How do we work on emunah and understanding we are here to serve Hashem?

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One of the big challenges that people have is how do we acquire emunah. Most people think they take certain risks, they get into certain ventures, and it doesn’t work out. They then meet the right people and things fall into place and they say now I have emunah that it will work out and it doesn’t and they get disappointed. They had emunah and bitachon and it didn’t work out.

Sometimes we have emunah in the people who are helping us. Hashem rains on this. He is behind all the money and success.

We must trust in Hashem alone, not in our network not in our abilities, that is not an emunah and bitachon.

People turn to emunah and bitachon when they are desperate. Otherwise we are interested in doing it “our way.”

Do we want emunah or do we want hishtadlus that pays off? There is no reward in hishtadlus. If we want to acquire emunah and bitachon, then say Hashem I have emunah and bitachon and I know You will bring the … then we get an amazing mitzvah.

Hashem wants us to acknowledge that He is the only one to turn to.

Even on a regular day, we need to have emunah and bitachon. Every single second we need it.
The chazon Ish taught someone close to him, the brother of the Brisker Rav. Reb Elazar Tzaddik came to visit the Chazon Ish when he was a bochur, learning in Chevron. One time he came to the Chazon Ish and the Chazon Ish told him that there are those people that all their lives they are osek b’Torah and mitzvahs and they are absolutely certain that they live with emunah but when they come to Shemayim they are going to be surprised that they were lacking a tremendous amount in avodas emunah.
Rabbi Shlomo Brevda said this story over how the Chazon Ish said this to Reb Tzaddik, that Rebbeim certain about themselves living with emunah and in reality, garnished.

When he came back to Chevron Yeshiva he told it over and they asked him to go back and ask the Chazon Ish how can it be that he can be living Torah and mitzvahs and missing emunah? So he did, and he asked what do you mean?

The Chazon Ish said I want to awaken you to this point, if a person does not work on emunah every single day, the nature of a person is that his emunah becomes dissipated. Therefore a person has to be careful never to say or think that he is living with emunah. He has to continuously be oved in emunah non-stop.

The Gemara says that tzaddikim will come to the next world that their emunah in Hashem was weak. It is a frightening gemara based on a pasuk. Every day, non-stop, he never took it off of his mind.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller spoke about the apple. It was his emunah shiur. He kept apple seeds in his pocket. He would touch them throughout the day. Part of his emunah was to save apple seeds. Every seed is an apple factory, an entire factory in a tiny little seed. That was the gadlus of Hashem that he saw.

The Chazon Ish answers how to work on emunah. A person should train himself to be thankful for every single thing, and after his wish is fulfilled he should be grateful. Hashem let me arrive safely without any mishaps and he arrives, thank you Hashem. that is what a person has to know, to train himself to do that in such a fashion, that is how we walk down steps. Every step.

Rashi says where do we see a lack of emunah in tzaddikim? They are afraid to spend money on mitzvahs. If they have emunah in Hashem they are not spending money they are gaining tremendous amounts. People don’t give tzedaka for itself, they do it to gain something. We should know no person gets poor from tzedaka.

When we go from one place to another, thank Hashem we arrived safely. Not because there was a danger, just thank Hashem for arriving successfully. Train ourselves on every single thing we do to realize we received it from Hashem, even if just going from room to room, please Hashem help me reach the room in peace and thank Him when we do. That is the avoda of emunah that can be worked on in the home.

When a person has emunah, that person bears pain in silence, trusting Hashem knows what He is doing. It is inspiring. But will those who see it turn to Hashem to do mitzvahs?

When we see someone with emunah in Hashem as their reality, and they are inspired, bring it to action, to mitzvahs.

The reality is that Hashem is doing everything and that He loves us, that He is the Creator and we are all His creations.

Yet we feel ourselves exceedingly and without Torah we would not find Hashem. Avraham Aveinu is the first one to find Hashem through seeing through nature in the world to the One Source of Creation.

There is No Other Power, yet in this world there are a multitude of creations that appear to have power, even independent power…even a battery. Absolutely every atom is filled only with Hashem’s power, Infinite Light, the universal substance of compassion and love.

Hashem desires there to be a world so He conceals Himself so a world can appear. Yet there is nothing but Hashem. He desires this world to be the place where He Dwells, where His Love is seen, where He is known as the giving King we crown Him every Rosh Hashana.

The army is a defense force that maneuvers on the land. The marines are part of the naval defense system because they, although they maneuver on land, arrive by the sea, in a ship, and then make it to shore. How does Hashem’s love come into the world? He invests life force in people and gives them the Torah. It is up to us to navigate the waters away from feeling ourselves and to bring the love and kindness He wants to come to this world into our speech and deeds. To do so, we have to navigate the stormy seething waters of physicality to move past the darkness that wants to claim our life force for the seething waters and prevent it from being a lovingkind force by reaching the land.

Where shall we set up shop? Shall we feel ourselves and act from there with the very best understanding of our nature and desires that we can piece together, or shall we strengthen emunah and inter-include the element – the sefiros, the vessels through which Creative force is sent into this worl – through our mind’s intention and will and movement to learn Torah (fire), pray (wind), chesed (water) and mitzvahs (earth)?

Every day we read the story of Avraham Aveinu who brings Yitzchok to the akeida. Each time we feel ourselves and believe we cannot do this, it is too much, and we are kicking and rearing and in pain, calm ourselves knowing that these images are messages only from the ones who want to claim our efforts for the seething waters and darkness and that our wlll to submit to Hashem’s call to bring kindness and mitzvahs to the world IS the ship to navigate “the marines”, the sparks of water, wind and fire, of liquid, gas, and radioactive elements, to their rectification of revealing Hashem.

Rabb Aaron Ginsberg

Hashem is flowing the elements into the world through the sefira, which are on the right water, on the left fire, the center line wind and landing in earth. for each of these, He has set up a sense within us, our animal soul, to feel ourselves first, such as with jealousy, desires, or craving for honr. Each of these feeds off the other and it can spiral tremendously, diverting the pure light He desires to come into tehw world to land in the darkness. What happens when we strengthen emunah intentionally is that our mind becomes the holding place for all three lines to come together with intention to bring it into the world as a mitzvah, a prayer, a chesed, or to learn Torah, and in so doing, we calm our inner stomr, properly use our physicality that has movement, to flow His LIght into the world. When we do so, WE are interincluding the elements, in our mind, and inserting them into the world. NO PUSH BACK kick back pleasure should be viewed as a higher priority even if it brings us what we experience as feeling ourselves with tremendous pleasure. There is a higher pleasure for which we are created and that brings Him into the world.

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