May our efforts to return to You from love bring new light to the world

The booklet from HaGaon HaRav Itamar Schwartz, Mechaber of Bilvavi Mishkan Evnah series on Reaching Your Inner Redemption is above.

Below is one way I am internalizing it.

Thank You for time alone

To speak to You on Inner phone

Not through some box of metal

My heart reaches out for something special.

There is a point where I know

The direction that I often go

Is not the direction of the flow

For using will so You may bestow

Your blessings, may it be so.

My choices deviate I know

For I feel myself when I feel a blow.

It is hard to resist a dramatic show

When messages abound in slo-mo.

For all eternity You want us to soar

You give us free will to open the door

To recognize and hold ourselves firm

As the pulls on our hearts take their turn.

Will we come to see the truth

That all negativity is a brute,

A mask put on by No Other Power

To give us the chance to not be sour.

But rather to shine the light You give

Upon the concealment in which You live,

Melting off the real appearing mask

Is our every-moment, loving task.

On Rosh Hashana we accept

To crown You King with every step

Please have mercy on Your creation

That realizes from us You have no separation.

May our love and awe of Your Holy Name

Help us hold steady through shame and blame

To see we are but a rusty pipe

Here to serve You day and night.

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