Honey, milk, and light?

The bee’s enzymes change nectar to honey.

Milk comes through the mother made from the blood, the blood turns to milk when the hormones are there.

Darkness turns to light when we shower compassion on the shechina in exile and choose to rise above the immature nature of the elements fire wind and water and pour them into mitzvahs, Torah learning, chesed and prayer.

A lack of something we find enjoyable is deficiency (something concealing Hashem’s light) in water.

A lack of something that is an ego pleasure is deficiency (something concealing Hashem’s light)in fire.

Seeing something we want go to someone else is a deficiency (something concealing Hashem’s light) in wind.

Taiva, kavod, kina.
Desires, craving for honor, and jealousy.

These are the nukvas of the daas sitras achra, the powerful messages in our subconscious that lure us to hearing them and acting as if they are us, giving our life force into the darkness.

The nukva is feminine. When we mature our consciousness with Hashem is doing everything and that He loves us, we strengthen our understanding with this emunah in order to give to Hashem rather than to the darkness. We ask Hashem to take the strength of our attraction to give to those pulls and strengthen our emunah instead, to coat our consciousness from those pulls, and protect it from these messages that would take us out of the world. There is no way a person can avoid these experiences because we are created specifically to FIND the deficiencies. Thus we exercise our real free will and awe and love for Hashem and ask for His Mercy.

Tell Hashem…wind water, fire, I want to flow the light concealed there into the world through learning Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs Our emunah sweetens the raw elements by bringing forth, from the deficiencies that naturally conceal, His LIght into the world through choosing to follow the Torah, which is the vessel of tikun He gives to us.…

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