Rabbi Rome clips from shiurim on siddur and shofar and full shiur on yechud hanefesh

Rabbi Alon Moshe Rome has been speaking in Elul and Tishrei on the topic of how the nefesh elokis is here to transform the nefesh behema. Through explaining the spiritual science regarding how tefilla is the channel that does this, Rabbi Rome gives the listener empowerment and emunah that we each have a relationship with Hashem by His Design that cannot be revoked and that potential comes from Him yet our ability to express it depends on our free willed choice and emunah and effort. Please listen and find what is needed to be empowered to nullify the self-consciousness that blocks us from experiencing Hashem’s Divine Love. Instead, recount the exodus from Egypt, the Sinai experience and more in order to viscerally find real Hashem’s constant surrounding and immanent love fiery love for us, and as that begins to pierce our hearts, may it inspire and empower us to go all in to give up the false beliefs that limit us from expressing our true essence, a diversified cosmic emanation of Hashem.

Clips from Rabbi Rome shiurim on shofar and the sidder – Nourishment for the Neshama

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Yechud HaNefesh - the neshama is here to transform the ego
Shofar - the cry of the heart - how we return emotion from nefesh to its Source
Secrets of the Prayerbook

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