Simple magnets explain how emunah and love for Hashem help us nullify and cling to Him with joy

Magnets can really, really stick.

If you take one strong magnet and place it on metal…

Our life force, represented by this rectangular magnet, is naturally bonded with our body, represented by this metallic table. To us, it feels like one thing, but as you can see, it is really two. This holds true for our negative thinking as well. We may have a negative thought, a lust, an urge, or a base reaction that we mistakenly think is something that reveals who we are deep down. This is not true because who we are deep down is nested inside and bonded forever with its Source, Hashem. We are in essence an emanation of Hashem. However, physicality is designed so that we immediately bond with it. Hashem hides in this world and agrees to remain concealed by nature until WE recognize Him, and want to go above the natural bonding.

If you take a second magnet (even one that isn’t as powerful) and put it on top of the first one, the first one will break away from its host with maybe 1/5 the effort. Then the two magnets can be pulled apart with less effort than pulling that first one off would have been.

When we recognize Hashem is doing everything and that He is all love and WE have compassion upon the Shechina that agrees to be concealed by nature so that we have real free will, that compassion creates a second magnet upon the natural bond, and this is our avodas Hashem. From our mind and heart, we can unify on love for Hashem and will for our soul to be unified not with nature but with Him.

With the natural bond between our nefesh elokis and the forces of nature loosened, we pray in hisbo9dedus to Hashem and tell Him that we want full use of the nefesh elokis to serve Him.
Mesillas Yesharim tells us that once we see the grossness of what we think we are and realize we are NOT, our soul is then drawn to Him like iron filings to a magnet, the Source, and His Name is unified, Adni with Sheim Havaya. The magnetic pull of the Source is a constant presence. It is up to us to utilize the mind and heart to open the natural forces concealing the Shechina within our emotions and within our urges, lusts, and desires. How? Emunah. No matter what, never listen to the messages until we are clear that it is from Hashem Who is concealed in it. Relate only to that truth, not to the message itself, and tell Hashem we want that life force clinging only to Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs. Meaning it means that we have experienced the simcha of this bond enough times that we are excited to once again serve Him in this way.

We can develop a circumcised heart through emunah and hisbodedus that lead us to nullify what naturally feels so important knowing that going all in means knowing that no matter what, doing so itself is the comfort. That comfort is not the same comfort we know, but a profound comfort of being one with the One and being present in that. We can live life relating to others knowing this truth about every emanation of Hashem, and in so doing, be a healing presence and bring revealed light into the world.

And there is absolutely no charge for this healing. Hashem is constantly with us and is constantly listening even if we are not consciously talking to Him. He knows everything. We are the ones we are deceiving. Let us strive for truth and begin learning about how to become the person He designs us to be by doing the avoda of returning the sparks to Him.
From Rav Doniel Katz’s succos shiur from facebook
Rabbi Shmuel Braun on the lulav from Reb Nachman’s meditation of the the lulav waving

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