Thoughts on the 13 of elul, a day of love and the yahrtzeit of the Ben Ish Chai

It is elul and Hashem loves us so much and desires us tremendously and He chases after us to make sure we have challenges so that we find where we are attached to falsehood so we may pray to Him and find it and choose to bring it to Him ratzo vshov, showering compassion upon the Shechina in exile.


My encounter with my lymbic system became activated yesterday and increased into the night …when we are IN IT, even if we know it is our lymbic system, it feels real….like that sign in the wizard of oz…enchanted forest I would turn back if I were you…type reactions, right?

That is flight. remember fight, flight or freeze are the lymbic system instincts when lack or danger presents. And knowing the process to take it through helps but we must do it and realize also that there could be more than one voice, namely the initial challenge plus the messages of doubt that want to undermine our confidence so as to keep its “needle” in the vein of the Shechina in exile, draining our life force.

The more familiar we are with that construct, the better chance we have to wiggle out of its chains through submission and compassion on the Shechina in exile. The natural mind, even with heavenly intentions, may be blind to this fight, flight or freeze response because it is very subconscious. What that means is that we have a tendency to believe those survival instincts and to trust them and associate Hashem with being “on our side” and ourselves as “in the right.”

And that gives us a heter to then move without really turning to the challenge itself. and what is that challenge? The obvious paradox that Hashem is doing everything, that He is all good and loves us and whether it is seemingly good or not good in our eyes, to have the emunah to understand that He alone surrounds and fills all worlds and that there is no other Power and that He is calling upon us to do the work of improving the influx of Infinite Light in the raw elements of earth wind water and fire.

How ?

Recognize it is He and He alone.

Have compassion upon the Shechina that is naturally bound to nature and causing it and us this distress (seething waters, feeling ourselves) because nature conceals the light and is limited.

Strengthen emunah in the truth that Hashem’s light and love are surrounding and filling everything and that we can tell Him how it feels, thereby grinding the nature with our words.

The compassion we then flood it with stimulates Him to open a channel He designs through the nefesh elokis to draw the Infinite light through us back to Him and then into our mitzvah, and He also brings healing and balance. Compassion from us brings that balance, another name for tiferes, which is compassion, balance, harmony. Notice that inside tiferes, the middle three letters are the letters that spell refuah. Healing.

The chaos is calmed.

Strengthening emunah means that when the self image, i am right, survival instinct type messages descend, that we quickly recognize the force as Shechina in exile tied to feeling ourselves, the natural bonding because of tohu and vohu. IT IS NOT US. When we grind the bond through describing how it feels and holding it to our heart and looking past it to recognize Hashem, we are seeking Him out from love and activating compassion which means His attribute in us, and that aligns us with Him, pulling us out. Purge the messages into the light we have strong emunah to know is the true reality.

Tell Him everything and have that awe of how we are helpless with no control but that He is doing everything and then move forward with learning Torah, avoda, chesed and mitzvahs as an alternative expression for the shechina, rather than our painful messages.

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