Drushim Yom Kippur Maimer weaving time into garments commandments Rabbi Moshe Genuth

Our soul is spent moving us through this world.  We are here to weave it into a garment, which is another word for commandment. In this way, our soul given for our lifetime connects.

Time is easy to transfer.  Will we do a mitzvah or not?  I am giving my time to someone.  That is a spiritual quality.  Many people give a year of their life to someone. 

An example from Chazal – you have a goal of weaving time into a garment.  Time is related to malchus.  We know that from a juxtaposition of Hashem Melech , Hashem malach, Hashem Imlach liolam voed.  That third one is for the time of Moshiach.  Hashem Melech and malach are from tehillim.  Time is living in malchus, the world of action,  You are given time in order to act, to do things.  We are on a global challenge – can we turn time into a garment. Light has to become a garment, a revelation of Hashem.

Everyone has the goal of taking time and turning it into something that can be handled like space.  But we are not masters of time like the baal shem tov.  Time for him was something he could manipulate like space.  For us space contains objects. For him he could move time objects around too.  When time becomes three dimensional you can work with it. When it is one dimensional there is not much we can do with it.

For this reason, to create the full garment, we have to perform all the commandments even if they are not related to us.  We are existing in many time frames at that same time, all wrapped up in us.  Part of me is stuck inside Yaakov.  When he goes to do birkas kohanim, something from my time went to him, woven into the big garment we are all weaving together.  

If you are missing one mitzvah, you are missing a part of the garment.  What are the garments?  What does it mean the neshama is pure and then created.?

The source of the neshama from where it is chiseled from, like from a quarry, it is like a stone.  Stones are a stand in for letters and the neshama is made out of letters.  The neshama remains letters.  The neshama per se is letters. If we are not learning the letters of the Torah our neshama is not developing.  The reason the mitzvahs were given is to purify the creations.  Like if there is gold that we want to purify.  In metallurgy we purify.

The neshama, and I am filled with other letters, and we have to take out what is clouding what my neshama is really connected to.

The neshama remains made out of letters out of stone.  That is why the image of the luchos is that they are stone. Sapphire, that shines like the neshama itself. The source of the neshama is brilliant letters and just as the Torah is made of letters so to the penimius of the neshama. The external part can be made out of all sorts of other letters. 

Jews are not very good at throwing stones, at fighting.  It is not our profession, it is esav’s profession.  We learn for a living.  That is why Yiddishkeit is going to flourish because the world has to advance enough to become interested in intellectual knowledge over material wealth. Only when there is material wealth can we see we need intellectual knowledge that is filled from words.

The way that they saw the brick under hashem ‘s feet at har sinai…also talking about letters..and when it was taken out of the source it was pure divinity.  When it came down, it comes into a physical body and connected to physicality.

First It enters world of creation, the world of thought and receives the quality of being a yeish.  Before that it was totally nullified.  It had no being,  being is a state of being, a yeish.  Once you get there you don’t remembver what it was like to not be.

We cannot grasp ayin once it comes into the world of creation from atzilus to beriah.

The neshama extends from atzilus into beria.  Light extends, it does not leave its source and there it does not have a separate being.

Then it continues to descend,  Hashem creates and forms it with malachim.  Yetzer tov and yetzer ra, the emotional world of the neshama.  Then it has a part of it that is not real.  When we reach upwards, this world can become bittul.  Once we have a yeishm it is very hard to bitul.  But if you connect to atzilus, the source, then it is hard to act in this world. The baal shem tov could go back and forth between them. Even though he was clinging to the source he could pay attention to what a regular person was telling him and understand what the person’s troubles were, he could empathize.  He didn’t do them at the same time, he ran and retuned between them

This is the extension of the neshama throughout the worlds.  A thought and a feleing of being , then emotions which are angels yetzira, and finally it comes down and is blown into our nostrils.  What does that mean? Into asiya, in a physical body. Thought is not a body but it is limited.  You cant think illogically or that is not thought.  In beria where there is thought there ahs to be logic.  Emotions are not physical but they affect the physical because we act according to how we feel and they are not rational but they have a mechanism.  In the source there is a lot of freedom, Hashem can do what He wants.

We can have as much freedom as we want as long as it is all pure, doing His Will.

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