39 Melachos Chabura -Rabbi Yaakov Zalman Labinsky

39 Melachos – Seeing the underlying act of Creation and how to use it to grow closer to Hashem dropbox

From the Michtav Eliyahu – We can change our perception of ourselves based on melachos and restraining from melachos – Hashem rests and so do we and we can find who we truly are, and move from ego to a state of divine being.

The Shechina is returned to this world on Shabbos proportional to how we return the Shechina concealed in us to Him by toiling during the week.
In this introduction to a weekly year long series, Rabbi Labinsky answers three questions: What is Hashem giving us on Shabbos and how does it shape and develop our lives? All the aspects of time give us the reality of zemanim, the day, the month, the year. What is different about a week? When we talk in the Mishna about refraining from the melachos, why is it 40 (the number of wholeness and completion) minus 1, and not just plain 39 and what is the message about Shabbos ? By accessing our divine identity, we remove the veil of human existence and when we toil during the week, Hashem reveals proportionately on Shabbos. There is nothing separate about our reality, we are rooted in Him, and we find it through our work during the week.
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with RABBI YAAKOV ZALMAN LABINSKY Experience increasing joy on Shabbos!
Utilize the 39 MELACHOS during the week to joyously turn our life strivings and challenges into G-dly pursuits. Join the 39 Melachos Chabura:
• Live 30 min class with 30 min Q & A Mondays Noon Eastern Time
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The opportunity to join the chabura is only open for the first 3 weeks of the chabura. After, the group will be closed. Recordings of the classes will be available for free.
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