Admitting we are weak in emunah begins the process of building us back in emunah – Reb Shteinman

To nullify our sense of independent existence, we need emunah, an emunah that eludes our generation (see video above.)

From the understanding we have of the shepherds, we can grasp onto something to help us.

Hashem’s outpouring of chesed, chochma, the waters that flow compassion into the world, flows until Hashem says enough!

With gevurah, Hashem provides a vessel for the chesed, uttering the world into existence, ten utterances.

With the cosmic material He uses to form the vessels, the letters aleph to tav, Hashem places knesset Yisroel in contact with that raw cosmic material that is in need of inter-inclusion and re-absorption back to Him, through our emunah, will, prayers and deeds. This is the world of tikun, of repair, of repair for the holy sparks, the cosmic material that broke apart because it could not inter-include.

Avraham gives birth to Yitzchok. Yitzchok is born from Avraham, meaning that chesed meets challenges, , the form over Hashem’s presence, a form made from the cosmic material that is in need of repair..

Hashem forms the world with the 28 letters aleph to tav and He is concealed within them. The cosmic material of the letters is what forms the vessels for everything in the world. Hashem is the soul of everything but He is concealed by the vessels, and we know that anything that conceals Hashem is from the realm of the counterforces in the world. Darkness. Void. Tohu and vohu.

Our bodies and everything in the universe are a thought in the Divine mind that He is uttering and breathing life into.

It is not possible that we can affect anything that He does not agree to.

He listens to our prayers. Who do we really believe is running things?

Our soul is drawn towards natural belief in independent existence. Hashem designs us so. However He gives us the Torah and the power of speech and prayer to influence Him, and He gives us emunah and taanug and will to powerfully submit everything within us to the true reality of Hashem’s Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Chesed.

What can we do today to strengthen ourselves in emunah? Hiw can we expand our executive functioning to live in our mind and not just our brain reactions, and to radically accept each other and the design of the world?

Hisbodedus is a great place to start. This is a daily exercise that becomes a moment to moment request for Divine mercy and success in our activities.From the places within our inner being that we find resistance, push back, negativity, or darkness, we ask for His Mercy. We are experiencing contact with exactly the mission and purpose for knesset Yisroel in the world of tikun, so don’t fall into the despair! Instead realize we are here to activate emunah – that He exists and we shower compassion upon His Shechina that is in that darkness.

This effort is heads or tails. Are we ALL IN?

May we slowly, lovingly, and gently realize that our natural condition and our lacks are in need of our emunah, prayer and free will to recognize the emes and shower compassion upon the Shechina in exile so that His Light may be revealed.

By taking time in hisbodedus, we begin to understand the forces within us and we begin to identify the inner struggle that is the point of being in this world. Without finding this inner struggle, we continue from childhood throughout life believing the messages that are “advising” us regarding feeling ourselves and acting for our own self-interest. For spiritual maturity to take place, inquiry into olam haba and the purpose of our lives in olam haze must begin. Wondering how to begin on a loving and gentle opening of our eyes in Hashem’s presence? Here are some options:
Hear a description of hisbodedus and run and return from Rav Dror – Youtube
Download audio only

A great way to learn about going through our lives through the Jewish calendar is through Rabbi Nivin Personal Development Chaburas (contact Robyn Meyerson at Rabbi Nivin offers amazing tools to help with personal development.

Rabbi Doniel Katz has a program called the Elevation Seminar that teaches these concepts in depth.

Devorah Yaffa Singer offers an amazing series called Lights of Emunah – it is sourced in Torah and taught with excitement. It is 32 classes and each month includes an hour of 1 on 1 discussion with her. For more information, contact her at or at this link

Rabbi Moshe Genuth – Maimer I will come and see Patreon Faith and Confidence

Rav Asher Freund story on how strengthening ourselves with emunah builds us into a vessel to receive the bracha we need for refuah shelama

Rabbi Shmuel Braun on Parshas Toldos Yitzchok dug wells – Prayer is Digging Wells

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