Getting ready to increase simcha how do we access it

What i have learned is that my struggles contain force that is painful, but that force is actual potential simcha when I recognize it as Hashem, concealed in nature and judgment – Elokim.

Thru our emotions, water wind fire, and our natural cause and effect thinking, He shows us where to find our hidden potential for the absolute Chesed of life force being concealed in the pain – the Shechina in exile…and to not get distracted by the intensity and feeling of ourselves. Rather, run and return all of the water fire and wind using real free will to go to emunah – cling to His Name, yud k vav k, the thirteen attributes He tells us to cry out to Him with, and draw close to Him through being a willing channel for all of the Infinite light to flow into mitzvahs, out of love for Him our intentions.

He does the rest.

This is nullification.

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