The Human Being Hashem creates has a purpose in being in darkness

Is there a paradox, that i am in pain because of the circumstances and I recognize Hashem is in pain…AND I have compassion on Shechina in exile?

In the foundations of the flow of life force, the water-chesed and fire-gevurah of my life force is attached to thE MESSAGES and that is the power of the pain. The power in the pain IS Elokim. Therefore I do not want to think the messages because then my thoughts (more life force) goes there. By having compassion on Hashem, the Shechjna in exile, He who agrees to be constrained by the laws of nature, i have real free will to choose to be a vessel to bring the power in that pain into a mitzvah.

” Hashem have mercy on Your creation, by myself I am in pain, helpless, no control, but I know there is life force that is herniated in how I am feeling myself. I want to sweeten it and bring it into the world as warmth and light. Please may I have the life force without the painful messages of self-consciousness? I will to go above my natural will and shine Your Light.

The concealed Good is the Power trapped in the element of water or fire or wind. When we recognize and describe it from within the seething waters, we can ask to sweeten and bring the tohu light into a garment of Torah, chesed, mitzvahs or prayer, without the deficiencies. By virtue of recognizing Him and strengthening emunah and realizing we are emanations and moving to shine that hidden light through mitzvahs, we ask for His Compassion.

The pain is a vessel and a soul, not one thing. We think it is one thing..but we can recognize His Concealed spark, the tohu light, and put it into a vessel of tikun by choosing emunah over nature Hashem is concealed in nature, wind water and fire, which are the power in our pain..great hiding spot for Elokim!!!

When we see No Other Power and discern the lack as taiva something we find pleasant but are lacking, water, or kavod an ego image we lack, wind, or jealousy she has it and i dont fire…we can see the element, we can see the feeling ourselves separate from Elokim and ask for mercy to strengthen emunah and flow the holy spark of water wind or fire into the world as torah, chesex, mitzvahs, prayer, fire water wind and earth, the torah is the vessel of tikun, we can ask to regarment the spark. He does all the heavy lifting when He says Yes which we can be confudent He will.

The animal soul becomes holy when it submits to the work of using its powers of movement and speech with the intention of regarmenting Infinite Source light instead of its natural pained reactions, strengthening eminah rather than strengthening feeling self conscious reactions..not repressing them, but asking for compassion from Hashem that the strength be for eminah and more will power to move with His Will.

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