Torah learning for coming closer to Hashem – from HaGaon HaRav Itamar Schwartz, Mechaver of the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh Series

Please find at this iink drashas to listen to as we are all in our homes. These shiurim are english translations of the Rav’s drashas. Please especially listen to the shiurim on the avodas Hashem during the time of the corona virus, where the Rav gives a shiur and answers question, which speak to every single one of us.

Please take this time to connect or re-connect to the inner being within us and to the Creator, in contemplation, in prayer, in deeds, and with love in our heart.


->Crash Course for a Crashing World:<-

->How to Successfully Surmount The Challenges<-

ALSO: practical strategies for strengthening our Emunah through Tefillah

->Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, author of “Praying With Fire”<-

For the next two weeks Monday, Tues and Thurs. @ 9:15 PM

Titles for this series:

  • What Does Hashem Want : Searching For Clues (THIS MONDAY 3-23)
  • Maximizing The Power of Prayer In Challenging Times (Tues 3-24)
  • I’m No Tzaddik: Do My Tefillos Really Help? (Thurs 3-26)
  • How to Truly Connect To G-d Through Tefillah (Monday 3-30)
  • Igniting The Hidden Power of Our Personal Prayers (Tues 3-31)
  • How To Achieve Greatness In Turbulent Times (Thurs Apr. 2)

THIS Monday, March 23 @ 9:15 PM
DIAL: 646-558-6338
PIN: 30671 #
We will open up the lines to questions after each session, or you can email questions in advance to:

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