Living with the emunah that Hashem is doing everything

The investment of a soul into a body is the greatest good that can be given to a person. Hashem gives us life. A soul is an emanation from Hashem that He sends into a body that can then have consciousness and mobility.

Adom HaRishon understood that his life was sourced in Hashem. HIs body was translucent and he used it to do mitzvahs. The eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil caused the body to become opaque and that includes our consciousness, where instead of seeing that Hashem is doing everything, we are projecting an image of ourselves as the one who has power and control over our lives.

It is impossible to not feel this way.

However, we have a choice to go with this natural way of living or to strengthen emunah and ask Hashem to keep us from falling into the forces in charge of nature so that we may bring forth from the natural HIs Compassion and place it into mitzvahs so that He may be revealed in this world through Torah learning, prayer, chesed and mitzvahs.

He is going to say yes. This is the reason He creates the world and the soul. That said, it does not make the work of channeling the forces from the natural to the mitzvahs simple. It merely gives us the courage and the trust to face the challenge.

Our natural being experiences fight, flight, or freeze as our reactions when we encounter the perceived world. With learning Torah, we are able to reframe our implosions to garner from the deficiencies the strength of our reactions – our life force which is really His Shechina – and ask Him to please save us from falling into the natural because we desire only to flow His Light into the world according to His Good Will.

The key ingredient is our love for Hashem. No matter what is happening, we do not want our life force to get added into a pile of deficient messages. We want instead for all of the life force to flow as lovingkindness, gentle light, gentle warmth and kiddush Hashem into the world.

Beware of the cynical messages that inevitably show up. These come with doubts in the hopes of pushing us back into seeking our goals through natural solutions so that the forces of nature benefit from our life force.

May we forgive. May we recognize Hashem. May we exercies real free will to choose to go above nature and thereby “create” our eternal identity as one with Him.

We will for our life force to be a channel across which HIs Light may flow into the world, may it be a healing, a merit, a cancellation of gezeira and a satisfaction of din for the soul as it exists in myself my family and klal yisrael and may we all see a new light in the world.

Please visit the Jewish Women’s Project for Ahavas Yisrael for more understanding regarding love for our fellow yidden.

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