Rav Asher Freund – Hashem is holding us up and helping us improve when we ask – we are NOT self-made

The speaker is Rabbi Aryeh Mordechai Gutman, Rav Asher’s great nephew

Notes from this recording:

What would I do in a situation if I were drowning?  It is an instinct that happens at a given moment.  We scream for help.  Who do we scream for, the lifeguard:  our friend?  We scream for Hashem. So too in our daily momentary life challenging situations.  This is what Reb Usher wanted to bring into the world from Hashem. Hashem wants us to know that our instinct in us is to scream out for heavenly mercy.

In Parshas Noach, the heart has the potential to be or do bad.  The instincts of a person, our nature, have the potential to be bad. So how do we turn to good?  Is it medication?  Is it life changing attributes, attitudes?  What changes in a person?

When a person asks for heavenly mercy, Hashem has the responsibility and mercy to change our attributes,  it is not me or you who changes our attributes.  It is only through prayer and asking for mercy that we not drown in our debts, our attributes, our illness.  In that moment, Hashem comes in and helps us.  From Hashem comes only the good.

When one person asks for mercy, at that moment Hashem kicks in and changes our negativity to become positive.

Story from the Boyainer Rebbe that reveals how Hashem alone knows how to help and is the only one who helps..in life we don’t understand nor need to understand.  Just live and let live with a sabot of what Hashem has given us, a present and that present is ourselves. Everything He does is for us so we will be happy ad healthy.  If so, where are our questions when it doesn’t go our way and we are afraid to seek help?

Reb Asher’s approach was to live with a siba for the moment.  For example if a robber wants to rob a house and he sees a beam of light and he runs away thinking it is the police, it wasn’t.  It was a power outage and the electric company was working there, but he took it as a siba from Hashem calling hin and saying I know you have the potential to be a robber.   I created you that way.   As long as we believe we are a robber, a stealer, then part of hashem has to be that way as well but He is holy and not broken.  But we are broken by how we are created and we think we will fix the situation and be better than we are but we are not self-made.  In anything we do, Hashem wants us to throw it back so there is no ego but to realize it is all Hashem’s doing.

There is a song …six days are blessed by the previous Shabbos.  This Shabbos will bless the week to next Shabbos, and that will give us strength.  Even when our friend annoys us and we want to hit him three tines and we hit him once only, it is because Hashem has mercy on me to hot hit the other 2 times when I confess to Hashem.  When we hit a child, it is because the child did something wrong, but the second is from our pain and nothing to do with the child so why smack twice?

Hashem should help us receive Moshiach, to have peace one to another, simcha one to another.

Reb Usher would say that shtika when a person goes through a situation to Hashem is the greatest attribute.  Did we ever think for a moment how is it possible for a cup to not fall?  We are holding it. Hashem is holding us up. 

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