Guarding our consciousness from the messages our hearts and eyes are pulled towards

Letters are vessels filled with a soul and words have an impact upon us – an experiment with rice

Please watch the above science experiment that demonstrates that words have a power within them to affect us : Letters have souls, angels. Every letter is a vessel with a soul, an angel. Tthis is why we do not want to think the thoughts our natural urges whisper to us. We do not want to bring that message into our consciousness our most holy place.

There are three things that take us out of the world, jealousy, taiva and craving for honor.

If we don’t get something we want, that is a lack of water, taiva.

And if we are not getting an ego pleasure, that is a lack of wind, a lack of respect, a craving for honor.

And if someone has it and we don’t that is jealousy and that is fire.

Let’s take an example. Someone insults me, saying words with their life force, that are coming into my perceptions that then set off red flags, that tell me this person is casting disparaging messages upon the image I have of myself. If I listen to this person’s messages and if I believe them, then I will have thoughts that this person took away my honor.

Did you hear all those ifs?

This person could definitely be doing that, could surely be trying to do that. However, I have a real free will to see that person’s effort to damage my ego image as light, that person’s life force, concealed in a message which is distortion of their perception, that they are putting into words. And I have a real free willed choice to not think the thought that they are thinking or my thought interpreting their message. .

Now that is a very fine distinction because I have to be able to spot that wind and turn immediately to Hashem with “wind” in my mouth, eyes upwards to Him, catching the deficiencies at the level of pre-thought and not scanning them to interpret them with thoughts..

I guard myself from being hurt by the words by having the confidence that there is zero way that I can be diminished because I am an emanation of Hashem. This confidence comes from Torah learning and hisbodedus. When we speak out loud to Hashem on a regular basis, we come to understand our makeup and see the differences between our natural language and the language with which our higher soul answers. Confidence comes from comprehending the difference between our own animal soul and divine soul, and our understanding for our own confusion at times helps us have understanding for how the other person has just fallen.

Anyone who is trying to disparage an emanation of Hashem has simply fallen victim to their own imagination and their own ego.

Therefore I can have confidence that Hashem is giving me the opportunity to bring the concealed light in wind not only from that person but also from the concealed light in the wind pulling me to think the thoughts or interpret the thoughts. By guarding my own consciousness from receiving the messages, using the same strength that I might be drawn to think the thoughts and react and answer back, I strengthen emunah and tell Hashem that it is my will that the concealed light in this is wind, I wish to be a channel across which it may flow into this world as kindness,warmth, gentleness, mitzvahs, prayer and learning Torah. This is my will. Please have compassion on Your Creation. This is what I will, to go above the natural process and bring Your LIght into the world by emulating Your 13 attributes of mercy and doing mitzvahs.

So how do we stop the wind before we think a thought?

Know with 100 percent certainty that the reason we feel angry is because we formed attachment to physicality before we could comprehend Hashem and this is how He hides and gives us free will. Our ego is the firstborn child of the natural intellect.

Contemplate this and come to see that these attachments only feel alive because we have donated life force to them by thinking them, investing life force to bring it into consciousness. If feels alive and it feels like us because our life force is attached to something in physicality as if there is some type of independent existence. We feel ourselves and believe falsely that it is up to us to fix this, within nature.

Sit with this. Does it ring true intellectually?

See the job is to attach our life force back to “Hashem is doing everything “. Accepting these truths is first step

See that it only feels alive because our own life force is attached to it. Do you see how that brings free will more into the picture? We need His Mercy though. By ourselves, we cannot move it. When we go by emunah and use our real free will, He moves the light in the wind – life force – from the painful message into the mitzvah we go to do. In so doing that mitzvah, what comes into the world is His Source Light that previously was concealed in a painful dark place.

He moves the life force into the kindness, warmth, and light we are requesting to be a channel for

We begin to see that all too often we are drawn to being blinded by the messages concealing the light. We naturally feel what we believe is ourselves. The lacks are like blinders with mirrors, forcing us to experience the lack and be tempted to use our muscles to recover what the red flagged signals seem to be prompting us to re-take. We are looking in a mirror that is preventing us from seeing Hashem at all.

Bringing awareness that Hashem is doing everything and we are emanations that can channel His Light and that is our true identity matures us so that we DO see these are mirrors and that they are blocking light from coming into the world. We trust that we are given real free will in order to ask to move the strength from our urge to give to the painful message covering the element. Instead we ask to strengthen emunah, to line and protect our consciousness, our soul, from having such messages within it. We cry out, we ask for mercy and we ask to be a channel as we move forward with a mitzvah or with emulating Hashem’s 13 attributes of mercy.

Hashem is awaiting us to wake up to this and not be duped by the three urges that are there to give us real free will. When we fall, so does our life force descend into the darkness. When we cry out, our life force ascends to attach to Hashem is One.

Have we exhausted our interest yet in being frustratedly and painfully dependent on nature enough to go by emunah? Hashem is doing everything and He loves us. It is up to us to ready ourselves as channels so that our life force can be brought out of subconscious natural urges and into the world revealing His previously concealed Light.

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