Thinking and feeling with the elements in mind


WATER When I change the flow from forbidden desires to exalted desires

WIND When I fan the flow forcefully

FIRE When I destroy my initial attempts to get on the track

EARTH When I nullify my desire then I become a vessel fitting to receive’s Hashem light


WATER When I change the flow from forbidden desires to exalted desires

WIND When I fan the flow forcefully to higher states of exaltation

FIRE When I destroy any attempts to make me deviate from the path of spiritual growth

EARTH When I nullify my desires and become a vessel fitting to receive’s Hashem light which manifests itself in my glowing


WATER:  When the false pursuit of pleasures of acting out what is projected from cause and effect thinking becomes the pleasure of confidence that Hashem’s love is with me right now no matter what

WIND: When the lure of defending myself from humiliation or insulted (choke!) becomes recognized as an opportunity to flow a kiddush Hashem in a gentle way into the world

FIRE: When I burn off through love of Torah and mitzvahs and emulating Hashem the lures into the darkness that are disguised with the messages of my immature daas that are hurting me

EARTH:  When I relate with the body Hashem is giving me as a tool of movement with which to go forward to do His Will and to bring goodness and morality to the world through Torah


WATER:  When the flow of desires for pleasure that rear up viscerally recognize a greater pleasure of the experience of love flowing through us into the world.

WIND:  When the funnel drawing understanding towards the compelling familiar thought habits reverses to a channel through which life force moves holiness into our deeds

FIRE:  When I destroy the messages that prevent me from seeing the spark of holiness that anmates the message and instead absorb that spark in passion for revealing Hashem in the world

EARTH: When every step in divine space is viewed not as by my power but as being done by Hashem Who is independent of nature

Changing orientation towards survival

WATER:  When feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable to attack, recognize Hashem’s love is concealed in the reaction and feel His Love as what we depend on

FIRE: With the strength we feel to fight back or defend ourselves through strong emotions, strengthen emunah in Hashem and do hishtadlus in prayer and action according to Torah and burn off the false sense that damaging through trust in the power in nature will help us survive

WIND: When hurtful and scary words come into range from others or from our own inner messages, recognize Hashem’s honor is concealed as the strength of our pain and pray for compassion so that we may flow gentleness into the world

EARTH:  When experiencing real or imagined threats to our physical existence, recognize Hashem is concealed within every atom and have confidence that He Alone determines our survival

Getting out of our enslavement to our nature

WATER: When we feel a lack of vitality or pleasure overwhelming us, notice we are feeling ourselves and hear instead with emunah ears how Hashem is remembering us from within our enslavement and to have faith that He has come to redeem us

FIRE: Rename” feeling ourselves” as a destruction to our soul and ask Hashem to help us use the passion with which we feel ourselves instead to remember the greatness of the soul He designs and endows us with and the possibility of what we can accomplish through clinging to Him, through learning Torah and being devoted to mitzvahs

WIND: When we feel flighty, pleasure or honor-oriented for ourselves rather than wanting to keep our obligations in prayer or speech or holy emotions, find a way to recognize how much we are ruining things and scream out to Hashem, asking to be uplifted from our own personal exile and to be redeemed in the quality of real redemption – Hashem Echad. 

EARTH: When we are feeling that we do not really believe in our own personal redemption, that our nature is who we are, consider if we have made Torah and mitzvahs a corner of our lives or whether every moment we realize Hashem is doing everything and that we are an earthly being here to flow His Light into the world.

Processing feelings after being intimidated

WATER:  When feeling the lack of caring from someone intentionally rattling us, realize it is stemming from a lack of pleasure in both parties and that Hashem Who is all loving is merely concealed in hurtful messages spoken or thought before remembering He is doing everything and loves us.

WIND: When someone has intentionally or unintentionally spoken intimidated words that have generated in human nature an unavoidable fear response based on honor and survival, recognize that the force of the words has No Othe Power but that the person has real free will to use or misuse the power in nature.  Choose to visualize immense light and absorb all the strength into emunah in Hashem so that we may have holy insights and emotions.

FIRE:  Quiet the urges to return fire and intimidate by noticing that such an urge is coming from a “feel myself” message with many interpretations that are fiery projections of our attachment issues and burn the messages themselves out with a yearning to only reveal enlightened responses that are gentle and warm.

EARTH:  When feeling the bodily reaction to intimidation, place a balm of love on the heart to re-absorb where love and awe have fallen – to a place external to us because we have been treated based on externalities without Hashem in the picture – and ask Hashem to please be able to move only from  absolute love and awe in Hashem Who is doing Everything so that we may serve Him, repair the elements and heal.

What to do when natural urges beckon us towards using the power in nature

WATER: When we feel someone is depriving us of a pleasure and we wish to steer them into our hands in order to gain leverage, face the challenge in the feeling of lack of pleasure so that Hashem is doing everything and that He Loves us is restored BEFORE we play out a projection of false interpretations, blame and shame that cause damages, and want to feel  that love of Hashem more than any natural pleasure.

WIND: Notice the urge to speak back to someone in the manner they speak and realize instead the helplessness of impacting anyone is by design, that no one touches anything of another without Hashem’s Will, and strengthen an understanding that includes Hashem is doing everything and loves us into the picture.

FIRE:  Destroy trust in the “wisdom” of grabbing power through powerful emotions, demands for fairness and intimidations out of an absolute passion for bringing His Light and Torah into the world. with trust in Hashem alone.

EARTH:  When something is tugging at the heart drawing us into anxiety or despair or anger, look at the tug itself to find the brokenness of the earthliness of our lives but don’t identify it as who we are. The messages are a diversion concealing Infinite Light and attracting our thoughts to it,. Our TRUE essence is designed by Hashem to recognize He is concealed in that tug and to draw the tug’s light back to Him and then return the light to that place to calm and heal.

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