Spiritual eye hand coordination is wisdom and understanding based on Hashem is doing everything

In sports that include balls, eye hand coordination makes the difference.  Being able to keep the eye on the ball is how the body is able to put its response to the ball into effect.  The brain makes the calculation based on eye contact with the ball.

Spiritually, the ball is Hashem is One, that He is doing everything. 

And there is much that interferes with our ability to keep our spiritual eye on that ball…namely a world, a body and ego that experiences ife as if it has independent existence.

But what if we had an instruction manual that helped us to spot the curve balls, the knuckle balls, the fast balls within our experiences of life?  What if we had a way of comprehending that the experience is coming not for its apparent sake but rather in order to be healed from its presenting form by being recognized and revealed for holy energy seeking to be brought through our spiritually oriented mind and heart into the world to bring blessing and revealed good?

Let’s take a glimpse at what our inner dynamic of darkness looks like in the moment those curve balls are flying towards us. 

“I am not getting what i need or want..

I hate you..

Uh oh you might figure that out..

Better go check to make sure you don’t pick up my resentment because if you did you might really hurt me…

Trying to cover it up with communication..

This person is impossible to get through to, I am doomed..

Why did I try…no one cares..so insulted..my urges all seem to be unacceptable because what comes to mind is to speak or do something hurtful that I do not wish to do..

I must be really bad for no one to care or I must  deserve such shame….”

This type of thought chain is coming from the subconscious. It causes us to shake and feel anxiety and panic. 

When this monster pattern begins, we are grateful that Torah has given us ways to identify the real culprits, which are the negative beings Hashem endows with Infinite Light in order to conceal that light so that a natural world can be seen.

Hashem loves us and He has designed our soul to extract His Infinite LIght from the grips of where He is concealed within nature.  He gives us real free will.  Nevertheless, it is a foolproof system, meaning either we choose to willingly bring in the light through recognizing Hashem and strengthening emunah and moving with all our hearts towards mitzvahs, or there is the foolproof back up plan of suffering, which then becomes also good, for our good, so that we may be a channel for that Infinite Light.

Hashem is concealed in nature, in water,wind, and fire.  What are the deficiencies in the natural elements?  There are four deficiencies, meaning four ways that the Infinite Light is concealed and trapped animating darkness rather than shining revealed light.  The four culprits of damages we learn in the Torah are the pit, the ox, the destroyer and the fire.

Let’s take a look at that monster thought pattern above again.

As soon as lack, the pit, presents, it is covering Hashem’s love.  Recognize Him.  Don’t be tricked –  love Him back and shower compassion on the Shechina in exile in order  to serve as a worthy vessel through which that Infinite Light may flow into the world.  Remember,  Hashem is doing everything. Now when our imagination quickly suggests – through the destroyer -that the lack implies an insult …such as they don’t love me, they insulted me, see it not as ourselves bur rather as it is – the messages from  the destroyer, and realize our true task at that point has nothing to do with the circumstance and only to do with our loving Hashem to forgo the natural way this feels in order to once again be that channel across which the infinite light animating the destroyer may flow into the world and bring kiddush Hashem. Go to only Hashem has honor and have compassion on the life force concealed by my honor…hold stesdy and ask for all of the strength to strengthen emunah and to bring the love and awe and honor into the world for Hashem, and may it be a protection and blessing for klal yisrael and the world…chodesh tov!!!

The storm calms. Our role is far greater than the role we initially believe – we have infinite importance and a way to build eternal identity out of the temporary raw materials of our lives – thank you Hashem!

Please join Rabbi Stauber’s ahavas yisrael project workshop to find a simple, positive pathway and hisbonenus meditation to help us with the above.

And please join in the sharing so that we give each other chizuk in this spiritual eye hand coordination that would otherwise slip over the plate of our consciousness without even a swing.

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