What do we have to do to be more like Hashem’s 13 attributes?

When we see our shortcomings, we often set goals for ourselves and make an effort to move towards something kinder. What we don’t realize is the 13 attributes are built into our nefesh elokis. We can work with ourselves, growing both in our outward actions as well as realizing the tremendous inner spiritual opportunity that has been given to us.

Let’s look at that spiritual opportunity and how to approach it with strong emunah, love for Hashem and awe in Hashem and in the nefesh elokis He has given to us.

Our soul naturally clings to unrectified earth wind water and fire, by design. So by “breaking” the midda open, that is by confessing the draw to the natural and then submitting, we “crack” the kelipa by recognizing Hashem and that allows the flow from our nefesh elokis to flow to Hashem and back to our hearts, purified of the natural impurities Hashem creates in order for there to be a world that is not nullified to His Infinite Light. Through the mitzvah or kindness we do, we provide a natural vessel to replace that unrectified one, a natural vessel so that the Infinite Light may flow into the world through Torah, avoda, chesed, or a mitzvah and thereby fill the world with the Infinite Light according to Hashem’s design. He does all of that.

Our role is to improve the vessel by opening it He does the rest.

It is amazing, really. We strengthen emunah in Hashem AND IN THE NEFESH ELOKIS HE has designed.

We must realize our total dependence on this amazing movement of lifeforce from Hashem to us, this light that is our nefesh elokis, around which our body develops and is maintained. We are literally wrapped around our individual “Sun” enlivening us. Breathing from there is an entirely submitted understanding.

We are the vessel and we want to not want to feel connected to the natural attraction that is built in to the vessels of this world. Elokim is concealed.

Yet that attraction is what puts us at the plate so to speak to open the flow. Thank you for our lives! May we serve You in this run and return and be granted a good year!

And that is our job. to make that pinhole opening that to us is a total akeidas Yitzchak, a sacrifice of our first born, the natural image of ourselves, in favor of an expanded and elevated subjectivity that is an emanation of Hashem aligned with His Will out of love and fear. He does the rest. Mamash

So, by recognizing Elokim and our natural attraction to a message of physicality, we tell Hashem that we recognize Him and that we want the purity of our heart, our soul, to shift from its natural bond with this message to Torah avoda and chesed and mitzvahs. We can’t move it by ourselves. It is through prayer, the power of speech, that we create this pinhole opening. And then Hashem shifts it for the mitzvah, chesed, emulating His Middos, etc. as we ask for in our prayer.

Hashem help me be more patient like You.

Hashem help me be kind like You.

Hashem help me hold space like You.

Please may this life force bonded with my natural message instead flow through me to reveal Your attributes of mercy, for this is my desire, to be able to run and return and unify Your Name.

Our center of gravity can shift to realizing that there is amazing movement and light that we are benefitting from that is our soul and that it is He and that we are grateful and that our connection to our body is not direct but only because of this nefesh elokis that is nurturing and enlivening us. This is our treasure This is He, the Shechina, concealed in exile, namely in our vessel for us to bring through into the world through our speech and deeds rather than to shore up for our natural orientation and thinking.

May we comprehend the purpose of Creation and willingly determine our role in it and may Hashem grant us all a year of life, prosperity, health, redemption, blessings, healing, and salvation.

Miriam Yerushalmi discusses the 13 attributes of mercy and offers three meditations to help us.

meditation 1
Meditation 2
Meditation 3

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