Gemar v’chasima tova – Clips showing faith confidence- emunah bitachon – run and return as the avoda by which Hashem’s Infinite Light comes into this world

the shells of ourselves that we believe are us are merely the material from which our emunah and bitachon can serve as a channel for Infinite Light to flow into this world. The more we integrate this, the more daas and simcha in life we have.

Notes from Rabbi Tatz clip

Teshuva is necessary for actions and qualities of character, for what you have become.

You can be a well behaved person with a problematic personality.  If we have terrible self esteem, anger, jealousy, or full of lustful thoughts, but we don’t act upon it, for all eternity we are considered that problematic person.  We don’t have to do teshuva for actions but we live as that problematic distorted individual.

Our spiritual growth is stunted and problematic.  We are not focused on the internal dimension.  We hide and suppress inner consciousness, daas.  Instead we worship technical knowledge and are skeptical about daas, where emunah begins. 

Inner knowledge is much more important than external knowledge.  We relate with ourselves, others, and Hashem.  The most important is our relationship with ourself.  If we are not worth anything to ourselves, we are not worth much to others or Hashem.  The real development of self is conquering ego.

If we live alone on a desert island and never see anyone else, there is work to be done.  It is not a wasted life.  And in some ways this inner sacred space of consciousness needs to be so solid and real that we take comfort and solace in our own inner being.  Gedolim live within their relationship with Hashem.  It is a private world of richness. 

Our world is full of extraneous senses.

Did anyone ever talk about inner consciousness in your education?  That is where emunah begins and where we live as a person.

That, daas, our relationship with ourselves, is where it starts, then extend to others and Hashem.

Be worth something in your essence.  Be ready to give your soul back as pure as it was given.

Your thoughts are your inner life.  There are thoughts welling up from the inner self, from the lower world. Those are yetzer and those are your challenges, what do you do with them?

Instead of indulging in them, which fills the mind with unholy things that wastes time, express them in a kosher way. But higher thoughts that we do build ourselves on, Torah learning, that is who you actually are.

The Arizal could look at someone’s face and see inside.  Reb Chaim Vital said one night he said a word he was not supposed to say, a kabbalistic external shell .  the next morning the Arizal said why did you say that?

It has not been taught because it has to be taught in a certain type of silence.  If you don’t have daas you don’t have anything.

People act cruelly when they don’t know who they are. There are some mental illnesses that also can cut someone off from daas.

Every aspect of the lower self has a kosher channel to be driven into.  Negative thoughts that are not necessary, we are culpable for the thought. Thoughts well up from what we see in the world, so we can also guard ourselves by not exposing ourselves.

When you work on yourself you are also giving …to yourself.

Modern day meditation is preparation of tefilla, ascend out of your body until your body is irrelevant.

To bring from the connection to this world is something that takes time.

We cannot give to Hashem’s essence but we can give to His Name as it manifests.

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Yeish bitachon  and shechina both have gematria 385

The ray of confidence emerges from the circle of faith.

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