HaGaon HaRav Itamar Schwartz Mechaver of Bilvavi – audio in Hebrew and audio of English translation and English transcripts on avodas Hashem during corona

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The Bilvavi has given us shiurim to understand what is happening and how to use our real free will.

Please listen and read every word. And please give to your loved ones as well.

May we be zocheh to the redemption b’ahava.

The bottom line is to reach your essence.

This series guides you step by step in the process

Spiritual Will of Rabbi Asher Freund
From Hashem, this happens, and it is sublime in His eyes.  Through all the suffering he endured, Hashems compassion upon him awoke his spirit and his words are on his tongue to give over the idea of simple faith.
It is the sole purpose of the creation that arose in the will of Hashem, to create the world on a love that is not dependent upon any variable because He is good and does good.  It is a complete good.  This is desired from the realms of holiness that all creations come to their soul correction which will come about through the redemption of the nation of Israel.
The purpose of a person was created in the image of Hashem is that he should find the goal for his life, to get to the realization that through different orchestrated events in his life, that he should understand what is giving him the Source of life.  He can’t even endure for one second without a breath and from this force that is giving him life.
A person has to find a way to see that the Creator orchestrate the events in his life, and this then brings him to his humility, to be truthful that he himself is nothing, and the spirit of the Creator is his life support and we cannot help ourselves in any way.  When we realize this, do not be embarrassed because this is how we are born. 
The whole creation is null and void.  The world was desolate and empty.  The main work of a person is that we come to this understanding of this void and emptiness that through our falls, we are not an independent entity.   That is really the whole reason of creation.  Then we realize the Creator and that we by ourselves cannot do anything. Only the will of the Creator is giving us life, every breath we take.
 Every breath we praise Hashem.  Rashi says breath is neshima, we praise the creator because we realize each breath is from Hashem.  We merit this through humility and we do not close our eyes from certain challenges, or failures, and we do not despair.  Do not be afraid, because Hashem’s hand is the one guiding us.  It is revealed to us who sustains us and gives us every breath, Hashem, the one who creates the world.  In this way we realize Him and become one with Him and we are saved from arrogance, a natural instinct that captures us when we are successful.  Likewise, we won’t blame ourselves or others when we fail because we know that we are not an independent entity.  So when we have a challenge or fall, we don’t blame.
A person who wants to climb the ladder to spiritual heights understands his own soul’s challenges, the corrections he needs to make.  He understands certain fears. Perhaps someone will hurt him and how will he be saved?  But if we strengthen ourselves from despair, then the window of the heavens will be open to him and he will know Hashem gives life and makes our limbs move and gives us organs and the ability to see, hear, walk, and talk.  Nevertheless, we understand our sins are in front of us and we are afraid that we will forget that we are not an independent entity.  Therefore our faith is in need of renewal every day when our soul is returned to us.  This we realize through our struggles.
 Even though it is bitter and hard to admit, with a lot of work , he can merit this.  He understands that he is nothing without the Creator, so in order for us to be unified with our friends, a person cannot be embarrassed to tell his friends his failures and his things that are wrong with him that are not perfect.  Don’t be embarrassed to tell your friend.  Recognize our own weaknesses.  In this way we can meet with this friend.  This is the basis of the friendship enduring.  Just as he wants to judge himself favorably, he will judge his friend favorably, and in so doing we form the basis upon which we will be able to have a unity.
We have to try to come to the attribute of love that is not dependent on any variable.  In this way we will resemble our Creator whose love does not depend on any variable.  He loves the avos and he chose us to be his treasure.  We have to relate to our friend like he relates to us, that He does not get angry with us, He doesn’t withhold abundance from us.  He doesn’t anger easily and he is patient. 
He opens his arms to accept our repentance, to help our people return.  If we merit to live our lives in this fashion, then we merit to be a big branch in cleaving to Him, in resembling the Creator in his character attributes.

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We are in our homes and our task is to remove the cause of the galus, sinas chinam In order to do that, we need to know that our survival depends only on Hashem, that He is doing everything, and that He has given us the Torah and a divine connection with Him with which to seek Him out from where He is concealed in our deficiencies and bonds with the animal soul. Instead of falling into our negativity, recognize that these are the exact sparks where His Chesed is concealed awaiting our recognition, our showering of love upon Him, and asking for His Mercy so that we may access the chesed for Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs. Here are vulnerable shares to give examples of how we may change our understanding of our lives and build our relationship with Hashem as He Wills.

Vulnerable sharing helps us connect warmly in a pure way – finding our true selves
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Two segments on Pesach based on Rabbi Usher Freund from Rabbi Gedalia Segal

Slavery to freedom

A person all throughout the days of the year is in the 49th level of providing sustenance to himself and family to bring food to the household and the needs are great and we work with all of our body parts day and night with mortar and bricks like a work of avodas Terach like they had in mitzrayim, we are enslaved to our work and our material needs all the days of our life and even at night.  Sometimes we are engaged even at night working for sustenance. But for our spiritual needs, how embarrassing is it when there is nothing left over for us.  The body is created to help us worship the creator, the real purpose and the soul laments on its bitter lack.  What we have to try to do is to give time for our spiritual needs as well, set aside times for learning the Torah, because at the day of judgment they are going to demand from us that all of the hours that we spend for material needs, you have to think about the hours for ruchnius and educating children.  Because these are also our needs because otherwise there is no purpose to our lives.  The night of the seder is set aside for this.  We think about our enslavement all year, enslaved for our material needs.  We think about the shame of the soul that is exiled within us and may not be getting its needs.  In the Hagadda when we say we were exiled and then freed we pay attention to our own exile in mitzrayin and the work that we are enslaved to even though we don’t have anyone enslaving us and we have to take upon ourselves to go to a certain freedom so the enslavement won’t be so time consuming and we should be free to learn Torah and do good deeds.

The holiday of spring and freedom

Now we talk about the month of spring when everything in the creation blooms, the trees and the grass start growing and sprouting leaves and the whole creation sings towards the Creator and this time is when our holiday of freedom, Chag HaPesach.  The awakening of the blooming after a long period of cold is symbolic of our redemption,  The bitter exile that we had in mitzrayim was with mortar and bric and they screamed to Hashem because the work was so much and many people work today so hard, in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, with the wind that is blowing and the rain that is pouring.  The main exile that the people had in mitzrayin was that they were enslaved to a nation that were idol worshipers.  It doesn’t say that we worked, but that we were slaves.  It is not the work itself that was the exile, but who we were enslaved to.  The Jewish people are children of the holy fathers, Avrahanm Yitzack and Yaakov, they raised the flag of emunah, pure belief, in two worlds, this world and the world to come.  And now we were enslaved to people on a very low low spiritual level.  The cruel king Pharoah did not care to wash his body that had tzaraas in the blood of the Jewish children.  And he did not remember the good that Yosef did in saving his land from the hunger and did so much good that the other countries had to come to mitzrayim to get bread. He and his people were wicked people on a low spiritual level and they were the masters of this chosen nation that was chosen by the Creator to be the nation of Torah.  Just like the Abarbanel said, most of the anguish is that we were enslaved to people of such a low spiritual nature.  That is why we say we were enslaved in a shameful way of work and we were the holy nation and we were enslaved to Pharoah, a cruel and low spiritual level person in a land of impurity and when we went out from dark to light, from work to freedom, in this time of spring time, how much is it incumbent on us to express our gratitude for the great miracles and all the good that He brought us to Sinai and gave us the Torah and made us a nation of priests and a holy nation.

Rabbi Wachsman observed that that unfathomable and frightening reality is prophetic, warning us that we need to search our souls and find the divine message that is being sent our way as we spend our days in solitude.
Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein Don’t Be Scared Be Prepared

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