Anatomy of a misunderstanding – and how to bring light

Redemption begins with exile – Rabbi Efraim Stauber

In a brilliant class from Rabbi Efraim Stauber, he explains the conversation between the brothers and osef after Yaakov passes away.  The brothers were afraid that now that Yaakov was no longer alive, Yosef would take revenge upon them after all these years for their mistreatment of him.

Rabbi Stauber explains that Yosef cried and tried to reassure them, teaching us something very important…which is that our level of believing our attachment to nature holds us back from seeing reality.

What we are attached to in our beliefs can shift from cause and effect based on natural observation to seeing Hashem is the sole cause and effect of everything.  We see in scientific thinking how we seek out the cause and the effect of various phenomenon.  What causes things to fall to earth?  What causes grass to grow?  What causes oxygen to be produced?  We learn and we associate.  And when we are little our parents teach us right from wrong, through consequences.  Cause and effect.  If this then that.  It is our natural intellect.  And without Torah, we would not look further

Reality is that our lives in this world are for us to earn eternity and to be part of Infinity.  Otherwise, how would it make sense for Hashem to conceal Himself in nature to give us real free will and suffer in that darkness?

The process of shifting is intended to be a loving and gentle journey, as we see in Yosef HaTzaddik’s response to his brothers.   He understood that they simply did not understand, that in some ways they, who are tzaddikim, did not yet have complete understanding that Hashem is the cause and effect and what this world is for.

How do apply this to our own challenges?

If we understand that our first negative reactions are cause and effect based on learned responses then we can see further that the cause is some kind of lack and the effect is its impact on me.  Thus, a misunderstanding might simply be a meeting up of different operating systems based on what we are attached to.  We see books on men and women’s communications that are replete with examples of this, causing unintended hurt feelings based on feeling unloved or not respected.

The basis for such interpretations is probably traceable to attachments to cause and effect due to development and education.  The goal of Hashem being concealed within everything,  including every thought and feeling, is for Hashem to be recognized and for us to relate to Him and ask to forgo what we are naturally attached to in favor of returning what is concealed to Him, thereby attaching the life force He gives us back to Him.

 Thus, if there is a heated exchange, each person involved may use real free will to find the part of their life force that is attached to a belief that developed WITHOUT “Hashem is doing everything and loves us and there is a mission here for me to do that only I can do.”  The mission is for the divine soul to recognize that He is the only cause and the only Being capable of bringing any effect into the world, not us, yet He gives us real free will and speech and emunah and the ability to form intentions for the love He flows through us to come into the world. The divine soul that He designs and places within us is built by Him so that when we  use  real free will to pray to Hashem for the life force to flow into the world  in the tikkun Hashem gives us for repair – learning Torah, prayer, chesed or a mitzvah. – He says YES, and this releases Hashem from His exile in nature. For this is the purpose for which He designs us, to flow the concealed light in nature into the world garmented in accordance with Torah.

What we do matters.  Being alive has purpose and meaning.  If we understood the immense impact our free will has on the world, would we seek to shift our attachments from clinging to nature and systemst hat seem to work within nature to attaching our life force above nature, above our nature, through intention to attach to Hashem is One,  to eternity and Infinity?

Where is Hashem concealed in nature?

Wind water, fire and earth.

These are the flow of His Power to everything in the world.

His Infinite Light is the power in every atom that is solid, liquid, gas or radioactive.

When we are willing to recognize that there is No Other Power and that we can see Hashem in our lives every moment, doing everything yet giving us real free will to attach to Him, our role IS the use of real free will to move towards eternity and Infinity.  He is willing to be in galus in every atom JUST to give US the free will to do so.  And, He agrees to be constrained by nature, in order to give us real free will, and suffers in exile awaiting our awakening to this important choice we are empowered to make.  And then He returns all of the light to visible compassion, may it be today.

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