Understand and see the deficiencies in relying on natural cause and effect thinking – And Yitro heard – Beyond the Gd of Mysticism

I am a little scared to share this insight because in challenging our cause and effect thinking in order to bring in the first Cause and Effect, it is important NOT to awaken the voice of doubt, Amalek and leitzonos. Nevertheless, expanding our natural plane of thinking requires that we redeem our life force from the deficiencies inherent in the development of our cause and effect thinking which took place before we could integrate Hashem is doing Everything and loves us. How then do we see the expansion as a pathway to spiritual delight and divine protection rather than as just another insult to our intelligence that firms us into false confidence in our own power? The movement to emunah of all our strength is the key…and the strength is being reassigned …

Listen to How Can It Be – I Need Emuna! by OrTalk-Emuna, Energy & Emotions on #SoundCloud on the tests of today to which we bring emunah

Living with emunah to flow water wind and fire freed from our deficiencies to Torah avoda chesed and mitzvahs enclothe Him in garments that He tells us to do

The love is concealed in the water wind and fire we choose to flow and reveal thru torah avoda mitzvahs..see the force as the love and nullify the deciciency by strengthening emunah and going to the elevated plane of existence, Torah avoda chesed mitzvahs.

It is about turning the force that catches our attention from the way it makes us feel to comprehend that momentary experience as a request to flow water wind and fire into the world. Imagine a wall of a dam for a power plant thinking all that water is for IT..rather when the water builds up it gets channeled into the generator to produce light

Would the dam say why is this happening to me?

Rather we ask, where is there water,wind and fire trapped in deficiency that Hashem desires for me to reveal thru Torah avoda and chesed.

Understand where our greatness is..in revealing Hashem. It is spiritual delight and divine protection for us , a true pleasure because Hashem loves us, but the greatness is to be part of Infinity, as we run and return. There is NO question for the animal soul in choosing avodas Hashem over its natural pleasure seeking once it tastes how its muscles and power can be a royal chariot. The animal soul acquires this taste and willingly submits its natural but now understood as deficient cause and effect thinking to The Cause and Effect and its lusts and urges to the altar so that the sheathe over our greatness becomes transparent and shines Hashem’s will.

In the biography of Reb Usher Freund, at least two times Reb Usher was found sadly saying, How will I greet my Creator after all these years and not have done anything? Reb Usher could see that Hashem is doing everything. There are stories, tzedaka requests, that went like this….a man would come in and tell Reb Usher what he needed and Reb Usher would tell the man to sit down. In awhile, another man in line would come in and give an envelope. Reb Usher would give the envelope directly to the man who asked for money without looking inside. He told him to count it and in fact is was the exact amount requested. He would say that he did not know where the money would come from but he knew Hashem would send it because it was a legitimate need. Hashem orchestrated for both of those men to be on the line that day. This is the level of emunah that we can aspire to, to understand that we are not doing anything but rather by recognizing that He is doing everything, we may listen to the phone ring to comprehend that there is a Caller Who desires us to remove the sheathe of our feeling ourselves and rather channel all the forces into lovingkindness, light, warmth and kiddush Hashem, to walk humbly with Hashem, through will and prayer, recognizing we are His people, His Nation, through which He may be re-garmented from the sheathe of our physicality and urges and impulses into Torah avoda and chesed

Are we ready to consider, re-consider, how we are great – that our greatness is in transparency and submitting the sense we have of feeling ourselves, the phone ringing, in favor of hearing the Caller and opening our hearts to serve Him and thereby reveal His Light? This is greatness. This is humility. This is atzmi.

Rabbi Nir Menussi has a the Soul of the Parsha series…here is what he says about Parsha Yitro

Why did Yitro, head priest of Midian, convert to Judaism, and how did he merit having the parsha of all parshas — the one telling of the giving of the Torah and the Ten Commandments — named after him? Yitro symbolizes the eternal spiritual seeker who, constantly craving for more spiritual experiences, wishes to go even beyond the God of mysticism…

Enjoy the new Soul of the Parsha class!

Let us hear and “convert” as did Yitro, to receive what Hashem is giving us in fullness so that we are truly serving Him and bringing all our strength concealed in the water/chesed/lusts and fire/anger/fear/strenth and wind/honor/speech/ego to emunah and through into the world through Torah (fire), avoda (wind), chesed (water) and mitzvahs (earth) with love and understanding and humility.

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