Emunah to do hisbodedus so as to nullify – getting to a pure heart and bringing out our true vision of who we are for 2020

A reference page is being compiled with shiurim and articles that are focused directly on nullification, emunah and hisbodidus to help us strengthen emunah so as to understand and withstand the pulls of darkness when doing hisbodedus. The goal is to nullify self-consciousness so as to bring out a clear revelation of the inner being, an image for 2020 , that reveals compassion. We are made in Hashem’s image in order to shine that light into the world..

It is compassionate of Torah to teach us how we are made so that we may utilize our intellect and our life force in concert with Hashem’s vision for us.

Rav Asher Freund clips and a previous article to start….

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