Hashem is the root cause and effect – how this helps and heals

How many of us find ourselves intimidated by things or people that are really just challenges, not intentionally intimidating?

Let’s take a closer look at that feeling of intimidation – there is an implicit concern that something we want and perceive as a pleasure will be withheld from us. This would be an experience that is a feeling of a lack of water, of kindness, of love, of pleasure, of nurture.

To be credible to us, there is also the interpretation or imagination that the situation or person has the strength and ability to actually implement this perceived threat. This would be an experience that is a feeling of image of oneself, of being small or ineffective – all related to wind or a lack of wind.

And if the matter is presenting with harshness and destruction, this would be an experience of flashing destructive fire, of an opposing force that has intention to damage fire.

Power and intimidation impact human nature until we come to remember that there is No Other Power. What that means is that we can recognize that Hashem’s Shechina is in exile within the nature of people, including us, yet He desires to flow into the world as love, kindness, gentle light, warmth and kiddush Hashem.

Avraham Aveinu recognized Hashem as the One Power in the world Whose love is providing us with everything, as did Adom and Malkitzedek, and others. What Avraham realized is that Hashem wants a relationship with us. That means He wants us to love Him back. From wherever in nature we are experiencing Him, He wants us to recognize Him, love Him and flow His Light into the world.

How do we do this when we are feeling intimidated, threatened, overpowered, and frightened?

The strength of these messages is the Shechina in exile. Write down all the words that we are feeling, and hold that paper to the heart, but look past the words to the force itself…It is huge. This is what it means to recognize the Creator, concealed in nature, in our nature, Who agrees to abide by the laws of nature until we “redeem” that strength through our love and free willed choice.

Hashem, please I desire for this strength to strengthen my emunah and animate a mitzvah, not the messages the strength is currently attached to here in my hand. I have compassion upon the Shechina and do not wish to add any life force to these messages, which are from the world of human nature that naturally develop before I understood what it means that Hashem is doing everything. Please may I have the strength in the water, fire and wind that is currently attached to these messages for emunah so that I may flow love, light, warmth, kindness and kiddush Hashem into the world.

The imagining mind will not necessarily understand from cause and effect thinking how this is going to prevent the circumstance from affecting us And this is the point. We are here as doorways for His Light to flow, immense souls concealed in a body that believes the images that naturally arise. The immensity of our soul is that Hashem has designed it to do all the heavy lifting, He gives us what is in our skill group to do – love Hashem and willingly shift the strength and mitzvahs.

He is doing everything, remember? We are the rusty pipelines through which His Will may come into the world when we love Him, submit our cause and effect thinking in favor of the plane of existence of Torah avoda and chesed, and cry out in hisbodedus to Him.

Not only that, because we are all one, if we see someone else in such a mindset, and we feel something in our hearts about it, we may also shower compassion upon all of that strength and ask that it come into the world as love, light, kindness, and respect.

Hashem really is doing everything. He really is the only Being of which we are all an emanation. He gives us real free will to utilize our lives to create for ourselves an eternal identity. This is what happens when we choose to shift the strength from our nature to the plane of avoda, Torah and chesed, from love for Him.

Avraham Aveinu recognized Hashem wants us to love Him. Hashem wants us to love our lives, to love that He is giving us life, and to bring that life force that He is giving to us from where it is blocked by cause and effect thinking to where it is revealed as His Will. Ein od.

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