He who comes to be purified will be helped – heal our hearts





Where did that r in heart come from?

R is the first letter of respect

Where does respect come from?


Surely we “know where hate comes from, or do we?

What if we truly understood that Hashem is doing everything.  Truly understood. 

Would what we are lacking be more or less able to be tolerated?

Here is what happens.  We are lacking something, even something crucial to survival and to normal living.  And let’s say someone has done something deliberately to make sure that lack is there, out of their own desire for power or out of the exercise of strength for its own sake.

The element involved is fire.  Power and strength are aimed at a resource that we perceive as needed for survival.

Who is causing that lack?

It surely appears as though it is the one whose muscles are moving with power and strength to orchestrate the lack.

But Who is the One that moves that person’s muscles?

Yes that person has real free will.  But no, no one can touch one thing Hashem wants to send to us.

What we experience is a strong survival instinct with a person as the cause, and our inner world and imagination begin to try to figure out cause and effect, why, and what to do about it.

The more time we put into it, the more we come to think that there is something we can do, a control we have, to manage the situation and “take back” the lack.

There is an important step missing. A step that is everything.

That step is to realize that the lack is from Hashem.  He desires that we be placed in this situation, with all the negative feelings and consequences of being “victimized,” so that our divine soul is placed in a storm of emotions to make the choice to recognize Him, have compassion upon the life force with which we are ready to invest in cause and effect solutions and actions and INSTEAD, turn to Him with emunah and then flow all of the swirling forces from the matter into the world as love, light, warmth and kiddush Hashem. Not one atom in our body feels like this is a great idea, right?

Do not worry.  He knows exactly where the strength for the mitzvah was extracted from.  He then heals our hearts.  He is the healer of hearts, He Who helps those who come to be purified from where their life force is crushed and trapped in a lower brain (reptilian) survival reaction.  We don’t even realize that this is our reality. To us, it feels like regular effort to respond, to address, to negotiate, to take action.  And we may have to move our muscles but first, there is the all important step and understanding…

He is doing everything,  It is up to us to see this.

When a small child feels hatred, it is a way for the child to feel powerful.  However, it is really not so that the child is actually powerful.  It feels like power but really the child is helpless, powerless.  When we hate, we turn to that power He invests in to give us a choice, a power that wants MORE power but can only acquire it through our “donations” feeding our life force to its messages. When we hate, we bring our life force to something that simply cannot reveal Hashem, for we are investing in a power fallen from the real power, the Only Power, Hashem. 

Our true power is in the ability to make a choice according to Torah over our natural reactions,

This takes will.

When people are interested in power and strength in and of themselves, they do not want those over whom they exercise power and strength to think for themselves and realize that something that is not so moral might be happening  This is what happens when hate or self-hate comes into our mind.  Most of us just want to be taken care of, to go along to get along.

Imagine a small child whose parent screams at them, in order for the child to cooperate or obey, Now imagine the parent is so upset and begins verbally accusing and attacking the child with imagination and false fears of what the child’s “motives” were. That parent or teacher, who has real power over the child, is exercising that power towards an end without regard for the impact on the child.

The impact on a child in such a situation could be a feeling of danger.  Perhaps the child, who knows that their intent was not what is being touted, doubts herself.  Perhaps the child now believes she is not lovable and does not deserve to exist, unless the ones in power see her as good again.  Chances are, in those moments, she is feeling hatred towards them, although desperate for their love, but confused about her opinion that she is good versus theirs that she has done something heinous.

It is one thing when such a scene happens due to inexperience or distress.  It is another thing when such a scene happens out of intention to dominate and be powerful and strong in order to orchestrate events towards one’s own goals.

Honor is due only to Hashem, for He is doing everything

He gives us intellect, cause and effect thinking, the power of speech, real free will, money, the ability to move, and an entire world.

At the same time that He is giving us life force to serve Him, He is also surrounding us with physicality filled with His Concealed Love.  If we believe that we are just a creation designed to exist for a period of time in this world to see how much we can accomplish in time and space, we may be missing the key reason that we are here. That key reason is NOT to serve ourselves.  It is to recognize Hashem and bear the discomfort of having our life force naturally attached to all the natural impulses and urges we feel long enough to tell Hashem that we want only for all of our heart and all of our soul and all of our might to flow into this world as love, light, warmth, kindness, and mitzvahs and kiddush Hashem.

When we begin to see our tendencies to “feel ourselves” as a ripe fruit ready to be peeled to release the light into the world according to His Desire and not according to what “feels like our heart,” we have begun to conduct ourselves with wisdom.

We may have radioactive feelings of uncertainty, volatility, instability to hold the emunah that He is doing everything with racing thoughts of what can we do to stop this attack.  Fire.  Water. Wind.  Hashem please may I be a channel to flow fire water and wind into the world as light, love and kiddush Hashem?

We are able to use real free will to go to emunah.  Hatred is an attempt to be in control in a powerful way.  Emunah is a way of being part of the One Who has all the Power, Who IS power itself.

Imagine the stories of Eliyahu HaNavi materializing at certain times, or of holy ones being able to make themselves invisible to their enemies.  This comes from recognizing that He is the Only Power, there is no Other.

While intimidation and networking seem to be common tools to control populations, each one of us is accountable – we have real free will to recognize Hashem or not, to attach ourselves as an emanation to Him or to pursue the “pleasure” of dominating others.

It comes down to realizing that the task of being alive is to override the temptations to exercise power for the self or for one’s own goals. Our cause and effect thinking simply does not naturally drop our imagination and instincts.  The life force of a person can produce great light or it can pour itself into the darkness, all the while “paying off” the person with gratification of jealousy, lusts, desires, and honor.

The pulls towards these tendencies are deeply natural and embedded.  To uproot them takes awareness, expanded consciousness, real free will, emunah, bitachon, love for Hashem and the ability to make the most pleasant choice even when “radioactive” feelings are alive.

Here is an example.  Let’s say you see a friend and she sees you and intentionally turns and makes sure she does not speak to you or acknowledge you.  This would shake most people up, asking themselves, what is that about?  What we do next is the key.  It is no longer about what she did.  It is about how we feel inside.  Whatever that was it is from Hashem however we feel a certain reaction and that reaction is what He wants us to release back into the world in a mitzvah or a chesed or a prayer or by learning Torah. He tells us where to put our life force.  It is up to us to choose something that will bring the strength from the messages of the circumstance into the world according to His desire so that it is unified with Him and so that He is revealed.

Our “concern” and how we feel matter only to the degree that we go to emunah and extract the strength to give back to Him.  He knows where we are taking it from, make no mistake.  We are NOT neglecting the situation at all.  In fact we are addressing it in the manner that He creates us to address it.





The R comes from respect.

And respect comes from recognizing He is doing everything and we are an emanation here to go to emunah and Torah and mitzvahs and kindness.

Each one of us can do this.  If we all do, there will be no hatred.  There will be no enemies. There will be only light and we will realize how He has designed us for greatness, power, and strength.

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