallow us alive, leaving over no remnant, entirely uprooting us. This is why his name is called Yishmael – Hashem will hear our cries. At that time we will not know what to do. We will have no other hope other than to have total trust in Hashem’s great power that He will save us from their hands. Thus the Psalm ends with, “Our help is in the name of the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.” We know that He only created Heaven and Earth for the sake of Yisroel, in order that they should fulfill the Torah. If so, Hashem must help us and save us from their hands and bring the final Geula quickly so that the Universe should remain intact. The Universe has no ability to exist without Yisroel.

* * *
This is a frightening prophecy. Written almost 2000 years ago, before there was any Arab nation, it accurately predicts the difference between Golus Edom and Golus Yishmael. Golus Edom was a war against our religion. If only we would convert, we would be spared. Golus Yishmael is totally different in nature. They are not interested in our converting. They want total annihilation.

Rav Chaim Vital explains why the Golus of Yishmael is so much more difficult. Yishmael was the son of Avraham Avinu and also underwent Bris Milah. Therefore he was called a Pera Adam – wild Man, and not a whole Man. This is because on one hand he had the zechus avos from his father. He also had the zechus of Milah. Avraham Avinu had blessed him, “If only Yishmael will live before you,” and Hakadosh Baruch Hu accepted this prayer: “I have heard you regarding Yishmael.” This all gave him the advantages of being a Man. However, he had not performed a proper and complete Bris Milah, having jumped up in the middle not allowing the mitzvah to be finished. Therefore he is called a pera adam – a wild Man. The Maharil Diskin observes the order of the words. If the word “pera” meaning “wild” were a descriptive adjective the term should have been “adam pera”. That would be accurately translated as a wild man, where “wild” is describing the man. However the reversed order “pera adam” indicates that the word pera is not merely a descriptive, it is a noun: this man is a pera, a wild beast in the form of a man.

The Chofetz Chaim often said, it says in the possuk, “he will be”: future tense. The implication is that Yishmael will remain wild forever. Even if the entire world gathers to civilize this creature, and they give him the best education, he will always remain a pera. Even if he graduates university and becomes a doctor or a professor, he will be a doctor pera adam, or a professor pera adam. The Chofetz Chaim concluded, “Oy, who knows what more this wild man is liable to do to Klal Yisroel at the end of days!”

This is all hidden in Yishmael’s name. The Pirkei d’Rabbi Eliezer (Chap. 31) writes, “Why is his name ‘Yishmael’ (Heb. For Hashem will hear)? Because in the future Hashem will hear the moans of the people from the deeds of Yishmael in the land at the end of days.”

Rav Chaim Vital tells us another important lesson: what are we to do in order to save ourselves from this bitter golus? During Golus Edom, which was an attack on our religion, our job was to remain firm and be willing to sacrifice our lives for Judaism and not to convert our faith. In the merit of our self-sacrifice we were freed from their subjugation. Golus Yishmael, however, is a war against our very existence. They want to totally annihilate us. We don’t have the option of giving up our lives for the sake of our religion.

So what are we to do? We have no hope except to trust in the great power of Hashem Yisborach to save us from their schemes. We need an extraordinarily firm bitachon to believe that the existence of the whole universe depends upon there being a Klal Yisroel. And so Hashem will be forced, so to speak, to save us with the final Geula in order to preserve the existence of the Heavens and the Earth. The Universe has no reason to exist except in the merit of Klal Yisroel.

Yishmael is unique in that there is no other nation that so frequently and so consistently invokes Sheim Shomayim. The Name of Heaven is always on its lips. Everything that they do is done in the Name of Heaven.

However what does Heaven want? This — they determine. It is completely clear to them that everything that they do is what Heaven wants. Heaven wants what they want. But that is not what Heaven really wants.

These are not weak-headed or silly people. They have a very firm belief: any place they go, they find, as it were, the Creator. It all is, according to them, the will of the Creator. Whatever they do they cry out “Allah akbar!”

Therefore, every murder, every horror, every decadent act, every corruption, every theft that they perform – is done in the Name of the Creator of the world.

Two nations were were given their name by the Holy One blessed be He, and Hashem put his name in their names: Yisroel and Yishmael. Yishmael is a tremendous kitrug (accusation) against Klal Yisroel because of their pure emuna in Hashem and not in any avodah zara. However, their emuna is superficial. Whatever they do is the will of the Creator. It is as if they decide the will of the Creator. We are different. Our emuna is a deeper emunah. Hashem gave us the Torah which is His will, and we are subservient to it. We are subservient to the Almighty, while they dictate to the Almighty.

In this conflict with Yishmael, as long as their emunah is stronger than ours, we stand no chance. They have a stronger faith than we. They believe with all their soul. The message we are receiving from Above is: now is the time for us to strengthen our emunah and bitachon and perfect it! Only with perfect bitachon can we prevail over the power of Yishmael!

Reb Elchanan Wasserman (Kovetz Ma’amarim, Omer Ani Maasai Lamelech) discusses a situation such as we find ourselves today. There are two categories of Divine conduct. 1) An act of Hashem. 2) An act of the Satan.

The decrees against Yisroel fall into one of these two categories. In each decree we must discern its course and there are signs that aid us in making this distinction.

If the decree is spiritual in nature, and there is a religious war to cause the Jews to abandon their faith, this is not an act of Hashem, but an act of the Satan. There are times when the middah of strict justice (middas hadin) is such a powerful force that the Satan is given permission to (so to speak) wage battle with Hashem himself. In order to weaken the power of the Satan Klal Yisroel must exhibit extreme sacrifice and be willing to be killed rather than give up their faith, literally war .

Reb Elchanan continues, that we see an example of this in his times (in the 40’s). The Communist decrees (in Russia) were an act of the Satan, to detach Yisrael from any connection to their Father in Heaven. “I heard the Chofetz Chaim, zt”l, say, ‘The Yidden made a mistake when the Communists launched their anti-religious decrees. The Yidden were obligated to go out, sacrifice their lives, and wage war against them. True, many Jews would have been killed. But the power of the Satan would have been weakened. However, when no one was willing to jeopardize his life in this war, the Communists gained power.'” [Thus a whole generation of Russian Jewry was lost.]

However, if the decree is aimed at physical extermination, like at the time of Haman, then that is an act of Hashem. Its purpose is cause us to do teshuvah, strengthen our bitachon, and rely on Hashem to save us. In such a case there is no room for battle, it won’t help.

Today, we find ourselves in an onslaught similar to the time of Haman. Bnei Yishmoel are bent on total annihilation of the Jews. This, according to Rav Elchonon, is a Ma’aseh Hashem. Doing battle will not succeed. Hashem is expecting us to turn totally to Him. We must rid ourselves of materialism and false notions of “kochi ve’otzem yodi.” These hashkofos hold sway in Eretz Yisroel through porkei ol Torah and in the rest of the world as well, representing the avodoh zora of our age. What is happening to us today is a clear message from Hashem for us to do teshuva and turn only to Him. We must develop absolute bitachon in Hashem to bring the salvation. “Hashem’s justice covers the entire world, and there is no other force besides Him.

Ein Od Milvado!

Wishing everyone a Gut Shabbos!

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With the final chapter of Tomer Devorah in mind as we begin the learning, an example in chart form to help frame how our hisbodidus to internalize Hashem’s attributes can be applied

Event Terror tunnels with terrorists dressed up as idf confusing us


Fear of invasion, annihilation, kidnapping and destruction, of coming up into our land those who seek to destroy us
Statement of

Hashem’s goodness

Everything Hashem sends is for the good
What is it that Hashem wants me to see within my unique universe Where do I have a terror tunnel where destructive thoughts appears in my mind (my land) and how can I more and more gain insight into true identity as tzelem elokim [made in Hashem’s Image, the whole world is filled with His glory, there is no glory other than Hashem] so that I am not reactive to the appearance that I have autonomous independent existence with a glory of my own and can instead do tikun?
Statement of

confusion of mind

My own thinking is causing my unhappiness. I have to solve the problem, but the confusion of what is at stake is filled with energy that masks Hashem’s Glory and Goodness.   Please help me open the gripping will that is concealing Your Good from being revealed by helping me release the falsehoods from the kelipas of taiva and gaiva that have developed through life experience, understanding of Jewish history, natural urges and reactions and built in human nature..
Statement desiring to use all the energy to reflect His Goodness I desire to use all my energy to reflect Hashem’s Goodness into the world. Please move all of this subconsciousness within the taivas and gaivas that we naturally view as “me” to consciousness to choose to reflect tzelem elokim in the moment. There is no Glory in the world other than Hashem and happiness is the experience of tzelem elokim being the conduit of His Glory when we choose to reflect His Mercy into the world. .
Where do the elements within me deviate – what is the skeleton of the tohu, the confusion, that needs to be elevated-what do You desire for me to repair The body wants to survive. It is the deepest instinct. Yet survival is in Hashem’s Hands. Not ours, albeit we are to do everything we can to survive in order to serve Him. Hardwired into us is the yetzer hara who triggers our survival instincts, captivating [kidnapping] our intellect unless we have Torah to grip onto. Our logical mind is naturally drawn to serve our natural experience, and that natural experience is that having a free will gives us a sense of autonomous separate existence and a glory of our own. With Torah, we have absolute truth to help us to re-adjust within us the elements of water, fire, wind and earth so as to appeal to the intellect to serve tzelem elokim, the eternal reality. http://beyondanydoubts.com/2014/07/17/teshuva-within-format-submission-separation-sweetening-example-toolbox/


What trapped happiness am I to rescue from worldly affairs – purpose of Nishmas Am Yisrael to release the Shechina trapped in the kelipas The lack I feel, the anger that it triggers, are taiva and gaiva, the two kelipas that our struggle of having a body over a tzelem elokim is designed to subjugate and release the Shechina animating the kelipas.. Please help me approach the matter first from the perspective of Nishmas Am Yisrael, to release the Shechina from concealment by removing the mask of nature that conceals Your Glory. Please help me to remember that You are the Source of all good and that human desires, although You give them to us generously, in an unintended way scoff at what You Hashem deem to be good in this moment and subconsciously drive our intellect into serving the taivas and gaivas instead of unmasking Your Glory concealed by them. Please forgive me for thinking there is any glory other than You or that I know what is good more than You and help me remember my primary role in reflecting You into the matter..
What ase tov to reflect You shows tzelem elokim glued to emulating You that will create positive influence of effort to restore happiness to tzelem elokim over happiness trapped in natural urges – what is my unique Yeud to do in this moment “Just as a person conducts himself in this world below, so will he be worthy of opening up the channel of the same Supernal Attribute Avove. Exactly according to his conduct so will he bestow above in the Supernal World the same and he will cause that Supernal attribute to shine here in this world.


For this reason one should not divert his mind from these thirteen attributes or allow these verses to depart from his mouth; so that he should remember them when a situation arises requiring the use of one of these attiburtes. He should then remind himself and say, “behod this action which is required in this situation is contingent on this particular attributes. I will not bude from it. lest this attribute become concealed or disappear from the world.”


We focus to tolerate insults, overlook faults, bear the burden of confusion of mind, forgive and cast sins in the sea.


We love You Hashem – out of knowing that He loves us, is all good and is the only source of chesed. May we unmask His Glory from the kelipa of taiva


We have awe of You Hashem -put of how He creates a world where He gives us free will and speech in order to participate in creating influence by unmasking His Concealed good from the kelipas and He defers to us! With our free will and speech alone can the strengths that Hashem utters into the world be brought together, the strengths in the mask refolded into His revealed good is the potential end result that through awe of Hashem we can effect. In so understanding, we release the impurities over the element of fire – Fire of ego-oriented fear of destruction – so that fire shines as it is intended in it revealed good, to be a passion for Torah, for praying that fire be warmth, light, protection and blessings. May we unmask His Glory from the kelipa of gaiva.



Who Pardons Iniquities – How emulating this attribute of Hashem can bring trapped energy from millenium of suffering of our people to reflecting Hashem’s Glory into the world

The most human feeling in the world is to feel pain and hurt because of the actions that others actually lift their hands or speak with their mouths against us. The natural reaction is one of anger fear, of being a victim or of mustering up all our energy to come up with whatever plan we need to in order to protect our boundaries.


Let’s take a closer look at the absolute truth underneath in order to help us be empowered to make efforts that will accomplish our goals.


There is no Glory in the world other than Hashem. Hashem gives us life and the intelligence and resources to make judgments and considerations. However, the Glory behind each of those is Hashem’s Glory. Why is this important to understand?


The belief that glory was once Hashem’s but is now “ours” and “we” have to do something, unless first connected back to absolute truth, will lead us to creating influences we do not intend.


Hashem’s Glory is our intelligence. Hashem’s Glory is our circumstances. In every moment, we have free will and speech. Speech is ruach, wind. With our mouths, we breath into the world speech, breath and lettering, that creates influence, hopefully positive. This is what we manufacture. This is our level of participation in what Hashem then does next with that influence.


Thus if we fall into the grips of our lower thinking and feel like blaming and shaming others because of what has come upon us, we are overlooking that essential reality, that the whole world is filled with Hashem’s Glory and He is the source of all goodness alone.


Recently the whole world is demanding that Israel have more concern in its fighting for the innocent civilians. The words they use are scoffing at Israel’s values – live up to YOUR standards, as if we are not or as if we are to blame for the deliberate endangerment of civilians by our enemies. It is important to see the mockery of divine dignity in caring about human life. We are placed in the position of being accused of abandoning our treasured value of human life in order to protect Israel. In the place that is our value based on Torah, we are being criticized, blamed and shamed. The natural inclination of the lower soul, the body, is to feel shamed and hurt and question itself. Shall we follow world opinion and the natural desire to be seen as good by the world, or shall we follow Jewish law regarding the rules of war? Because we want to be seen as good, it is very challenging.


Understanding that happiness comes only from the tzelem elokim inseparable from Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy learning Torah, emulating Hashem’s Mercy, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in the hands of Hashem, we strengthen our existence in understanding that everything except our free will is a reflection of His Glory. Our free will is a creation made by His Glory, and we have the power of speech to create a wind in the upper worlds that flows back to this world in every second because Hashem re-creates the entire world every second. With emunah, when we trust that our happiness is a function of reflecting His Glory, we may not understand how Hashem the next moment will relieve the circumstances, but we MUST understand that the circumstances are set for our good, for the opportunity to free happiness from being trapped in the opinion of others that feels good to the ego and body and restores happiness to absolute truth, the experience of the tzelem elokim touching the flow of Hashem’s Glory as we reflect it into our speech and deeds. There is NO OTHER POWER. So how can we get our lower soul to let go of trapping happiness in worldly concerns?


We have the mitzvah to honor our parents, who gave us life. As did their parents, all the way back. The compassion of one generation becomes the wisdom of the next. Parents want their children to succeed and flourish. Thus part of our mother’s milk, in addition to Torah and Jewish values, contained what is necessary to make it in a world where Jews are hated and persecuted and killed. We have a toughness to our shell, a stone over our heart. Without this, how could we not go mad?


Yet this shell, this stone, cannot be permitted to blind us from remembering that all glory is Hashem’s. Remembering this can save us from the pain of just being Jewish without feeling Hashem’s Love for us. And when we remember that this world is all about deriving pleasure from associating with Hashem, we are empowered to really make a huge shift in our thinking that could really make a difference.


There is no glory other than Hashem. There is no good coming from anywhere other than His Glory. Thus, we do not have a glory with which we can go into the treasure chest of His Kindness and secure our needs. Thinking in such a natural linear way strengthens happiness being kidnapped by worldly matters. Instead, we return lovingly to the truth, that happiness exists because the tzelem elokim is inseparable from Hashem and experiences pleasure each time we learn Torah and emulate Him or do a mitzvah.It is simple but profound. We are empowered to embrace the truth that all glory is Hashem’s and we can associate with that glory and experience the pleasure for which we are designed, no matter the circumstances. Viktor Frenkl writes about this from his observatons in the concentration camps, where people who gave away their last piece of bread to save others lived longer than those to whom they gave the bread. They had a happiness that kept them alive and no one could take from them. It is crucial that we comprehend this important example of what it means to be alive, to be a tzelem elokim in a body that can be killed. There is no glory other than Hashem. Living in a body with that reality understood keeps us from the injuries others wish to inflict with their scoffing, their accusations, their condemnations and even their bombs, all of which the animal bodily side of us has a reaction.


Thank goodness we have learned that the punishing missiles and words of our enemies can land in open areas and do no damage-how? By our remaining attached with emunah to the truth, that all glory is Hashem’s.


We can take all of the suffering that has been converted into toughness to survive, into a stone over our hearts, so that we can make it through another generation to pass on the mesorah All we have to do is relate BOTH of our inclinations to the truth that all glory is Hashem’s, meaning that we correct the elements within us as follows:


Water: the Source of all vitality is Hashems. Any lack we feel is a desire for which Hashem’s will is that WE bring that good into the world by drawing His Glory in to heal the lack.


Fire: all passion is to burn out the beliefs about being a victim for not having our desires or dependency needs met and instead turn that passion toward learning torah and prayer. We want to create warmth, light and bracha


Wind: we say Hashem Echad and ask that all our kochos be moved so that we can reflect His Glory into the world


Earth: we want only to reflect Your Glory into the world through our speech and deeds, being solid vessels triumphing expression of tzelem elokim over natural urges.


May our effort to do so be the arousal from below that will soon bring the arousal from above. May our effort to do so bring from the side of confusion all the pain and suffering and negative influences formed over the millennia due to persecution and destruction and, for having taught us, may all the kochos, the light, the Shechina that has been trapped in the darkness now be released back to revealed good and given into our hand to reflect into the world Hashem’s Glory. And may our effort remove the need for Hashem to send us enemies.

Dignity comes from being made in Hashem’s Image for all mankind – even though we are mortal, dignity is never diminished

Dignity is given by Hashem. No one can take it from us. People can murder others, shame others, disgrace them, insult them, reject them, dehumanize them and more causing great human suffering and pain. But the part of every person that is made in Hashem’s Image, and this is true for every human being, Jew and non-Jew alike, is never damaged, never disgraced, never rejected in Hashem’s eyes.


Hashem loves every creature. He especially loves every person. He invests Himself in providing for every one of His children from the time of their birth until He deems it time to recall the life force that gives breath to our bodies.


Hashem is all good. He is the only Source of Chesed. There is No Other Source of Good.


We look at the dire pleading and desperate situation of thousands of families from the Yazidi minority trapped without food, water or medical care.  They literally await rescue. Their lives hang in the balance. Just as they await rescue and evacuation, so too every person in the world should be awaiting rescue from the darkness that is causing annihilation, rape and destruction, a sign that the confusion of human nature is prevailing over the dignity we have from being made in the image of Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy. It is imperative to understand that there is no glory other than Hashem’s Glory, that Hashem’s Glory fills the world. When we are able to properly understand this, we have a chance for the part of us that is made in Hashem’s Image to triumph over the confusion of human nature, that naturally believes in its own existence and its own merit.


It is urgent that every single one of us understand that even this evil has as its Source Hashem. Hashem has given us free will and therefore He is providing us with every opportunity to wake up and realize that He is the Source of All, to turn to Him, to abandon our beliefs in man-made values no matter how virtuous and well-meaning, that inherently by having been built or interpreted by human beings without meaning any disrespect to Hashem could possibly have in them deviations from His Absolute Truth as expressed in Torah. It is urgent because of the inherent powers that Hashem gives to people to dominate the world.


When we base our conduct on a desire to serve Hashem and do what is right only to find out that we did something in error, immediately we return to the correct path, we confess, we regret, we apologize and we make a plan for the future.


The dignity of a person is in the ability to choose to serve Hashem. At every moment, we examine our intentions….are we putting the crown on Hashem’s Head or on our own? What does it mean to put the crown on Hashem’s Head?


The Jewish people have suffered at the hands of our enemies who have been trying to annihilate us for thousands of years. We have been murdered, beaten, expelled, rejected, dehumanized, gassed, bombed, stabbed, insulted, scoffed at, imprisoned, kidnapped, hijacked – you name it. It has happened to us. And it has had its costs. When we experience a suggestion of hatred, we have a defensive reaction based on imagination pulling up facts from the history of the Jewish people. We have become so crusted over with determination to survive, yet hashem has helped us despite it all to preserve the Torah, Hashem’s Will. We are dazed, stunned, numb, living with emunah but fighting to subdue and serve Hashem despite the crushing pain of suffering, for it seems that the happiness of the tzelem elokim has been kidnapped and trapped by the downward spiraling of civilized existence.

How does any of this fit in with Hashem’s love for us? In one moment of comprehension, in prayer, saying Hashem Echad, all that energy from the suffering can become the fuel with which our love for Hashem and our desire to reflect His Mercy into the world can pierce the heavens!

Our generaton is the heel of the Jewish people. Somehow, with all our numbness, with all our confusion, being dazed and defensive, it is for us to understand that in all that we have suffered, not one ounce of our divine dignity has been damaged by even one atom. Our divine dignity is intact and as potent as ever. How is that possible? It is possible because Hashem surrounds us with a part of the soul that is not accessible by the brain, yet can be drawn through the brain into our hearts and be seen through our actions and deeds. When we comprehend that is our purpose, with all the missiles, the threats, the hatred, the scorning, the condemnations, the double standards and hatred, it changes the way we look at what we can do in this very moment to help all of mankind.


Serving Hashem according to Torah is something for every person, Jew and non-Jew alike. Only Judaism explains that every person who lives with a relationship with Hashem according to His Will has a place in the utopia the entire world is hoping for. Yet there is massive confusion of mind, because if we think that we vs someone else is right, it becomes an ego battle, a power struggle and the entire truth that all there is in the world is Hashem’s Glory becomes distorted with human nature that mistakenly takes credit for Hashem’s Glory. It is not the human competition regarding which religion is right, who has the truth, who is good, who will dominate. Rather it is a matter of living with love in our hearts knowing that the only pleasure in the world is emulating the True Good, Hashem’s Attrributes of Mercy and fulfilling Torah, His Will. There is no independent “me,” no I am right he is wrong, no it is mine not his, no do it my way or the highway, there is no honor or glory other than Hashem’s Glory. And there is no possibility of dignity being diminished, because the only Glory is Hashem’s.


Imagine if we really understood that.


Hashem desires to be visible in time and space but in order for there to be a world, He has to conceal Himself so a world can appear. But the world is a place that will become a utopia. Hashem loves us and wants us to have that utopia, but He also wants it to be a pleasure to live in that utopia. With all that is happening, we turn our eyes upward and realize that the way of life we have known, the quiet, the happiness, the freedom of religion, is being veiled by the threat of being conquered or killed. If we all turn in prayer to Hashem and let Him Know that we understand He alone is running everything, and we do this sincerely, letting go of the shame, the humiliation, the anger, the anxiety and all the natural human emotions we are experiencing because of the existential threat to our lives, we glue our imagination to His Mercy with a desire to reflect it into this confusion. In that moment, both our inclinations agree to serve Hashem with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might. Serve Hashem, no other. THAT is divine dignity. Once we understand that happiness is this choice to serve Hashem with all our heart, all our soul and all our might in order to reflect HIS MERCY into time and spaceas He instructs is through the Torah, providing a place in our hearts for Him, we will have made ourselves into vessels that can actually benefit from the pleasure of the redemption. And that is the potential good that can come from all this insanity.


The Yazidi’s are showing us how to await Hashem’s Salvation. It is for us to redouble our efforts to reflect His Mercy into the world, to realize there is no glory other than Hashem, to shut the door on any goals other than deriving happiness from the pleasure of giving and doing chesed with each other. We may be killed but we will not lose our dignity if we make this choice while we have free will. Key is understanding that NOTHING takes away divine dignity. Nothing. It is not at risk. In this way, the shame, the humiliation, the rejection, the scorn, the hatred, the missiles, the stabbings, the expulsions, the murders and every other pain that can be inflicted on any one alive are put into the perspective they need to be – as external to dignity. Those who hit us because of a desire to remove our dignity desire to kill us and eradicate us. We are mortal. But dignity is not at risk.


To the degree that we can understand that the trauma to our human nature because of all of Jewish history contains the Shechina in galus with us, with love in our hearts we can tell Hashem that we know He is the only Glory, He is the Source of All and to please give us access to use all the kochos involved with a unified heart to reflect His Glory into the world, to fulfill the Torah. We can also ask that the kochos being given to our enemies be handed over to us as well because we have learned from them how important it is to understand that all Glory is Hashem’s and how important it is to have Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy prevail over the sternness and judgment of our human nature.  This breaks our human characteristics so that they can be improved by drawing into our minds and hearts the dignity of being made in His Image.


May all the world come to see that Hashem’s Goodness is what we are here to reflect and that each of us has this dignity, every person, Jew and non-Jew, is made in Hashem’s image. Let us all donate the energy fueling our suffering, our pain, our humiliation, our degradation, and our losses on a human level to reflecting Hashem’s Mercy into the world for His Sake. Let us use our free willed choice and speech in personal prayer to ask Hashem to help us triumph dignity over our human nature, which includes all the damage of Jewish History.


And may doing so bring an arousal from above that will bring utopia for all the world.

Real unity emerges as the Absolute Truth through each person’s avoda of submission, separation and sweetening


Moshiach is not a spectator sport.

Hashem loves us very much. He desires to give us the blessings promised in the Torah.


The pleasure of being alive after Moshiach comes will be the pleasure we derive from having used our free will while we had it choosing Torah and Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy over our sterner, more natural nature. It is important to shift our outlook on what pleasure is from the worldly matters to the experience of reflecting Hashem’s Good into the world and thereby sensing the great pleasure of touching His Attributes as they pass through our hearts..


We are told to await Moshiach in the same way that we wait in the emergency room for the doctor to come in to help us – there is no pleasure, no future, no happiness until we find an answer to end our pain. Suffering helps us understand that. Our lives do not go on with any joy as long as the Jewish People are at war. When suffering, both of our inclinations understand where pleasure comes from, from Hashem’s kindness. We have no trust in our own glory under such conditions, only in His Glory.



Open the connection to real pleasure while we have free will

To enjoy the redemption, we have to build a vessel to receive the pleasure while we have free will. While we have free will we have the opportunity to open to the idea, expand and then shift the source of our happiness to connection to Hashem’s Torah and Attributes of Mercy. No pressure, but if this is not completely understood as the source of happiness, then when the redemption comes, we may not be prepared properly. When we seek the pleasures of happiness from worldly matters, when there will be no more free will to cover up the reality that Hashem is the Source of all blessing and the only Glory there is, the veil over our eyes regarding the “glory” we believe is ours will be lifted and we will not find ourselves feeling very happy. And it will be very embarrassing to mistakenly seek our happiness by reaching for honor or happiness based on our own glory, power, hand or whatever criteria based on externalities, albeit internally experienced externalities, they may be.

While we can choose to, it is a great idea to move to comprehending deeply that there is no glory other than Hashem’s Glory. He is doing everything. He will be doing everything. .



Releasing belief in the pleasures of worldly matters

When happiness is kidnapped by our belief that it can be found in worldly matters we experience bitterness for being so distant from Hashem

All kindness comes from Hashem. If we forget this and think that our happiness depends on anything outside of us, we have trapped our tzelem elokim and made it dependent on the natural world that is run by the Soton. This is easy to see and most people with healthy confidence know that esteem does not come from what other people think of us or do to us. No one can trigger our neurocircuitry except something within our own makeup.

What does it mean to fear Hashem (bitul) and

how do we derive the greatest pleasure from having this awe?

Now here is the important thing to realize. Ego is not our essence. Ego is an internally experienced externality. The “me” is a great illusion designed by Hashem to give us free willed choice to fear or not fear Hashem. When we attribute happiness and pleasure to worldly matters, we kidnap the tzelem elokim and force its attribute of happiness to serve the goals of the lower soul, of the ego, which brings our being under the domain of the Soton. Everything our tzelem elokim is involved with produces influence, and if we trap it into worldly matters based on an inherently imperfect being’s will, we can only expect that there will be errors, aveiras, and possibly evil outcomes

Whatever we pursue to provide the ego with the goals it believes to be happiness inherently is based on a false assumption – that false assumption is that there is something besides Hashem that will bring the happiness to me, namely my intelligence, my skill, my money, my personality, my network, my my my…Yes we have to do what is necessary to bring about results, to bring worldly matters to resolution and reach goals.

But happiness is not dependent on any externalities such as ego or worldly matters.. Thinking that happiness lies there brings a feeling of bitterness. The tzelem elokim along with the Shechina are in galus waiting to be released through our intellect’s free will choice to instead have awe of Hashem and say Hashem Echad.

Happiness is the natural feeling of the tzelem elokim knowing it is doing Hashem’s Will, learning Torah, and emulating Hashem. This is healthy happiness and real pleasure, when we understand that the only good there is in the world comes from Hashem and we experience true pleasure when we emulate Him. The real pleasure of emulating Hashem that we reflect back into the confusion that we first experienced provides the tikun .

Tohu – Confusion of mind is a human condition

Although our tzelem elokim has access to a level of intuition that we may be able to cause to flourish, in most cases we are limited to understanding what is before us. We saw in the recent Gaza War how trusting the enemy’s statement of ceasefire just opened up a vulnerability that cost us the lives of three young men who were attacked by terrorists coming out of a tunnel in a suicide explosion. No matter what, it is obvious that if someone desires to trick us, there is no way to prevent that. We do not have clarity about anything that anyone else truly intends, even if they make a statement. Yet that truth of confusion must NOT bring us to cynicism about people or cause us to feel that the happiness of being connected to Hashem has left. The opposite is true. When we know that we are living with emunah and bitachon in His World, that nothing here is happening that is NOT orchestrated by Him for our good, we can have a happiness in that despite the circumstances. Such happiness has been the mainstay survival of our people, rebuilding time and again after the persecutions and executions that are wrought upon the Jewish People for millennia.

It is time to take down the channel through which the negative forces come into the world by building such a strong connection to the true good, Hashem’s Chesed, that the suggestions of alternative methods of obtaining happiness do not appear credible. We can accomplish this through understanding that we only have such a credible sense of “me” in order to give us real free choice, but that the “me” is a cover over tzelem elokim, and tzelem elokim inseparable from Hashem’s Name is the basis for happiness and esteem.

Every moment we speak and act, we are creating either positive or negative influences based on whether we are speaking and acting to fulfill the goals of tzelem elokim putting the crown on Hashem’s Head or to fulfill the goals of the “me” putting the crown on our own self-referencing thinking. We create influence based on the manner we field our nature that creates either positive or negative influence that Hashem then uses in the manner He sustains the world.

That means in the privacy of my home, where there is no one around, if I entertain as “me” the painful past memories and experience baser feelings without doing everything I can to evoke mercy within me to conquer the confusing darkness, inadvertently I may say or do something that empowers negative forces and their weaponry. We are not grasshoppers! Our souls produce, whether we realize it or not, either positive or negative influences.

We have free will. We have the Torah. We have intellect. We can choose. Even though circumstances and the motives of others are under the control of Hashem, we have real free will to create positive influence and thereby remove confusion by filling it with tikun. Hashem is big enough that in every moment everything, including what may be withheld from us, can change. He is 100 percent in control 100 percent of the time. The place of the world is in His Mind and it is simple in one second for Him to adjust everything. This is bitachon.


No more access for the yetzer hara’s temptations to be given voice and expression in time and space

It is important to realize that because the ego triggers our neurocircuitry through natural means, finding a handle to recognize when it happens and building an inner mechanism to bypass those triggers is the first order of business. Internally experienced externalities  trigger our mind and we think it is US. The terrible actions of our enemies dressing up like us and jumping out of the terror tunnels to kill us caused the IDF confusion before they shot the terrorists.

When we confuse who we are with internally experienced externalities over tzelem elokim, it is as if the yetzer hara has been able to dress up as us and take charge of our mind and heart for goals that do not serve absolute truth. Inherent in taking the “natural” route is that we commit wrongdoings and destruction. The yetzer hara is expert at showing us illusions of happiness based on nature that then confuse us. Thus, the real challenge is to understand that those compelling emotions are based on thoughts combined with heart-driven imagination attempting to secure what we perceive as happiness! Imagination must be moved across the firmament between earth and heaven to attach securely to Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy if we are to have a chance to do our tikun and replace the confusion in the vessel of our mind and heart with light.

Closing that channel cemented by confusion and building a new one

Thoughts and emotions seem so esoteric and subjective. Yet there is a scientific approach to thoughts and emotions through which our intellect and analytical mind can be engaged in order to make the necessary effort in a way we will believe we can do it and see positive results.


It is important to comprehend that even thoughts and emotions come into the world from Hashem’s thoughts and His utterances. They come into our mind but everything in the world is composed of only four categories elements. Solid, liquid, gas and radioactive/fire. However our bodies are made up of the elements of the earth, the influences of these four categories of elements give us a relatable way to define and categorize our thoughts and emotions so that we can then find the Torah to apply.


Words are made up of letters. When we speak, there is breath and sound. It is the same with Hashem’s utterances. There is His Breath, the ten utterances also called the sefiros, and there are the 22 letters of the aleph bais that conceal His Glory and give an outward appearance of individual objects.


Yet everything boils down to solid-earth, liquid-water, gas-wind, or radioactive-fire.

And each of the elements water fire, wind and earth correspond to a sefira, to a concept to which Torah can be related. Water is Torah, taiva, desire, chesed. Fire is passion, gaiva, anger, fear, gevurah. Wind is balance, flightiness, compassion, speech. And earth is malchus, kingship, solid presence, sadness

Doing the teshuva that closes access to the yetzer hara creates unity

What grips happiness and traps it in worldly matters is our will. Using the understanding that absolutely everything has the four categories of elements, we can see a skeleton of will that is gripping something and causing bitterness, the trapping of tzelem elokim in a worldly matter.


Lack, ego, and imagination. When we speak out to Hashem in verbal introspection regarding what is on our mind, we can ask ourselves what is the lack, what is the self-referencing value that is so important, and how is imagination serving that self-referencing value. Spin the bitterness in front of us without falling into the confusion that is merely tohu and not solvable in and of itself and say lack, ego, imagination until the spinning stops and we are able to see the answers, to have some clarity.

The next step is to literally take off the mask of the lettering, the subjective personal challenges Hashem designed for us, that was causing everything to whirl with the bitterness in order to release from the lettering the reality of Hashem’s light within. When we are willing to remove the lettering of our particular nature that Hashem creates for our personal challenge and we do it with love in our heart to release the Shechina in galus within that lettering, we are able to restore happiness through connecting to Hashem as tzelem elokim.


Here is a toolbox to do so:


Lack is desire. taiva. Bring it back to pareve by remembering that Hashem is the source of all vitality


Ego is gaiva, anger, fear. Bring it back to pareve by burning out the misconception that happiness lies in obtaining that worldly or egotistical desire, and then take that passion and direct it to learning Torah and in tefilla to Hashem to please release the trapped light from the confusion in order to instead create warmth, light and bracha


Imagination: speak out Hashem Echad, I only wish to use all my energy to reveal Your Glory into the world. Sit for a moment and go as deeply as necessary to find that place where imagination was galloping to serve the self-referencing and instead lovingly and gently ungrip it from there and glue it instead to Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, tolerating insult, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, casting sins in the sea, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in Hashem’s Hands alone. Sit with this as long as necessary until imagination brings a shift in the mind and calmness as tzelem elokim prevails over our sterner nature.




Expression of Tikun/Yeud – Creating real unity

Ase tov; bring the clarity and connection and desire to reflect Hashem’s good into the heart and bring it out in a tikun for the confusion, taking a step that is uniquely your expression but has instead the goals of Torah and emulating Hashem rather than the self-referencing lettering that was causing all the confusion.  Without the self-referencing lettering, we have unified who we are with His Attributes of Mercy.  To the degree  each of us does this in any moment, we literally create unity between all of us.  What separates us is only a facade – when we remove what separates us from Hashem, we create unity.

Inspiration to internalize Hashem’s Middos HaRachamim as laid out in Tomer Devorah

Hashem is the Source for all Good

Stay connected through tzelem elokim to Hashem’s Middos HaRachamim


The amount of pleasure in life is directly proportional to the effort made to

Learning Torah


Reflecting Hashem’s Middos Harachamim into the world, tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, casting sins into the sea


Living with emunah and bitachon


Giving love and value


Knowing success and survival are in Hashem’s Hands alone


Doing battle in the moment

Exercise Self-Control to see the place of free willed choice


When we exercise self-control to look at our impulses, here is the fulcrum question based on the Chazon Ish who says there is only one good midda and only one bad midda. The good midda is doing the ethical thing according to Torah and the bad midda is to go after the natural urges.


Imagine a treasure chest filled with treasure, money, diamonds, gold, silver, precious stones and more. Imagine the treasure chest closed and dropped somewhere in the ocean, never to be seen again. Yet we can relate to the good of that treasure despite not seeing it, feeling it, or having it accessible to us. We understand its good.


So too with Hashem’s Goodness. We can form in our mind the ability to relate to His Attributes [ tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, casting sins into the sea] as the good we choose in the moment. By gluing our imagination for action based only on connection to tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of confusion of mind, forgiving, casting sins into the sea, we are able to sustain for ourselves an identity in whatever action we do next as having been based on effort to bring something from our tzelem elokim to fill the place of darkness in which we find ourselves, thus doing tikun.


Sorting true essence tzelem elokim from the internally experienced “me” Hashem gives us in order that we have real free will

Is what I am thinking focusing on tzelem elokim and Hashem’s Good or is it focusing on the “box” concealing Hashem’s Good trying to pry it open to get Hashem’s Good?


Upgrading identity to our effort to choose in favor of tzelem elokim

Generally the urges and emotional upsets and temptations we have are coming from the subconscious drives built into the internally experienced “me” Hashem gives us so that we have free will. Unless we learn Torah, we would have no way of knowing that our experience is the treasure chest and not the treasure itself.


By learning Tomer Devorah and internalizing it, we are attempting to shift more and more of our identity from the natural reactions to emulating Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy. Reflecting His Attributes of Mercy into the world means that we are experiencing through our speech and deeds His Good, and that is the pleasure for which we are created.


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Identify with tzelem elokim as true identity – join us in learning Tomer Devorah

Our primary function is to reflect hashem’s middos harachamim into the world no matter what, making a kiddush Hashem


Our primary identity is tzelem elokim, the part of us that is made in the image of His Middos Harachamim and that is inseparable at all times from Him for all eternity. The tzelem elokim experiences happiness when learning Torah, emulating Hashem, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in Hashem’s Hands. :Likewise the tzelem elokim experiences bitterness when it is far away from Hashem, when it is not able to fulfill its desire to serve Hashem.


While we have life the nearness of our body, our ego and the world of time and space appear to be the sources for our sensing pleasure and happiness. Often the feelings of happiness and bitterness inherent to the tzelem elokim get caught up in worldly matters and create confusion for us, because very often we don’t really feel happy when we reach goals in time and space and if we do, it is short lived. Because our bodies don’t sense the happiness being experienced by the tzelem elokim as it experiences the pleasure of touching Hashem’s Perfection as it transmits His attributes into the world, we see worldly goals as viable alternatives for attaining happiness. The more we buy into the practical sources of happiness that seem readily available, the more confusion we have in the moment about who we are, what we are here for and how to serve Hashem. Somehow, serving Hashem must be seen as pleasure, positive, the best choice in every regard.


In truth, when we are open to expanding our hearts to include the intellect attainable from Torah, there are answers. Not only are there answers, but we do our unique tikun, create unity, and shut down the yetzer hara’s natural subconscious entry into our deeds by comprehending where our minds can be strengthened to make choices in favor of tzelem elokim, seeing that as the real, true pleasure with clarity.


Please join us for 13 days of learning Tomer Devorah with hisbodidus cards to internalize how to emulate each of Hashem’s thirteen attributes of mercy . Send an email to shulikleinman@beyondanydoubts.com  . we begin Thursday August 7 at 8 AM eastern. Mp3 recording and playback will be available.

The Special Emunah we have 9 Av 5774 – And a Toolbox from the transcript of the guided teshuva Aug 3, 2014

How to deny the yetzer hara entry into this world

Using free will, speech and love for Hashem to triumph in creating unity

The Special Emunah we have 9 Av 5774

It is Tisha B’Av, Monday night August 4, 2014, 9 Av 5774. We sit on the floor mourning the loss of being able to associate with Your presence as we did in the times of Shlomo HaMelech’s Temple.


The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas not yet in place but due to begin in several hours, the past almost two months since June 12 when three teenagers were kidnapped and killed have raised our emunah and our achdus. Unlike seeing a miracle and then faltering in emunah at our next challenge, the constant barrage of rockets and open miracles provides in this moment a palpable awareness that even though You are concealed, You are here intimately involved with every detail and re-creating the world in every moment. This Tisha B’av, the ability to do the constant mitzvah of Know there is Hashem, the first commandment that tells us I am the Lord Your Gd Who Took You Out of Egypt to be Gd to You is a shining light. Concealed in nature, Your Light has emanated into every day for more than these three weeks and we feel able to associate with the pleasure inherent in doing so. No more do we desire to ever be separated from the experience of being able to associate with Your Light even when we are in the throws of challenge such as we are today. Your Mercy is evident and through the eyes of our tzelem elokim that is inseparable from Your Attributes of Mercy, we look up to the heavens and experience that even though You are concealed from our vision, Your Love and Presence in a palpable way. Throughout Israel, families are sitting shiva, mourning the loss of their sons, their husbands, their fathers, killed in battle. The mourning of the families is palpable today as well. We have the emunah and we yearn to have this be the last Tisha B’Av. We want Hashem’s Glory to be revealed in this world again!


What is in our free willed choice to do to reveal Hashem in this world?


The yetzer hara who has the ability to be expressed in the world through many ways is the only true enemy we have: The circumstances of our lives, the tragedies, the illnesses, the disruptions, are all decrees from Hashem given to the yetzer hara to implement and bring into our experiential reality. As soon as we perceive it, our inner work begins to respond according to Torah with tefilla and the exercise of Torah values.


If it is all good and from Hashem, why does it hurt and feel bitter and what is it for? Often, the purpose of the external stimulus is so that we find within us an area that is in need of tikun. . We are embattled with an internally experienced enemy called the yetzer hara who is in control of our lives and our human nature yet is external to tzelem elokim. The mitzvah to know that there is No Other Power other than Hashem reminds us that despite Your authorizing the Soton to run an apparently pluralistically-appearing world, You Hashem are the light above Him and ultimately, everything comes from You. In this way, everything is good, no matter how we experience the externalities that confuse us as internalities. Yet it is Your Will that we do battle with these natural emotions because the process of doing so is the function that You desire of Nishmas Am Yisrael, to create positive influence that You may use in the next moment to sustain the way nature is run.


The function of Nishmas Am Yisrael is as the neck connecting the earth and the heavenly realms. Yet each of us has many levels of existence. By analogy, a tree provides shade, grows fruit, and is a home for animals, but it has a very crucial function – it produces oxygen! Through photosynthesis, the process that combines the effects of sunlight upon the nutrients from the soil and carbon dioxide through the tree, we have oxygen. Perhaps that is to the eye a background program. Yet photosynthesis is essential to the survival of the tree and all else that it does, producing fruits, providing shade and serving as shelter for animals. So too our role as Nishmas Am Yisrael. It is meritorious to expand our understanding of who we are to this functioning that if left uninvestigated could be working against our highest goals, for if we are not producing positive influence through free willed choices, the default is that the natural is producing what could be negative influences without our consciously choosing to do so.


Rising above self-referencing and its goals as the basis of esteem depends on expanded awareness of tzelem elokim and our role as Nishmas Am Yisrael: What does including Nishmas Am Yisrael in our consciousness mean in the moment of challenge? If I experience a negative reaction of any kind, something happened that was not of my choosing thrust into consciousness by the naturally appearing world, yet it is up to me to take responsibility in a way that is pleasing to You. In order to take responsibility to help, generally we need wisdom from the Torah that either we forgot or that we need to acquire. Torah is truth and it restores the soul. All its pathways are peace.


To take responsibility, it is good to have a sense of our uniqueness, knowledge about our individual existence, and that “self-knowledge” includes understanding about what it means to be a soul in a body, not just self-knowledge about our unique circumstances and personality. What do all people share that it is good to have knowledge about?


Building a bridge from darkness back to light – the common elements of bitterness that with understanding can lead us on the path we desire to go in serving Hashem: When we are in a negative frame of mind, it starts from a lack. We experience lack through a perception so automatically as to not be fully in consciousness at first, coming from stimuli and a feedback system within our brain that there is a danger, and in a split second that fast-moving human nature under the direct control of the Soton, through our unconscious, subconscious, and bodily urges identifies the area where the “me” is frustrated in its values and then collects imagination to build upon the goals of the “me.” Lack. Me. Imagination. Lack. Me Imagination = lower will. The lower will and our analytical mind together provide the experience of being in time and space taking responsibility and doing what our best judgment tells us in order to make a correction, bring the matter to a good and just conclusion, in accordance with Torah. When we succeed, we feel “happy” because our intelligence and our efforts proved successful according to the goals we set.


Is happiness the absence of challenge? It is surely a victory in time and space to successfully resolve our challenges. Is this happiness though? Why even ask that question! We just won, right? So we are happy, right?


The tzelem elokim wants to associate with Hashem’s light, to experience the delight of His Presence. Have we enhanced or diminished the ability of the tzelem elokim to delight in Hashem’s Omniscience with statements such as, we won, we are right?


Hashem gave us success because it was good, but it is important to see that happiness lies in staying connected on a deeper level to service of Hashem.


Pursuit of Happiness requires the ability to identify what is concealing it:

  1. Lack triggers the awareness that I desire something and it is not being given to me. Because I believe I am good, and that I deserve this, I experience lack. The ‘I” in us thinks we deserve it – that is our sense of independent autonomous existence combined with our judgments and self-love. Here it is important to understand that the sense of independent existence is an utterance of Hashem.


In order to be seen in this world, truth of Hashem’s Glory contained within it is concealed, resulting in the easy mistake of forgetting His Glory saturates everything. Relating within time and space without remembering in the moment that Hashem’s Glory fills the world causes us to base judgments on matters that are not absolute truth and therefore can lead us to unintentional error: In order for anything to appear in the world, Hashem’s utterances must be concealed by the letters of the Hebrew aleph bais. By breathing and uttering, Hashem’s Glory fills the world but the external appearance within the world is that objects, including our bodies, our circumstances, and our personalities, subconscious and unconscious, are formed according to the letters Hashem uses to create us. Our outwardly defined beings that provide us life and visibility in time and space interact with the outwardly defined objects, other people, and circumstances that Hashem forms through assigned letterings over His Utterances. Lack then is an internal experience of something external within me (my unique personality and ego, which Hashem forms through the lettering over Hashem’s utterances as He Creates me) that is interacting with something truly external outside of me based on its lettering over Hashem’s utterances. These perceptions are enough to trigger our neurocircuitry, particularly our instincts of self-preservation and desire to acquire and dominate.


The sense of autonomous independent existence is a covering over the tzelem elokim designed to present a real, yet not absolute true, alternative to the idea that Hashem’s glory fills the world. There is only Hashem, but we have the perception that there is also a me, a real entity with free choice. And that is true, Hashem determines everything except whether or not we will have awe of Hashem and realize that our sense of autonomous independent existence has inherent falsehood BECAUSE the entire world is filled only with Hashem’s Glory. Thus, as much as we may be ethical, upright, responsible, Gd-fearing and more, basing choices on a reality of being autonomous and independent will inevitably have negative consequences because it is inherently not absolutely true. The absolute truth is that all there is in the world is Hashem Who has to conceal His Light in order for a world to appear.


Now here is the empowering thing. Hashem has concealed Himself and created the world allowing His Shechina to be stuck in time and space and all this darkness and confusion for one reason. To give US the opportunity to choose to say Hashem Echad! He desires to give us the ultimate good, and that good is the pleasure of touching His Perfection when we submit to the reality that our tzelem elokim that is inseparable from His Attributes of Mercy is the Source of all happiness and pleasure because it is the neck through which Hashem’s light can be connected into time and space and the neck through which the Shechina trapped in the darkness can flow and become connected again to His Light. To the degree we understand that our service to Hashem means flowing light between heaven and earth, we will have a different relationship with the negativity that challenges us.


Imagination – the part of our intellect that desires to serve – we have a choice where to apply our imagination and dedicate our heart: It is with free willed choice that we can empower ourselves to pry imagination away from our sense of autonomous independent existence and glue it to identifying with tzelem elokim that is made in His Attributes of Mercy. The effort to do so is a reflection of knowing that there is No Other Power. When we get caught in the natural neurocircuitry of self-preservation, using our free will to glue imagination to absolute truth, to the wisdom that all there is in the world is Hashem’s Glory no matter how it appears, we are “crossing a firmament” between the heaven and the earth in order to curtail darkness and instead sustain our tzelem elokim. How this feels might be likened to a tug of war…whose head is the crown going to land on, Hashem’s Head or the apparent me’s? Who is our imagination and intellect going to listen as the dominant influence? Again, when we know there is Hashem and that all there is in the world is Him, no matter how whiney our self-referencing messages are, we have an ability to see them as external to the true reality of ourselves as tzelem elokim inseparable from Hashem Whose Glory fills the world.


The universal skeleton with which to perceive our challenges that can then help us restore real happiness: Lack, autonomous independent existence, and imagination reveal where we need to apply Torah in order to release the Shechina from being trapped in the dark and in order to redirect the lower will back to serving Hashem with all our heart, all our soul and all our might. If we have a universal skeleton to our unique challenges and through that we can experience the true pleasure of connecting to Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy, then unity between people lies in doing so, because as we “bitel” what we need to in order to connect to Hashem, we also connect to one another. This is the objective of the laws of ahavas yisrael, that through loving Hashem when we interact with each other, we work through our own confusions to become a stronger vessel in receiving the pleasure Hashem desires for us through our relationship with Hashem


What are the steps to exercise free willed choice to bring about unity?


Understanding the task

to receive a flow from a higher world in order to elevate flow from a lower world


Elements of nature fall into solid, liquid, gas and radioactive – filled with utterances from Hashem and visible through variations in the letters over those utterances: Every atomic particle on the periodic chart falls into a category of solid, liquid, gas or radioactive. Being able to discern the influence of these natural atomic particles within our nature gives us a way to find the Torah we need to re-set the atomic particle to its neutral form – releasing the Shechina trapped by the letters Hashem chooses for our lower will.


Identity, esteem and effort: It is important to be able to do this work remembering that we are NOT the labels the letterings Hashem speaks that contain His utterances, as the outward appearances may suggest. Rather we are our effort to release the Shechina and wipe the lettering off our lower will in order to restore the will to serving Hashem rather than the outward appearing “me”.


Shame blame trauma and pain: The reason it is important to remember that we are NOT the labels these letterings suggest is that many of us grow up to a degree with shame, blame or less than ideal parenting and all the misconceptions that we form when our young minds are wet cement remain part of our neuro-circuitry affecting our emotions and our relationships. This is how Hashem sets our free will point. He sets our free will point with His Utterances speaking the letters of our life and circumstances into existence. However, it is NOT our true identity – tzelem elokim, nor is it the basis of esteem.


Our identity is that of tzelem elokim and our esteem is our free willed choice to replace the confusion in a broken vessel with a reflection of light from Hashem’s Attributes of Mercy. That effort is our tikun, it is the unique purpose for which we are here. Just as a liver removes impurities from the blood, and the liver is NOT the impurities, so too the tzelem elokim through free will and speech replaces the confusion within our physical existence with light and rectification that is tikun so that Hashem’s revealed good can be reflected into time and space. Amazing.


Thus it is good to learn Torah that explains the significance and correlations of






Identifying the skeleton – the kelipas- within the bitterness

Dialogue out loud about taiva/lack, gaiva/ego, and imagination


Taiva: Lack. I have a desire. Water. Water is Chesed. Hashem only does good. Hashem is all chesed. He is the only Source of Chesed. There is no other place where Chesed can come from, only from Him, although He may send it through a sheliach. The desire that I have is not seen by Hashem as good. Either I need a larger vessel to contain the good or it is really not good for me or He desires relationship in prayer or something from my free willed choice. The Torah that is needed here is the wisdom that all there is in the world is Hashem and we are never abandoned by Him.


Gaiva: Autonomous independent existence. I deserve this thing that I think is good and I blame and want to shame and condemn and judge the matter or person withholding the object of my desire. Perhaps I become angry, afraid, arrogant. FIRE. Fire is can be total destruction, burning things to ashes. But fire can also be warmth and light and bring blessings. Behind fire is passion. With intellect to know that Hashem is the Source of all vitality, I can use fire to burn out the false imaginary beliefs about the desire that I think will bring happiness that Hashem does not provide to me. In essence, I can use the fire to free the false belief that my happiness depends on obtaining the object of my desire. This is fundamental to restoring imagination to cling to proper understanding of happiness and how we experience happiness, as the pleasure of doing mitzvahs and emulating Hashem. Bringing these understandings about chesed/water to subdue and direct our passion, fire, we use our passion for pursuing Torah and for praying with fire, with love and awe.


Balance: Harmony and Compassion – Building a vessel to contain and reflect Hashem’s Glory and experience the pleasure we are designed for in doing so: With tiferes, we combine the chesed/water with the gevurah/fire and utter a word in speech. Hashem Echad. The breath from the world of thought combining with the sounds we create through our bodies creates a positive influence and a spiritual being that leads us in the path we desire to go, to use all our heart, all our soul, and all our might to be a vessel that can contain the pleasure that Hashem desires to bestow upon us and to receive that pleasure as we reflect His good into the world. This is crucial practice because if what I find pleasurable is eating a box of chocolate and Moshiach comes and there is the ability for the soul to experience the pleasure of associating with Hashem in a revealed way, and I say great but where is the chocolate, I am going to have a massive headache because the pleasure Hashem wants to give me will not be able to be held within the vessel of my mind. And the pleasure of the chocolate will have lost its appeal.


Thus while we have free will, we have the opportunity to build within us a worthy vessel by gluing our imagination to the desire to reflect Hashem’s Attributes.


In doing so, we triumph choosing mercy over our sterner nature. This is the very best way to make good use of the life force that Hashem sends to us.


Imagination pursuing desires based on natural leanings towards the goals of the autonomous independent experience of self can lead to destruction, although we may not realize it, intend it, or calculate that into our analysis. The free willed choice to use imagination in every instance to pursue happiness based on Torah and emulating Hashem is the resolution of Hashem Echad, Hashem is One. In this way, everything we do is the result of asking ourselves, what does Hashem desire of me in this moment, how do I serve Hashem right now?


Once we have a moment of clarity, we can then turn to a good deed, a tikun, a yeud, our unique expression that brings through our heart into the world of action in time and space a reflection of Hashem’s goodness. This is earth. Malchus.


We are built to relate to the negativity that is natural to human existence with the focus of being an organ called Nishmas Am Yisrael designed to release the Shechina trapped in the galus of our suffering and to reset the will of the lower soul so that it is free of human nature and thereby we are unencumbered from exercising free will to serve Hashem with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might. Our esteem is our effort to do this work. The pleasure is the simple sincerity of moments of connection and clarity that help us build in our hearts a true temple for Hashem out of the fabric of the raw material He sends us transformed through our free willed choices and speech.


May our effort to triumph tzelem elokim in order to reflect Hashem’s Mercy into time and space create merits for Klal Yisrael and be the arousal from below to generate an arousal from above whereby Hashem will choose to deal with us according to rachamim over din. And may we soon be zocheh to see the light of redemption with the restoration of His Presence revealed in Yerushalayim.


Doing the verbal introspection in dialogue out loud with Hashem

A transcript from the guided teshuva Sunday night Aug 3, 2014


Introduction to the toolbox

We are in the three week avoda of doing a guided teshuva The purpose is to try and do battle with what blocks us from the inner experience of pleasure that the tzelem elokim has when it does mitzvahs, and likewise of course when we do aveiras we feel a punishment, from the punishment when we do aveiras. The tzelem elokim is inseparable from Hashem and because it is inseparable, it has immediate feedback when we do a mitzvah or when we do an aveira and those experiences of pleasure and pain will also be felt after we no longer have life. While we are alive we have a covering over the tzelem elokim that blocks this experience. this means we are alive that that is a good thing. and during the three weeks.


Just like before Passover we are cleaning for Chometz and then seven seeks of the omer we are reshaping our inclinations in the areas that work on during the omer, of the middos of the omer, these three weeks deal with the concealed middos, keser chochma and bina, the middos of thought that are not in our control. They are part of nature, both the tzelem elokim and animal soul have keser chochma and bina. the ones that come from the animal soul’s is under human nature and it is not all bad but it does conceal. During these three weeks and as long as we have free will we can do battle with these coverings. that is what weare trying to do to do battle with the coverings. Even if we get a momentary experience of pleasure and a momentary sense of calm a momentary sense of pleasure that the tzelem elokim has when it is in connection with Hashem. When we have that moment of pleasure or clarity, w are simulating what it might have been like to go into Shlomo’s Temple.


We are able to do this to understand what happened when we went into Shlomo’s Temple our soul was able to feel the pleasure of associating with Hashem’s Name. It was available in time and space to do that. His Home was in the temple. the miracles were apparent. Our soul could delight in the presence of Hashem. That was a reality. We would leave and unfortunately, we were not able to sustain it outside of the temple and we committed aveiras and for that reason we lost that privilege. Hashem has been in galus and He is very covered over in our lives, but He is not gone, He is just concealed, but He is not gone. He is just concealed. When we do battle with what is covering Him over and we get an experiential insight on occasion and we cling to that and try to grow it and try to make it larger part of our life, then we are succeeding in doing is making something internal inside of us, really building a sanctuary for Hashem in our heart, and please may that arousal from below create an arousal from above that will produce the third temple, where when we are in it we will experience it and because we claimed it and owned the choices to do battle with it while we have free will we will also be able to have in our lives at all times and Hashem will be here on a permanent basis.


We are doing battle with the will of the lower soul. That is what is in the way. that is because we are alive, it is nt that we are bad because of that, it is the nature of being alive. Before adom ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, his body was translucent and he was intellectual. When he ate his body became more solid. He didn’t know when he ate that Hashem would cut the lifeline to the nachas to the yetzer hara and connect it to the flow of life going to Adom so that if the flow from the nachas is up we are down. He did not know that would happen. His goal was to bring glory to Hashem and there was a slight confusion. He was created with Hashem’s full knowledge that he was going to make this mistake of thinking there was some glory that he could do. this is how Hashem chose to make all of the world happen and everything until this day, it is up to the generation that is going to bring Moshiach to make this ultimate correction where we know with clarity that there is n glory other than Hashem and that we can do battle with these ideas.



Every day of our lives, it feels like we are here, very tangible and real. We get absorbed in that idea. Our happiness seems to be related to teaching our children how to do the right thing, making sure we arrange proper carpools and that everything is in order, whatever we are doing in our job is in our proper way, with derech eretz, and in our marriage, at work. We are working very hard. we have good values, asserting and it is all gorgeous. But the thing we need to do is understand there is another avoda that can really help a lot in this effort we are trying to do, to do battle with what covers over our tzelem elokim. What that is is to understand there is no glory other than Hashem. A lot of what we do, and everyone here is a good mother, I was a good mother, we make a zillion mistakes. we are trying to do this and the child is crying. We try to do something good and it gets misunderstood. It is a whole grab bag of things. without meaning to, when we are asserting ourselves in a way to get done what we know has to be done, if we are not comprehending that all is coming from Hashem and we are just revealing and reflecting Him in this world, then when is going to happen when we have confidence in what we are doing, because the body and the covering over the tzelem elokim is really external to tzelem elokim, we are solidifying something that inherently is not the truth. we are here with a role but inherently there is nothing but Hashem and all glory is His.


We are trying to make the ego and self more transparent to see that our first stop is to do a hishtadlus in emunah, to reach up to Hashem, and to try as hard as we can to align both of our wills, like we say in the Shema, with all our heart, with all our soul and all our might, with both our inclinations, to align both inclinations with Him to draw back down his middos harachamim and have that fill who we are, making a tikun for whatever confusion had preceded it. That is who we are making a tikun for whatever confusion preceded it. life can be very confusing. There are a lot of things going on.



There are two levels to the teshuva we are doing. the first level of teshuva is to return to Nishmas Am Yisrael. that is a teshuva on the level of submission separation and sweetening where the submission is that I open a relationship with Hashem, I know there is a Hashem I have a bitterness and I am crying out. the second step is separation and even though there is confusion and I dont understand i say Hashem echad to ask for help in how to bring His middos harachamim into the situation. the third step is to actualize tha, to draw into my heart and out through speech and deeds so that what I am literally bringing into the world is a reflection of His attributes of mercy in the same way that the moon reflects the sun. those are the three steps that return us to nishmas am yisrael.


Once we are within in that, taking a closer look, we will take apart in separation, we will take a close look at will. in those areas of will we will identify where have we allowed the sticky labels of human nature to influence something that we can pull that back and that is where we do the unique four steps of teshuva from the Rambam and in the end hopefully have a triumph of tzelem elokim at least in the moment over our regular lives. that is what we want to do especially tonight.


Tonight we want so much for Hashem to see that we are doing battle with what covers over and keeps us without our wanting to from revealing His attributes of mercy in the moment, that we love Him, that we want to reveal His attributes of mercy in the world, that we are devoted to doing it and that we are making an effort right now, tonight, before tisha bav, we are making an effort to let Him know that is our desire. we want to do this work. that is what we are going to do right now.


Toolbox to use for a challenge


May our using the power Hashem has put into speech serve as an arousal from below for which Nishmas Am Yisrael is designed – to be the neck connecting earthly forces with the heavens, the mechanism Hashem has designed in order for a flow of blessings from Hashem to be revealed rather than concealed by free will in this world.

May our words Hashem Echad and our crying out, pleading for the impurities we are now going to identify that are distorting water fire wind and earth and masking the revelation of Hashem’s Glory be wiped off so that “the mother bird – the Shechina that had been trapped by the masking” is restored to revealing Hashem’s Glory and that “the eggs –- the animating light that is the strength of the mask concealing Hashem-“ be harnessed by love of Hashem to connect the light into Hashem is One in order that we grow in our capacity to reflect into the world the light of love and value Hashem sends through tzelem elokim.

The ultimate goal is that revealing Hashem’s Glory as the pleasure in the moment becomes the pleasure that we naturally seek, that it is more and more naturally in our consciousness to reveal His Glory over the subjective pleasures of the animal soul and ego – including all experientially internalized yet external coping mechanisms, fears, triggered confusions, programming, traumas, and wrong ideas developed over time that we cling to but that trap the Shechina in galus with our suffering.

Over time, just saying these words with intention will help us expand a sense of identity to a context of relationship with Hashem and our primary role as Nishmas Am Yisrael that will give us more emunah and bitachon to release reliance on where we are stuck in challenges within thought and emotion, the concealed world, and say Hashem Echad to create an arousal from below that folds the energy that was existing in exile within those experientially internalized externalities back into the revealed world to reflect Hashem’s rav chesed.:



if we can just think of something that pushes your buttons, something from today or shabbos, probably it is not foreign to you. mine is common to me happening a zillion times a day. whatever sets us off, has been around with us for decades. Just hold it not to the degree not so that you will get absorbed by it and be pulled and distracted, but just hold it in your hand and cry out to Hashem that it is bitter. we are going to make a common skeleton for all of these areas of bitterness and then we will try to clean it off.


Submission: Hashem, I am experiencing a bitterness (discord, any negativity – bitterness is the soul’s experience of distance from Hashem)

Kavana: Within my subconscious or unconscious or basic human nature is a reaction that is keeping happiness and pleasure busy instead with radioactive/firey defensive or aggressive self-referencing thoughts. It is bitter, resentful, anger producing, terrifying, upsetting to feel so far away from receiving the love and value Hashem is sending right now Here is the dichotomy. happiness and pleasure are the result of the tzelem elokim which is inseparable from HKB, the feeling that the tzelem elokim has when learning Torah, emulating Hashems attributes of mercy, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in Hashem’s hands. What happens in our normal daily life is that happiness and pleasure get a little bit kidnapped by time and space and worldly affairs. right now, whatever it is that bitter, this is what is going on. we are bitter because we feel a distance from Hashem. take a minute and say under your breath what is being triggered, what is the emotion. open a relationship with Hashem and cry out that it is bitter. you don’t have to add the circumstances right now, you can, but after a few more lines we will pause again and add those circumstances. just say Hashem this is bitter I feel …… [say out loud what triggered it and the emotion and open relationship with Hashem – cry out, it is bitter]. .


I do not wish to follow so reactively whatever naturally comes to mind! Please I turn to You with love in my heart to sift and discard what is blocking the experience of good in this moment. I have identified happiness and pleasure available as being diminished by circumstances that have triggered this reaction. [describe the circumstances that you may think your happiness and pleausre depend on] Instead I turn to You realizing that this discord has as its Source You and that there is something You desire for me to fix within my nature. Therefore I submit to Your Oneness in order to either rectify a bad characteristic or to redirect the strength from what is masking Your Glory from being revealed in the elements/sefiros of water/chesed, fire/gevurah, wind/tiferes and earth/ malchus. May the strength of what is masking the good dissolve from the circumstances and instead soar on the wings of love in my heart for Hashem to connect with the strength of Your revealed good.


Kavana: Knowing there is Hashem Who is good is the context – [tell Hashem “I wish to be seen by You as accepting the role of Nishmas Am Yisrael, using free willed choice and speech, the powers You bestow upon us, and may the words Hashem Echad serve as the conduit through which heaven and earth are able to merit receiving Your Revealed Glory together with previously concealed and now revealed Glory. Help me to expand the sense of identity that is naturally in consciousness to realize that his effort to make a repair and create positive influence IS the basis of esteem, not with the matter being confessed]


This is very huge. what we are doing here is that we are not going to identify with the feelings that are keeping our happiness trapped in our mind. NO. we are effort to use free will and choice and speech to say Hashem echad. we are our effort to do that in order to rectify whatever it is we need to in order to create positive influence and be able to reflect Hashem’s attributes of mercy into the matter. it is our effort alone to do that, nothing else will be the basis of our esteem. a good way to think of it is like a liver. the liver clears out impurities but it is not the impurities it cleans. the liver is an organ and has a function. the function of nishmas am yisrael is the neck connecting heaven and earth. it is up to us to see where there are things in nature in the elements of water fire wind and earth that are attaching themselves and covering over our tzelem elokim and by speaking out with our free willed choice, we are able to make a positive influence out of that. that effort that we do, even if we are not successful, that effort that we do creates positive influence and is the basis for our esteem ..nishmas am yisrael has a function in the same way a liver does and we are not the things we are processing. we are our choice and speech to say Hashem echad and to try to create positive influence by emulating Him.


Separation: we opened relationship, we said there is massive confusion and now I want to clean it up. the second step is the cleanup. separation. we have free willed choice and speech.


Blessed is the Name of Your Glorious Kingdom Forever and Ever – Hashem is One – Hashem Echad.


Today sara rigler spoke on the Aneinu call and gave a fantastic example that will really help here a lot. many of the things we have when we feel all this confusion, we have a lot of emotion that she called them all zeros. if you have one or ten zeros, it is all just zero. but if you have 8 zeros and you put a one in front of it all of a sudden you have a hundred million. that one changes all those zeros. that is really great. here we have all the confusion. we don’t have to understand all the zeros, all the confusion. all we have to understand is one thing, that it is all coming form one place, Hashem Echad. with that free willed choice, to recognize and acknowledge that it all comes from one place, we say Hashem echad please


I want to use all of my strengths, whether in a positive or bitter place right now, I want to use all of my strengths only to be able to reflect Your attributes of mercy into the world.


That is powerful. no matter where we are in our ability to do that, the process itself creates the positive influence. the process itself tells Hashem I love You Hashem, i am here for You, help me, I know it is all You, this is my will, for nishmas am yisrael, please lead me in the path I want to go. as soon as we say that we form the spiritual being that leads us in the path we want to go. that is amazing and a tremendous thing to do. Now we will go ahead and look at exactly what this means and how to do this in ourown unique way and literally open up an area within us to release the shechina that is trapped in some of this confusion and rededicate our will to being unified with both of our inclinations to this process.



Kavana: There is amazing light trapped within this matter, albeit stirred up from the subconscious, the unconscious, the defense mechanisms, the survival instincts, the bodily urges, the ego desires that define the unique personality and human nature You have designed for my effort and growth. By bringing to mind that the context of this matter is the awesome design that You Alone Create the world and with knowing that everything that happens is from You, is just, and for the good, I ask that with the words Hashem Echad, that You please move so that I may have more control to direct that light from nature uttered by You and concealing You to instead reveal Your Glory. Help me wipe off the impurities so that instead what shines in the elements/sefiros of water/chesed, fire/gevurah, wind/tiferes and earth/malchus is a revelation of Your Glory, a revealed good.


Whatever nature or human nature is covering over and blocking the experience of revealing Your Glory, please dissolve its strength into nutrients that with love in my heart for Hashem can be joined with Your Revealed Good. Please help me wipe off the impurities of imagination that is connecting to subjective taivas and gaivas and help me glue imagination to Your Attributes of Mercy so that revealing Your Glory flows without impurities through my heart. I only want to be who You want me to be! I want to be part of creating positive influence for the elements that are filled with Your Glory. The whole world is filled with Your Glory. By free willed choice and with the words Hashem Echad, may I please bring about the strengthening of Hashem’s revealed Glory in the world, a power You have given to Nishmas Am Yisrael to do, to elevate this fallen world. Help me to dissolve the strength of what is concealing You so that through the words Hashem Echad the strength is available to reveal Your Glory in the way You intended for Your Glory to be revealed in an enhanced way by Nishmas Am Yisrael uttering Hashem Echad.


that is a lot of words but we are getting used to it. what we are really just saying is that we understand that Hashem is thinking up our soul and uttering our circumstances, bodies, and personalities and egos with words. when we utter something what is happening? our breath is forming into words with letters and shapes through our body. same with Hashem. there are then utterances with which He creates the world and 22 letter of the hebrew aleph bais. everything Hashem is uttering has His breath the ten sefiros and then different combinations of the letters. adom was able to say the name of everything because he could see what it was composed of. adom was formed from the ground. a shulchan and water appear as they do because of the letters, he could see the letters. Hashem conceals Himself with the letters. that is how He comes into this world without breaking it apart, He comes in through contractions. he utters our bodies and our physical being interacts with the physical presentation based on the way the letters, even though underneath the letters is Hashem’s breath, the letters mask it. our perceptions perceive the mask. our goal is to take off the mask of nature to see Hashem is behind it and to have that understanding of ourselves as well. that is what we are about to do  We are for all eternity our effort to use free will to unmask and reflect Hashem into this world.


Kavana: I realize that built into subconscious and unconscious reactions is human nature, and all nature is under the domain of the Soton! Please Hashem, give me free will over this area of human nature that is influencing emotion and thought through the unconscious, the subconscious, instincts, or animal soul motivations. The natural elements water, fire, wind and air are subject to Your Angel and without Your help whatever lower will is being triggered is like a magnet automatically operating within the mind with suggestions and reactions and impulses and desires toward aveiras, hating others, bearing a grudge, feeling resentful, judging, taking revenge and more. With love in my heart for Hashem please help me function as You created us to do, with free will and speech, to reprocess the strength of the lower will so that the strength of the lower will that is concealing Your Good may be used to reveal Your Good.

[Describe the discrepancies ,dissonance in the experience and your particular challenges are. This is the skeleton that I want you to try to discern: where do I feel something is lacking, what does my ego tell me about it, and where is my imagination taking me based on that ego discernment, that natural reaction. lack ego and imagination. that is the structure of what forms the will of the lower soul. when we understand that is ratzon, then we are going to be able to bring that ratzon through a process that will unmask and release Hashem from the prison of the grip of that will and be able to realign everything in a way that will help us become a better vessel for reflecting Hashem into the world. see if you can focus on your particular area of confusion or bitterness and see if you can see a skeleton of lack, ego and imagination].


I regret that I have fallen into the grips of these thoughts and emotions and all that I may have generated in speech and action by default. Please help me see for the sole purpose of wiping off the impurities coming through the influence of nature on the elements within me of water, fire, wind and earth and because I ask with free willed choice, please may I instead direct the potency of the impurities that come through a nearer nature to help solidify the light revealing Your Glory through speech and deed. That is my free willed choice, please help! And may any destructive beings that I am responsible for, by virtue of this teshuva, come to the side of merit for having taught me so that all of the light is now available in the elements revealing Your Glory.


Kavana : There is no glory other than Hashem. There is no good other than Torah. Hashem is One and by virtue of stating that, please dissolve the magnetic draw pulling downward with false promises of happiness, pleasure, value or esteem and please bring that force back as a magnetic draw to strengthen resolve to learn Torah, emulate Your Attributes of Mercy, and live with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing survival is in Hashem’s Hands. This is real pleasure and happiness and is the pleasure Hashem desires to give us. Please help me broaden capacity to receive the love, value and pleasure You desire to give us so that I may reflect it through my heart into the world.


Just as we desire to correct our vision to 20/20 with glasses, so too please now help me confess, regret, apologize, make a plan for the future and do teshuva to rectify characteristics and to reveal the elements within aligned with the goals of tzelem elokim to serve to reveal Hashem’s Glory in the world.



So now the stage is set. we are empowered as Nishmas am Yisrael to be Hashem’s partner in improving the world and that means the elements of nature. Hashem gives us human nature, composed of water fire wind and earth, the elements on the periodic chart, solid liquid gas and radioactive, the only categories in the world. because we are alive we are composed of these same atoms. Hashem designs it that the elements themselves touch our tzelem elokim. He created that when we sinned, when Adom ingested the tree of the knowledge of good and evil so that these influences form nature confuse us and Hashem’s good is masked.


what we are going to do is try to push the reset button on the elements thereby seeing how these elements are really external from tzelem elokim thereby making our ego more translucent, less solid and instead making our effort to be nishmas am yisrael more apparent, more immediate, more desirable and the thing we want to pursue in a greater way.


Now we will remove the impurities


[removing impurities from water, taiva and desires/expanding what we need to with chesed] Please Hashem help with bending whatever the unbounded desires are [state them – I didn’t get this from so and so, this one didn’t obey what I told her to do, he didn’t do this or I need to get this job or whatever it is that our desire is, it is not judging anything. we are stating what it is that we are lacking that we believe is good for us that we feel our happiness depends on that we are not getting. state that. ] to the truth that the Source of all Vitality is You, and may the desire only for what is good in Your eyes draw me so that happiness and pleasure are derived from divine dignity, Torah, emulating Hashem and living with faith and trust. Help me let go of impurities in taiva blocking the pleasure that Hashem designs for our essence so that I become a vessel capable of receiving the higher truer pleasure of devekus Hashem desires to give us. I am never abandoned in Your eyes and may this correction repair Adom’s sin that caused us to be thrown out of Gan Eden.


I know what you are all thinking, how is this going to get me what I want? what connection does it have to say Hashem is the source of all vitality. I want what I want. that is the entire point. there is only one giver, there is only one source of all chesed. that is Hashem. unless we understand that and turn to Him and understand that whatever receptacle we are, a bucket filled with water, if we are not getting what we want we either need a bigger vessel or it is not good for us. we hear this but we don’t get that. we think if we can just think of a better plan or beseech enough or do something, whatever it is, we are good why cant we have it? what we are doing here is adding a real change to that. right now what motivates that is my happiness depends on me getting that thing, and there is inherent falsehood in that. my happiness does not depend on getting that thing. my body might like it, but my happiness is dependent on learning torah, emulating Hashem’s attributes of mercy, living with emunah and bitachon, giving love and value knowing our survival is in Hashem’s hands. that is the happiness and pleasure, when we touch Hashem’s attributes, when we are connected to Torah, when we are connected to mitzvahs, that is the only good there is. that is the pleasure the tzelem elokim experiences and it is the pleasure we receive for all eternity. we have to really let that sink in.


so let’s say we accept that intellectiually. but now we go to fire, i am really mad or scared that i don’t have this, this is terrifying or i am so angry or anxious. i really need this, there is a real dire situation, an emergency. this is fire. [removing impurities from fire/stopping what we need to with gevurah] Please Hashem help with burning out lower levels of expression of volatile radioactive subjective urges including anger, anxiety, arrogance and more (goals related to self-referencing of the ego, of happiness trapped in time and space and worldly affairs) in order that passion be directed for Torah and in tefilla declaring Hashem Echad.   I am never annihilated in Your Eyes and may this correction repair Adom’s sin that caused us to be made mortal.


we have to take a look at that passion and go back to the desires and realize that passion and that fire needs to burn out those misdirected desires. whatever Hashem sends is good, we want to take our passion and direct it to torah and tefilla, asking Hashem beseeching Him for what we want. that is for sure, please make this one well, please make peace in Israel, but the passion has to be directed to where it can do some good, which is to HKB. then we can take what we want which is that the source of vitality combined with this passion and create warmth, light and bracha instead of without meaning to, when we are trying to get people do what we know to be right and to make sure that they live up to what their commitments are, when we do that without realizing it, because we are insisting on them conforming, because we are not absolute truth, there will inherently be impurities in that that will cause difficulty and damage without our meaning to, collateral damage if you will. we want to clean up the elements of water and fire, peeling back the mask, the letters of the utterances to see that behind everything is Hashem’s utterances that are all good. and when we do that, we are releasing the Shechina in galus with our suffering. imagine a hose of shefa, and we take that hose and bend it and that water is stuck in the hose, it is not going. Hashem is at the other end of the hose, waiting for that shefa to come through back to Him but it is not. instead we are angry, afraid, stubborn whatever is causing our bittereness so we realize i don’t want to do that, i let the hose open up. whatever was trapped now starts to trickle and Hashem sees this brown gooky water, He has been waiting for it for decades, He sees the shefa flowing back in and He comes with love and abundance. we just reunified the Shechina through our free willed choice to Hashem, set the Shechina trapped in galus within our suffering back. but now, the strength that bent that hose in a tight grip, that will – that is what we are cleaing off. that was really strong. we held onto that, what an amazing strength. now what we want to do is say, that strength, I want to take that will that You gave me, and now I want to say Hashem echad and use that same will and i want to restore compassion through speech with boundaries and goals based on torah and truth.



[removing impurities from wind/ restoring compassion through speech with boundaries and goals based on Torah and Truth ] Please Hashem through the words Hashem Echad, may the desire bound by knowing that You are the Source of all vitality Who Gives what is Good and only Good subdue radioactive arrogant responses so that together what forms is warmth and light that is beneficial and that reveals Your Glory. May our words which we say freely release the strength You desire to be reunited with You to create positive influence and shower brachas and may our effort to do create the positive influence and spiritual beings to lead me in the path i want to go to do it and be a merit for klal yisrael.


Now we have to actually do it..

[removing impurities from earth/malchus becoming a solid vessel to reveal Hashem’s Glory] Hashem I direct the confusing bitter charge [i.e. the roots of potential for happiness and pleasure trapped in reactions of human nature and subconscious] be released [name them and identify them in as much detail as possible out loud – as we went through the elements up til now perhaps you got some more information. name it all here what we want to release, n whatever detail you can do it without getting sucked into it]. Please help me confess and do teshuva – now we will do the four steps of teshuva,confess, regret,say we are sorry, and make a plan for the future – and redirect in order to wipe off the impurities and falsehoods trapping light in the charge, and please move the will, the strength of the charge to cling to revealing Your Glory, for there is no glory other than Hashem. Hashem Is One.



Kavana: With love my heart please forgive us for ever thinking there is any Glory other than Hashem and help me draw deeply into the desert of the subconscious place a healing so that revealing Hashem’s Glory flows naturally through mind and heart. Please help straighten out whatever is in the deepest recesses of thought and emotion with Your Will so that thought and speech reveal divine dignity, as the moon reflects the sun.


Humbly the effort to triumph tzelem elokim over the animal soul completed, at least for the moment, may the understanding of the experience of Your Presence as it was in Shlomo’s Temple that is lacking in the world because of the destruction seep into consciousness, that I feel a touch of how beneficial it would be to once again have Your Glory revealed. May this help me bring tears of sadness and longing for Your Glory readily to heart in every moment so that consciousness would stand ready to choose speech and deed that would help You to be revealed again in the world, true happiness and pleasure.


Now turn to ase tov, a good deed, refill the place of confusion with tikun


Sweetening: Please help me reflect love and value that You constantly send to us. Please help me reflect Your Glory through speech and deed, and may Your revealed good fill the elements water, fire, wind and earth without impurities of human nature so that Your Glory may be seen in the world.


Hashem may will, thought, emotion, speech and deed reveal Your Glory, tolerating insults, overlooking faults, bearing the burden of the discomfort of mind that happened when we ingested from the tree of good and evil causing experientially internalized externalities to appear in our mind as “me”, please forgive us for ever thinking there is any glory other than You, and please cast all our sins into the sea. Please may this teshuva that adds light that through free willed choice has been brought from human nature and dissolved into revealing Hashem’s Glory through the statement Hashem is One be a merit for Klal Yisrael.


May this merit for Klal Yisrael help that our generation should be meritorious for redemption b’ahava.


that concludes the teshuva.


here is what we did. we tried as hard as could to take the will from our lower soul, from the me, from what we identify as ourselves, we tried to take that and clean off the impurities, unmask and liberate the Shechina from being trapped within it. then resetting the elements of water fire wind and earth to a purified way connecting to Hashem so that we can reflect Him into the world and nothing something reactive based on human nature. that with love in our hearts creates an arousal from below for Hashem’s attributes of mercy


what are we asking Hashem for? we are asking Hashem for an arousal from above for His attributes of mercy. this time period that we are in, this three weeks and now the nine days, had we not sinned with the golden calf, when Moshe had come down on the 17th of tammuz would have been rosh hashana and these 21 days would have been the high holidays. which means tisha bav would have been shemini atzeres which means tonight would have been hoshana rabba. it had the potential for that. Hoshana rabba, everything goes after the end. we use the willow brances to sweeten the judgments, to mitigate harsh degrees, the five levels of harsh decrees, and hopefully what we just did in going through the levels of soul that we did for the animal sou to rectifying the elements in our will, let’s consider it as if we were trying to break off the impurities from that. as if we were cleaning that off on hashana rabba. by dong so with love in our heart, please may this effort be an aroual from below that Hashem should see thta we really want to serve with all our heart and soul and might to create this positive influence and He should give us success and his middos of mercy should rise over his middos of din. He should please, just as we are making an effort for our middos of mercy to rise above our stern side, please Hashem You also, please have your mercy rise over the judgments that made the negative against our people, that we may be able to be the generation meritorious for redemption b’ahava.



this terrible story about the soldier, Hadar ben Chedva Leah, the chosson who was one of three attacked by the terrorist on friday. at first we thought he was taken alive into the tunnel and all of shabbos we thought of this young chosson, who was kidnapped by these terrorists only to find out that he was no longer alive. they found his body parts and his funeral was today. his name hadar means esrog, his mother was Leah, that represents the concealed world, and the word chedva means delight. here you had the esrog, the heart the delight of Leah who was a chosson who got kidnapped and killed. it is terrifying. we really want hashem to have rachamim on us. we dont want any more of this, we dont like it. he was a korbon, perhaps, we have no way of knowing what it was, but this being the week that could have been Succos and yesterday could have been chol hamoed succos and tonight could have been hoshana rabba, if we can do our best to be inspired to really want to rescue happiness and pleasure from the worldly matters and return it to its true Owner, Hashem, our chosson, we are Nishmas Am yisrael, He is the one who gives us happiness and pleasure when we follow His will, observing Torah, emulating Him, live with emunah and bitachon, when we give love and value and when we know that survival is in Hashem’s hands. He is our chosson. we dont want to attribute happinenss and pleasure to anything except our chosson. that is the number one thing. we want to free happiness and pleasure and have our tzelem elokim which is inseparable from hashem’s middos harachamim, understand that is the basis for everything that is coming to us and to please try as hard as we can to use what we did here tonight as an effort to restore relationship and beseech hashem with passion with that as the basic understanding of our first hishtadlus, the will of Nishmas Am Yisrael before we take any actions in this world.


if i clean off the impurities in the water fire wind and earth in me, I may be thinking I am doing it as an indivudal but there is an efect for everyone, that please may my teshuva be a merit for klal yisrael, and that is the truth. when one person does a teshuva on these things, it can make it easier for someone in a different part of the world to have a breakthrough becuase there is a little less pollution on that element. that is a very profound idea of what it means to be part of nishmas am yisrael that we are all one soul. it is empowering and to the degree we are willing to unmask the shehina in galus with our bitterness and methodically see the lack ego and imagination as the lower will, grab that imagination, glue it to emulating hashem’s attribute of mercy, go deep and bend imagination over, to glue it, and we will get a lot of resistance from our logical mind, but remember all good is torah and that His is the truth and the only way to get whatever it is that we want is if He thinks it is good for us to realign with His will .