Empathy, emunah, bitachon and humility bring great strength into our prayers and lead to the unity needed for redemption

This morning as I awaken, I realize that every second in this world is an absolute multitude of miracles…the reality of just being in this world requires myriads and myriads of miracles through the spiritual forces with which Hashem creates everything. That means that this morning, I am awakening full of gratitude for the privilege of having a body in a world where I may recognize Hashem in every moment and in everything in order to serve Him.

We are built by Him with a body and a soul made in His Image in a way that can bring His Infinite Light into the world so that a world can “hold” that Infinite Light and still be here. He builds the components to do that but gives us a role. That role is to use our will, the power of speech, and the innate capacity to love and have awe that He builds into our soul.

Hashem diffuses the aspects of our soul – three in the body and two surrounding and above the body. In the surrounding part of our soul called the chaya are what sustains us, no matter what. It correlates to the sefira of chochma, a flash of inspiration of the Torah. It cannot be corrupted by our mistakes. It is pure. When we have a challenge, it is because we do not have the understanding, the binah, to hold its light. Thus, it can feel very uncomfortable and painful and even hurtful and damaging due to our interpretations of that pure part of us that gets drawn into our self-deceptions or the confusions of a world where Hashem is concealed. Yet, our subjective understanding is intended to expand through growing in awareness of Hashem so that we may move towards implementing and building into this world the love and awareness of Hashem in this flash of chochma. In other words, we can unify our soul – the binah aspect with the chochma aspect and produce integrated heartfelt compassionate emotions that become the soul of our deeds and thereby bring Hashem’s compassion to be revealed in this world.

It is a mitzvah of the Torah to love every Jew. Ahavas yisrael is not just a nice idea It is actually a mitzvah of the Torah and when we find ourselves, as we all do, in the seething waters, we are actually committing at least three aveiras…we are NOT giving the benefit of the doubt, we are NOT loving our fellow Jew, and we are bearing a grudge or thinking about taking revenge. Why?

When we perceive a danger, our reaction is self-defense and retaliatory attack that we believe is justified. If someone were to say to us to love that person, we might have an inner reaction with a judgment and a label and a clear reason why steering clear of that person is a much better plan . And all too often steering clear IS a good plan in action. However, we would be missing the opportunity of being in this world if we forgo the opportunity to pray for that person and to do teshuva on that aspect of human nature that we ALL share, even if we do not currently succumb to its influence.

We learn from Parsha Noah that Noah was criticized for not davening for the generation and that Moshe Rebbeinu, who was a gilgul of Noach, did tikun for that. At the sin of the Golden Calf, reading how Moshe davened to Hashem, with understanding and empathy for where the Jewish people were, as wrong as it was, he was able to elicit from Hashem a calming of Hashem’s anger. Moshe sifted out the spiritual strength from what caused the Jewish people to fail that was enraging Hashem and he drew it from the confusion that led to their horrible act and presented it to Hashem as in need of Hashem’s mercy, and he asked for mercy and mercy was granted because Hashem hears prayers.

Rav Asher Freund teaches us that when we see suffering, and we have a heartfelt reaction to feel another’s situation, a strength comes to us – Shechina in exile – that we may run and return to Him through prayer and with which we may beseech Hashem for rachamim. It is for us to do this work because there has only ever been one soul. If someone is exceedingly bothering us, scaring us, hurting us – it is from Hashem that it is happening and it should help us see the Shechina in exile within our natural reaction that He desires for us to submit to Him, to unify through our showering compassion upon the Shechina in exile within our very own heart from what the circumstances trigger, and then pray to Him, wanting to go above our natural reaction so that all of that spiritual force may flow into this world through the red carpet we wish to serve as by praying, by doing a mitzvah, an act of chesed, or learning Torah. We move forward because we have complete trust that He is doing everything and that we are here by miracle only in order to serve Him – He is asking us to open our hearts so that He may flow through us into this world. He is asking us to return the spiritual force in our suffering to Him rather than turns towards it

Thus it is for us to feel the pain of that other, even if we judge and label them and believe we are right. Instead of acting out judgment and treating them according to that label, which may not be true at all by the way, we at all times have the complete mandate to sniff out the spiritual force within our own heart and put it into avodas Hashem with a prayer that we and the other come closer and serve Him.

By bringing Hashem into the picture, we humble ourselves as well as heal our hearts. We are here to subdue the false belief in our own independent existence, starting with our natural intellect that was born from the nefesh behema lacking any awareness of Hashem when we were zero to two years old.

Rav Asher Freund on how unconditional love and trust in Hashem to humble ourselves brings redemption – please listen to this seven minute clip – it is so helpful and important for every person to hear

Thus shall we see the miracle of being alive and how Hashem has created a world where He is concealed and how He gives us the instructions and the tools to expand our subjectivity and truly be one heart with each other and with Him.

May we grow in our capacity to comprehend what we are doing here with gratitude and appreciation, what a miracle and opportunity it is to be alive, how to move towards being one heart with truth, and how to bring Infinite Light into the world through Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs.

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