Choose existence over non-existence (not naturally obvious, takes thought, will, choice and intentional actions as one with Hashem’s love)

What we can do to protect the world from inner and outer terror by Miriam Yerushalmi
Our natural bonding is to experience sensations regarding our own survival – where shall we turn?

Our subconscious whispers messages from our natural understanding of the world. Shall we automatically listen to what we are attached to from birth.

Torah teaches us what it means to be merciful and kind like Hashem. Shall we use our holy imagination to protect our consciousness and turn towards the messages of Torah asking for divine mercy to help us bring light into the world rather than damages and darkness?

Torah is the tool Hashem gives us to effect the repairs He desires in this world. It is there to guide our true being, an emanation of Hashem here to serve as a channel for kindness, warmth and enlightment.

It is each person’s privilege to make this choice. It may feel like we are being dragged over fiery coals as we pull our strength way from the imagination that wants us to focus on the “me” so that we may instead focus on our true being.

Here is our choice. It is good to know we have a choice!- We have real free will

– to add to the darkness in the world, by pursuing goals based on our imagination focused on the “me,”


– to submit our imagination (for how to survive) to attach instead to Torah and Hashem’s kindness. In so doing we can put our imagination to work for holiness – such a use of imagination holds us steady over the fiery coals and temptations and attaches us to Him so that we become vessels that bring His pure love and light into the world

We are here for our physical being to choose to be a giver of kindness. We are made in His Image.

It is up to us to use our real free will and to choose emunah over feeling ourselves as the focus.

Ask Hashem for mercy, so that our life force may flow into the world as our true being, an emanation of His Image, attached forever to Hashem out of our love and awe of Hashem.

Strengthen emunah and learn Torah, pray with intention, do acts of kindness that give Hashem joy, and keep the mitzvahs of the Torah that are there to bring this world to its perfection.

This is our struggle…to recognize the seething waters- lack of pleasure boiling up with flashing fire of desiring respect and honor and then seeking where to put the blame, The winds and messages from daas sitras achra, jealousy, taiva and kavod, want to enjoy the chesed and gevurah that we are too weak to resist turning to its messages. We must take the strength from our weakness in turning to these messages and ask Hashem to strengthen us in emunah so that the chesed and gevurah, the water and fire, that He is flowing to us may channel successfully into the world rectificed as gentle lovingkindness and enlightenment. We have to work to do this but the joy of the animal soul in experiencing holiness soon outweights its delight in lower pleasures and slowly but surely we push the yetzer hara back outside of our consciousness, repairing the etz hadaas.

What is the theme of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s teachings?

word document

Excerpts only:

He gives us the tools to deal with all the challenges of this complex world.

Take the undefined superconscious states that go all the way up to the essence of the divine itself that is beyond words, beyond explanation and reason, and experience it in a tangible way in this world, transforming this world into a divg btachtain,

the rebbe took it to a different dimension he spoke about atzmus as beyond any questions, beyond logic. Atzmus is a theme. and then taking those highest sublime levels and bringing it into the practical.

a central theme in the rebbe’s teachings, because the rebbe wanted to integrate it, the leg that leads us to Moshiach…it can’t just be something transmitted from above. we have to be part of the process or it is not internalized, the deepest levels internalized.

One of the powerful talks the rebbe gave when he turned 70 is that the Rebbe, when people suggested he should retire, said he is only beginning, that the most important thing in this world is to put in effort not just relax.

Hashem established the order of creation, that person’s needs should not come ready made, but through exertion and effort. Because we want a person to lift himself up to be a mashpiach, a giver, a creator, to be like a creator, not a receiver but a giver. Through the fact that a person struggles and builds on his own

A central theme in all his fabrengens. Dont deceive yourself in thinking I am going to do the job for you, you do your effort and I will help you.

You can’t have Gdliness in our lives if it is given as a gift, then it is not ours, we don’t own it. the Rebbe teaches us to be leaders, proactive, we are not spectators.

We are not bystanders. we make things happen. we don’t wait. this is the empowerment of the Rebbe in our generation to be leaders. Every shaliach says he is not a natural leader. but the Rebbe insisted. Everyone is a leader, take the initiative, don’t wait. The best defense is offense. who would we be without that attitude? Leadership. Today more than after, we cannot depend on mercy alone from above, as long as we here, we are charged with a mission. we are not waiting on the sidelines. we have to do what we can do.

t… the Rebbe said this is our job. how can we let him down. I meet people and they say yes the Rebbe had a nice dream, it was very idealistic, now you are one of us, we are waiting….so what are we going to do..for this we were chosen

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