Torah teaches us how to live in touch with a plane of existence above our nature in a way that heals our pain and builds eternal identity

Anger is an illusion of control Hear Dr. Dovid Lieberman speak about the illusion of strength, of prefering anger over fear or sadness or disrespected. We don’t want to be rejected. Anger gives us the illusion that we are in control.

Torah teaches us how to live in touch with a plane of existence above our nature in a way that heals our pain and builds eternal identity.

The practical description above is grounded in Torah as well.

Remember that we are here to be a channel for the fallen sparks of light from the world of tohu that are in chaos to flow through our choices to do mitzvahs into this world and reveal Infinite light?

When I was little, I would go fishing with my dad. We would get up before sunrise, go to the bait and tackle store and get worms, squid, clams and bait. Then we went to the beach, in the early dawning. The crabs would be scurrying across the water. It was my job to open the clams or cut the squid and get the bait ready. My father then put it on the hook. He had a chest high rubber boot suit and he would walk out into the ocean up to his chest to cast the baited hook into the ocean. When he would get a bite, he would reel it in and, if it was a kosher fish and not a sand shark, we kept the fish.

And then we would bait the hook again.

We are in this world to be a channel to flow the sparks lthat are in chaos back to Hashem. Thus Hashem places us in a body to experience the chaos. Icky worms, slimy clams, smelly squid. But if we want to catch the fish, we have to deal with it.

So how do we deal with the intimidations, the blame, the hurtfulness, the insults, the challenges that stir us up? After all, we are human too. Understanding the other person is human and is falling to the lures of the chaotic messages does not prevent us from having chaotic reactions! We are here to do something else with it. We are here to see we are falling and to cry out to Hashem, to cling to HIm, Hashem I dont want to fall here..I am seeing I am falling and it feels thus and so and I do not want to fall. Please lift me up. Please help me bring all of the light from this chaos into the mitzvah of ahavas Yisrael, or being muvater, or being patient, or speaking respectfully, or acting with kindness, or with forgiveness.

Yes, we feel our reactions. But if we comprehend that He is doing everything and He is counting on us to go with emunah to a mitzvah so as to bring the holy sparks to Him through our intentional choosing of a mitzvah, our simchas hachaim and ability to emulate Him as we build our eternal identity will become more and more sincere.

Experiencing deficiencies in water fire wind and earth does not mean we are doomed. It means we go to emunah and hisbodedus and empty the water wind and fire from the deficiencies into Hashem’s loving embrace and then ask to be a channel through which all of the light shine into the world by moving forward to bring His Goodwill into the world.

Please visit Identity for 2020 for resources on a journey towards such ideals.

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