Exalt Hashem – Bring Down Blessing Run and Return Submission Separation Sweetening given by Rabbi Moshe Genuth and more

Really seeing that we naturally feel our own glory and seeking this feeling of self draws our soul into the darkness. It keeps us from being one with Hashem in a way that is far greater than we can imagine. 

Here is what may happen when we try to disconnect from feeling ourselves. As we walk towards separating from the jpleasure of “feeling myself ” as being, a pridefulness in making that choice jumps right back in. This is to be expected. Nevertheless, hold steady and shower the force of that with compassion becuase its power is the Shechina in exile. Start all over again. 

It may take a few runs and returns, submitting to the intellectual understanding that all there is in the world is Hashem, albeit He is concealed in nature so that there is a world as well as filling us with a life force. He is concealed and He is all good. Then when we fall into the seething waters, instead of thinking the messages of where He is concealed, see we are attached to those messages because of deficiencies WE have in water fire and wind that seek the gratifications of this world. We cannot break our natural attachments without Hashem’s help but recognizing them and showering compassion on Hashem in concealment there out of a sincere love for Him is what we are here to do. And then ask for His compassion. We have exalted Him. Please may I be the channel to bring down blessing.

May we see incremental progress in weakening our attachments to the physical attractions and gratifications offered by nature to our bodies and egos. May our animal soul see that as these gratifications become less potent, the animal soul has an amazingly simcha-dik role in providing a vessel through which the unification of Hashem’s Name can occur through our avodas Hashem.

May our excitement in being one with Hashem and what that feels like be more and more tangible and excite us to take more and more steps in this direction until we have a heart of flesh.

Rabbi Itamar Schwartz Bilvavi shiur english translation on Corona and coming closer to Hashem

Rabbi Itamar Schwartz Bilvavi shiur in Hebrew on Corona and coming closer to Hashem

Q and A from Bilvavi on the above shiur on Corona

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