A simple positive yet effective way to strengthen ourselves in ahavas yisrael and heal sinas chinam from Rabbi Ephraim Stauber

Thanks to Rabbi Efraim Stauber for creating a powerful simple positive workshop for simchas shel mitzvah of Ahavas Yisrael, including a hisbonenus exercise that helps us really shift ourselves to making choices in sync with our yetzer tov and divine essence.

Watch introductory video here

We are excited to offer this program in Adar as we head towards Purim. The enjoyable simple hisbonenus meditation really hits the spot for this time of year where we are increasing our simcha and is a great tool to enhance the ahavas yisrael stretches of the week and beyond.

May we each take on the sinas chinam challenge at this time. Please let’s give chizuk to each other by sharing success stories on the eKehilla site from all around the world!

In seven short videos and a wonderful hisbonenus meditative exercise, Rabbi Stauber gives us the ability to really heal the root causes of sinas chinam. In the process of doing this simple positive tool, he gives us a way everyone can enjoy that “converts” through real free will the strength otherwise powering our falls into Amalekian’s doubts into simcha and strong emunah and bitachon, building real Ahavas Yisrael and devekus.

The course is completely free. Sign up HERE.

In addition, introducing eKehilla.com the FREE online community to unify us in worldwide Ahavas Yisroel chabura. Rabbi Stauber has created an online chabura for global collaboration and discussion surrounding the Ahavas Yisroel workshop.

Let’s join together to improve our ahavas Yisroel. Share your insights, questions and journey so that we can increase achdus and joy in our relationships and between Klall Yisroel and Hashem! Click HERE to join the ahavas yisroel chabura located inside eKehilla- the place where busy Yidden Shteig!

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