What shining a little light looks and feels like. A walk through example and a real story

Here is an example of what strengthening emunah and choosing to make a kiddush Hashem does.

I had to get new glasses and went to the store. The man before me gave his credit card for his purchase but the card declined and there were several customers standing right there and the woman said, your card declined. I was a little mortified for him. He explained that they had fraud on the card and had to cancel it so she said talk to him, meaning the owner. He told the owner and the owner simply said come in whenever you can, no pressure don’t worry. And the owner went on with things.

The Jewish owner knew that the yid is honest. It was such a good feeling to be in a Jewish store. This was a split second of the owner’s day, literally. a tiny kiddush Hashem that brought light and warmth into the store, into that man’s heart and surely into mine. Just think of what could have happened…..well don’t even pollute our minds with that.

How about we make an effort to see each other as holy or could be holy and to treat each other as such, with love, trust, respect and understanding.

This means that” those people who did….and still do….and caused…..they, (and now the natural judgment and leitzonos (anything that conceals holiness is leitzonos and in fact evil) they could be holy?” And all the other judgments and words…NO NO NO!!

Instead go with emunah and verbally say in hisbodedus to Hashem only….water wind fire, water wind fire, may I please have the strength of the water wind and fire that is stirring within me as well as what is stirring in whatever is blocking them from revealing water wind and fire for emunah and may I please be a channel across which all that water wind and fire flow into Torah learning, chesed, mitzvahs, and hisbodedus/blessings/tefila so that it may be revealed as You desire? By myself, I confess that the strength of water wind and fire is attached to messages that are …..and I do not want life force to be attached to such messages. Please have mercy on Your Creation. My intention is to use the life force for learning Torah, chesed, mitzvahs and tefila/blessings/hisbodedus. Please may I be a channel for that very life force to flow into the world in a manner that will unify and reveal Your Mercy?

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